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Janie father takes her for the first time
Yanking his pants down, John fell to his knees, his cock bobbing wildly. Roughly, he grabbed his daughter's legs and swiveled her cunt to face him. Throwing her legs wide apart, he slid the hairbrush out of her swollen cunthole and her slippery fluids trickled down the crack of her ass. He hungrily dove in with his mouth, fondling his prick and cupping his nuts as he mopped up his young daughter's thick, frothy cum with his tongue.

"Oooohhh ... wh-what ... huh?" squeaked Janie. "Oooohhhhh!"

When Janie felt herself jerked around, her impulse had been to cry out in surprise. But before she knew it, her father's mouth was glued to her sloppy cunt. Goodness rushed through her body once again and she held her legs wide apart so her father could lick her sweet pussy clean.

John inhaled rapidly and deeply, the smell of his daughter's cunt in his nostrils. His brain was full of lust as the taste of her fuck juices filled his mouth. He thirstily licked and slurped at her cunt, loving the taste of her horny young pussy. While he ate cunt, he slowly, lovingly jacked off, fondling his balls at the same time. The pleasure made him whimper.

Janie felt his tongue snaking up and down her slit and sliding between her cunt lips. The soft, warm wetness of his tongue felt great. She wanted his tongue inside her pussy. She stretched her cunt lips apart, making her pussy gape wide open for his mouth.

Immediately, she felt his tongue circle the inner rim of her cunt hole.

The excited, reddened cunt flesh begged for attention and got it. The hot tongue swirled around, then licked up and down. Finally, when Janie thought she couldn't take it any more, her father slid his tongue down her slit to her open hole. Janie felt the slithering tongue slowly push in. The feeling was indescribable as her father proceeded to hungrily lick her cunt inside out, sucking up the cum that dribbled out of it. Janie couldn't hold back her moans of lust.

"Oh, Dad ... oh, Dad! Oh, Dad, it feels ... feels good! Oh, fuck ... fuck, you eat pussy good, Dad! Oh, yes ... oh, yes ... oh, yes! You're as good ... as good as Melanie ... oh, goddamn, it feels so good! Don't stop ... no, don't ever stop ... Oooohhhh!"

John didn't hear her. His brain registered sound and he knew it was encouragement. It had to be from the way Janie was rubbing her cunt against his mouth. Oh, the sweet, soft cunt flesh between her legs tasted good. He thought he could spend the rest of his life between her soft, warm thighs. He let go of his cock and grabbed her ass checks.

Squeezing them firmly, he lifted her cunt at a better angle for his month to get in it. He pulled his face hard into the hole and kept licking and slurping up her cum.
He swirled his tongue deeply inside her cunt hole. He fucked in and out of it. Keeping his tongue deep, he licked from side to side. When most of her cream was cleaned up, he pulled his tongue out and slowly mouthed his way up her cunt slit to her clit.

Licking around the swollen clit he was gratified to feel his daughter's body twitching in response. Raising his head, he looked at her clit, watching its pulsations of excitement. The girl's clit was big, he noticed, bigger than her mother's. His cock surged with lust and his mouth fastened over her clit. Janie thrust her pussy at him as he went at it.

Gently sucking, he licked in little circles. Noting how well the young girl responded, he went at it with gusto. His tongue flicked furiously back and forth over her clit. Then it circled several times before resuming its frenzied lashing. He gradually increased the suction, tentatively tickling the girl's asshole with one finger. In seconds, he felt the quivering of her thighs.

Janie was simply amazed at how good her daddy sucked cunt. Why, he was going at it like a wild man! He knew just what to do, too. When his finger brushed her asshole and he began fingering her there, the pleasure overcame her brain. Shivering from her feet to her head, she knew she was going to cum. The finger sank into her asshole and her toes curled up. Screaming her desire, her orgasm hit her.

"Aaahhh ... aaahhh! Ohhh, goddamn fuck, I'm ... I'm cumming! I'm cumming! ... oh God! Uuuuhhh ... uhhhh ... uuuhhhh! Aaaarrrgggghhhh!"

John Kelley licked and sucked furiously. His daughter's hips swiveled in wide circles as she came. She pumped her cunt into his face, grinding hard as explosions wracked her smooth, slender body from head to foot. It was all the man could do to keep his mouth fastened to her clit.

As he felt the girl's asshole fluttering with convulsions, he drove his finger all the way into it. Wiggling it, he worked it from side to side. Not knowing how the girl would react to the penetration of her asshole, he let the matter rest for the time being instead of finger-fucking her hard and fast. Later, he promised himself, he would return to the subject of asses, certainly his very favorite subject. In the meantime, he sucked her cunt until she fell back on the bed and lay still.

"Ohhhh, Dad ... that felt good ..."

John smiled, glad to hear she liked it. He lifted his head for a closer look at her cunt. What he saw made his prick pulse in hunger.

