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A lustful teacher wants his wicked way with our busty schoolgirl and will not be stopped
These are the continuing misadventures of my cyber wife as an 18 year old teenage schoolgirl and this story follows on from School Dayz – Parts 1 and 2.
If you enjoyed them then you will enjoy this part and look out for more to come.

None of my stories are intended to offend in any way but are very deive and cover many areas of fantasy.

Please do feel free to leave comments, both positive and negative which are all welcome or email me on with your comments or thoughts.

School Dayz – Part 3

Robert Taylor, a portly 46 year old man with graying temples entered the classroom where his 18 year old student was editing some of her favourite pictures onto the internet.
“Are you finished yet?” He said softly. There was no reply. “Robyn?”
She finally looked up from the screen to see her IT Teacher looking across at her.
“I did say you could do this as a favour but I didn’t think it would take this long! The school bell went sometime ago. Won’t your parents be wondering where you are?” Robert said.
As Robyn moved she smiled and Robert noticed the sun catch her bleached blonde hair that waved around her pretty face and down onto her shoulders. He also noticed her emerald green that sparkled in the light as she looked at him.

“Sorry Mr Taylor, I won’t be much longer!” She grinned. “My parents are at work anyway, so the house will be empty right now.”
The teacher looked at her beautiful young face as she smiled at him and noted as the sun shone through the window, her white blouse was silhouetted exposing the voluptuous shape of her large breasts making the blouse almost see through and showing the fullness of her naked bust underneath the thin cotton material.

Robyn was braless at school again and Robert Taylor liked the view! He knew he shouldn’t, especially as one of her 6th Form teachers, but he was a man after all! He started to feel an erection coming on and turned back to his desk quickly.
“If you’re sure but don’t forget our agreement.” He replied as he settled behind his desk once again and his hand went straight down onto his cock head to squeeze it as he stared at his pupil. He moved his head slightly to try to catch a glimpse of her full blouse again with a wicked grin.
“No worries Sir!” She replied brightly……………..thinking back to the agreement they had made.

Mr Taylor, aswell as being the IT head, also ran the photo classes after school and had been looking for models for an article in the school newsletter. He had agreed with Robyn that she could use the school equipment to edit and download her own pictures as long as you were willing to give him 30 minutes of modeling time. She thought about this and smiled to herself. Glancing up from her desk she caught his eye and he quickly diverted them down to his own desk. She had noticed, since returning to school for her final year as an 18 year old, and particularly since her bra had broken a few days previously and she had started to come to school braless that every male in the school, both pupils and teachers alike, and even some females, were now looking at her in a different way. With Mr Taylor she noted, like her form teacher Mr Smith, couldn’t seem to help himself with his eyes being constantly drawn to her deep soft pale cleavage when he wasn’t meant to be looking! Robyn’s cheeks reddened at the thought of Mr Taylor and others seemingly fancying her!

Having been a shy and somewhat demure creature up until her 18th Birthday Robyn had never really had any serious relationships with the opposite sex but since turning 18 and even more so since breaking her bra on the first day of the new term she was now noticing, with some real excitement, that many of the boys and men seemed to be paying her more attention. And then the events with her new boyfriend Dazza had really opened her eyes to what was possible in terms of worldy wisdom and sexual gratification, although technically speaking she was still a virgin, but only just!

Robert relaxed and let his mind wander into a day dream as he thought about how her blonde hair shone in the sunlight when she went outside into the playground and her near flawless skin which looked so soft and sensuous. He would watch her carefully from his classroom window remembering her unusually bright emerald green eyes that had a distinct sparkle that drove him, and no doubt many others, wild. Her long toned legs that she displayed so freely with his mini skirted uniform really were the envy of many of the boys that she went to school with. But as far as Dazza and the gang, and of course her secret admirer, Parkash, were concerned Robyn’s breasts were beyond question her best feature.

But to Robert and many of the other teacher’s, Robyn seemed quite a private person with only a few friends and no boyfriend to speak of. Well not that he was aware of anyway although he had seen her recently in the company of the Darren Quinn boy! Not a nice chap at all, thought Robert to himself as his attention was brought back to you in his class.

He stood and approached you slowly tapping you gently on the shoulder to draw your attention from the view of a picture of you and your blonde cousin Siobhan on the screen.
“If that’s you finished Robyn, then perhaps it’s time for the modeling?” He smiled kindly, although the evil lust behind the smile was unbeknown to her although she felt a slight lump in her throat as she looked curiously at her teacher, much older than her but only in his forties. She couldn't help but notice the slightly crazy look in his normally deep oak-wood brown eyes. His greying hair was slightly disheveled and beads of sweat were now glowing on his forehead.

