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Written for the contest on the forum.
The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.

He had probably been waiting up for her. She told him not to and that she would be out with the girls all night and wouldn’t see him till the next morning. But, there were no other lights on, so maybe he was in bed.

She walked up to the front steps, moved the cute little gnome that she had bought to give the place a little character and grabbed the key from beneath it. Her legs were a little wobbly from the night of drinking and lack of sleep. She probably shouldn’t have been driving, but she just had to see him. She fumbled with the key, even dropping it once before getting it in the lock. Turned the lock, entered the house and shut the door behind her. The house was silent so he must still be in bed as the sun was just starting to come up. She kicked off her black high heels and headed for the bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she walked. Tina had long sandy brown hair, grayish blue eyes, 5’ 8” about 135lbs, long legs, a flat tummy. She had very full lips, 36B breasts that were perky and firm. She took care of herself, tried to exercise daily, and liked to think of herself as a nasty, dirty slut.

She laid her blouse on the chair just inside the bedroom door. When she left her apartment to go out for the evening she was wearing a white bra, which was now balled up with her black thong panties in her purse. Standing at the foot of his bed she unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor, slid both hands up her body cupping her breasts, and pinched her semi-hard nipples between her fingers and thumbs sending a little jolt through her body to her still wet and thoroughly used pussy. The man lying in bed before her was Brad; she loved him and loved being a nasty cum loving slut for him. She lifted the blanket and sheet at the foot of the bed and crawled in between his legs. Without waking he turned a little more on to his back, giving her better access to his flaccid cock. Her heart raced. She stuck out her tongue and started licking from his balls up to the head of his cock. She giggled a little at the sight of his cock growing and moving around like it had a mind of its own. It was even pointing right at her like it was asking her to take it in her mouth and down her throat. So she did, taking him in her mouth and down her throat till her nose was pressed into his abdomen. His cock still wasn’t fully erect so it was easy going in and out of her throat. She felt him stir and knew that he would soon be fully awake. Brad woke up knowing exactly what was going on; his little cum slut Tina was sucking him like a pro. His hands immediately went to the back of her head pressing it to him as he thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper in her throat and making her gag a little. Tina took it like the cum slut she was, like the slut she loved being called with Brad’s cock down her throat.

His cock was now fully erect and more difficult to take in her throat, which was fine because her mission wasn’t to suck him off. She wanted to fuck! To feel his cock pound away at her tight wet cunt, well as tight as one can be after being fisted by more than one of her girlfriends during their girls' night out!

She kissed her way up his stomach and chest, passed up his mouth and offered her hard nipples to his hungry lips. She reached behind her as he held her boobs in his hands licking and sucking her nipples. She positioned his hard cock and sat back on it, enjoying every inch of it in her. He fondled her boobs as she sat up, closed her eyes and softly moaned as she got into her rhythm. He grabbed her hips and forcefully pulled her down on his cock, each time she raised up slamming her down. Tina loved it, made her feel like such a slut getting pounded and riding his cock like that. A few minutes later she felt the first wave of orgasm build and wash over her. Her pace slowed a little but Brad kept her going. As his orgasm quickly approached, he pulled her down hard and held her there, his cock buried deep in her slutty cunt as his cum pumped inside her. She felt her second orgasm rock her body as his last spurt of cum was released. She collapsed on him resting her head on his chest, smiled to herself think how she loved being a slut. He smiled to himself thinking what a slut his fianc?was.

After a few moments of rest she popped up and kissed him passionately. She broke from their kiss and with a devilish look on her face waited for his reaction. With a puzzled look he raised his head and smelled her mouth, more her face. It was the first time they had kissed since she woke him that morning. He could taste the alcohol on her breath from the night before, but there was another distinctive taste and smell. She hadn’t sucked his cock after it was in her pussy, yet her mouth, hell her whole face, smelled as if it were covered in pussy juice.

“What have you been doing Tina?” He asked

She climbed off his now flaccid cock, his cum had run out of her and covered his cock. Without answering him she moved down like a good little slut and started cleaning his cock with her mouth. In between licks and swallows she explained to him that the Girls' Night Out for the past six months had consisted of three to five of her friends going out, getting drunk, and going back to whoever’s place was available. Licking, fucking each other with dildos, and more recently fisting to an orgasmic frenzy. By now his cock was completely hard, he didn’t know if it was because of what her mouth was doing or because of what it was saying. The images in his head of her naked with her hot friends would make any man hard. She truly was a dirty little slut, his dirty little slut, the slut that had his cock in her mouth and part way down her throat. He grabbed her head, held it in place and pumped his second load of the day down her throat. She finished cleaning him up making sure not to miss a drop, swallowed, climbed up to his face, gave him a peck on the lips and asked, “Do you still love me?”

He just smiled and stroked her face; how could he not, she was just being a dirty slut like he wanted. Yes, it could be seen as cheating, but it wasn’t with another guy, it was with her girlfriends that have something sexual to offer her that he couldn’t. Who knows, maybe some time he could get to play with the girls, too. Well, at least he could dream.