The swollen cunt lips were pressed tightly together, a white froth of pussy cream dripping out from between them. Her cunt hairs were so sparse that he had an almost unobstructed view of her pussy flesh. The whole area was reddened and engorged with blood. Wanting to see inside her, he spread her cunt hole with his thumbs.

His cock leaped. His daughter's cunt was right in front of his face, spread wide open. The inner flesh was bright pink and shone with thick, white, frothy cum. The slimy fuck juice oozed down the walls of her cunt and ran out of the hole.

Janie purred softly. Her father's lips and tongue felt good inside her cunt hole and she knew he was liking it from the way he moaned in pleasure as his tongue swirled inside her. She couldn't help smiling in satisfaction. She was in heaven as her father cleaned the inside of her cunt with his mouth. Too soon, it seemed, he lifted his head and leaned back, smacking his lips. Cunt juices shone on his cheeks, lips and chin.

"Baby," he panted, "did you like that?"

"Yeah, Dad. That felt damn good," she answered, out of breath. "You eat pussy good ... as good as Melanie does."

The man's heart lurched in his chest as heard that she had already told him that once. It hadn't registered then. He had been occupied then. He envisioned the two young, teenaged girls sucking each other. Oh, fuck, what he wouldn't give to get between them!

Huskily, he croaked, "Honey ... would you like to make me feel good, too?"

Janie's body was aglow with freshness and pleasure as she answered without even having to consider.

"Sure, Dad. I want to make you feel good, too. What do you want me to do?"

She knew what it was and the thought turned her on.

"I want to fuck you, honey," he said, looking deeply into her eyes. "Have you ever had a cock in your pussy'?"
His nuts ached, needing to be unloaded.

Janie inhaled deeply, stammering, "N-no, I ... I haven't!" She forced the words out, trembling.

"Well, I'll bet you want to, don't ya? If you like fucking yourself with the hairbrush, you're gonna love this," he assured her, standing up.

Janie gasped, seeing her father's stiff cock for the first time. It hung between his legs, swollen and menacing, slightly angled to the left. The head was a big, swollen knob. It was much bigger than the brush handle she thought, probably two inches wide and a lot longer, too. Janie quivered, wondering if her virgin cunt could take such a big cock inside it. True, she fucked her cunt with three fingers sometimes, but this was something totally different.

"Oh, Dad ... it's big!" she moaned in protest, her hand again flying to cover her mouth.

"What is, Janie?" He paused. "What's so big?"

"Your ... your th-thing!" She blushed.

"What's it called, Janie? Tell me!" he urged her. "I want to hear you say it!"

"Y-your prick! Your cock ... it's big! Oh, Dad ... I don't know if I can take it!" she wailed, wanting to try anyway.

"Shhhh, baby ... shhhh. Of course you can take it. Your cunt can expand to take any size cock inside it, honey. Look, your mother's taken it hundreds of times. Baby, if she can do it, you can, too." He wrapped
his arms around her. "Here ... feel it!"

Janie reached for the massive cock head. Hesitantly, she ran her fingers over the smooth flesh.

"But, Mom's a lot older than I am, Dad," Janie said, squeezing his cock.

"I know, Janie, but it doesn't matter. Your cunt can open big enough to take any size cock inside it. You like fucking yourself with the hairbrush, don't you?"


"This is twice as good. You're gonna love it." He pinched her nipple.

Desire flooded Janie's brain. She fondled her dad's cock wonderingly, as if in a dream. As she felt its heat burning into her hand, something inside her stirred. Her cunt began buzzing, a thick ooze dripping from her pussy lips. She could feel it trickling between her legs. She had seen pictures of men and women fucking and she had long wondered how good a cock would fell plunging between her legs. Though she wanted to, she had never before dared try it but now it sounded like a good idea, a damn good idea!

"Do it to me," she moaned, trembling with anticipation.

"Okay, baby," said her father, squeezing her ripening tits more firmly than before.
He pinched both nipples at the same time and pulled them outwards, noting his daughter's response. She seemed to melt in his hands and John chuckled. He was glad to find that she liked having her nipples pinched. For a while, he pinched and pulled them. Then his hands glided down her belly to her pussy where he began fingering her clit.

"Lie back and spread your legs, Janie," he commanded as his daughter tingled with pleasure. "Spread 'em wide!"

Janie immediately did as she was told. She opened her pretty legs invitingly and her father stared hungrily at her pink cunt. It shone with wetness. The tight, swollen lips were almost clamped shut. John imagined how good they would feel wrapped tightly around his ram-rodding cock. He crawled between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy.

Janie was trembling with anticipation as her father's bulk settled over her body. His warmth transmitted itself to her own body. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. The massive head of his cock nudged between her cunt lips. She spread her legs as far apart as they would go. Her cunt lips parted and the burning heat of her dad's prick knob seared the soft inner flesh of her cunt.

"Yeah, honey, that's it! Spread your legs for me, Janie ... make your cunt open up," sighed John.

