The affair began just before Christmas
The Writing Class
Bill Watson took early retirement from teaching and spent three months pottering around the house before taking up teaching again. This time a little more leisurely; a writing group with aspiration to become best selling authors overnight. He enjoyed the task for writing had always interested him as an English teacher but he had never really got around to actually writing something original. He therefore felt at one with the group and would go off every fortnight and preside over the efforts of the Little Haysham writing class.
Susan, his wife, equally enjoyed English but from a reader’s perspective. She belonged to the Reading Circle, a loose group of ladies, anything from nine up to about twelve of them, all past their prime, mostly retired, who met in the church hall at two week intervals which happened to alternate with her husbands’ fortnightly meetings. And so Wednesday on Wednesday they would both be at their respective meetings. Wednesday became, for each, ‘their day’.
Susan joined the group at Jane’s invitation. Jane had been a friend for a few years. A vivacious little blonde with a bubbly personality; The font of all mischief as Susan generally noted.
‘You’ll love it. Starts off with us all reading a particular book and then we discuss the meaning and if it was well written. That generally goes on for about five minutes and then the whole thing falls into general gossip about any and everything. They’re a lovely lot. And so Susan became part of the Reading Circle and, as Jane had promised, enjoyed every minute of each meeting.

The ‘affair’ between Susan and Jane began one evening when the reading group had met for mince-pies and drinks prior to the Christmas break. Susan had agreed to drive as she was not too bothered about drinking. Jane had got a bit sloshed and when they arrived at her home the little blonde had planted a kiss full on Susan’s lips. The sensation had stirred Susan, ‘why not,’ she thought and planted one back. Without any complaint Jane had leaned back let herself be kissed with ever more passion. She had guided Susan’s hand onto her full breasts remembering how the boys had wanted them. They had behaved like lovers for a full five minutes each feeling more randy by the moment but Susan worried that they would be discovered. Jane had solved the problem by leading Susan around the side of the house and there, in almost complete darkness they had continued the boy girl scenario pushing their hungry mounds hard against each other. Susan eventually hoisted Jane’s skirt up and found her wet quim ready. The blonde came quickly and Susan felt the wet pussy sucking on her finger with incredible strength.
They had not gone further that night mainly because once her orgasm was over Jane could scarcely stand. Susan had delivered her to the front door and her waiting husband, said good night and then driven home. She was flustered and confused but above all wildly elated. Once in the drive she had pushed her hand down her trousers and brought herself off with the memory of Jane’s hot little pussy and her questing tongue. Luckily Bill was asleep when she came in and therefore no conflict of interest occurred vis a vis sex.
From that time on Susan and Jane had become lovers. Such a situation is easily managed between women, particularly women who no longer had to hold down full time jobs. However on occasion the opportunities to meet each other became almost impossible. Little things would mount up, family duties would need attention and sometimes it would seem like they never saw each other for ages. It was just after one of these barren episodes that the book club meeting came round. There is a myth that only men think of sex every forty seconds or so and that women can banish the subject completely to the point of total abstinence. In the case of Susan this was untrue. The weather was warm and they all turned up in their best summer dresses: There is always a certain rivalry about dress that lingers beneath the surface in any group of females. Jane wore a light cotton floral dress that showed her ample curves to best advantage – she was a natural flirt - and as the meeting progressed so Susan, half listening, let her gaze fall on Jane’s neck. She wore some amber beads and as she spoke so the beads would move against the whiteness of her skin. Susan longed to kiss that whiteness and imagined more, quite losing the thread of the discussion. At the end of the meeting it was usual to disperse fairly quickly. The hall was left open for evening bookings and the only thing that had to be done was the putting away of tables and the stacking of chairs. By both dragging their feet they became the last to leave. All the others climbed into their cars and drove off to their various other lives.
The two women went into the little toilet and quickly locked into a passionate kissing session. Jane whispered that she had missed Susan so much over what seemed like weeks but was in fact only days.
‘I need you so much, have me now, please.’ And she pushed her hand up Susan’s skirt to feel the warm mound with it’s delicious, sexy crease. Susan kissed her hard then slipped the dress from Jane’s shoulder and kissed passionately at the soft white warmth of her neck. She felt the fingers entering her wet quim and pulled the cotton dress lower to get down to the brown, stiff little nipples that she loved sucking so much.
