Still more fiction
When Tom and Tami pulled up in front of the terminal at the airport, he saw Melissa, and Katie, standing at the curb with luggage, but it didn’t look like as much luggage as he thought they would have. They got out of the pick-up and Tami ran for Katie. While they were hugging and saying hello, Tom walked over to Melissa.

“Why meet here Melissa?”

“So I can give you this.”

She handed him a folded white piece of paper, and waited while he read the heading. He looked up at her with a shocked expression, and she explained.

“Tom, we haven’t gotten along for some time now, and we were making one another miserable. Anyway, while we were visiting mom and dad, I met a guy who I had dated in high school, and he convinced me that he and I should be together. He didn’t have to try very hard to convince me either. I love him Tom, and I’m leaving you, and that’s all there is to it.”

She placed a hand on his arm then, and continued.

“Tom, you know you’ll be happier without me, don’t you? Anyway, I wanted it to be easy on Katie, so I gave her the choice of living with me, or you. The adjustment of being a single parent may be hard on you at first, but that’s the way Katie wants it.”

Melissa then turned and went to Katie. She gave her a hug, while she smiled at Tami, and reached out to touch her cheek, and then she said.

“I love you Katie; you two take care of Tom, okay?”

Then she turned and went into the airline terminal with Tom staring after her, still in shock. Katie went to Tom and slipped her arm around his waist.

“I love you Daddy! I’m so, so sorry.”

He turned and looked down at his beautiful daughter and said,

“I love you too kid.”

Then looking over at Tami and winking, continued.

“In fact, I love both of you.”

The divorce papers his wife had handed him were a shock to say the least, and it depressed him enough that he was ready to just turn around and head home. Not that he was sorry that he would be losing Melissa, they hadn’t been in love for a long time now, but he was overcome with a since of failure. However, the girls convinced him that if they went home, then he would just be stuck at home to think about it and be sad. So, the three of them climbed into the pick-up and went to the camping site. There, they checked in, renting a two bedroom cabin down close to the lake. The girls rushed off to their bedroom to change and start enjoying their vacation, and Tom went to his bed room too, but he stopped by the fridge and got a glass of wine first, and then he sat down on the bed and picked up the phone.

“Hello, Dawn? Hi, it’s Tom. I just wanted to let you know that we got here safely, and that things have changed a little.”

“Hi Tom; Yes, I know. I got a call from Melissa a little while ago, when her plane landed there. She asked me to pick her up at the airport when she gets here, and give her a ride home.”

“So, she already told you about it huh? That was quick.”

“Tom, she told me what she was going to do, and that she was just coming home to pack and then she was leaving for good; I’m so sorry. Would you like for me to come get the girls?”

“No Dawn thanks. As a matter of fact, they want to continue the vacation. They think it will be good for me.”
“Are you sure your okay Tom?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. How are you? When we left you were having a little drama of your own.”

“Well, the drama continues. Ben won’t talk to me, and we are sleeping in separate bedrooms. I rarely see him, and there are some nights he doesn’t come home at all."

“I am so sorry Dawn. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Laughing, Dawn said,

“Not now Tom, but I’ll let you know. You know, I’m not even upset that he’s acting this way. I just feel kind of relieved. I am a little concerned about how Tami will take it if he decides to leave me.”

“I’ll talk to her about it Dawn, I’m sure she will take it okay.”

“Thanks Tom, you’re a sweetheart. Be careful coming home, and I’ll see you when you get here.”

Tom hung up and went to the girl’s room to call Tami out so he could explain to her about her mom and dad, stopping by the kitchen for another glass of wine. He noticed that the door was slightly ajar on the girl’s bedroom, so instead of knocking, he just pushed it open. What he saw was a shock to his senses, the girls were lying naked on the bed in the sixty-nine position with their legs spread, and they were fully involved with eating, and fingering, each other’s pussies. He couldn’t see what his daughter was doing to Tami’s pussy, but Tami was sucking on his daughter’s clit and fingering her little hairless pussy the way he had done to Tami for the past couple of nights. Tami saw the door swing open, and she looked up at Tom smiling. She winked at him and then bent to the task of sucking harder on Katie’s pussy as she sank her finger deeper into his daughter’s lovely young cunt. Katie moaned and began thrusting her hips at Tami’s full lips, and then Tami began to moan too. Tom retreated, gulped his wine, and went to the cooler for more. He then went to the front porch and sat in the chair he found there, and just stared out over the lake. He had been there for about thirty minutes, and was on his fifth glass of wine, when he heard the creak of the door.

“Hi daddy.”

