This story is actually 100% true. This actually happened to me.
It was a normal day in my 15 year old life. Even though it was a saturday morning, I woke up early, got myself some breakfast and watched a dull serie, probably from the 60s. I was bored.
My name is Lisa by the way, I was(then) about 180 cm tall, and quite thin, even though I've been told that my waist and butt where quite rounded. That is probably due to my extensive training with athletics. I'm a natural brunette as well.

My family where quite normal. My father, a business man, was away this weekend as well. I don't really have a good relationship(even today) with him. My mother is dear to me. She is the typical mother. Overcaring, loving and very talkative. As I where watching the commercials after the lame serie, my brother, Kevin, popped into the living room. He was a year younger than me. Though, he was very athletic, powerful and heavy. He used to lift weights every single day.

After I went upstairs to shower, I decided to visit a friend of mine. My mother told me to come home early, as she was leaving for a social reunion for the rest of the night. Kevin prepared himself for a big match for his football team. I hated his love towards football. It was a very primitive sport to me, and I always laughed at him every time he mentioned it or even trained football.

I was laughing to death. Sara(my friend) and I where watching the Friends. I loved that show. I always watched it with Sara and Joanne on saturday mornings. The hours flew by and we enjoyed ourselfs. That's before I saw the clock. It was 21:00 and my brother was home alone! I hugged my friends goodbye and run all the way home. The rain was pooring down on my shoulders and on my hair. It was freezing cold. I remember I stopped and went under a garage so I would'nt rain to death. When I came home, my brother was'nt in the living room, the kitchen nor in the backyard. He could'nt be asleep now, I thought? I changed to my "home-dress-code" and went up to see if Kevin was home. As I saw the door of his room slightly open, I tilted in and where caught in shock. His hands where underneath his trousers and as I tried to catch where his eyes where located, I was baffled. He was looking at a picture on Facebook, where me and a friend kissed having a sexy dress on. I could barely stand on my feet. I felt disgusted, I felt sick. I tried to walk away quietly but I made clear noises. Suddenly my brother popped up and slammed the door. Seconds later, he came out and looked at me shocked. Still I was hearing noises from the room. I asked him: Kevin, "do you have friends in your room"? I asked that question not because I actually thought so, but because I tried to divert the attention away from his wanking. "Yes", he answered coldly. "Right" I said, trying to sneak myself away from the situation. Then my brother stirred me in the eyes. Very intense and very emotional. I looked back at him. I could almost look into his sole. The moment was very emotional, until he looked away from me and stared down on my crotch and ass. He licked his lips and looked back on me again. "What was that", I asked very angered. "I want you", he answered. He stared hard on my and grabbed my waist all of the sudden. I moaned and tried to push him away, but he grabbed me harder and tried to kiss me. First he missed and he kissed me on the cheek. The second attempt was much more accurate and he planted it on my lips. I stopped the resistance and kissed him back. It was sensual and very hot. But I didn't want it to go further. He flipped me around and shoved me towards the kitchen sink. I screamed and told him to stop, but he was physically overpowering me. His strength was overwhelming. He lifted me and planted me on the sink. "I want you so bad", he moaned. Scared I jumped from the sink and to the living room. "You're my little brother. I love you, but I can't".

He obviously didn't care. He took of his trousers and his boxers. What I so almost breaked my jaw. It was thick, long and hard. Say 28 cm. He also developed some hair on it. It looked disgusting and nonetheless it was my brothers penis. Yet, I felt a strange emotion inside me. I felt turned on, exited. I felt my crotch getting slightly wet. My brother spotted it, and gosh he spotted it hard, because it turned him on extremely. He grabbed my hair and lowered my head towards his stiff and hard piece of meat. "Grab it, Lisa", he screamed. Scared, I grabbed his cock. I didn't know what more I was supposed to do with it. Suddenly, Kevin screamed: "Phil, come downstairs". The steps came closer, and all of the sudden, Phil a friend of Kevin stood there. He was 14 as well, but not as well build as Kevin. "What is this??", I asked shocked. Kevin pulled my hand away from his cock, and lifted me up. He shook my top off me and stripped me for my skirt. I stood there, only with my pink panties and some pink couple of socks. I was almost crying, but I promised myself not to feel weak and exposible. Phil stripped himself off extremely quick. Up popped an extremely fat cock. It wasn't very long, but gosh how wide. Kevin asked me gently to spread my legs and lay down. I was scared and begged him to let me alone. He took the case in his hands and laid me down and forced my legs wide. I tried to make some kind of resistance, but he grabbed my knee and pulled them wide with full force and forced my panties off. I moaned, and for the first time, I felt vulnerable. My pussy was totally viewable for Phil and my brother. Phil grabbed his cock and went down on my face. I turned away with tears in my eyes. He grabbed my face and forced his cock upon me. Scared, I gubbled it and sucked it for all it was worth. I felt this sense of satisfaction. My waist was moving and I made these weird movements with my crotch. My brother grabbed then his cock and went down between my legs. He forced one finger inside me and my hymen broke. I threw Phils cock out of my mouth and screamed. I felt so abused. I had precum on my lips as well. Phil slapped me in the face, and forced his cock in my mouth again. Kevin rested his cock just over my pussy. I felt soo vulnerable. I had my mouth filled with precum and the cock of the friend of my little brother, plus my brother was preparing to fuck me. It felt so wrong and it hurted so good.