“Photo time!” Mr Taylor repeated.
“Yes………………..of course………………….sorry Sir!” Robyn smiled and stood and felt his closeness as he did not move to allow her room.
“Where are we going?” She asked innocently, her green eyes glinting in the sunlight.
“The studio is at my house!” Mr Taylor boldly announced. “I can drop you at home after our session!”
She smiled innocently once again and followed the slightly overweight teacher out to his Ford Escort and minutes later she was following him into a small bungalow with a carpeted hallway.
“In there!” He ordered and Robyn walked into a small room noting 3 cameras on tripods in a room adorned with yellow and orange silk sheets with bright lights behind them, providing a soft glow to the room. The curtains were drawn across to provide privacy.

Unsure of what to do she dropped her school bag by the door and stood in the centre of the room as she watched her teacher arrange the cameras, pointing them into the centre of the room.
“So what do you want me to do, Sir?” She smiled questioningly.
He gazed at her in her short white socks, her even shorter grey skirt, her tight white school blouse and her school tie which was loosely placed around her neck. He knew now that she was safely in his lair but he knew that he might not be able to control himself, nor his erection as he smiled at his pupil. But he knew he must! She was his pupil after all and she was only just 18! He ordered himself to get a grip of his emotions and continued setting up the camera equipment.
“Please call me Robert, at least in here!” He smiled as he removed his jacket.
“And just pose for now and we can move on from there!”

“Okay!” Robyn smiled. “Like this?” She smiled innocently turning with her back to her teacher and her feet parted slightly. She then turned her head pouting over shoulder back at him, her eyes sparkling in the soft yellow light.
“Perfect!” He smiled as he started to click away his eyes running slowly up her gorgeous shapely legs and around her round bum cheeks in the short skirt, before his eyes and then over the line of her amazing breasts! His cock twitched again and he felt the blood running into the shaft. With the various camera’s following all of her movements he moved around the room taking snaps of all of the various poses.

“Now, ummmmm, Robyn!” Mr Taylor was suddenly withdrawn slightly. “I would like to see more of you, of your um…………………………….!” Robyn watched as his cheeks started to redden slightly.
“More of me? More of what?” She asked innocently but with a devilish grin and a sparkle in her eyes as he thought of the way that he and others now seemed to look at her.
“Yes………………!” He hesitated. “Perhaps some glamour?” He raised his eyebrows as he spoke. “A………………………..a little……umm flesh? Perhaps?”
“Oh!” Robyn stood looking slightly shocked and glancing down at her bag. “I didn’t bring anything else to wear, I’m sorry I didn’t know I had to!” She pouted.
“No………..I…………….um!” Robert hesitated trying very hard now but unable to control his urges. “It’s not that I want to see you in more clothes…..!” He paused as he regained his composure and tried to act both professional and with some authority. “It’s actually less clothes that I was thinking of!” He stood now in front of the doorway to the room blocking any exit and smiled sweetly at his teenage pupil.

Robyn smiled. “Oh, I see. Like in the magazines?” She giggled back at him and reaching up she flicked open a couple of buttons of her blouse and leaned forward, her pale naked breasts now squashed and fighting to get out. “Like this?” She asked with a pout, her eyes were now sparkling as she realised the effect that she was now having on her teacher.
“Fuck yes!” He grinned. “Oh, um I mean, yes, that is very good Robyn!” He was now clicking the cameras like mad as he spoke. “And perhaps…….. a few more buttons?”
Robyn stood up straight and grinning turned her back to Mr Taylor and undid all the buttons before pulling the bottom edge of the blouse down to show her deep young cleavage with the material squashing her heavy pale breasts together. Slowly she turned to face him again and his eyes widened. “Like this?” She smiled.

He stopped clicking and simply gazed at his pupil in wonder.
“Oh my god! Oh fuck!” He exclaimed rather too loudly and certainly too excitedly as she stood in front of him with her fat breasts barely covered by the blouse.
“Do, do you have a boy……………, ummmmmmmmm!” His eyes were locked on her chest and he was now speaking to her breasts instead of her face!
“A boyfriend?” She enquired.
“Yes………………….umm……….yes!” He replied to her chest as she continued to pose as she moved around the room keeping her nipples firmly covered b y the thin cotton material.
“Yes I do!” She grinned back at him before striking another saucy pose with her legs parted and leaning forward to push her bum in the air.

“Who……………who is he?” Robert asked.
“Darren! Dazza! Darren Quinn!” She stated proudly.
That little shit, thought Mr Taylor. That lucky little shit!!
“And has he, has Darren seen them?” Robert face was pale now and sweat was trickling down his neck.
“Of course he has!” Robyn grinned back at him. “And touched them and sucked them and kissed them and even fucked them!”
Robert’s face suddenly went from one of wonder and amazement to evil lust as he heard his young pupil talking so lewdly to her teacher about the antics of her boyfriend.
“You let him fuck your tits?” He scorned. “You dirty little slut!” He almost spat the words out without thinking but as he spoke Robyn suddenly stopped and looked at him in wonder!
“Well……………if that’s the way you think of me then perhaps I’d better go home!” She said angrily and started to re-button her blouse, her cheeks reddening as she did and as a frown crossed her brow.

