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A family taking a perfectly innocent vacation gets kidnapped in the Hills of W. Virginia by two crazed brothers and is forced to endure unspeakable acts of sexual obedience.
It was for all intensive purposes, a beautiful sunny day. Dan Jacobs had planned to take his family to Ocean City, Maryland on vacation. He planned a beach getaway which was a stark contrast to his drab, everyday existence in Columbus, Ohio. His wife Kim had ragged on his ass about the need for a vacation for almost a year and a half before he decided to give in, tap into his savings, and take the plunge. After all, he couldn’t bear to hear her bitch about the need to get away to the beach any longer. Dan was an attractive stud when he met his wife of 20 years Kim in high school. However, years of hard work, and 2 kids later had taken its toll on him. He was now 45; a middle-aged, balding, relatively grumpy prick. His wife however, had retained that sexy figure she had through years of working out after the girls had both been born. At 43; she was a narcissistic woman. She believed that she really was gods' gift to mankind. She was a perfectionist who complained excessively about the need for just about everything!
Kim Jacobs was a woman who was never satisfied, not with her living situation and home, not with her finances and money, and certainly not in bed lately. She had rudely and bluntly spoken ill of Dans' fading performance in the sack several times in recent months...even going as far as to order herself some sex toys, and Dan a fresh pack of Cialis...a performance enhancing sexual aid.
Dan of course resented her insinuations that he wasn’t good enough in bed. He even sought a 2nd opinion a few times with a local prostitute or two behind her back. Yes, the shine from their marriage of 20 years had begun to fade long ago. They kept it together though, for the girls; their precious babies; Alicia and Daniel. They had grown oh so much in their young years... Alicia was now 15, and well developed. Catching many of the neighborhood's boys attention...(even the older ones) as she casually strolled home from school on the weekdays. Her silky long blonde hair, heavy use of make-up, and provocative way of dressing caused more than a few arguments between her protective father, and her more liberally minded mom. She was a knock-out for sure. And she knew it. Her attitude had become increasingly arrogant and snotty in the past few years since she got her period and began to realize how much the boys at school lusted after her. Even her mom told her she thought she looked better than all the other cheerleaders on her squad. They had discussed men at length...and how to use them for what they are worth. Her mother took pride in the fact that her eldest daughter was intelligent and wise beyond her years when it came to boys. The apple certainly didn’t fall too far from the tree in Kim Jacobs eyes when it came to her daughter Alicia...without a doubt.
As for her younger sister Daniel; at 11 years old she was just at the cusp of puberty.. and very shy. She didn’t talk a lot, but performed well in school....much more so then her mom or sister had ever done. She was a thin, long-blonde haired, flat-chested, eye-glass wearing, child prodigy. She dressed much more conservatively then her older sister, and found boys to be repulsive, irritating creatures at best. She had few friends in school she could relate too, and tried not to associate with those outside her rather small social circle.
Yes, that was the Jacobs family; Dan, Kim, Alicia, and Daniel... for all they were worth... loading up the family van and heading out on a date with sandy beaches, and sunny skies that day. Of course you’d know they would have to stop at Kim's sister's place to pick her up for the ride along the way. After all, Kim would be damned if she'd spend her whole vacation with no one to gossip or complain too other than her limp-dicked hubby. So they made a quick pick up stop at Candy's place before hitting the road for the weekend.
Candy Richards was a recent divorcee and a complete bitch. Without a doubt Dan was irritated by her presence on the trip. Had his wife not insisted on her coming along until she just about drove him mad, he would certainly not have brought the bitch along. Of course, secretly, Dan did like looking at her large D cup breasts and tight perfectly shaped ass. He had been known at times to masturbate in the privacy of his bedroom while thinking about his wife’s' sisters' Botox-injected lips cleaning his cock off after shooting a hot load down her throat... more than a few times. After all, the sniveling bitch was hot! She was tall, slender, shaped like an hourglass and always smelled of some fine French perfume. She had an air of confidence about her appearance and how to use it to her advantage that made a lot of men drool. Most of all....she bitched about everything excessively....which made her the perfect travel companion to have along in her sisters' eyes. They were like 1 peas in a pod.... sent to punish poor Dan Jacobs for all his youthful indiscretions.
