... The next morning Aaron was up at his usual 6:30 AM. Michelle arouse at 7:00 AM. The day commenced with breakfast, lunches being made by grandpa, and discussion as to the day’s activities. Both had school with Michelle having gymnastics after regular school hours.
I dropped the kids off and went about my day. I started with Bethany; I ask her about the children and what she expected from me and grandma, my wife.
A day running around talking with lawyers and law enforcement is mentally exhausting. I picked up Aaron and stopped by Bernadette’, Bethany’ mother, for a visit and chit chat. Her illness left her out of the picture so far as looking after the grandchildren, except for a few short visits.
Aaron and I picked up Michelle at 5:30 PM from school. Aaron had had a snack at Bernadette’ however he was hungry again. Michelle was starved. We went out for Pizza.
We arrived home near 8:00 at night; long day for both kids and grandpa. Aaron took a bath. I made him wash himself; teaching him to use a wash cloth for cleaning his body. After his bath Aaron watched TV for about one half hour before falling asleep on the sofa. I put him to bed in the guest bedroom.
Michelle had home work, Art, so I watched TV. I also fell asleep on the sofa.
I awoke to Michelle shaking me: “Grandpa, wake up, it’s bed time.”
“Ok ... give me a minute to get my bearings and I’ll get ready for bed. You get ready honey, and I’ll set the alarm and check the house.”
“Ok grandpa.” She runs off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I hear a giggle. I smile to myself; another round of sexual exploration tonight.
“Ok grandpa, it’s your turn.”
“Ok!” .....I’m going to shower first honey.” I take a nice long shower; I dry myself off and go out on the deck to cool off.
I close up the house for the night. I check in on Aaron. My little granddaughter has fallen asleep. I slip into bed quietly so as not to wake her, I am asleep in minutes.
I look at the clock; it is 3:17 AM. I see the light is under the blanket tonight. Listening for her voice; but, I hear nothing. Slowly I move my arm lifting the blanket slightly; looking for Michelle. The flashlight is lying beside my right arm. Through the dim light I can see Michelle’ head lying on my stomach; her hand is still holding my cock even though she has fallen asleep. I sit up just enough to get my hand on the flashlight which I turn off. I lie down and start to fall asleep.
“Yes honey.”
“I couldn’t make it hard tonight.”
“I’ll show you tomorrow night ... OK!”
“OK! ... Could we get my Unicorn tomorrow grandpa?”
“Yes we can honey.” ...........
......................................................... We fall asleep.
The morning came and we went through the same routine. My day consisted of shopping for material for a new deck. I also bought a new bed and dresser with night stand for Aaron’s room. I set up Aaron’ room and started on a new deck before I went to pick up the kids at school.
We get home and I make supper. Wieners and beans with a little salad and milk. There is an argument over the salad but grandpa prevails. Both Aaron and Michelle eat one piece of lettuce each;
A small victory for grandpa.
After supper Aaron goes to the next door neighbours to play. Michelle has homework. Her home work consists of Art, again; and reading a short story. Aaron returns from the neighbours. He is dirty so he has a bath; with more instruction. Aaron comes into the living room with his DS and watches cartoons.
Michelle finishes her Art. She brings in her book. We start to read the book but are evicted from the living room by Aaron. He likes to watch his cartoons without his sister reading.
Michelle and I retreat to the deck and read her book in the sunlight. We finish reading and go inside. Aaron has fallen asleep on the sofa. I pick Aaron up and carry him to his bed, stopping along the way for a pee. Michelle takes a quick bath. After she is finished I take a quick shower in anticipation of an interesting night.
Michelle is lying on her stomach watching TV when I enter the room. She is watching one of her TV shows so I leave to lock up returning to find her in the same position. Her head is toward the foot of the bed. I lean over her kissing her on top of her head.
I stand and look at her. I kiss again; moving down her back; I give her a kiss between her shoulder blades through her night gown. Nuzzling my way down her beautiful little body to her waist, I kiss her there; pressing my face into the small of her back. She smells so clean. I want so desperately to lift her night gown; but that would be too aggressive.
Michelle reaches behind herself and touches my face.
I move around the bed to my side and get under the covers. Propping up my pillows, I look at her. I watch TV with her and look her over. I like her legs; which move about as she watches her show. Looking her over, I come to appreciate the rise where her bum would be. I start to get hard. I look her over. Her long brown hair; and pretty round face; what a sweet young female, I love my granddaughter.
