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Janie loves to fuck
Janie looked at her father, whose limp prick was lying on his stomach. Her father looked back at her, sensing what it was she needed. He patted the couch beside him.

"C'mere, Janie. Sit here, beside me."

Without wasting time, Janie sat down, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Their arms wrapped around each other and they kissed. Her flesh was tingling all over as her father's hand crept under her dress and felt between her legs. She arched her back and thrust her cunt forward in anticipation of his caress.

At his touch, she groaned, "Ooohhh ... oh, yes ... it's what I need, Dad! Feel me there ... touch my pussy ... oh, yes ... Yeahhh!" John pushed the girl's panties into the gap between her legs. They were already soaked and they stuck between her cunt lips. He firmly rubbed his finger up and down her cunt slit, pressing down to make her cunt lips separate.

"Oh, Dad ... will you lick me there? Ooohhh, I want you to eat my pussy! Will you ... oh, will you, please do it?" she pleaded.

Her father was only too glad to oblige. "Raise your ass," he said.

When she did, he yanked off her panties. Throwing her legs high, he dove in with his mouth. Inhaling deeply, he planted his mouth firmly between the swollen, spongy cunt lips.

Janie tossed her head in pleasure as her father's hot breath floated over her steaming cunt. She quivered in delight as his mouth lips touched her cunt lips. When his tongue flicked between them and then slithered up and down her cunt slit, she shoved her pussy out. She wanted his tongue inside it and, gratefully, she got her wish.

Her father used his thumbs to spread her cunt lips wide apart. Her pussy gaped wide open, swollen and dripping hot white cream. The smell of her musky juices drove him wild as his tongue speared into the open cunt hole. The taste of her sweet fuck juices was in his mouth as he went to eating her young, tender pussy with gusto.

His tongue swirled around the rim of her wide open cunt hole. Before Janie could beg him to tongue fuck her, she felt it sliding in. She spread her legs even wider and raised them as high up as she could. Her cunt yawned open and her father pressed his lips against her cunt lips, pushing his tongue into the hole until it could go no deeper. As Janie closed her eyes and groaned in ecstasy, it began quickly swirling around and fucking in and out of her cunt.

Furiously, her father tongue-fucked her. Whimpering in delight, the man ate his daughter's pussy like it would be his last meal.

Janie moaned, knowing what was coming. "Oh, yes, Dad! Eat me ... ohhh, eat me! Oooohhh, fuck, you do it so goood! Yes, lower! Lower! Ohhh ... lower! Oooohhh, yesssss, please ... eat my ass! That's it ... yes! Lick my asshole, Dad ... oh, lick it!" she begged, raising her ass off the couch.

Sighing with lust, her father cupped her asscheeks in his eager hands.He helped raise her ass higher, angling it towards his mouth. Gently, his tongue traced the flesh between the girl's cunt and asshole. Just before his tongue touched her butt hole, he swerved around it and kept licking for the length of her ass crack. As he did, he pressed his nose against her asshole and began sniffing it.

Oh, the delicate asshole aroma!

The horny man filled and refilled his lungs with the smell of her asshole. Inhaling great lungfuls of air, he closed his eyes, savoring the odor of his daughter's butt hole. His cock, which had already risen again, stiffened a little more. The head also began swelling as it, too, sniffing out the girl's hot, tightly puckered asshole.

"Please, Dad! Oh, please ... lick it! Lick my asshole ... ooohhh ... I want it ... oh, baby, I want it ... I want your mouth on my ass ... now! Please!" the girl cried, shaking her ass.

Her daddy heard her pleas and his willpower broke, crumbling into ashes. Before he could think, his mouth moved and planted itself on her asshole. His lips encircled the puckered brown rim and his tongue darted out. The soft, tender asshole flesh of the young girl yielded to his pointed tongue and he began shaking it from side to side, trying to slide it up his daughter's ass.

Janie squealed her pleasure as her father mouthed her asshole.

Her ass shook from side to side. She kept her legs high over her head and spread them wide. She relaxed her asshole and tried to let it open for her father's tongue. The sensations she was getting were simply too good to be true. Chills rushed to her brain as her asshole was nudged open. She shivered in lust as the tongue pushed into the asshole. She was near ecstasy as the tongue began fucking her asshole. It pulled back, then slid back in, again and again, over and over again. By the time her father lifted his head, her asshole was thoroughly licked inside and out. Sparkling clean and pink, it shone wetly in the light when he was through.

Seeing the thick puddle of fuck juice dripping from Janie's cunt, John immediately fastened his mouth to the hole. His tongue went to work. Slurping and sucking, he sucked her pussy until it, too, was sparkling clean. Then he sat back on his haunches and looked at her, his cock raging. He thumbed the girl's soft asshole as he looked her in the eye. His cock twitched convulsively and Janie sensed that he wanted to fuck her there.

"Janie," he began, "how did it feel? Did you like it when I was licking your asshole?" His thumb pressed against her asshole, massaging it.