The afternoon was hot, the building silent and the lock on the toilet door a mere ornament so long had the clasp been missing. When Carol pushed it open the two women were not even aware that she could see not only Jane’s breast pushed hard into Susan’s mouth but also Jane’s fingers working hard into Susan’s curly bush. Time failed to pass as the scene etched itself into Carol’s astounded brain. With that super slowness that happens in extreme situations Carol began to pull the door closed and both Jane and Susan turned to face her.
‘Oh. Sorry,’ was all she managed to utter.
‘Carol!’ Susan called after her. ‘Carol’.
Carol turned to face Susan and Jane pulled her dress straight. ‘I’m sorry, I just came back for a pee because I have to go over to Lewes for some stuff I ordered… I knew I wouldn’t make it so I turned round and…’ She tailed off. It was Susan who took the initiative. ‘Look, I’m sorry that you had to see us but, well, you will keep quiet, I mean, you know if Bill or Charles got to find out…’
‘They’d be over the moon!’ Jane butted in. I bet Bill would. He’d be right in; want to watch.’ All three women began to laugh and suddenly the tension seemed to drain away.
‘How… I mean, none of my business but how long?’
‘Since Christmas,’ said Susan.
‘Early present,’ added Jane and again the mood lightened. ‘We like it, it’s harmless and fun and exciting. How many things add up to that lot.’
‘Are you lesbians?’
Susan laughed, ‘I’ve been married twenty odd years. Quite a front that. How long have you been married Jane.’
‘Long enough. Still love Charles. Who couldn’t, he’s lovely but…’ she paused, ‘sorry to sound crude but he doesn’t make me come like Susan does. Doesn’t set my heart racing when we are about to meet. He’s comfortable, just comfortable.’ She turned to Susan and gave her a peck on the cheek. ‘I have to rush, I’ll ring later.’ And with that she turned whirling the cotton dress and left Carol and Susan looking at each other.
‘You’d better have your pee and get off to Lewes.’ Susan had known Carol for a number of years. As the only widow in the group Carol was invited to most things and so knew a broad cross section of people. Tall and still slim, never having had kids. Her hair, long and chestnut red, gathered onto a loose pony tail by a clasp, Carol was the glamorous one. They all envied her but she was too nice to bitch about and she and Susan were sufficiently friendly for Susan to broach the next question. ‘Shocked or what?’
‘Well shocked to find someone in a toilet when you expected it to be empty. I think I will.’ She pushed the door to and Susan heard her pee. She supposed that after finding a mutual friend with her hand up another mutual friends skirt the thought of someone hearing you pee came way down the list of embarrassments. ‘Not shocked by what was happening,’ she continued from behind the door, ‘we’re all human after all.’ She flushed the loo and came out to wash her hands.
‘How do you get on then, being human. Five years now since…’
‘Since Malcolm died? Oh, I manage.’
‘Yes?’ Susan raised her eyebrows. ‘Can’t shock each other now can we.’
‘No, I suppose not. I generally go off up to London. I have and arrangement with an escort company. Theatre, meal, hotel. When I need it. It’s all right up to a point but a bit fraught when you feel randy on a Wednesday afternoon. Back to the Rabbit then…’
‘You’ve got a Rabbit! Vibrator I hope! Is it good?’
‘Of course it’s a vibrator. No jokes about a pubic hare puleez.’ Carol pushed her hair back and re-fastened the clasp then began to fix her makeup in the mirror. Susan watched, envious of the other woman’s dark eyes and red hair. ‘And it’s bloody brilliant as a matter of fact. There, that’s both of us with our dark little secrets out in the open.’
‘But what? It’s brilliant but nothing.’
‘But it doesn’t whisper in your ear like Mr Escort up in London. Doesn’t kiss you when you’ve climaxed.’
‘Who said anything about Mister escort?’
It was Susan’s turn to be shocked. ‘A woman?’
‘Sometimes. You aren’t the only one with a lively sex life. When I was married to Malcolm I accepted that that was that. You got married, young in my case, and went to bed with your husband until the end of time. When Malcolm died I was devastated. Eventually things start to pick up again and you begin to wonder what it is YOU want. You in capital letters because that is who is left. No Mum and Dad in total control. No love of your life so that you can only think in one direction. Just you. What do you want. I decided on the escort agency because it would mean that I remained the one in charge. If he was nice – and believe me they mostly are – then I would climb into bed if not then a good night’s sleep in a big double bed all to myself.’