Some time had passed and it was about two months before their wedding that I was introduced to Tina. I’m not sure why, but she played very hard to get although we both knew we were bi and what we wanted. Anyway we started playing together, quite often, at least once week. I even gave her an orgasm the night of her wedding rehearsal with her apartment full of friends and family. She’s such a slut!
Just before her wedding we started talking about what it would be like if I showed up at the hotel pool on her honeymoon, acting like strangers with her husband off playing golf; I seduce her, and we go back to her room for some steamy lesbian sex. The talk turned to what I would do if her husband came back and caught us together, I told her I would let him fuck me if she wanted, but only if that was what she wanted; it was about her and me.

Her wedding came and went, and we resumed where we had left off, playing together about once a week. I even met and talked to Brad a couple of times. Apparently she had told him of her desire to watch the two of us fuck. He agreed that if she was willing and I was, he would enjoy fucking me. So everything was ok, but I was still hesitant. I didn’t want to be the cause of them breaking up or causing any problems of any kind. I told her if I fucked him it would be on my terms, I would use his cock, and treat her like the slut whore wife she was, which only turned her on even more.

So we set it up, reserved a hotel room, and met there.

I went to the front desk, picked up my card key and went to the room to prepare, I was planning on anal so I like to prepare with a trip to the potty, a cleansing shower, and a relaxing bath with scented oils and candles. They weren’t expected for a couple of hours so I had plenty of time. After the bath I put on a baby blue open cup teddy that had a tie front, g-string back and matching stockings. To me it was more of a show for Tina than anything else. It wasn’t long before Tina and Brad were at the room’s door. I let them in and instructed them to remove their clothing while I adjusted the lighting and turned on some music. We set a chair at the foot of the bed where Tina could watch. This was to be a twosome--at no time was it to become a threesome. I took Tina’s hand, led her to the chair; I gave her a passionate kiss, and my hand slipped between her legs confirming that she was a wet and horny dirty slut. I gave her a push that sent her off balance and sitting in the chair.

Brad’s cock was already hard. I don’t know if it was from the excitement of what was about to happen or if it was because of the passionate kiss I had just given his wife. I instructed him to lie in the center of the bed on his back; I climbed on the bed at his feet, licked up his leg starting at his inner calf, up his thigh and to his balls, kissing, licking and sucking them. His hard cock oozing precum, brushing against my face as I did so, I moved back down the calf of his other leg and licked my way up back up it, this time reaching his cock I just hovered my open mouth over it. I could tell Brad was dying for me to take it in my mouth, and a quick glance at Tina she looked like she was dying to blurt out “SUCK IT, suck that cock!!”. His cock was standing up and twitching; I stuck out my tongue and with the tip of it licked the droplet of precum from the tip. Brad gasped and Tina’s hand went straight between her legs. I had wondered how long it would be before she would be fucking herself with her own fingers.

I then crawled up his body his hard cock making contact with my body as I moved and I kissed his lips, I’m not sure if Tina even noticed because she was halfway to her first orgasm. I then stepped off the bed stood next to Tina, climbed back on the bed on my hands and knees. I looked over my shoulder at her, smiled and pulled the thin piece of fabric covering my wet pussy to the side; I then reached between my legs and rubbed my finger up and down my glistening slit. Putting on a show for Tina I knew she wanted to lick me so bad. I began licking the shaft of brads cock, he let out a moan as I did, he was finally getting what he wanted. But I didn’t care about what he wanted this was about me and Tina. I took his cock in my hand, pointed it straight up and with one movement took his cock balls deep in my mouth and throat. I gagged just a little but fought through it with my nose pressed against his abdomen. I then raised my head up and went to work building a rhythm of long cock sucking strokes front the tip his cock to almost having my face pressed in to his abdomen again. After a while I needed a little break, took his cock from my mouth, a long string of throat saliva stretched from my mouth to his cock.

I looked at Tina and said “Look at how wet sucking your husband’s cock makes me!”

Turning back to Brad I said, “Tell her how I give better head than she does!”

He whimpishly said, “Emily gives better head then you do.”

I asked him if he wanted me to keep sucking; he didn’t sound to convincing.

He replied with, “Yes Emily, please suck my cock, you suck it much better than Tina does!”

I took his cock in my mouth again and quickly regained my rhythm up and down his hard cock, I could tell he couldn’t take much of this and I would have a mouthful of cum soon. I had other plans and they didn’t include his cum in my mouth. I raise my head off his cock again, got off the bed and grabbed a tiny pair of scissors from my purse and cut that silly piece of cloth that was suppose to cover my pussy. With that out of the way my pussy could get some action. I stepped onto the bed and in reverse cowgirl, took Brad’s cock in my hand and guided it in me as I stared into Tina’s eyes. “Yes this is your husband’s cock going into my tight pussy you dirty slut!” I thought to myself as I looked at Tina and took his cock inch by inch in me.