"I ... ohhhh ... yes! Yes, it felt ... damn good!" One finger of his other hand began simultaneously massaging her pussy as he asked, "Would you like me to fuck you there, Janie? Have you ever had anything in your asshole before?"

"Oh, Dad ... yes, I have, but ... but it would hurt! Your cock is so ... so big! I don't think I can take it," she quavered, wanting it in the butt, but not sure her asshole was big enough.

John's cock pulsed upon hearing that her asshole had been penetrated before. He ached to bury his stiff cock in the puckered brown hole.

"So you've fucked yourself in the ass before, huh? Tell me about it."

She did and by the time she was finished with her story her father's cock was swollen bigger and harder than it had ever been before. He stood up.

"I'll be right back," he said.

While she waited, Janie fingered her clit. The swollen thing pulsed as she massaged it. She couldn't help trying to spread her legs wider as the good feelings radiated out. She was breathing hot and heavy when he returned moments later, holding a large tube of K-Y jelly.

"Well," he smiled, "I see you've been keeping yourself entertained, baby. That's okay ... I like a hot little bitch like you. With this stuff, you can take damn near anything up the ass!"

Janie's asshole was tingling in anticipation. Her pussy was burning in lust. She stared at her father's huge cock and mentally compared the size of the knob to her butt hole. She couldn't help a sharp intake of breath at the thought of the big thing forcing her asshole to stretch that much! Even so, the thought of getting fucked up the ass sent chills rushing up and down her spine. Yes, the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. She puckered her butt hole tightly and then let it relax.

John saw the brown hole tightening and then loosening. His prick surged with his pulse. The thought of making his girl's young, tender asshole stretch wide open to swallow his big dick turned him on more than anything else he could remember.

It might hurt her but he knew the pain would turn to intensely satisfying pleasure as he fucked. It was something Janie was going to have to learn about anyway. He laughed lightly, knowing that once his young daughter got his cock up her ass the first time, she would be eager for it from then on.

"Keep your legs high, Janie. Here, lemme get a pillow to put under your ass."

With the pillow in position, Janie's hairless ass was arched toward his cock at just the right angle. Her father looked hungrily at her lying on the edge of the couch fully dressed except with no panties. Her ass was on the edge of the couch as she reclined against the back. Her dress was thrown up over her belly, presenting him with her naked cunt and asshole. Both lay totally at his pleasure, ready to be used in any way he desired. Hungrily, John stared between her asscheeks at the light brown--almost pink--puckered hole. Goddamn, it was small and tight!

Janie looked between her legs at her dad, whimpering, "Oh, Dad, please ... do it to me ... please, do it now! Oh, yes, I want you to butt fuck me ... now!"

She shook her pretty butt, wanting his cock inside it.

"He-heh, I'm gonna do that, baby!" he told her, stroking his cock.

Janie watched as he squeezed a huge glob of jelly on his fingers. The cool touch of the stuff on her asshole was soothing. As he smeared it around the rim, good feelings shot to her brain. She pulled her cheeks wide apart, desire swamping her mind. She moaned as two of his fingers massaged her asshole.

They slid sensuously around the puckered ridge. The gooey stuff made them glide over her sensitive asshole flesh with ease. Then they flicked back and forth over it, again and again. Finally, when the hole was thoroughly smeared with grease, the fingers applied more pressure. Probing gently, but firmly, they left her asshole no choice but to yield.

Janie moaned, feeling them entering her. She relaxed her asshole and let it open. The two fingers sank into her asshole, deep, deeper, and deeper until they couldn't go any deeper. Janie's body trembled as her butt hole expanded to take them. To her disappointment, they were withdrawn before she could fully enjoy them.

"Oooohhh!" she groaned, not wanting the pleasure to stop.

Her father whispered, "You like that, huh, honey? Yeahhh, you like having your asshole fingered, huh? Well, I'm gonna make you feel good ... damn good." He reached between her thighs. "Open 'em!"

Janie opened her legs and her father got between them, throwing them over his shoulders. Janie's ass was lifted even higher. The man's cock was swollen and menacing and it swung from side to side. Janie saw him aiming it between her legs and then it nudged her pussy. Pushing firmly, it separated her cunt lips. They split open wide and then her pussy began swallowing her father's cock.

"Ooommmppphhh!" she grunted.

Her cunt expanded hugely as her father pushed his cock into her. The
big prick sank steadily deeper and deeper until it stopped balls deep
inside her.

"Aaahhh!" moaned the girl. "Oooohhh ... oh ... ohhhhh!"

Her father ground hard against her. His cock dug all the way into her pussy. Her cunt lips gripped his prick tightly as he rooted into her, grunting. Then, as suddenly as he had driven it into her, he slid it back out. Glistening with her thick, white fuck juices, his cock shone in the light. Hastily, he slapped some lube on it. A big, thick glob of the stuff coated his cock knob. Then, wasting no time, he got back between his daughter's slender legs. His prick poked straight out, straining to bury itself in her fuck-hole.

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