He realized it was a mistake to give into his wife's bitching to have her along about 10 minutes after they all hit the road together in the family minivan.... He was just too much of a wimp to start another argument, so he put up.... and drove on.
Approximately 3 hours and some change later, the family found themselves entering the steep mountains of West Virginia. Although Dan had planned the route carefully, he hadn’t anticipated the heavy construction he'd run into as he entered Wheeling, WV. Traffic reduced to a slow creep. And the bitches in the car grew anxious and let him know they were not satisfied with the pace of things.
"Take a right up at the next exit Danny boy" exclaimed Candy....while armed with a road map and smacking some bubble gum loudly in his ear from the backseat. "We can use this route 133 road here and take a shortcut around this bullshit traffic you’ve managed to get us into". Dan began to object and mentioned briefly that they should stick to the route he planned...before being cut off by the wife abruptly; "Dammit Dan, I want to still be young when we get to the beach, we haven’t even hit fucking Maryland yet!!! Take the shortcut dammit and stop fucking around!
Dan realized it was useless to argue his point with these bitches, and besides, he had taken Rt 133 before as a shortcut through these mountains. It was a very scenic, but quaint back road tour that led back to the interstate in about 30 miles or so. Besides, maybe a little scenery would shut the holes under their noses for a bit he thought to himself with a grin…So he hit the exit and quickly proceeded down the narrow, windy road.
Approximately 15 miles into Route 133, the road and its incline began to steepen sharply. The family van began its’ journey down a 5 mile stretch of steep mountain road. At the bottom of which a loud thud startled the occupants of the van and almost led Dan to drive off the side of the road into a ditch. The van slowed to a stop and every occupant in the van other than Dan was now squawking and complaining about the vans’ path and apparent instability.
“Just what I need…what the hell was that Kim? Did you see anything in the road?” Dan asked abruptly. His wife then sharply replied; “No you asshat! It was probably your driving over something…Get out and check for Christ sake!” Dan shifted into park with a sigh, put his caution flashers on, and jumped out to take a look. “Fucking great… all the damn tires… oh man! What the fuck?” Dan exclaimed in shock. The women then sprang out of the van…. with the girls swiftly behind them. “Great Dan, look what you did! Did you hit a freaking animal or some shit you fucking Opus?”….Candy added. “It looks like something tore a chunk out of all four tires” a puzzled Dan snapped back. “This is just great…Hun, can you get the cell and bring it out here, let me try and find some help…instead of bitching about this shit…its getting dark for Christ sake and I don’t want to be stuck out in the hills all night” . “Fucking great, another wonderful vacation with my limp-dicked husband” she muttered incoherently under her breath as she reached in and grabbed her cell phone.
As she exited the car and slammed the door behind her, she tossed the phone to her husband in disgust and told him; “You better find some help soon shit for brains!” Dan caught the cell, and looked at her with an angry and frustrated look on his face and said…”Of course your heinous”. As he flipped the phone out to dial 411… he heard a dreadful and eerily familiar sound behind him… The familiar sound of a shotgun pumping a round through the chamber and the words that followed from a deep-toned, serious sounding voice to his rear… “I’d think twice before I made that call if I was you fellow”
A look of surprise quickly replaced the disgust and disappointed faces of everyone in the Jacobs family at that moment. They were all left speechless as Dan raised his hands high into the air after dropping his cell on the ground and slowly turning around to see a middle-aged, tree-trunk of a country boy staring him down with a 12 gauge pointed in his mug. “Now take it easy guy…we are just trying to” … His words were met with the click of a second shotgun held by another large dirty country boy speaking a back water accent of the area… “Shut your pie hole mister before I blows it clean off yer shoulders!” The girls began to blubber and cry…as their mom excitedly spoke up…”Look guys…if its money you want… you can have it… just don’t hurt anyone…we are just trying to get our van fixed and be on our way.”