He felt his cock touching her cunt. He began pushing gently, but firmly against it. The soft, warm wetness of his daughter's pussy yielded as his cock pushed into it.

Janie lay back, hoping the big prick wouldn't hurt her. She felt the cock head pushing between her cunt lips and felt them splitting apart. Her tight cunt hole expanded, opening wide over his cock knob. The giant prick pushed more firmly and her pussy kept stretching open. She moaned, feeling a temporary pang of pain. Her breathing came quicker and deeper, her cunt expanding until, finally, her father's prick knob penetrated her gaping pussy. Janie gasped as the slight discomfort eased up and pleasure began to swiftly take its place.

"Ooooohhh ... ohhh ... ohhhh, Dad ... ohhhh, it ... it hurts a little, Dad ... ohhh, but it's getting ... b-better!"

"Shhhh, Janie, relax. It'll only hurt for a minute. Shhhh ... raise your legs and pull your knees back to your tits," whispered her father.

The girl closed her eyes tightly and did as he told her. She raised her knees and pulled them back. She could feel her cunt opening very wide. She tried to relax, to open it even more. She felt her father's cock head pulsating against the smooth, slick lining of her cunt. Then, as it began to get better, she felt the big head gently sliding backward.

Before it got all the way out, however, it reversed and slid back in deeper than before, thrilling her. Her pussy expanded even more widely than before to take the extra bit of prick sliding into her. She inhaled, growing more excited with each passing second.

"Oh, yes ... ohhh, yes ... so ... this is what it's like! Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy ... yes!" she moaned, shaking her ass.

Her father made no reply. He was concentrating solely on getting his big cock wedged into his young daughter's tiny, virgin pussy. He was careful to take his time because he didn't want to hurt his little girl. He just wanted to fuck her and make her feel as good as her cunt was making him feel. He pumped slowly, forcing his cock deeper into her slippery pussy with each stroke. His eyes rolled back in his head as the wonderful tightness of her cunt got to him.

By now Janie was groaning almost nonstop as her father's cock sank deeper into her pussy. Her legs were spread wide and thrown into the air, her cunt stretched almost to the ripping point. The man's stiff prick was about halfway inside her cunt now and she wondered how it would feel when it was all in.
Goodness was radiating from the stretched hole and filling her body. Her cunt was stretched so tightly that her large clit was rubbed, too. She couldn't help groaning with pleasure each time her father's cock scraped it. Ohhhhh, she was full of cock and she loved it!

"Ohhhh, Dad," she moaned, "wait a minute ... lemme feel it ... please ... stop for a second, will ya?"

Her father didn't want to stop, but he did as she asked. Later, he promised himself, she would be doing exactly as she was told. She wouldn't have any say in what use he made of her body. But for now, he wanted to break her in right. He wanted to make her love it. He wanted to make her need it, to want it as much as he did. And he had no doubt that he could do exactly that. He paused, half his prick throbbing inside the girl's soft, tight cunt.

"Okay, baby, I'll stop. But not for very long. How's it feel?"

"Ohhhh, good, Dad ... damn good. Oh, I can't wait to get all of your cock inside me. I think you're right ...
ooohhh ... my cunt can take it all," she sighed, ecstatic.

John balanced himself on his arms, but he didn't like having to hold back. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to fuck his daughter's cunt hard and deep. After waiting just a minute, he decided it was time to bury his prick in his daughter's pussy all the way to the root.

"Okay, baby," he panted, "get ready! Here it comes!"

Janie braced herself, inhaling sharply. She felt her dad's body tense. His muscles bulged and he pushed firmly against her soft, yielding body. Her cunt expanded, chills flashing through her nervous system as she was filled with cock for the first time.

"Aaahhh ... ohhh ... ohhh, fuck, oh, Dad ... ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!" she moaned, out of her head with pleasure.

"Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh ... mmmmm!" howled John, just as pleased.

The soft, warm wetness of his young, tender daughter's pussy completely enveloped his swollen cock. He rooted into her, hard, making sure that every last bit of prick was buried in the slippery hole between her legs.

"Oooggghhh!" grunted Janie. "Ohhhh, yessss!"

Her cunt was enlarged and swollen and she could feel her father's prick stretching her insides. She could feel its slick heat pulsating through her pussy. Her heretofore virgin cunt was stretched wider than ever
before. The good feelings radiating from the split cunt hole almost overwhelmed her brain right then.

"Oh, Dad! Oh ... oh ... oh, so ... so good, Dad! Oh, your cock's so big! So fat and hard! Uuuhhh ... ohhh, it's good ... oh, yessss!" she whimpered, her head turning from side to side.

Her clit was swollen huge and throbbing. Great pulses of ecstasy were flooding through her body. There was a fire burning in her taut loins and rather than putting it out, the thick cock inside her pussy was stoking the flames. She half opened her eyes and looked at her father through a haze of desire. She wanted his cock, wanted it like she had never wanted anything.

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