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dave (dana now) just laid there on the table he was tied too he didnt struggle anymore. he was to far changed to go back. so he just gave up and decided to try to enjoy being a woman. danas mind drifted to his girlfriend would she still love me if i make it out of here? how will i explain this? as if they could hear what he was thinking tiffany replied to him ''you will see your girlfriend agian i assure you. we have no intention of killing you or keeping you hostage here. as for how you explian this, people will see you as a girl when you walk out of here today. they will be as if you have always been a girl and your girlfriend will see you as a female with a surprise''
''why did you do this to me?'' "oh come on dana" replied ashley ''you know you where always curious what being a girl would feel like. being fucked as a girl. and sucking cock'' ''in fact i am going to let you feel how it feels to be fucked in your new vagina''
''oh my god please dont'' ashley just smiled as she lubed up her 10'' monster and slipped it into danas pussy without a condom
dana was grunting in pain from being penatrated and when ashley broke through her hymen she could barley breathe it was so painful
but ashley ignored her painful crys and kept fucking her in her pussy. after about 3 or so minutes of being fucked dana was in heaven with ashleys cock going balls deep in her hot cunt. that was when it happened.dana exploded in extacy he had never felt anything better even when he fucked his girlfriend he was in heaven and wanted to stay a girl forever.then it came to him ''wait what happens if you cum inside me?'' but she ignored him and fucked harder and he started to panic as her cock started to twitch inside his pussy and then he felt her cum inside him more than she had before she pumped him so full of cum he started to leak it out of his pussy
that is when they tilted the table up so the cum would stay in and then they left. he was left to wonder how hard it would be to be pregnant
he fell asleep for what seemed like forever in her tired mind worn out from the transformation
they burst in and woke him up sweetly latter that night and let him loose. he wanted to runaway and get the police but the girls told him all his records would show that he was dana summersand had always been. they gave him some clothes and told him that ashley would help him dress if he needed it. he looked puzzeled at them and ashley told him ''you have band practice tonight it would be rude of you not to show up
so dana got dressed in what they brought a pair of sexy pink panties with a matching bra, tight jeans and a tight-ish velvet revolver t-shirt, and her favorite of all was the piar of pink hightop chuck taylor converse, dana was instructed to not try to flee from them and just act like normal so when she was dropped off at her house she went to her room and found it was a little different. everything was there. it just had more of a girly touch to it, even when she went out to her car to get a pack of cigerettes she notticed that her car was still that beat up camaro but it was pink and girly. she just grabbed her pack of cigerettes and her lighter and lit up a smoke then hopped in the drivers seat and drove to the bands meeting placeall the while loving being a girl that much more. dana almot panicked when she thought she forgot her guitar at home but remembered that she put it in the trunk so she drove up the driveway to see carrie the bassist in the band allready waiting for her (they had been longtime pals but now she wondered if their freindship would be the same)when dana steped out of her car she was instantly atacked by her friend and she even grabed danas guitar case for her and they walked in together
when dana walked in everyone was set up someone had even taken the time to plug in her amp to the reciver (for those of you who dont speak band talk:you hook up the reciver to the amp and then u hook up the transmiter to your guitar or bass and presto instant wireless amp)and do everything but plug in her guitar for her
when carrie set danas guitar case down on the amp dana walked over and opened it. she thanked god that it hadent been pink. it was still her favorite guitar
her cherry red Fender Stratocaster with the bridge pickup swapped out for a humbucker. it was a gift from her father before he died of a heart atack, she loved the damn thing! she would never put it down unless they had an acoustic set.she took a second to feel the guitar before she picked it up, it felt heavier somehow but she just willed herself to pick it up.the strap was somthing she never changed nor wanted to it suited her. she strapped the guitar on and strumed it. she missed its scream
the rest of the night went by real fast

when she got home her girlfriend was already there. dana made up her mind right there as long as she had sarah she didnt care if she was a female. she started kissing sarah as if they where doing it for the last time. sarah started taking danas clothes off and dana took sarahs off as soon as they where undressed dana was kissing sarah up and down and dana concentrated as hard as she could to make her dick grow and it worked. it was almost 4 inches bigger now it was 12'' she started fucking sarah slow and grew her pace when she knew she wouldnt hurt sarah she was pumping with all her might when she came in sarahs pussy and just started kissing her passionatly. they fell asleep together and slept soundly till dana woke up for work
when she was at work her boss started yelling and then she got fed up with him and told him to kiss her ass
that was the end of that job
she drove her beat up car home and decided to just play her fender for a while to clear her head. about halfway through the solo for sweet child o mine there was a knock at the was ashley and tiffany. she invited them in and offered them a cigerette and lit hers up
that was when her friend carrie came over for a few drinks and a smoke
and that was when dana notticed that her belly had gotten bigger

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2014-04-23 04:40:03
Where is part three

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2013-11-09 08:11:57
Fun but difficult to read. Please ask someone to read it before you submit it. I'm waiting for part 3.

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2013-03-23 14:38:14
Lol @ d sucking whale crap...
As far as this story is concerned, I'll b very understanding if som1 under 14 wrote this. D whole thing just screams:
"Hey there, this is me thinking way too cool 4 my age"
Only problem is, u aren't. Next time jst give us nursery school rhymes, I'm certain they'll be more to ur taste.

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2012-06-22 01:44:10
You really suck whale crap

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2012-02-13 01:49:05
Man ur a gnr fan for damn sure even threw in a velvet revolver reference

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