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If no one comments for me to continue, I'm not going to
“Oh god…” Seth groaned his hand continuing to pump against his cock, his fingers tightening around the shaft. He felt the tingle in his balls, and the sensation running through his form. He clenched all his muscles, not wanting to cum yet, but he kept stroking.
He had stopped his cumming for a moment, but it didn’t take long for it to come back, he felt it and this time he couldn’t stop it, he groaned as his cum exploded from his tip, and shot onto his floor, and stomach. He grabbed a sheet, wiping it off, and standing up.
“God I need some pussy…” He walked out the door, and towards the front door, first he needed to hunt, and get some meat. His family was poor, and depended on him for food.
“Where are you going?” He heard his father yell.
“I’m going hunting!” Seth yelled to his father, shutting the door in a hurry before his father could say otherwise. He strung his bow around his left arm, and walked towards the forest. He let out a sigh of relief once he was engulfed by the thick mass of trees around him. He had seen a few tracks in the forest a while back, and he made sure to note where they were, once he had remembered where they were, he headed off to their direction.
Seth wandered about, looking for the tracks, or any other that might be around. He found some, and a jolt of excitement ran through his body, he smiled to himself. They didn’t seem to be more than a few hours old, it wouldn’t take him long to find the heard, so he set off in the direction, following the tracks.
After a few hours of following the trail, he stopped by a small creek and took a few sips, when suddenly something caught his eye. He looked to his right, about four feet away was a human track. Normally that would be no problem, he didn’t own the forest, but this track seemed to be smaller than humans, and he doubted that a child would be out here. Also it was a barefoot track.
Seth stood up, and followed the humans track, making sure he knew where the deer tracks were. He followed, and soon he heard rustling not far in front of him, he hid behind a tree, and poked his head out. He saw a girl around 5”6, and short red hair. He did not that she had an extremely nice body, an hourglass figure, probably around a C cup, smooth legs. Again, a few things bothered him, one was that the girls skin wasn’t white, black, or brown…It was blue…blue! Not sky blue, but a little bit of a darker shade and her ears were pointed.
When he saw this girl, he sucked in a gasp, not much noise was made, but he saw the girls’ ears twitch, and she turned, eyes narrowing on the gasp. The girl quickly jumped through some bushes in front of her, and began running, Seth quickly followed, running as fast as he could after her. Seth was in good shape, he was a farmer, and the town was pretty far, and he’s had to run there, multiple occasions, but he was falling behind! She was fast, really fast!
Seth tired, and leaned on a tree for support, looking after the girl who seemed to be able to run forever. He took one last suck of breath, before sprinting after the blue girl, he continued running until they hit a large river, which she stopped at. He knew she couldn’t swim through it, the rapids were too fast and she seemed kind of weak. I’ve got her! He thought, but he couldn’t believe his eyes, she dove head first into the water, before he had any chance to warn her.
“Hey!!” He ran to the water’s edge, stopping and scanning the rapids. His eyes narrowed in on the girl swimming across, she was being dragged with the river, but was getting further than he thought she would, but she still wouldn’t make it.
He scrambled around, until finding a long strong stick, he ran to the edge, and jumped onto the nearest rock. He held onto the end of the stick, yelling for the girl to grab on, if she didn’t hurry he wouldn’t have a chance to get her for at least another mile.
She was drowning, she was coughing, and couldn’t keep her head above the water, she saw the stick, and by natural instinct took hold of it, with all her might. Seth sighed with relief, and began pulling her towards him, and once she was close enough gripped her wrists, and pulled her onto the boulder with him.
The girl was tired, and fell against Seth’s form, causing him to blush a bit. Seth had been around plenty of girls in his sixteen years of life, but not a girl this hot, nor…blue with pointy ears.
“Are you okay?” Seth asked worriedly, looking down at the girl now breathing heavily against his form. Once again her ears twitched, and she jumped away from him, almost falling back into the rapids. He grabbed her wrist, and pulled her back onto the boulder, before picking her up, and with some difficulty jumping to the shore. She wasn’t heavy; it was just awkward jumping with a struggling girl in your arms.
He set her down, but held onto her wrist, curious to what she was exactly. She swore at him in a language he didn’t understand, as she thrashed against him, for such a little girl she was really tough, and he had a hard time keeping hold of her.
She let out a low yell, and lifted her arm, driving her elbow into his stomach, bending him over. He gasped, and fell into the ground, holding onto his stomach. She used this chance to run away, and get out of sight before he even had time to look up.