A laugh resonated deeply from the two country boys as they eyed up the slim blonde and her sister along with the two young girls. The the first of the men spoke in a firm tone, “get your padded city slickin’ asses against the van with yer hands up on the windows before I blows your mans’ head clean off bitches! And I mean now!” He spoke with authority, and the seriousness of the situation became apparent to everyone immediately.
“Ok…girls...Do what the man says… get over here and face the van… no one needs to get hurt” exclaimed a shaken and disparaged Dan Jacobs. As everyone placed their hands upon the side of the Minivan the second man pronounced; “Ok, I am a gonna handcuff each of yas…if any of you try and funny stuff… you die. And shut the fuck up and stop crying and a blubbering you stupid bitches!!!”
Another eerie silence abruptly took place, and the sounds of handcuffs being placed on each of the family quickly followed. The sniffling and tears were now pouring out from the girls and the ladies, but they were too afraid to speak out. The two men were intimidating and large, dirty and dead serious looking. Dan Jacobs was close to urinating in his pants at this time. The cold steel of the shotgun the first man held behind him was touching the back of his head as the final pair of handcuffs were placed on his wrists. “Now all of ya...git the fuck in the van in the back and don’t make me tell you twice or I will blow your fucking brains out along the side of this hear road and leave ya fer dead!” The family reluctantly piled into the back of the minivan, in a stage of primal fear. No one wanted to test the seriousness of the two grubby looking rednecks. And no one knew quite what to do while being paralyzed with fear but to obey their commands and pile in the van quickly.
The first man jumped in the drivers’ seat while the other man kept the shotgun aimed straight at Dan’s head from the front seat. They began their drive down the road and took yet another detour off a dirt road leading deep into the woods. Dan began to speak, “what are you going to” and was cut off with the smack of a butt of the shotgun to the side of his face…”I told you to shut the fuck up dammit!” the 2nd man said as he rang Dan’s bell abruptly. Blood was now trickling down the side of Dan Jacobs face and head, and he was just about knocked unconscious with one swift blow. The girls all let out a collective squeal and began to beg the man and cry loudly. “Shut up bitches! The next peep I hear out of any of you whores and this piece of shit will be pushing’ up daisies I swear it!!”
They squeaked to a silent sniffle as the van drove down the bumpy dirt road, and the light turned into darkness slowly but surely. The two men drove for what seemed almost an hour to their destination; far into the dark mountainous hillside. They came to a stop at what looked like an old log cabin surrounded by farmland, a few roaming Doberman pinchers, and some old junk cars. The van came to a stop… and the vans’ doors popped open quickly as the two men began pulling the occupants out one by one. “Now, you will all follow me quickly and quietly, no questions asked. Anyone stops, bitches or hesitates… gets shot and fed to my dogs!... now move yer asses!”
The frightened family obliged the order now fearful for their lives. No one wanted to speak for fear of getting everyone else killed. It was crystal clear to all involved that they were dealing with madmen. Men who wouldn’t hesitate to kill, and no one wished to push their luck and go against their wishes. They were all led into the large log cabin through a basement shelter door and down into a musty basement area through a long steep stairwell. As they entered the dungeon like environment, the first man turned to the second and exclaimed “Jeb, u wanna do the honors?” Jeb smiled and said;” you got it Jess…I’d be more than glad too!” He reached for a roll of duck tape and began taping the mouths of the frightened members of the family one by one. Jess held the shotgun on the family and reminded them of the golden rule… “Anyone who makes a damn sound gets blasted!”
Everyone reluctantly obliged them for fear of their lives. After their mouths were thoroughly taped, Jeb began taping everyone’s legs together at the heel. He then began to attach each member of the family side by side against the wall of the basement to a chain and post built into the wall…conveniently just for the reason of restraining each person in place with little wiggle room allowed. After everyone was secured against the wall… The two men put down their shotguns, grabbed an old wooden chair each, turned it around backwards… and sat in front of them in silence for what seemed like an eternity to the frightened bunch.