Looking up he saw Katie in a short robe, standing in the doorway. He thought, how small she is, very short for her age, but so well proportioned. She had slim legs, and a firm little ass, but much shorter than Tami, and her tits were much smaller, in fact they were just budding, and formed beautiful little cones, with puffy nipples, that he could see under the thin robe. Obviously she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Can we talk daddy?”

“Sure baby, come on out.”

Katie came outside the door, and sat on the wooden chair next to her dad. Then, she pulled the chair around so that she could face her father.

“Daddy, Tami told me that you saw us. Are you angry with us?"

After a moment of looking at this beautiful little brown eyed girl that was his daughter, he said,
“No, I guess not baby. But, don’t you think you’re a little young?”

“Oh no daddy, I loved it. It made me feel so hot and sexy. Oops, sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to talk like that. It’s just that, well, wow it made me feel so, so, hot and sexy.”

They both laughed and then Katie relaxed and looked her father over as he took another drink of wine. She thought; wow, if daddy isn’t mad at me maybe he would like it if I let him do it to me. Then she thought about her father being naked in bed with her and she began to blush.

“Did Tami tell you that she has been talking dirty around me on this trip?”

“No! What has she been saying?”

“Oh, I just told her that she should relax, and talk the way she wants around me, and to ask any questions she wants. I guess I had better tell you the same thing under the circumstances. Don’t you?”

Katie grinned at her daddy and then she jumped up and hugged him around the neck and said,

“Oh yes daddy.”

“Only around me though. If anyone else is around I expect you girls to clean up your act. Okay?”

Katie gave her father another hug, and then kissed him on the lips before she jumped up and ran in to the cabin. At the door she stopped and looked back at him, smiling.

“Thanks daddy, I fucking love it.”

As Tom chuckled at his daughters new freedom of speech, from just inside the door, he just barely heard Tami say to Katie,

“Don’t you mean you’d love fucking daddy?”

Tom heard Katie gasp, and then disappear inside the cabin, and then he heard both girls giggling. He chuckled again, took the last drink from his wine glass, and then he rose to go in and refill his glass. When he stood, his head was spinning, and he bumped hard into the door as he went in. He got his wine, but this time he went into his bedroom and sat down in the overstuffed chair that was facing the fireplace in the bedroom. He drained the wine from the glass, and then he began to slip into blissful sleep, where he wouldn’t have to think about his fucking wife, or soon to be ex-wife.

Later in the evening, Tom was awakened by the feeling of being pulled up. He looked up to see Tami holding one arm, and Katie holding the other, they were pulling his shirt off him. Once the shirt had been removed, the girls pulled him to his feet and guided him to the bed, where they laid him down, and then Tami unfastened his pants while Katie watched, and both girls pulled until the pants came free, and he was lying naked on the bed. He looked at the two for a moment, and then smiled and slurred,

“Well, you gonna keep me warm or what?”

The girls looked at one another and then, giggling like the little girls they were, they both threw off their robes and leaped onto the bed with Tom. Tami, who already knew what it was like to sleep with Tom, and Katie, the daughter who was feeling for the first time what it felt like to press her naked body against her daddy, both laid their heads on his shoulders, while he put his arms around each girl and cupped a young tit in each of his hands. Then Tom dozed back off, slipping into the deep slumber of a man who had too much wine. The girls content to allow him to cup their breasts, and massage their nipples as he dozed back off. They watched one another across his chest, and smiled at each other until sleep also claimed them. The girls slept in Tom’s arms until the next morning when Tom slowly began to awake to the sound of the girls whispering.

“Yeah, put your hand right there, that’s right. Now move your hand up and down. See how big it gets?”

“It feels so warm and soft, but it’s really stiff, and getting bigger.”

“See that stuff on the top? It’s called pre-cum. Touch it with your tongue.”


“Here silly, like this.”

Tom felt a soft tongue touch the tip of his cock, and then a moment later he felt a soft warm mouth engulf the head of his cock.

“Wow, I can’t believe you did that.”

“It’s cool, and I like the way it tastes. You gonna try it?”

“You think he will be mad at me if I do?”

“No, I’m pretty sure he won’t; just wait till the first time he shoots his baby juice in your mouth, that’s really great.”

“Who taught you all this stuff?”

Smiling at her friend, Tami said,

“Your daddy did silly. He did it to me all the way up here, and I’m pretty sure he will do it to you too.”

“My daddy did it to you? What was it like?”

“It hurt at first, but you don’t remember it later, you just remember how good it feels.”

Katie looked at Tami a few moments, thinking about it, and then said,

“I’m glad it was daddy that did it to you for your first time.”