‘And the Rabbit?’
‘Not in the beginning. I met one guy after a while who really seemed to know what I was thinking. He was so on my wavelength that we eventually spent more time talking than we did screwing. A very dangerous man. He let me into the world of paid for sex. Told me about the variations that some people liked. Bit of S&M that sort of thing. He also told me that ladies of a certain age – he was very polite – sometimes preferred other ladies of a certain age. God we screwed that night. I think he knew what it was that turned me on better than I ever had. I couldn’t stop shagging him all night poor love. I’ll swear he was asleep one time and I soft fucked him without him ever opening his eyes!’
‘Well. It’s nice to talk to someone about it really, particularly when you’ve just watched a dear friend getting her pussy stoked by another woman in a public toilet. She can’t sit in judgement then, can she?’
Susan felt her cheeks redden. ‘What about your trip to Lewes?’
‘Tomorrow. If you’ve got time we could have a coffee and I’ll tell you the rest.’
‘Oodles’, said Susan quickly.

Once seated in a distant corner of the coffee shop, the one that nestled discreetly down a side alley known only to the few, Susan urged Carol to continue her story.
‘I enquired, which was a bit difficult because underneath all the business of hiring an escort is the unwritten question, how far can I go? Not too bad with a man woman contract but tricky with a woman woman or, I suppose, a man man deal. The agency certainly know their business, sent me a lovely brochure with various ladies, outlining their interests and general character traits. You really only look for a face that you like. All the rest is so much baggage. It’s the face that tells you most about a person and so I chose a lady with a nice face. A face I liked looking at. We got in touch, it’s easy on the computer. She was very nice and in quite a gentle way she noted that I would be staying in London for the night and did she wish that I should keep her company and then – the sixty four dollar question – would that be a double room. My throat was as dry as dust as I said ‘yes’ and to my relief she said that would be fine. I immediately realised that she was either lesbian or bisexual and almost cancelled the whole thing. But, as I said earlier, I was into this escort thing because I was in control. If I got cold feet then I was sure that she would not be offended.’ Carol stopped talking and reached into her bag for a cigarette.
‘You can’t smoke in here,’ Susan felt almost the little Hitler as she said it.
‘I don’t smoke. Just hold it in my fingers. Scares the hell out of the natives and makes me feel a bit more in charge of life.’ She twiddled the cigarette between her fingers and the girl behind the counter began to look nervous.
‘Anyway, went off up to London and did the show and the meal ok. Bea’ that was her name short for Beatrice I think, was lovely. Brighter than a good many of my friends – present company and all that – and so attentive to my needs that I wondered what it would be like to be a millionaire and be able to have this woman as a permanent companion. Eventually it was time to go back to the hotel. I was beginning to wonder how this would pan out when she suggested a diversion. She took me to a club that she knew and suggested that we both have a hot tub. I nearly fell over when she suggested that as she was a member she would foot the bill.’ Carol put the cigarette down on her bag and continued. ‘What a place. All women. Reception, bar, sitting about. All women. Didn’t strike me at the time that here I was, ordinary widowed Carol in the heart of the rich bitch lezzy world that was never, ever mentioned. Bea said that I could have a swimming costume if I wanted but suggested that it was better with nothing on and so we went down to a private tub, showered and got in. It was gorgeous. I couldn’t believe that here I was up to my neck in hot water with this lovely woman; she must have been in her early fifties I suppose, naked. Stark naked. My ordinary tits to Bea’s big ones! She was also shaved, with one of those strips like a little sign post. Would I like a rub she asked and when I looked a bit shocked she turned me round and rubbed my back and shoulders explaining that I should direct the proceedings and that I could massage her if I wanted.
‘I have never experienced anything as sexy as that rub. She never put a hand wrong but it was not long before I wanted her to put her hands everywhere. Very gently I urged my breast into her hand and felt wonderful as it she started her magic. My nipples give it away all the time and she read them as accurately as a blind man reads Braille. She progressed, under my guidance, down to basement and I opened my legs without hesitation. When it came to my turn I found that I enjoyed the softness of her body more than I would ever have thought. Finally we kissed and she whispered that perhaps sharing a bed would not be so frightening for me after all. That night was wonderful. I did to her all the things that Malcolm had ever done to me and then she showed me some new tricks that Malcolm would never have imagined.’