“Hmmmm. You all is probably wonderin what in the hell we brought ya here fer aren’t ya?”. “Well I has the magic answer… We here in the hills call it, personal train in’”. “You see, we is gonna train you whores to do as we want ya too, and you might take that personal!” Jess exclaimed with a grunt-like chuckle and an evil grin…now being shared by his brother Jeb. Jeb then stood up pulled a knife from a sheath at his side and approached the now struggling and crying women. “None of you will need any of your clothes from here on out” he stated as he began slicing away at the women’s clothes exposing their nakedness for all to see…one by one. Not even the youngest one or Dan himself was spared a speck of clothing when he was finished ravishing their apparel with the razor sharp blade. Within minutes their clothes lie in tatters at their feet, ripped to shreds…adding to their fear. Oh what must have been going through the minds of each member of the family at that moment… one can only imagine the level of fear and dread overcoming them?
Jeb then retreated calmly to his chair in front of them…and began to reach into his pocket and pull out a shiny silver dollar looking coin. “Call it in the air for first dibs Jess?” Jeb stated with a quick positive headshake from Jess in response. The coin was tossed in the air and Jess loudly stated the word, “Heads”…as if flipping for a coin toss on an NBA court or something similar.
“Dammit Jess, you always win! Heads it is!”
A shit-eating grin then arose from the burly man’s face as he arose…and pulled a mattress from behind him on the floor and places it in front of the five members of the family. He then pulled a hook from the ceiling down a bit that was attached to a chain…hanging over the area of the mattress. He then walked over to Kim Jacobs and began unchaining her from the wall… he drug her a few feet over to the hook and placed her cuffs into it so that her arms were extended above her firmly. She was in a panic; her fear was immense at this point. What was he doing to her? WHY?
Once she was secured, the man began to unbuckle his belt from around his pants. It was a thick leather strap. Jeb then brought a bucket of water over to the area Jess stood near, and Jeb proceeded to dip the belt into the water. Afterwards, he approached the naked and panicking mom and whispered in her ear; “They say it hurts more if it’s wet ya know? And I want you to feel every stroke bitch! I have to first break your flesh before I break your will…after I’m done with ya, you will all do exactly what this bitch will do when I gets done with her… and you bitches will know you are ours; body, and soul!”
An evil grin came upon both men as the family struggled against their bonds and whimpered. Jesse began the first crack against Kim Jacobs backside, and oh my did she react loudly to it! Each crack of the belt landed with a fleshy thud and was retorting with a loud squeal through the duct tape around her mouth. The blows were merciless and they came quickly. There was no escape from the pain, the humiliation of being whipped naked in front of the entire family! Kim struggled in and out of consciousness after the first ten blows or so…her body was numb with pain. Her back and back side were being beaten with a fury she had never felt before. She reached the point quickly wherein she couldn’t keep herself on her feet any longer, and began to hang limp against the chain in the ceiling while the handcuffs cut into her wrists painfully. The beating ceased after the 15th lash, as a winded Jess caught his breath he dropped the belt on the floor and approached her. He spoke with a whisper in her ear, a low level tone that none of the other occupants of the room could hear. His voice carried into her ear for a little less than a half a minute… and she responded abruptly by shaking her head in the up and down position as tears once again rolled down her cheeks. The pain was too much to burden at that moments to do anything more than agree with his demands. She knew that if she did not cooperate, the same fate would be dealt out to each of the remaining girls. So she awaited her moment to act on his orders.
Her handcuffs were removed; the duct tape was removed as well from her wrists and ankles. Jeb then walked over at that same moment at removed all the bonds from her sister Candy, who had done nothing but watch in terror at her sisters savage beating. Jeb whispered something in her ear as well before releasing her from her bonds. Again, it was no audible to the rest of the room, but she shook her head up and down and tearfully agreed to whatever demands he had given her.