Katie then leaned across her daddy’s body and kissed her best friend passionately on the lips, and then she leaned down and touched the tip of her tongue to her daddy’s cock, licking the pre-cum that was again leaking from the tip. Then as his cock got harder, she too engulfed the entire head of his cock, and began sucking the way her friend had shown her.

Tom began to moan, and slowly began thrusting his cock up into his daughter’s warm mouth as she learned to take it deeper, and deeper, into her small throat. She gagged once, but continued as it became easier for her. Tami reached between them and began to massage Tom’s balls, and then with her other hand, she slid it up between Katie’s legs and began finger fucking her friend. Tom then opened his eyes, to watch his daughter suck his cock and, on seeing the scene of his daughter’s lips around his cock as she sucked it as deeply into her throat as she could, and as Tami fingered his daughter’s pussy, his cock exploded into Katie’s mouth with loads of his cum. Katie pulled back, and cum started flowing down the sides of Tom’s cock, but before it could reach his balls, Tami leaned forward, and began licking it from one side. Katie, seeing her friend licking her daddy’s cock, and seeing how much she liked the taste of his cum, fell on the other side of her father and began licking the other side of his cock. Tom never had a chance for his cock to go limp, and as the girls finished licking the cum off, Tami said,

“Get up over your daddy, and then sit down on it.”

Katie, doing as her friend instructed, straddled her daddy and then lowered herself until the head of his cock was pressed against her opening. Pressing down a little harder, she forced the head of his cock to stretch her pussy until she force its head to go inside her young and extremely tight pussy. She looked over at a smiling Tami, and said,

“Tam, I don’t think it will go in me.”

“Shhhh, take your time. Pull it out and then push it back in a few times. When you’re both slick it will go in easier. If you can get the head in, the rest of it will go. And Katie, it’s gonna hurt like anything, but you’re gonna love it.”

Katie did as her friend said, and sure enough, with every time that she pulled it out and then pushed it back in; it went deeper into her, until she reached the point where it was pushing against her hymen. Tom’s eyes opened again, and he was looking into the frightened eyes of his daughter.

“You sure you want this now baby?”

The look of fright left his daughters face as she realized that he wasn’t going to get mad at her for putting his cock inside her, and she smiled lovingly at him and nodded.

“I want to do it with you more than anything daddy. I love you so much; I really want it to be you who does it to me.”

With that, Tom rolled his daughter over until she was under him, just as he had done with Tami, and he withdrew his cock from her until only the head was left inside. He pushed her legs up until her knees were resting on her nipples, and then he looked down into her eyes, and said,

“I love you Katie.”

Then he thrust hard. He felt her hymen tear, but Katie only grunted as his cock invaded the depths of her womb. She felt a thrill of passion for her daddy lover as she felt his cock touch her cervix. Tami’s mouth then closed around Katie’s as she pushed between them, and her tongue probed Katie’s mouth. She pulled back and told Katie that she loved her and that now they could share her daddy all the time. Tom again rolled over, and pulled Katie up on top of him. He motioned for Tami to straddle him, and he slowly began to thrust his cock into his daughter’s tight pussy, feeling like every time he pulled out of her, that her tight cunt was sucking him right back inside, until he was buried all the way inside her. He slowly fucked his daughter while he ate his daughter’s best friend’s pussy and the two girls pressed their nipples together as they kissed, and then he rolled to his side with one leg of each girl pinned beneath him. He thrust harder into Katie, and sucked Tami’s clit into his mouth, and nipped at it with his teeth, causing her to moan, and then she begin to shudder with a climax. His tongue slid up inside her sweet pussy, and then he moved on up and licked around her tiny ass hole. This was a first feeling for her, and as his tongue pushed against her anus, she groaned,

“Oh yeah, Tom, that feels so good.”

Tami began thrusting her ass at Tom’s tongue, as Tom thrust his cock into his daughter. He moved his hand up to Tami’s ass, and for the first time in her young life, she felt his finger enter her ass up to the first knuckle, and then, as if by pre-arraignment they all climaxed together. Tami almost going into convulsion as she climaxed with Tom’s finger pushing further into her young ass as his tongue probed her pussy, and Tom dumped loads of his baby juice inside the pussy of his baby girl, and finally, Katie, who was experiencing her first ever orgasm, was happy it was with her father’s cock so deep inside her pussy. As they all lay together cuddling and recovering from their lovemaking, Katie decided at that moment that this was going to be the first of many orgasms she had while her father fucked her.

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i agre with Singlevirgin but it was really good


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