‘So it’s you who are the lesbian then.’ Susan felt that she had answered the idea that she should be a lesbian.
‘No idea. I’ve had a man a few times since. Just as good but different. I love it all.’ She picked up the cigarette once more and placed the filter between her lips. Susan noticed the lipstick on the tip. ‘After all it’s just something going into something; yes?’ She leaned back and regarded Susan with a cool gaze. ‘So now we know. You know about me and I know about you. Tell me about Jane.’
Susan went over the affair feeling perhaps the same strange feeling of relief that Carol had felt in being able to tell someone who would not judge.
At the end of the story Carol put the cigarette into the saucer of her cup. ‘How would you two like to join me in a hot tub? My treat.’

Little Haysham writing group consisted of ten ladies who all wished to write, and Mr Charlton who also wished to write. Bill acted as their teacher but in reality ended up as the guiding judge. He would set the tone of any criticism keeping it gentle but constructive, a skill picked up after years of teaching. They were all retired and if the truth were known really only wanted to write their individual autobiographies. As the years passed so they realised that the photo’s would not be enough. Most of them had picked up old pictures from their own parents and could no more tell who the bit part players were than fly to the moon. The central figures were fine but then it moved off into uncles and aunts and friends of the family. No, these people lived in an age of computers. They had watched the things being invented; green lettering on word processor screens and then the wonder of proper coloured computers with digital cameras to feed them and handy word working programs to get it all down. No more whiting out typos. Autobiography beckoned. ‘Once upon a time…?’ More to this than meets the eye. So it was that the writing group had convened and Bill, a distant friend of a distant friend had been persuaded to take on the role of teacher and general guide.
The drive over was pleasant and not too far and the group, although mostly older than him, were a lively and entertaining bunch. Particularly Emily. Emily was seventy with snowy white hair curled into a pensioners perm. She was always immaculately turned out and Bill had wondered enough about the quality of her clothes and the obvious style with which she wore them to gently enquire one sunny afternoon just as the class were leaving.
‘You are most kind, may I call you Bill? Well I used to be a model.’
‘Goodness me, catwalk and platform shoes?’
‘Nothing so glamorous. More knitting patterns and mail order stuff. I made a good living.’
Bill began to understand. She was tall and her figure had not yet descended into the gauntness that so often overtakes women who have dieted most of their lives. She looked good with fine features and pale blue eyes. They had talked as they walked out to the car park and it wasn’t until he was getting into his car that Bill noticed that the car park was empty.
‘No car?’
‘Garage. I can walk.’
‘I can drive you,’ Bill noticed her high heels, not really good for distances; not that he had any idea of where she lived. ‘Jump in.’ Thus it began.
Bill had never cheated on Susan in all their married life. He had been tempted many times; it was the bane of the teaching profession. Colleagues, pupils, other colleagues wives. The list of possibilities was endless and all mixed up with what could be, on a bad day, an emotionally charged job. He had avoided all temptation and now… Now as he drove this elegant woman, where he was not quite sure for she directed him as directions were needed, he suddenly became aware that she was stroking the inside of his leg. He also became aware that the stroking was very sensuous and that he liked it very much.
‘Next right.’ She gazed ahead and moved her hand up and over the bulge of his now hard cock. Her fingers found it’s shape and she squeezed it gently beginning a slow wanking motion. The right turn, he knew, headed away from the village but he didn’t complain and in fact fully understood as she directed him onto an unmade road that led toward a wood. She guided him deep into the trees and they stopped facing into deep undergrowth.
‘No complaints?’ She turned toward him.
‘No,’ he croaked for his throat felt tight and dry.
‘Don’t worry. Us older women occasionally have a need. A little something to let us know that we are still alive; still capable of getting a cock hard.’ Bill heard his zip descend and felt her extract his straining erection from the jumble of his underpants.
‘Mmm you are lovely.’ She pulled his foreskin down and leaning over took his hot, purple, willing cock into her mouth. Right in. He gently stroked her tight curls and wondered what it would be like to shag this woman. She was seventy, seventy for goodness sake and all he wanted to do was get up her. Would she be able to do it? By the feel of her mouth on his cock and her fingers beneath his balls she would be able to do anything.
