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Me (17) , my girlfriend (15), and her best friend(16)
This is my first posting on this site, so please let me know what you all think. This story is 100% true.
It was the summer of 1999. I was a shy, very sheltered 17 year old guy. My first girlfriend (jennifer) and i were inseperable since the day we got together. I was with her when she hung out with her friends, and she was with me when i was with my own friends.

I was also the guy who couldn't say "no" to anyone. Being the oldest of my closest friends, i was the only one with a car at the time. So, over the course of time, i had become the one who would pick up people for school and take them home at night. Jennifer used to make fun of me for being everyone's "free taxi". Anyway, my last two stops of the day were to take her best friend (Becky) home, and then my girlfriend. I would usually hang out with Jennifer until 6:00 though since i had worked at the movie theater in town at that time.

One particular day, i had noticed Jenn and Becky acting particularly "perky". Very hyper, and very touchy feely with each other in a joking kind of way. You must know though that the two of them have claimed in the past to have fooled around some, but i had always figured it was bull shit, and only their way of teasing me. After the first two stops, all that was left was me, Jennifer, and Becky. They were sitting in the back seat, FLASHING me in the rear view mirror. Apparently they enjoyed making me squirm.... and they knew i was getting a bit antsy in my seat.

Jennifer was 5'4", 125 lbs, reddish brown hair, 36 C, and very thick lips. Becky was a freckle faced blonde, 5'6" tall, D cup, and barely 110 lbs. I'd always had a minor crush on Becky, but never would have fooled around with her since it was my gf's best friend. My girlfriend was hot... but damn... Becky was porn star hot. The only reason she wasn't more popular is b/c she lived in the trailer park in town, and appeared slightly trashy to someone who didn't know her.

As we got to Becky's house to drop her off, jennifer decided that we should just hang with her there for a while. Her parents we're always gone in the evening b/c they worked 2nd shift, so we frequently spent evenings there anyway. There was a pool table in what was meant to be a dining room, and this room is where we'd normally spend our time.

Being teenagers, sex was always a favorite topic of conversation. This day was no different.... except for the fact that they were being extremely affectionate towards each other. Again, i was naive and thought that nothing would come of this since they often teased me. Jennifer had been sitting on Becky's lap, mimicking the motion of riding someone.... and i made the comment "Man, when do i get in on this?? You've been on her lap all day!"

No sooner did i finish my sentence that Jennifer stood up, and straddled me. I was hard as a rock obviously, but in the way i was sitting, my 6 1/2" cock was sticking over the top of my pants. She knew this of course, and discreetly began to rub her thumb over the head of my cock. Precum had been escaping from me for some time, and the feeling of her thumb rubbing my wet cock head had brought me to the verge of cumming.

Finally i had to say "Stop.. stop... i'm gonna make a mess here if you don't stop." Apparently this sent things to a new level b/c Becky got out of her chair to get a better look. She walked over and stood beside us. In a joking, exaggerated manner, Jennifer began to squeeze Becky's breasts. Of course, they began to laugh as usual.... when suddenly Jennifer started to lift Becky's shirt. Becky continued the process and took it completely off..... and Jennifer quickly followed suit.

Becky knelt down beside us, and they began to kiss each other. Jennifer started grinding on top of my hard cock once again, and Becky started placing her hand on my chest. And in a blur, my shirt came off... Jennifer stood up... took down my pants and boxers.... and took off her own pants. Becky never did take off her pants, but i would later find out why.

Jennifer once again assumed the position on my lap, this time positioning my cock between her wet pussy lips. And as she resumed her grinding against me, Becky kissed me. I had my tongue in another girls mouth while my girlfriend was sliding my cock against her pussy. Jennifer and i had had sex many many times before, and i was far beyond ready to fuck her brains out. It was to the point that i couldn't stand it anymore, and i said outloud "Put it in....."

Jennifer didn't say a word, but instead stood up, knelt down between my legs, and put my pussy soaked dick in her mouth. For a 15 year old girl, she was an AMAZING cocksucker. I can remember times that she wouldn't let me leave her house until i would cum in her mouth. Strangely enough, she never did like to swallow. But anyway.... as she started sucking my cock, Becky opened my legs even further making room for herself next to Jennifer.

Almost forcefully, Becky lunged in with her mouth, attacking the base of my cock as Jennifer was sucking and stroking the top half. As if my cock was an ear of corn, Becky began giving a strong sucking motion all the way up the side of my cock. Her lips pushed jennifer's hand out of the way... and Becky wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.... and slid all the way down.

By now, i was close to cumming. And i knew it was way beyond the point i had to leave for work. So as my anxiety was building, and my orgasm began to rise.... i tried to stay as quiet as possible while the two of them worked my cock. I didn't wanna let on that i was about to cum... b/c i knew if i did they would stop and tease me some more.

The familiar feeling of cum rising from my balls began to take hold. And with Becky licking and sucking on the base of my cock and my balls, and Jennifer stroking the rest of my cock.... i let out a gasp.... and a moan... and released. I must have shot 2 feet in the air with the first spasm, with the others letting cum out in a thick ooze. Jennifer immediately put the head of my cock in her mouth, while Becky was lapping up the cum the slid down the the base.

In stark contrast to what i was used to at the time, Becky swallowed every drop of cum that was available to her. Jennifer however had a habit of spitting it out onto her chest, and would rub it around while i watched. And as the last drops of cum were licked and wiped away..... the feeling of ecstasy and excitement started to fade, and quickly replaced by the feeling of "Oh shit, i'm late for work!!!". And for whatever reason, i had a slight worry that my Jennifer, my girlfriend for almost a year, would dump me for what i did with her friend.

These feeling would prove to be inaccurate, and as time went on, the experience brought us, and her friend Becky, all very close over the next 2 years. If you enjoyed this story, just wait until i fill you in on the rest.

Nigger LoverReport

2010-05-18 14:59:18
Did you know that Obama has a collection of frozen turds? Yep, that's his special little secret.. Whenever he fucks Michelle in her fat ass she rewards him with another turd for his collection. He also pisses into empty bottles and lets them sit around the quarters for the maids to discover and clear away.


2010-05-13 13:23:42
very nice, needs a part two very soon


2010-05-11 11:39:48
Good Story! But please use a spellchecker because your inaccurate use of the lowercase i was very distracting from the flow of the story. Remember you are publishing your work on a public forum. Take some pride and edit it correctly before posting. Remember as a writer it's not only what you write but how you write it. Posting an unedited document full of grammatical errors speaks badly of the story and the author.


2010-05-09 18:12:13
It was kinda short but still a very arousing story. Nicely done. Hope the next installment follows soon.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-08 21:18:01
SOme constructive criticism, stop using text things such as b/c and gf. it break's the imagination and makes people think of something else besides the hotness. it also will push a straight flow of non interrupted imagination to the story to make it seem even better.

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