Jordan and Meg go out for a picnic
Jordan and the Lady Part 3

After the meal, Jordan said goodbye, checked his bike again cycled off home. He had a big grin on his face and a piece of paper in his back pocket.

On the paper were written some dates, which Meg had worked out were very safe dates to invite Jordan round for tea and 'extras.' This was his diary for lust-filled visits till the end of the semester. College girls no longer interested him. The maturity and good looks of Meg were what he desired; particularly as she was so accessible.

Every visit was filled with intense, active play that kept both Jordan and Meg interested and satiated.

But they were always over too soon, and each was well aware that Jordan was due to return to his family in Africa for the coming holidays.

Meg wanted to treat Jordan on their final Saturday afternoon together. She packed a picnic basket full of home made goodies and a bottle of wine.

With it in the car ready, she waited for his arrival, sat in the kitchen dressed in a fresh blue short summer dress that showed off her figure, and sandals. In her nervousness she flipped her sandals up and down on her foot.

Soon she saw the familiar figure of Jordan, standing in the doorway. He was dressed in shorts, open necked shirt and sandals.

"Meg, you look delicious, I want to eat you!" Jordan announced, and winked slow and sexy.

Meg blushed.

She stood, hugged him and pinched his ass.

"Put your bike in the shed, and get in the car. I have a surprise for you."

Intrigued, Jordan did as he was asked and as they drove away Meg said;

"This is our last time together and I thought we'd do something different. It's a lovely day, and I've packed a picnic basket. We're off to the hills where it's quiet."

Every so often along the road, Jordan put a hand on Meg's leg, and gently stroked it. Sometimes his hand reached under her dress, and she quickly scolded him.

"You'll put me off my driving, you naughty boy!"

"But I can't wait Meg," Jordan replied as they came to a halt at red traffic lights.

You vixen! He thought.

"Mrs Peters! Shame on you!"

Jordan's hand had reached under Megs dress and he realized something was missing.

"No panties! I'm shocked!" He laughed.

The lights turned green and they moved on.

"Wait, Mr Impatient!" Meg laughed.

Soon Meg turned off the main road, down a country lane and up into the hills, as Jordan grew more impatient.

"What am I to do with you?" she laughed, as they came to a stop.

As soon as she put the brake on, Jordan leaned over her and lifted the lever, and made her seat recline. He lifted her dress up and exposed her smooth pussy. It glistened with moisture. Meg brought her legs up, rested her feet on the dash, and Jordan got between her legs.

"Oh lovely pussy, I'm gonna miss you. Purr for me kitty."

He brought his face up close and rubbed her lips with his nose, sniffing and drawing in the sweet musky smell of her nectar, as though he was memorizing her personal scent. Meg let out soft crooning sighs that really excited Jordan. He followed through with his tongue, licking along her pussy, tongue fucking her and lapping the sweet wetness up.

Meg's hips pivoted and her soft sighs became loud cries. Her legs shook and her body arched as Jordan brought her to orgasm point, and he was covered in her juice.

"Aaaahhh!" She screamed.

"Scream baby scream!"

Jordan leaned over Meg and kissed her hard on the mouth. She sucked his tongue in and tasted her own aromatic juices. They lay there for five minutes until they'd both calmed down. Jordan stroked Meg's hair and said;

"I'll never forget this semester Meg, and I'll always remember you."

"We have had fun together haven't we?" She replied.

There was no mention of love from either of them. They both knew it was only ever going to be a short lived helping of lust between them.

"Hey, let's eat," said Meg, in an attempt to be bright.

So they got out of the car and Meg put the seat back and picked up the picnic basket.
Jordan found a suitable spot, to lay a blanket down; where they both sat and enjoyed the picnic together.

After a few minutes, Meg pulled a sheet of paper from her bag and said;

"Listen to this; I printed it off Len's computer this morning. I happened upon it quite by accident."

It was a very erotic story from an internet sex site, and as Meg read it out to Jordan, she slid down his zip, and pulled out his cock. She rubbed it up and down at an even, steady pace. Nibbling on his ear she softly breathed the sexy words to Jordan, Meg felt how his cock throbbed as it twitched and came to life in her hand.