‘Does this seat collapse?’ She had straightened up and Bill reached down and pulled the lever that moved the seat back. He reached over and turned the knob that let the back down and watched as she slowly reclined unbuttoning the front of her dress. Her bra was white and lacy and she pulled it down to reveal her brown nipples. Her tits were soft and with the support of the bra beneath them presented an impression of youthful fullness. He felt them and her hand sought his penis once more. He wanted her cunt and pushed his hands up her skirt moving the material so that he could see her white thighs and the frilly shorts that she wore. Her pudenda was so soft and he felt that she was already open and swollen ready to fuck. ‘Put it in but I won’t come that way and nor must you. You won’t go hungry, don’t worry.’ And with that she pushed the little shorts down and opened her legs wide to reveal a smooth, soft mound and open quim. He eased himself over. It was so many years since he had screwed in a car and it was not the most elegant of manoeuvres but eventually she took hold of his cock and worked his juice into her cleft. Gently he pushed the tip into her feeling the most wonderful warmth. She reached round and pulled him hard up her.
‘Lovely man,’ she whispered as fondled her tits, ‘lovely big cock. Fuck me darling but don’t come. Just fuck.’
She was good. Her body was slimmer and somehow lighter than Susan’s but her quim was still wonderful.
‘Time to change.’ She lifted his hips and he felt the lovely warmth of her vagina release his cock. ‘Fingers please.’ And so he wanked her. She guided his hand and all the time squeezed his cock until finally she gave a long low moan and he felt her quim tighten on his fingers and her hips heave to take whatever giant cock she had imagined. Her spasms lasted and lasted. He watched her eyes moving beneath their lids. Her hand kneaded her breast and he pushed his cock hard against her thigh. She recovered and laid him back and gave him the most wonderful wank he had ever had finally taking his come into her mouth as he in his turn heaved his hips and imagined Susan on top with her tits bouncing and then saw this woman push her tongue into his wife’s mouth.

When Emily was finally dropped off at the garage she paid and smiled to herself as the mechanic noted that it had been a full service. ‘You betcha!’ she thought and drove home. There she showered, poured a sherry and sat at her desk to jot down the happenings of the afternoon in her private, password protected journal. She always changed the names using her alter ego Matilda who experienced all the comings and comings of her private, sexual world. ‘What a big cock,’ she wrote, ‘and how stiff to my touch.’ She looked at the ineffectual words on the screen and remembered the big stiff prick pushing into her hungry cunt. She reached down and gently rubbed her hard little clitoris.
Bill had been happy to accept Emily’s terms. ‘When I say. If I need a lift I will tell you.’ She had intended that it should be occasional but her needs and Bill’s gentle attention ensured that she was seen to at least once a month. She mused to herself that in her younger days the menstrual cycle had prevented her shagging once a month. Now she only shagged once a month. There was a divine plan somewhere in that.

Late August was hot and it was as Bill drove toward Haysham that his mobile cheeped. He pulled in and answered. It was Emily. Mr Charlton had had a heart attack and she and some other members of the group had gone in the ambulance to the hospital. They thought it best that the class should be cancelled that afternoon and she hoped that she had caught him before he had come to far and she would ring and let him know how things turned out and she couldn’t talk now as they were at the hospital but… ‘you know.’
‘Bugger.’ He said the word aloud. He’d really felt like a bit of sex that day. Hadn’t had too much from Susan lately in fact if they had been younger he would have suspected her of having an affair. As it was, well. He felt a slight pang of remorse. Here he was shagging a seventy year old pupil (could you be struck off for that?) and suspecting his wife of having an affair. Who with for goodness sake. Their closest friends, Charles and Jane, didn’t come into it. Charles had long since given up sex; Jane had told him ages ago. He had wondered if she had been angling for a bit on the side when she said it but had remembered the old adage about shitting on your own doorstep. He turned the car and headed home.
The close where he and Susan lived was a tight little community and the residents parked with due consideration toward their neighbours. So it was a bit galling to find Charles’s car parked across the entrance to his drive. Charles car? Was it true then? The crafty old bugger, all that shit about being past it and here he was parked outside and no doubt parked inside his unfaithful wife, Susan.
What to do? Go up and confront them. Beat shit out of Charles. Hardly, Charles was too nice for that sort of thing. Not a bad bone in his body. Wait on. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Let’s get the facts straight. He let himself in quietly and removed his shoes. Nobody down stairs, no one in the garden and so he crept stealthily up toward the bedrooms. He heard a door close gently. The master bedroom door was half open and he could hear movement. He’d catch the bugger at it then at least he would have the advantage. He crept across the carpet and peeked in.