But Robert Taylor suddenly lunged forward and grabbed her by the arms throwing her down onto the bedding on the floor. “You’re not fucking going anywhere now young lady!” He scorned.
Fear suddenly set to Robyn’s mind as tried to get up, realising that no-one knew she was there, only to have her teacher throw her back down, her skirt now rising as she landed showing a black lace thong underneath and her blouse splaying open showing her young tender breast flesh and pink nipples.

“So you show the boys your tits do you?” Robert was now kneeling beside her as she cowered on the bedding attempting to keep herself covered. “Well do you? Do you show off your big fat tits?” He was grinning now with a weird look in his eyes. “They like your fat tits do they, your big jugs?” Robyn noticed her normally very friendly and helpful teacher’s eyes were now deep and dark and menacing. “Sliding their cocks between your udders? Cumming their loads over your fresh young hot………………………….. delicious fucking tits?”
Robyn’s cheeks flushed again as she pulled her blouse around to cover them.
“Show me them!” Robert ordered and Robyn simply looked up at him keeping her hands tightly holding the blouse in place to cover them.
“I said show me your tits, slut!” He demanded. “C’mon you know you want me to see your fat tits, slut!”
Robyn knew she was defenseless against her teacher finally gave in, in the hope that he wouldn’t harm her. She slowly you opened her blouse to expose her big heavy breasts. “Happy now?” She said defiantly.
“Fuck, yes!” Her teacher smiled. “Fuck, fuck, yes!” He spat the words out as his dark eyes were now transfixed on her body and pale fleshy mounds. With his eyes glued to her heaving chest his hand suddenly crept up her bare thighs lifting her skirt and with no simple movement he ripped the thong from her body.

Tears suddenly welled up in Robyn’s eyes and it became difficult for her to speak as her teacher leaned over her. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lip as he undid his belt and pulled his Y fronts down. His thick short cock sprang out as he pried his pupil’s legs apart before kneeling between them. He struggled but eventually put a condom onto himself and violently dropped down onto Robyn’s hot young body as he forced himself inside her virgin pussy. The tightness and pain caused her to cry out as she attempted to struggle to get her teacher off her but he was just too strong as he forced his cock into her, finally taking her cherry. But despite her protests and anger and fear at the situation unfolding her pussy began to moisten as she finally felt a cock sliding up and down inside her pussy.

“Sir…………………………Mr Taylor!” Her eyes were shining with tears. “Robert, please stop! You’re hurting me!” She pleaded.
“I won’t hurt you Robyn! Hasn’t that fucking little shit Dazza done this to you?” He almost spat out the words in disgust.
“No!” She said weekly. “No one has!”
Robert Taylor’s face suddenly broke into a broad but evil grin. “Oh even better then!” He purred as he stroked her face and suddenly became loving and caring and his lips met his pupil’s in a forced kiss. She responded in an attempt to stop him from hurting her feeling his slimy tongue sliding into her wet mouth and his hands clamped onto her heavy breasts as she felt her nipples hardening to his touch.

He continued to pump into her as she finally relaxed having accepted defeat and started to feel her body responding to his touches as the pain started to turn to pleasure, but seconds later he arched his back as he lay over her and she suddenly felt his cock jerk inside her as he groaned and filled the condom with cum. He moved off her and quickly walked into an adjoining room without saying another word.

Seconds later he came back, now fully dressed as Robyn looked up at him with disdain.
“This is for you.” He said holding three £10 notes. “Please don’t tell anyone about this or we will both be in trouble!”
Robyn stood and looked at him suddenly seeing the fear in his face. She quickly took control of the situation with a smile as she took the money. “Can I still get my lift home?………………..Robert?” She grinned.

In the car Robert kept his eyes straight ahead as he drove her the short distance to her house. He pulled up at the end of the road and stopped the engine.
Robyn gently slid her hand up onto his thigh and across his crotch and felt his cock jerk though the material of his trousers as she did. He looked at her suspiciously, his eyes dark and brooding and distinctly worried.
“See you tomorrow then, Mr Taylor!” Robyn sneered. “And I look forward to another photo lesson!”

He was speechless and his face bright red as his favourite pupil slammed the door of the car and walked up the path to her house clutching the tenners in her hand.

To be continued………………………….

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Wow i cumed 3 times on this one once on the 2nd post and twice on the first post all in one day my dick is sore stories r excellent and there is cum all over thanx for the hot rape stories


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