In extreme brutality, Kevin spread my legs further, and pushed the head of his cock into me. I closed my eyes hard and moaned with Phils cock in my mouth. "Mmmmmmmmstp plss". I could barely speak. He pushed out and forced the full length of his cock into my preteen, virgin pussy. I was done. Finished. I felt destroyed. I moaned with the full capability of my preteen and weak throat. But it only turned the animals on. Kevin thrusted and thrusted. I slowly started to get this feeling in my stomach. "You bitch", Kevin moaned. And I knew I was one. I enjoyed my brothers cock. I felt so sluty.
Phil forced his cock out of my needy mouth and made Kevin flip me around. Now I was on the top of Kevin. He stretched his cock upwards towards my poor pussy. I placed my hands on Kevins hard and muscular chest and squeezed by boobs in between my arms. I looked up and opened my mouth in agony and lust. Suddenly, Phil forced my head down towards Kevin, and forced his cockhead into my preteen ass. It was sooo wide, I almost passed out. "Kevin, please make him stop, it hurts sooo much. Don't let him fuck me". Phil laughed and forced everything he had in my ass. I cried and moaned, cried and moaned. "Aaaaaah", "mmmmmm". I didn't care about being a bitch. I moaned like one. But in all my content with two preteen cocks forced into two preteen holes, I felt both Kevin and Phil starting to prepare for cumshots. I screamed(afraid of pregnancy and diseases) and tried to stand up, but Kevin forced me down on him again. Phil got his cock out of my ass, and forced it in my mouth again. I almost puked. Suddenly, Phil shot one down my throat. I coughed and almost puked again. He picked his cock out of my mouth, and cummed on me, one shot after the other. One shot landed on my breast, one on mye stomach and the rest on my face. I was dripping sperm. I felt exhausted and threw my whole body over Kevin. I though: This can't get worst. But it did. Kevin shot me with heaps of cum. I felt my pussy soakening and dripping. I fucked me with force. I felt the emotions building up. "Aaaaaaaaaaah, fuck my pussy, bro". "Fuck me hard". I came.
Kevin threw my to his side and went up. He got a shower and went to sleep, as if nothing had happened.

I went to my room, in awful pain in every hole on my body. I had cum dripping from every part of my body. I felt sick, disgusted, but also turned on and slutty. I slept, woke up in the morning and tried to make the event pass. My brother never touched me after, and I lived a pritty normal life after that as well.

I chose to write about this, because I just met my brother again for the first time in 3 years. My mother and father got a divorce and my brother and father moved far away. I met my brother a week ago, and he apologized and said it was the pubertal hormones driving him. I'm 18 now and living a quite normal life, if that is possible when you've been fucked by your own brother and his friend.

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2014-04-17 16:15:01
at least you didn't get Pregnant by your brother ,well by my step dad and brother. How do I write a story!

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2014-04-02 22:29:45
28cm is eleven inches... I think you should stop fucking horses and learn what is normal for humans

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2014-02-25 03:50:44
Has anyone said anything about the 28 cm part? That's not big, that's fucking small

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2014-01-23 04:05:49
I like how you describe yourself as a girl in the story but your gender on your profile says male. In other words your a FAKE!!!

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This is SOOOOOO hoooot!!!

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