Laying across the bed, his bed! with her legs apart, Jane, naked as the day she was born, gently stroked her erect little nipples with the tips of her fingers. Her eyes were closed and a look of total pleasure suffused her face. Between her spread legs Susan kissed and licked the little blonde’ s open quim. She moved her head slowly making each lick total bliss and Jane moaned. ‘You’ll make me come too soon. Wait for Carol, I want you both.’
Bill heard the name Carol and just had time to register slight puzzlement when Carol said ‘Hello Bill, enjoying the show?’ right behind him.
What happened next can scarcely be recounted. So many things happed in the blinking of an eye. Jane opened her eyes and clasped her hands to her tits, a fruitless gesture of modesty as Susan had turned her head and her moist lips with Jane’s wet pussy looked as if they had fitted perfectly. Carol gently nudged him into the room with what he thought must have been a gun pushed into his back. His mind whirled as his wife stood up and Jane grabbed a pillow. Carol pushed him further into the room.
‘Well,’ she said, ‘I think this calls for an explanation, don’t you?’ Bill was still dazed and blurted out, ‘I thought it was Charlie,’ he looked directly at his wife, ‘I thought you were with Charles.’
‘Charles!’ It was Jane who spoke. ‘Charlie wouldn’t know what to do. You might as well give him a grand piano as leave him with Susan.’
‘I’m sorry Bill,’ Susan dropped her gaze.
‘Nonsense,’ Carol spoke right next to Bill’s ear, ‘neither of you should be sorry. Ask yourself what for? Something that comes naturally? Something we all want, a little tenderness, a little excitement, a thrill, cheap or not. I know Susan well enough to know this is one of your favourite little fantasies. I’ll bet you have both fucked Jane a hundred times when you need to keep the sex bubbling. You asking what she’s like with nothing on and Susan telling you that she has big soft tits and feeling you squirt your come just as she says it. Who were you fucking Bill? Who was Susan fucking? Either Jane or me. Am I right?’
Susan sat down on the bed next to Jane who put her arm around her letting the pillow drop. Carol, who still stood behind him pushed the gun, for he was sure it was a gun, down against his bottom. ‘I wouldn’t mind betting he’s got a hard on right now. Stand very still.’ She reached around to find the erection that pushed against his trousers. ‘Bingo!’. And before he could complain and with a gun between the cheeks of his bum Bill Watson felt his zip lowered and his erection expertly released to the gaze of his wife and her lover. In that single moment he saw both women regard his penis and knew that his life had just changed for ever. You cannot fake an erection. His naked wife with her naked lover’s arm around her shoulders turned him on. The fact that Carol now held his cock firmly in her hand gave the lie to any indignity he may have felt. ‘A veritable little harem, Mr Watson. What a lucky girl you have been, Susan. Now, the harem rules. I see you have your shoes off ready to enter the chamber of the odalisques. Very well. Susan with your kind permission.’
‘What are you going to do?’
‘Well he has strayed into our little paradise and either that paradise collapses right now and we all slink off and never talk to each other again or, and this is up to you, or we swear him in as a member…’ here she brought the ‘gun’ around and showed it to Bill, ‘and continue with our pleasure plus one to replace this.’ Bill stared at the ‘gun’ and Carol answered his unvoiced question. ‘It’s a Rabbit, Bill. Never goes soft and only needs new batteries when someone’s been over using it! Susan.’ Susan blushed which seemed almost out of place in the present surroundings. ‘That’s how I caught you. I was in the bathroom putting the new batteries in,’ she pressed a button and the pink plastic dildo hummed into life. She touched it against his erection and the sensation was electric.’
Susan stood up and came over to her husband. She took his penis in her hand and he reached out and drew her to him.