I lay back and think about the sun deck. I don’t want to be hard when she comes to bed.
I must have nodded off because I waken to Michelle’ cute face staring intently at me.
“Hello honey.”... I say to her.
“Grandpa, you said you would show me how to get it hard.”
“Yes I did.”... “And yes I will.” I answer. Boy is she direct.
With that being said I lift the cover and motion for Michelle to get under the blanket with her flashlight. I push my pyjama bottoms off my hips giving her plenty to see. Michelle moves in close to my cock; as she is moving I slip my hand about hooking her hem so it will not get caught beneath her.
I stop to watch her. She stares at my cock.
“Too make it hard honey you touch it and run your fingers up and down the length of it.”
I wait.
Soon I feel a little hand touching my cock; timidly moving along the shaft. She stops, she moves her hand again; I feel my cock stir. Michelle moves her fingers gently along the length of it as if she did not want to break it. I feel her patting my cock like it was a stuffed animal. Michelle touches a sensitive spot and my cock jumps. Michelle startles a little then giggles. I smile because she has a nice giggle.
Finally my cock is hard. Michelle rests her head on my stomach; holding my cock in her hand. Squeezing it; she seems satisfied just to hold it.
My hand is just under her hem line. There is not much light but I lift her hem enough to expose her bottom. I can’t see much but the thought of what I am doing excites me. I slide my hand up her leg to her hip. I touch and give her cheek a gentle rub, moving my hand back down her leg. I leave my hand on her thigh and go to sleep. Michelle falls asleep holding on to me.
AT 3:39 AM I awaken to hear Michelle sniffle. I know it is that time because the clock – radio is right beside the bed. I rise up and look down at her head still lying on my stomach.
“What’s wrong honey?”
“It’s gone soft and I had a bad dream grandpa.”
“If it’s hard you don’t have bad dreams honey?”
“No!”... When I sleep with my Unicorn at home grandpa I hold onto the horn and I don’t have bad dreams. If your horn is hard grandpa I don’t have bad dreams.’’
“Michelle, if it goes soft at night and grandpa is sleeping; you put it in your mouth and suck like it was a pop cycle. That should make it hard.”
“Should I do that now?”
“If you want to honey; it’s alright with me.” ... “When it starts to get big you use your hands, Ok.”
“Ok grandpa.”
I lay back, waiting. ... Nothing happens for several minutes so I suspect she has decided not to suck grandpa’s pop cycle. I close my eyes to go to sleep.
I feel it; the touch of her lip against the tip of my cock. She takes her time, taking some of it in her mouth. She removes my cock from her mouth. Michelle puts the tip into her mouth and sucks it; and repeats the adventure. She starts to suck on it; a slow suck.
I had hoped to get her to do this but for this to happen this way and so soon has caught me off guard. Taking her time, taking more of my cock into her mouth; Michelle makes me hard.
Her sweet little mouth is so gentle with me; so tentative; and yet felt so loving. I lay there, feeling my cock being sucked. I feel my cock stir to life. Sadly it grows and Michelle uses her hands. I just lay there savouring the feeling of my beautiful granddaughter touching and sucking me. I smile at the thought that I’m the first male to have his cock in her mouth.
My mood changes when I think about her nightmares. I am going to address this issue and see what was causing them. I already have a good idea but I had better not get ahead of myself. I will get the Unicorn tomorrow for her.
Michelle rests her head on my stomach and falls asleep holding onto my horn. I smile. Grandpa is a Unicorn.
I lay in bed, unable to sleep. Firstly I thought about Michelle and the beautiful experience she was giving her grandpa. She is so sweet; her youthful skin is blemish free, and so soft to the touch. After thinking about my granddaughter sexually, I turn my thoughts to her night mares; her bad dreams.
Morning comes with Aaron rolling across grandpa’s head. The rest of the morning and for that matter the rest of the day was A-typical.
I pick up Aaron at noon. Aaron and I go to park nearby where he plays for three hours; Aaron has a great time.
After the time we spent in the park Aaron and I go to the house. We gathered several items that they would need including the Unicorn.
We arrive at the school a bit early, so we wait inside the truck; Aaron is playing with his DS. I hear the buzzer and get out of the truck to wait for Michelle; she'll need help too get in the truck, and with the seat belt. The kids must sit in the backseat; seat belt regulations.
