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Tami woke up lying on her side, her head on Tom’s shoulder with her hair splayed across his chest, and her top leg draped across his leg. She slid her small hand down until it encircled his flaccid cock, and she gently thrust her pelvis forward, pressing her pussy against the side of his leg. Rotating her hips, Tami massaged her clit with the side of Tom’s leg. Last night had only been her second time to get fucked by a man, this man, and she was learning quickly how much she liked it, especially by this man. She had never realized that she could have orgasms as intense as the ones she had while Tom’s cock was inside her, or how many. She gazed at the cock that had spent much of last night inside her, and she began gently stroking it, watching it get harder. She glanced up at Tom, and smiled when she saw that he was still sleeping. He had been so gentle last night, and had shown her how great fucking really was. She thought then of her friend, Katie, and wondered what Katie would think if she found out that her father had been fucking her best friend. Tami smiled to herself again when she thought about the talks she and Katie had about her father, and how thrilled Katie had been when Tami told her that she thought her dad was hot, and both girls had giggled when they told each other about him being their fantasy fuck, even though it had surprised Tami to think that Katie was hot for her own father. Well the fantasy had happened for her, and Tami had loved every minute of it. Then she thought of her mother. What would happen if her mother and dad got a divorce? Would her mother take her away? She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her friend Katie, and now Katie’s dad who had become her lover. Oh, Tami knew that he was not really her lover, but she liked him very much and she knew that he liked her too, and not just as someone he could fuck. She wondered how she would feel if Tom ever fucked her mother. She hoped she wouldn’t feel any differently, in fact the thought of her mother riding Tom’s beautiful cock kind of turned her on; she thought her mother had a beautiful body too, and deserved to be happy. She slowly slid over Tom’s sleeping body and placed her young pussy lips above Tom’s now hard member, and then began lowering herself. Guiding his cock to her tight moist hole until the tip of his cock touched her pussy and she felt a shudder go through her body as she became excited. She moved his cock back and forth across her clit and shuddered again as she rubbed his pre-cum all over her pussy lips, almost climaxing. She began to lower herself more, and the head of Tom’s beautiful cock finally stretched her enough that it slipped inside her and her eyes rolled back. Oh, how she loved this man’s cock inside her. When she had his cock fully imbedded in her hot pussy, and pressing against her cervix, she lay forward till her nipples came into contact with his chest and she put her lips as close to his ear as possible. Then, very slowly, she began to move her hips, fucking the sleeping Tom.

When Tom began to stir, he smiled, thinking of the little girl riding his cock. He moaned softly in his half sleep, and then he heard her whisper in his ear,

“Just pretend I’m Katie, okay? Fuck me daddy, I want your cock inside me so bad.”

Tami was sure she felt his cock grow inside her, and she knew she felt it pulse against her tight pussy walls when she mentioned him fucking Katie. Then Tom began to move his hips, thrusting into her, and she whispered,

“Ohhhhh Daddy, your cock feels so good inside my little pussy. Fuck your little girl daddy, I want your cock to fill me up with your baby juice.”

With Tom still mostly asleep, he moaned,

“Ohh Katie baby, daddy wants to fuck you so bad.”

With eyes closed he began humping into the little girls thrusting pussy, and then his hands slid up her legs and held firmly onto her waist as he rolled her over onto her back and began pounding his cock into her pussy. She pulled her legs up and spread them as wide as she could, and talked to him as he fucked her.

“Ohhhhh daddy, your cock feels so good inside me. Do it to me daddy, fuck your big daddy cock into your daughter’s little pussy.”

Caught up in the roll play, all Tom could say was,

“Ohhhhh yeah Katie, I want to fill your sweet pussy with my daddy meat. Ohhhhh fuck Katie I want your pussy so bad.”

They thrust at one another until Tami couldn’t stand it any longer and began screaming.

“Ohhhhh yes daddy your cock feels so good. Ohhhhh yes, Ohhhhh do it to me daddy, yes I’m cummmminnggg!”

At the same time Tom’s cock exploded inside the little girl, and then they both collapsed together on the bed.

After a short nap, Tom awoke with his soft cock still inside Tami’s tight teen pussy, and he gently kissed her until her eyes fluttered and opened, then she smiled at him and her arms went around his neck.

“Good morning Tom. Did you like pretending I was Katie?”

“Ohh baby, it was so good. But, why did you pretend to be Katie? Don’t you like for me to think about you while we’re fucking?”

“Mmmm yes, I do, but Katie is my best friend, and this was my way of telling you know that it’s okay to love her too.”

This gave Tom a lot to think about as they began the final leg of their trip. Why would his thirteen year old daughter want to have sex with her own father, and why did Tami have this information, did his daughter tell Tami that she wanted him to fuck her? Then, as if Tami were reading his mind, she said,

“It’s ok Tom, Katie and I talk a lot about what we dream about in a lover, and for us, you’re it. As a matter of fact, Katie would be really embarrassed if she knew I told you that, but I thought you should know that she really would like it if you, you know, if you fucked her too.”

She giggled and looked over at Tom,

“I love saying that word, fuck, fuck, fuck. I love when you fuck me.”

Suddenly a shudder went up Tom’s spine, like someone stepped on his grave.

“Neither one of you have said anything about this when Melissa could hear you did you?”

“No silly. You think we’re dupes?”

Smiling at her statement and use of the word “dupes” again, he began to relax a little as the miles mounted, and they came closer to their destination.

Tami looked at Tom again, with a slight smile on her sweet young face, and asked,

“So, would you like to fuck Katie?”

“Sweetie, she’s my daughter. Don’t you think that would be wrong?”

“I think it would be cool, she's my best friend. Don’t you want too want to do it to her?”

Thinking it over for a moment, and admiting it to himself for the first time, he said,

“I’d like to fuck her very much Tami, and I love fucking you, but she’s my daughter. I don’t know if I could do that. Besides, your both very young, and I souldn't have ever done it with you.”

Then he smiled and reached over to gently pinch her nipple, and she playfully slapped his hand, but he noticed that the nipple stiffened under her tee shirt. This was one hot little girl.

“Mmmm, looks like you like me fucking you though.”

Tami grabbed his hand and pulled it over as she pulled up her tee shirt, and put his hand on her bare breast so he could fondle her nipple.

“Wanna pull over and do it to me right now?”

“Now that’s tempting.” He laughed, but he continued driving.

At the last stop before he and Tami arrived at the camp, he was filling the truck with fuel, and as he did, he got a text from Melissa, it read:

“Things change. Meet me at the airport.”

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Please pay attention to your use of "your" when you mean "you're"!

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Please pay attention to your use of "your" when you mean "you"!

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10/10 that was pretty hott

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Outstanding Story! 10/10

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