Then Meg bent over and sucked him to the back of her throat, but gagged because of its enormity.

The picnic now forgotten, as they both became highly aroused, Jordan grabbed hold of Meg and rolled her on her back.

"Need to fuck you right here and now!"

He pushed her dress up as she locked her legs round him, and with an almighty groan shoved his huge meaty dick in her sopping wet cunt.


Over and over he thrust, harder and faster. Resounding groans filled the air. Then he released his creamy cum with vigour as they both reached orgasm and held each other tightly, just before they collapsed, spent on the blanket.

"Mmmmm. What a great fuck!" Meg said as she closed her eyes.

"You bet your beautiful ass lady!" Jordan agreed.

They both drifted off to sleep. When they awoke they were snuggled up in each others arms.

Suddenly Meg jumped up, and as she gathered everything up said;

"Come on sleepyhead, let's put this stuff back in the car and go for a walk."

Jordan followed, and when everything was put away, they headed into the hills for a walk together, not realising that the sun had disappeared behind a dark cloud. Soon they came to a copse. They sat and rested under a tree.

Suddenly Meg looked up as she felt a raindrop on her head. As she stood she felt another splash on her face and trickle down her throat. It found a pathway between her breasts. A second trickled down. Followed by a third. This time it was accompanied by Jordan's lips. All the way down her breasts as he licked the rain from them.

But the rain came down faster and it dripped from Meg's drenched hair onto her already soaked dress that clung to her body and made her nipples more prominent. Jordan pushed her up against the tree, and sucked hard on her tits through the thin cotton of her dress.

Meg's whole body shivered. She wasn't sure whether it was from the rain which seeped through her dress and made her body cold, or from the excitement of the young stud in front of her and the thought of his cock shafting her tingling cunt once more.

Jordan lifted Meg's knee over the crook of his arm, as he pulled down his shorts to expose his massive prick. He jammed it high up her hole as she dug her nails into his shoulders and yelled;


Again and again he thrust into her. Their groans echoed round the trees as they fucked. But Jordan didn't let up. Harder and harder, with primal forces in control of his body he humped Meg against the tree.

He lay her down amongst the soaking wet blades of grass and stripped her of her sodden dress. The grass had a scent that would remain in of Meg's memory banks for a long time to come. As the rain continued to beat down on their naked bodies they bumped, ground and groaned as they fucked. Sweat poured down their naked bodies intermingled with raindrops.

Yet Meg and Jordan felt no cold as their bodies shook with the excitement and their faces contorted with the electricity that coursed through them. Meg drenched his cock with her cum just as he held her up close to him and filled her cavern for the second time that day with thick creamy white spunk.

"Oh My God!" She yelled.

"Oh baby you are so good!" shouted Jordan.

Suddenly they realised they were lying naked in a rainstorm that showed no signs of stopping. They looked down at the grass stains on their bodies. As they dressed again Meg said;

"I think we'd better go and find shelter somewhere. Come on."

Jordan took hold of her arm and they raced away from the trees back toward the car.

"Look over there," he said as they were halfway back. "Looks like an old hut or something. We could shelter. Come on let's go there."

They ran down the hill and came to the hut which turned out to be some sort of unused shack. Meg tried the door, which thankfully opened when she turned the handle and pushed.

"Come on then, we need to shelter." she said to Jordan.

They both went in, cautiously looking around. There were a few sparse items of crudely made wooden furniture, and an old wood burner was in the corner.

"Well somebody lived here once upon a time," said Meg, "but I don't think they do now, because there are cobwebs on the ceiling. We can rest here till the storm has passed."

But Jordan wasn't listening. He was just gazing intently at the way Megs dress clung to her wet body. It made every curve in her form so obvious to him. Better than any wet t-shirt competition! This was the real deal! Her next words were music to his ears.

"We need to get out of these wet clothes and put them somewhere to dry."

Jordan got the burner going so there was a bit of heat. They found a couple of cloths to wipe themselves down, and stripped and draped their clothes to dry over the furniture. Then they lay down on the bed together.

Meg suggested that they should get some sleep while the clothes dried, so they covered themselves with an old patchwork blanket and shut their eyes.

To be continued.....
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