I’m sipping on my coffee when the children emerge from the school along with several parents. Soon I see Michelle; she is with a couple of friends; they walk slowly toward me, talking and laughing.
Michelle sees me, she yells out my name; “GRANDPA”. Michelle runs to me and jumps into my arms. She gives me a big hug and a kiss and descends to the ground as quickly as she jumped into my arms. Michelle introduces me to her friends; and her friend’s mothers.
Pleasantries are exchanged with some more introductions. I help Michelle with her seat belt and off we go, heading home.
Supper is made and served, homework gets done. Aaron has his bath and is asleep early. The little ‘fella’ had a great time this afternoon. It was cool to see him playing with other children. No mother about, screaming at him. God I hate that bitch.
Michelle, on the other hand, had reading homework. I looked in on her, she was not very interested in the story: “Honey, I’m going to shower and get ready for bed, you do the same. Once we are ready for bed I’ll read your story with you.”
“Ok ... grandpa.” ... she responds with a happier face.
Michelle and I go about getting ready for bed. This activity takes about one half hour. I check in on my grandson, he is sleeping soundly. This makes me happy as he also has nightmares.
I go to the bedroom and Michelle is in bed watching a TV; her show is just ending. I wait and turn off the TV when her show is over. I turn on the bed side lamp which will provide us with enough light to read by. Michelle and I get comfortable in bed and start reading her book. She has trouble with many words. I help her with some words, and some phrases, etc....
Aaron comes into the room at this time. In to the bed he gets; adjustments are made with grandpa in the middle. Michelle looks disappointed.
I give her a hug, and say: “it’s ok honey, it will work out.”
Aaron climbs over me, gives Michelle a brotherly hug; the kind of hug you would get from a 6 year old; and says, “It will work out.”
Aaron climbs off me and Michelle. Michelle looks at me and laughs;”My brother is funny”.
“I’m funny grandpa.”... Aaron turns his attention to the TV, changes channels until his program is on and quickly falls into a trance. He lies atop a pillow facing the TV looking over the foot of the bed.
I shift my body such that I’m parallel to Aaron’s body alignment. I raise my right knee to create a buffer between Aaron and Michelle. I lift my hips and pull my pyjama’s down, and with my right hand I pull the blanket up exposing myself to my lovely granddaughter. She looks at me quizzically. I nod my head to indicate that it is ok to play.
Michelle first looks at Aaron; she slips under the elevated blanket to my exposed cock. The reading lamp provides lots of light for her viewing pleasure, and mine.
Michelle’ body cannot lie perpendicular to mine because of Aaron. Her feet run up past my head and lay atop the pillow about a foot to the left of my head. I look toward Aaron and see he is occupied with the TV. Michelle is looking at my cock. I look at her legs; what beautiful skin my granddaughter has. I move my arm about her legs and rest my hand upon the bare skin of her calf. I rub her leg some and move my hand up her leg to mid-thigh pushing the hem of her night shirt with my hand. In doing so I expose her sweet ass too my glare. I can see her little crotch; my eyes zoomed in on her little crack. To my surprise I‘m hit with strong feelings of guilt. I remove my hand from her thigh letting her hem cover her; and place my hand across her legs on top of her night shirt. I start to think about my feelings when Michelle informs me that she is going to get her Unicorn and sleep in Aaron’s room. I am both disappointed and relieved. I turn off the bed side lamp and fall asleep.
The rest of the week is hectic; lawyers, social workers, Bethany, and phone calls. I clean out a second bedroom, tear out the carpet, casing and baseboard. Repaint the room and install new carpet, baseboard and casing. Michelle and I shop for new bedroom furniture and bedclothes for her new room. I leave the children with Bernadette three nights so I can get the remodelling done. However, I pick them up in the morning and take them to school. Bernadette is a great help.
All is set for Fridays visit by the social worker.
The interview goes well. I sign papers and make an appointment so my wife and I can take legal guardianship of the children.
Both kids have birthday parties to go to and are staying the night at their respective host’s homes. This gives me a chance to install closet organizers in both kid’s rooms.
Saturday morning comes and I’m up early clearing the house, I want it to look great for Michelle and Aaron. I finish near 11:00AM.
I take Michelle’s hand and walk with her into my bedroom; we have both showered and are ready for bed; Aaron is not home.
“Grandpa, I want to sleep in my new bed.”
“Grandpa wants to play with you first honey, you can sleep in your new bed afterwards.”