‘I still love you, Bill. It’s just that we were getting stale. We had done it all. I wanted pleasuring. Not an affair with another man. You have enough love for me. I wanted pleasure. Carol’s right. We fantasise about this just to make it work. We girls are not going to run off together but we are not going to fade away alone.’ She pushed his jacket from his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt. Expertly unfastened his waist belt and eased his trousers and boxers down. Kneeling she pushed his socks off his feet then cupped his balls in her hand and took his erection full into her mouth. He stood there a total confusion of jumbled thoughts. His guilt surfaced. The last woman to do this had just spoken to him on the phone. He had come in her mouth and now his wife was sucking him like never before. He saw Carol cross the room and bend to kiss Jane, her hand pushing down between the blonde’s legs and fondling the little bush of hair at the base of her belly. Time passed as in a dream. They laid him on the bed almost as a sacrifice and Carol lowered her hot cunt down his straining cock. Susan cupped the redhead’s breasts as she began to urge on him and then tilted Carol’s face and pushed her tongue into her mouth. Jane lay down beside him and guided his hand into her swollen, juicy cunt.
Susan moved up the bed, astride Jane and he watched as the blonde pushed her fingers into the quim which until today he had believed to be his domain. As he lay there in supplication they changed places and Jane sucked Carol’s juice from his cock. Oh Jeez she was good at that. She straddled him and Susan worked his hard up into the blonde vee then lay down while Carol kissed her belly and licked her quim.
He rested and watched as Carol and Jane made Susan come with their tongues and then their fingers bringing her to a heaving climax with the humming vibrator. She was wild with the pleasure. Her big breasts moving enticingly. He sat watching, rubbing his prick like a porn star. Jane bent for him and Carol let him push his cock up her bum. It was so tight and she whimpered as he pushed in, Susan fondled his balls and Jane held the redhead’s shoulders. During all this time he kept hard. Made his mind fly out of the room whenever he felt the spunk beginning to come. The women had no such trouble. Jane came on him. Carol came on him and even Susan reached a shouted climax on his stiff, aching cock.

‘Time for the finale,’ said Carol. ‘Time for your initiation.’ Bewildered he allowed them to tie his wrists to the bottom bed frame. Susan tying the knots in the gathered stockings and tights from her drawer. Now Jane fetched a broom from the cupboard and, spreading his legs, tied his ankles to it. They pushed the little dressing table chair against the bed end so that he could come no closer and was bent in total submission. They began to play with him, fondling his balls a taking it in turn to lay on the bed and show him their swollen pussies. Jane lay thus and he watched as Susan lowered her quim onto the blonde’s waiting tongue. He watched his wife’s fingers push into Jane’s wet pussy begin to wank her off her. She would lean down and kiss the mound, her full tits brushing Jane’s belly. Jane’s tongue flicked up into Susan’s quim pushing the lips apart and he felt Carol begin to push her finger up his bum. She must have been using cream for first there was the cold kiss and then the finger gently found the opening and eased in. He had never experienced anything so sexy. She worked it back and forward as he watched Jane’s tongue work on his wife. Susan’s fingers slipped in and out of the blonde’s cunt and then Carol pushed the horn of the rabbit hard into his bum. The pain was white, blinding and he cried out and struggled against the restraining bindings. She didn’t turn it on but worked it up and back, hard.
‘Relax, darling. It won’t hurt if you let go.’ Susan now stood behind him watching the dildo slid into her husband. She thrilled at the cruelty of it and pulled Jane tight to her. Reaching out she dipped her finger into the pot of cream then found the blonde’s soft, full bum and pushed her finger in to the knuckle. The blonde began to wank herself off, leaning her body over Bill’s struggling form, letting her heavy tits stroke his back. She worked her finger in the silken tube, revelling in the hot softness. Jane clenched her bum tight on the finger and felt Susan doing the same with her lovely cunt. They changed positions each one taking up their anus. Then Susan knelt down pushing the dressing table chair away and took her husbands cock in her hand wanking him hard. She could feel it coming and knew just when to take it in her mouth. He came hard, shooting again and again.
Carol and Jane climbed on to the bed and, laying beside each other wanked themselves to a final magnificent orgasm. Bill drank the picture of total abandon deep. Nothing would shock him from now on.

‘Mr Charlton made a full recovery.’ Bill and Emily sat in the car together in the gathering twilight. The nights were drawing in and Bill wondered how they would fare as the temperature dropped. Never at her house, always in the car. His appointment with the girls was still two weeks away but Emily always saw to his needs. She leaned over and stroked his penis.
‘Tell me one of your dirty stories, about the three girls raping the man. Always makes me come. I know they aren’t true but you do make them so realistic. I think one day I shall write them down and get them published on one of these adult sites.’ She squeezed his hard cock, so big. ‘Come on, I need fucking.’
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