Matilda liked to suck her thumb
Matilda’s day.

Some may think this verse is coarse
My reader, I do not use force
So If you think it may offend
Stop right now; make this the end.

Matilda, who still sucks her thumb
Takes gentlemen right up her bum.
And when they've finished that sweet stunt
She likes their cocks right up her cunt.
Her tits are used to make her plea
She wears no bra, they are quite free
And used as bait to catch lads’ glances
Bring a twitch to manly lances.
As I have said she sucks her thumb and likes to suck on prick
And at a push with no excuse will give a girl a lick.
She met one day two lovely lads and sought to have the pair.
She raised her arms so slim and white and fiddled with her hair.
She swanked and swished and flashed her eyes,
She raised her skirt to show her thighs
And when they took the plump pink bait she
Stayed them both and made them wait.
She said she had a friend you see
And sought to make a four not three.
The lads both straining at their bits,
And mindful of her ample tits.
They waited, for a quarter hour
Then came our Mat with added flower.
The bloom, a girl they called Yvonne,
Was dark and sexy really on.
And so…
The four set off to Mattie’s place
All cuddling set quite a pace.
Arriving in the little den
They started off, these randy men.
They set to strip the ladies down
But Mattie stopped them with a frown.
They sat bewildered at this stay
Then gasped as 'Von began to sway.
The scene with reason now well lit
Showed Mattie on the dark girl's tit.
She fondled stroked and sucked the top
And 'Von herself began to strop.
She lifted up our girlies skirt
And with her mound began to flirt.

The lads watched hard and started cranking,
Flies undone the pair were wanking!
And further not to be out done
They each now wanked the other one.
So now Yvonne with tongue pushed up
Paid homage at Matilda's cup
And Mattie almost on the verge
Called the boys and bid them merge.
They needed nothing more to wed
And joined the girlies on the bed.
The scene, so hard it must be said
To tell apart a bum from head.
I pause for thought before this tangle
Then let you know the coming angle.

When the sex gets under way
The principles can go astray
And while the cocks sought urgent cunts
They soon discovered other shunts.
For Dan while watching Rodney's tool
Enter ‘Von, so hard and cruel
Had an urge and took it quick
To give young Rodney all his prick.
The fucking lad ne'er paused his stroke
He seemed quite pleased with extra poke
Young Mattie watching all of this
Knew she'd found a secret bliss
With 'Von the anchor for this trio
They all now fucked ‘a la con brio’.

The afternoon progressed a while
The partners swapped and tried for style.
Mattie with a woman's luck
Came at almost every fuck
And 'Von, fourth member of our cast
Licked her friend and made it last.
The lads both expert at this game
Held their fire and never came.

So now the final of her tale.
I squeeze my pen and grow quite pale
Picture it…
Rodney, 'Von about his hips
Sat on the floor and squeezed her tits.
Their mouths quite close just touching
Were waiting for Dan’s tip
But for the moment young Dan's hips
Were pressed against Matilda's lips.
The lengthy prick she took right down
Her throat about his throbbing crown.
Then judging with her whoring skill
Just when her mouth would take it's fill
She set it free and wanked with glee
All over Rod and Vee.

The spunk shot right between their lips
Then dribbled onto Yvonne's tits
Young Rodney took the shining shaft
And sucked it with a woman's craft,
Then being overcome by that
He shot his load up girlie's twat.
Not left out nor losing chance
Mattie had now changed her stance
And rubbing hard on Yvonne's mouth
She moved her cunt both north and south.

The climax when it came was great
She dribbled as she felt her mate
Who had her tits massaged with cum
Now put her finger up her bum

T’was now the girl began to hum
And our Matilda sucked her thumb.

The four still meet and have some fun
Yvonne is fucked by everyone.
Matilda's honey pot still plays
The lads now fuck in different ways.

When times are slack and girls are short
Rodney gives his bum for sport
Thus Dan gets up and has his pump
Then turns around for Rod to rump.


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2012-11-22 16:34:20
I heard from Cora several days ago! She has aaluclty welcomed two new additions to her family recently Sebastian Cormac Hugh and August Lachlan Tadhg (who's been adopted). Bash and Gus were both born in July, just weeks apart. Congratulations, Cora!

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