Michelle pulls away; I turn and pick her up.
“Grandpa let you play with his cock for two weeks; it is only fair that you let grandpa play with you once before grandma gets back next week.”
Michelle’s head bows as my argument wins out. I pull her tight to me; I can feel her pubic bone. I am so going to enjoy tasting her virginity.
Pulling back the bed sheets I place Michelle in the bed; I crawl in beside her, and not pulling the sheets over us; I do pull her close to me, feeling her bone again; that sweet virginal mound.
“I love you honey ... I love you very much.” Moving down the bed until my face is pressing against her thighs near her crotch; lifting her night shirt I see her naked mound; and little crack.
“Grandpa, don’t.”
“Oh, you’re so beautiful honey, grandpa really loves you.”... I move my face to her and place my lips on her mound. Gentle kisses to her mound; pressing my lips to her mould; and holding my lips firmly against her; my lower lip is directly on top of her clit. Her clit protrudes from her crack a small amount.
Slowly I move my bottom lip about touching the tip off her clit. I massage my lovely granddaughters mound and clit with my lips. She squirms. I move my lips across her lower tummy.
Michelle laughs: ... “It tickles grandpa.” ...
Shifting my attention to the side I kiss her groin. Small kisses, patient kisses, loving kisses; l kiss Michelle' body. I repeat; small slow kisses, resting my lips on her skin, opening my lips to feel the softness of her.
I exhale. My warm breath touches her skin. I blow cooler wisps of air through my oval lips; Michelle’ tummy muscles contract. I repeat exhaling warmth followed by blowing across her tummy. I continue caressing her tummy this way. I waft my breathe across her tummy, and gracing her little clit with indirect stimulation.
I see Michelle’ head looking toward the ceiling; no longer oft to the side, embarrassed. Her hands moving separately, touch my hair, the other touches my face. Michelle hands are loving her grandfather’s face; such gentle caresses.
Her hands move about, her left hand disappears under my chin. Peer-ing down I see this little hand stroke her sweet clit. I kiss her hand; which she pulls away quickly. I see her little bud has grown. With pursed lips I engulf her tiny bud. A gasp escapes Michelle’ mouth. I move down on her bud, and pull back holding it with my lips. A loader gasp; her head thrusts back into the pillow. My lips are blessed with the thrust of a naked mound. Pushing down with pursed lips, pulling back with sucking lips; sucking on my granddaughter’s clit.
Her motion soon makes it difficult to keep my lips about her clit. I Stick out my tongue, pressing it hard on her bud. Michelle’ motion creates a rubbing motion, tongue against clit.
I hold Michelle’ hips, slowing her motion; helping me keep my tongue in place.
I look to her face; her mouth slightly open, head back, gasping. Michelle’ eyes are closed. Her elbows on the bed, arms perpendicular to the mattress; hands motionless. My tongue stays in place as I look at Michelle’ body spasm
Michelle’ orgasm lasts at least ten seconds. Her body bounces about and settles into a motionless state. I was surprised she could have an orgasm. I pulled her night gown over her legs and crawled up beside her, huggiing her, waiting for a word.
Moving back, I move my face down her sweet legs. I press my face into her legs. Oh. the prize. I kiss my beautiful granddaughter between her soft legs. I slide my lips about her crotch, caressing her young body.
Tilting my head I slide my tongue edgewise along her tiny slit.
“Grandpa .... Grandpa ... don’t do that.”
“Grandpa loves you Michelle; it’ll only be a few more minutes.”
I lick her again; and again. Taking my thumbs; I spread her little crack. I see her small opening. I press my tongue to it pushing inward, swirling the tip of my tongue in her virginal opening.
“God you taste good.”
“GRANDPA .... GRANDPA..... “: why is she yelling?
“GRANDPA .... GRANDPA..... “
“HUH!”..... [Consciousness]
................................................................. “Grandpa wake up.”...
“Grandma has gone to the airport, she say’s you have to look after us.”
“Ok!” : ... I sit up quickly.
... I put my head in my hands. ..... [I have A HEADACHE!]
“ Grandpa, are you sick?” .... “No honey, I’ve got a head ache.”
“ Grandpa ..... “ : I look up.
“Grandpa, you have a tear in your eye. ....
“Grandpa had a bad dream honey.”
“Grandpa .... “
“Yes honey.” ; .........
“.... you can hold my Unicorn.... “

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