At that moment Candy was yanked by her hair to her knees on the mattress, as was her sister Kim. The two men began to disrobe one by one at that time. Jess first unzipped his pants and tossed them off to the side revealing a massive, thick, cock no less than 9 inches in length. Kim quickly and without hesitation wrapped her mouth around the tool as it was forced down her throat. “Suck it whore, show your family how much of a slut you are and who you serve from now on!” She gagged as the cock was forced down her throat inch by inch. Her husband had a 5 inch cock that looked pathetic compared to this, and she despised sucking cock. However, at the moment, every bit of this large, putrid smelling, cock was being jammed into her mouth and she was forced to pretend she liked it, in the most humiliating of fashions…in front of her whole family. Candy was not fairing any better on her knees in front of Jeb either. His 10 inch rod was being rammed so hard down her throat she had almost vomited twice! This was truly the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life in person. And she too despised the idea of sucking it, hated it with a passion! And now she was forced to submit to sucking this nasty long rod like a street whore…in front of her nieces, her sister and brother in law no less!
It seemed like an eternity, the brutal face fucking the two endured…each of them vomiting several times in the process then being put back to work immediately. They were smacked around, spit on, their hair was being pulled so hard it felt like it was coming out of the roots at times, and they were utterly humiliated. “You like this fucking cock down yer throat whore”? Jess asked Kim as he yanked her by the hair and away from his cock momentarily….”yes sir I do” she replied… Her reply was met with a loud smack across her face from a back hand that jarred her violently. “Tell your man you love it bitch!” She quickly and tearfully replied, “Baby I’m sorry but I love his cock!” as she looked her husband in the eyes…she could tell that he shared her pain…her frustration. Jess then shook her by the head again and asked her; “And is there something else you want to add bitch?” Kim tearfully shook her head up and down and turned her gaze to her two young daughters who were bound in tears and utter disgust as they watched the spectacle of their mother and aunt sucking cock in front of them…”Girls, I want you to watch how mommy does this.” Her words were met with another backhand across the other side of her face by her tormentor…as he pronounced the word, “AND” with enthusiasm while yanking her hair hard in his hand…hard enough to make her screech. Kim quickly replied, “And you must learn to please them like I do!” Her tearful words we delivered just before she was tossed to the ground and told to get up on her hands and knees in front of everyone.
Jess then proceeded to spit into his hands and rub it onto his cock briefly. He demanded that Kim face her two girls for this part of the fun…as he mercilessly plunged his thick long member into her virgin anus. .. She began again, to scream in pain and struggle violently. “Squeal like a pig you fucking whore!” Jess shouted as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her rectum. Blood began to trickle out from the orifice down her legs as he penetrated her deeper and deeper, ripping apart her tight sphincter. “AHHHHHH! Please! STOP! OH GOD! AAAAAHHH!!!” She screamed in pain as each thrust dealt to her ran deeper and deeper into her anus.
Meanwhile Aunt Candy was being throat fucked hard… She was being fed 10 inches of hard cock the old fashioned way as her ears were being used to force her mouth down on it again and again. Slobber and drool mixed with vomit dashed down the front of her shapely breasts and she struggled to breath with this cock pounding her throat repeatedly. “Suck it you fucking whore, I’m going to watch you take it all down your throat and swallow it aint I? His last words were pronunciated with an extra hard pull to each of her ears before he yanked her off his cock and awaited the magic words…”Yes, I’m going to swallow it all like a good little whore, I promise, please don’t hurt me!” He immediately began face fucking her harder and harder… the sucking and gagging sounds became louder and louder, muffled by the screams of her sister next to her being pounded in her ass hard rippling throughout the room. The struggles of the girls and of Dan Jacobs could be heard loudly as well all at once… It was an unbelievably hellish scenario!
Finally a shuddering Jeb began to feel the flow welling up deep within his balls as he exploded with a huge load of cum straight down his slave’s throat. She had no other option but to reluctantly gulp every last drop of it down. Feeling the warm ooze slide down the back of her throat, she was utterly disgusted, but deprived of energy but to do anything more than what he demanded. She did not want to endure a beating like her sister received… so she hungrily sucked and cleaned, licked, and kissed his cock as Jeb stood winded from expelling at least a few days worth of baby batter down her throat. After she was finished cleaning it off thoroughly, he grabbed her by the hair abruptly yanking her face down on top her sister’s ass as it was being pounded mercilessly…and they both screamed from the pain. Jeb exclaimed, “Now bitch, your gonna clean his off when he is done as well, and don’t miss a fucking drop or I will destroy these two little whores chained to my wall in front of you!”