After about ten minutes of gasping for air, he slowly stood, and began wobbling back towards his home, but he wouldn’t make it home in time, he’d have to camp. She had hit him so hard…that wasn’t possibly, he had been kicked in the stomach by a horse and it hadn’t hurt that much…
He found a spot to lie down, and cradle his injured stomach; he pulled his shirt up, noticing a bruise already forming. He sighed in frustration, before standing and getting wood for a fire. Once he had made a fire, he heard a rustling sound.
His eyes shot to the side, where he saw the girls’ head poking out from behind a tree, she seemed calmer now, she didn’t gasp, and her eyes didn’t widen, nothing. She stood there calmly.
“Err…Hello?” He said, unsure if she could understand him. The girl slowly made her way over to him, and placed her hand against his, straightening her fingers, to half her palm flat against his. He shifted, eyes blinking rapidly in confusion.
She moved towards him, lifting his shirt to look at the bruise. He jumped, not expecting her to come so close to him, blood rushing to his cheeks in a blush. She placed her hand against the bruise, making him wince. He felt a warm feeling, and the pain went away, she looked up at him, frowning.
She spoke in a language he didn’t understand, but he knew it was an apology, which he nodded to. She was so close; he couldn’t help but look down her body and her features. She seemed young, and was very cute. Her face seemed like a girl that was just starting puberty, getting womanly features, but still having some of her child ones. She was wearing such a short cloth, that the top of her breasts had to show, or it wouldn’t cover her nipples, and a loin cloth. He could see her inner thigh, and blushed deeper feeling his cock hardening in his pants.
She must have noticed to, because her head tilted, looking down at his growing dick. She shifted her gaze to his own, noticing him looking at her body, and smiled. She innocently slid her shirt off, dropping it in a nearby pulled, along with her loin cloth, as if she were cleaning them.
She was bent over so perfectly, that both her pussy and ass were showing. He groaned, rubbing his hand against his inner thigh, where his cock was now throbbing, and beginning to warm his skin. He bit down on the tip of his tongue, inside his mouth, and shifted uncomfortably.
She nodded towards the water, and motioned for his clothes. He knew she wanted him to take his clothes of the clean them, but he was embarrassed by his growing cock. He didn’t want to insult her, so he took all his clothes off, other than his boxers. She waved impatiently for his boxers, which he hesitantly pulled off, giving to her. He could feel her gaze on his nine inch dick, and was so embarrassed that this girl he didn’t even know had him naked.
He was looking away, so he didn’t notice her crawl towards him, he only noticed once he felt her fingers wrap around his shaft, which caused him to tense. He quickly looked at her. She was smiling, and slowly stroking at his dick, causing him to moan. She leaned forward, and parted her lips, her tongue slowly running over the head of his shaft. He let out another groan, then feeling her lips engulf the tip of his shaft, his hands moved to the back of her head.
She seemed to smile around his dick, as she slowly began to suckle on the tip, looking up at him innocently. She began to push her head down, her mouth enveloping his dick. He was surprised to find this young girl could fit his entire cock into her mouth, and then part her lips to lick his balls while his dick was in her mouth.
She began to bob her head up and down on his shaft, covering it in her saliva while sucking harshly on it. This was what he needed, a sexy girl to suck his cock, and he loved every second of it. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tingle, and he squeezed, Not yet! He thought, but he couldn’t help it, she was sucking the cum right out of him.
Once he had shot his eight strings of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed happily. She moved to grab their clothes, and lay in the grass. She waved her hands, and they were all dry with a flash of light. He blinked, and stood, putting his clothes on and looking at her. She giggled, putting her own clothes on, and speaking in her strange language.
It’s funny how you think talking slowly will make people with another language understand you “I’m sorry, but I can’t understand you,” He said slowly, but she only tilted her head. He frowned, and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
She started to walk away, and he followed, to be honest he didn’t know where he was right now…


Vito ScalettaReport

2010-11-18 15:35:11
that was good real good your gonna get made


2010-05-18 13:27:19
It was ok. Kinda dry. Not a lot of detail, not terribly believable, and you really need paragraphs, it all meshed together so it was hard to keep track of where I was. The scene, and the characters were worthwhile. Build on them. Otherwise not too bad.


2010-05-17 16:48:23
very nice story ^^
would love to read more. and i to agree with the previously stated comment on making part two a bit longer.
but again a great story and interested how itll continue


2010-04-25 00:31:27
like the first part, personaly i would love a part two or three, maby having them fuck a few times and having her get pregnat :)

well think about it, thanks

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-24 02:22:51
it does sound like avatar... great story

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