Jess became excited at the sudden idea of watching this bitch clean the blood, shit, and cum off his cock…that combined with the screaming and begging Kim was doing for the past 5 minutes or so as he relentlessly shoved his cock all the way to the balls up his new whores’ ass… It was all just too much for him to hold back from. He pulled his cock from Kim Jacobs asshole (much to her relief I’m sure) just in time for her sister Candy to hungrily wrap her mouth around it and begin sucking down her next huge load of sperm coated with shit, and blood. The taste was bitter, and she gagged, but she didn’t dare pull her mouth of his cock for fear of her life, and her niece’s lives. She gulped his huge load down, drooling from the sides of her mouth as her sister collapsed on the mattress into unconsciousness... her asshole bleeding and ripped apart profusely. Jess held her by her hair and watched her closely as she cleaned his cock off and licked his balls thoroughly. She gagged several times but did not throw up. She forced herself to clean every drop of blood, sperm and shit from his huge cock. And then thanked him for treating her like the whore she was…when she was finished. A move she believed would spare her nieces from a similar fate…for the time being. Dan Jacobs was utterly humiliated, angry, full of despair, and at the same time….totally turned on by the show that was forced upon his eyes. He could not resist getting hard watching his sister in law swallow both of those huge loads and then grovel before the men like a common street whore. And the two big ole’ boys certainly took notice to Dan’s physical excitement… “Now get over there and help your sisters’ man out bitch! Can’t you see he’s in need you fucking cunt? “ She reluctantly and tearfully slithered over to the kneeling position in front her brother in law…whom she despised for years and thought was a total dipshit… and without hesitation, began sucking his cock furiously. “I might as well get this over with quickly!” she thought to herself. She began forcing herself to ingest his cock down to the balls…hoping it would all be over with soon and she would be left to lay down and cry at the thought of what she had been forced to do. She had a sickly feeling of nausea building up inside her, she wanted very badly to vomit…as she forced her mouth up and down his shaft furiously while her nieces looked on in disbelief.
In the meantime, the bucket of water that was used to dip Jess’ leather belt in was poured over Kim who lay unconscious on the mattress… abruptly shocking her to a semi-awake state. Jeb took her by the hair immediately and forced her face around to the oral show happening in front of her two daughters. She was in so much pain, and yet still managed to eke out the words, “Oh my god no!” Words that were met with a brisk pull of her hair, and a number of silently spoken words whispered into her ear that no one else but her and Jeb could hear… She then nodded in the up and down motion once again…and crawled over to her sister… and grabbed her by the back of her hair…yelling, “you always wanted his cock down your throat didn’t you bitch?” “Now you’re going to taste his cum you slut!”… And she increased her pace up and down on her brother in laws rather meager cock, until the site of what Dan Jacobs was witnessing in front of him was too much to bear. This is what he fantasized about for years. He even begun to thrust back at her a few times before he exploded into her mouth as his wife forced her sister to finish gulping his sperm down… “Every drop you fucking whore! Every drop!”
And of course she obliged him… sucking him until he wished he could collapse his legs got so weak. “Oh my god that fucking little bitch swallowed it all!” he thought to himself… before the reality of the situation brought him out of fantasy land and back to reality… This was only the beginning of the torture…these men were seriously deprived… what would they do next? What about their babies? Were they going to kill them all? So many thoughts raced through his head as the two women knelt before the two men and pledged their loyalties… They tearfully announced that they would do anything the men wished in order to keep them from harming their family further.
The two men smiled, and both uttered the phrase at the same time… “We know you will whores… we know you will!” as they laughed, and smirked in an evil fashion…
To Be Continued

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