God it felt good but I didn’t want Tina to know, in no time I was bouncing my ass up and down on his cock and heading toward my first orgasm .

I said to Brad over my shoulder, “Tell her how good and tight my pussy feels!”

Brad said to Tina, “Emily’s pussy feels so good and so tight!”

“Tell her my pussy is better than her nasty cunt!” I told him, while staring in her eyes.

“Her pussy is better than yours,” he said whimpishly.

That sent Tina over the edge and into her first self inflicted orgasm. She looked so hot as her orgasm shot through her body. I was soon right behind her with an orgasm of my own, Brad’s cock pisitoning inside me felt so good. Followed soon by Brad erupting inside me. We had all cum within seconds of each other. I quickly climbed off Brad’s cock and laid on my back next to him. Some of his cum ran out of me down his cock, but most of it was still in me.

I told Tina, “Get your slutty ass over her and lick your husband’s cum out of me you slut!”

Tina leaped from her seat and quickly was on her hands and knees, head between my legs licking her husband’s cum from me. Brad just laid there watching his wife be the little lesbian slut she loved to be. Her tongue was deep inside me licking my walls clean and feeling so good I was close to cumming again. I pushed her head with my hand, her face and tongue deeper in me.

I let out a scream, “LICK ME you fucking cunt!!!”

Tina began to lick faster and harder bringing me quickly to another orgasm.

Tired, my head spinning and trying to catch my breath, I told Tina, “Clean my cummy juices and your husband’s cum off his cock, you slut!!”

Tina did as she was told, licking his balls, making sure not to miss anything before turning her attention to his flaccid cock, which was growing again. By the time she had finished cleaning it, it was quite clean and she was enjoying giving him a damn good blow job.

“Slut” I said to Tina, “Get over here and lick my butthole!!”

Tina knew I loved being rimmed and left her husband’s cock to kneel back between my legs again. I raised my legs in the air to give her better access as her tongue swirled around my butthole and started pushing its way into me. Tina has an extra long tongue, almost like Gene Simmons from Kiss, one of the first things anyone that has gotten oral from her notices right away. She knows I love having my butt tongue fucked too, and was pushing it deep inside my relaxed butthole. I was in heaven and so was she. She loves being a nasty slut. After enjoying the anal tongue fucking I was getting it was time to get back to Brad before he got soft again. Then again when I looked over at him he was stroking his cock and watching his wife with her tongue buried deep in my ass and my pussy lips wrapped around her nose.

“Rub my clit you slut and make me cum again!” I order Tina

I don’t know why but I am a very anal girl. Her tongue felt fantastic and her fingers pressing and rubbing my clit into my pubic bone quickly brought me to another orgasm. I just lay on the bed panting after I came. Now it was time for some cock in my ass, but first I want Brad to taste my pussy. Tina moved back to her chair and started touching herself again. I climbed over Brad and got in a 69 position, it was perfect because I could look into Tina’s eyes and suck her husband’s cock while she sat at the foot of the bed. Brad was feasting on my wet pussy, men are like dogs eating as fast as they can and women are more like kittens just taking soft gentle licks. It didn’t matter it felt good anyway.

I said to Brad, while staring into his wife’s eyes, “Tell her how good my pussy tastes!”

“Mmmm, her pussy, mmmmm, tastes so good, babe!” Brad boldly said.

“Tell her it’s better than hers!” I said.

"Mmmm, it’s better than yours!!” Brad said.

“I know it’s good! I've licked it many more times than you have,” Tina said with a gloating smile.

Brad's cock had an upward bend that in this position made it great for deep throating, I quickly had my nose pressed against his balls and his cock down my throat. Tina seemed mesmerized by it. I guess this was the first time she had really seen me give head and the first time seeing someone other than herself sucking Brad’s cock. Well, Brad had his taste of my pussy; I wanted his cock in my ass. I climbed back into reverse cowgirl and positioned myself over his cock.

I told Tina, “Grab his cock and guide it in my butt!”

She did as told and I slowly lowered myself down on it. Once it was inside me she sat back in her seat, put one leg over the arm rest and started fingering herself. She was relaxed and watching the show, and at the same time putting on a show for me. I started moving Brad’s cock in and out of me. It was starting to feel better and I was picking up the pace. The initial pain had turned to pleasure and I was taking deep, hard thrusts of his cock in my ass. Tina fingering her pussy as I stared into her eyes was also turning me on; I started rubbing my clit and in no time was ready to orgasm again.

I moaned to Brad, “Tell her how good my ass feels!!”

Brad quickly spouted back, “She has the BEST ASS!! Better than yours!”

With that he thrust upward and his cock started pumping his cum in my ass. My orgasm took me over at the same time and with my head spinning I could see that Tina was having one of her own.

After I regained my composure I told Tina, “Lie on your back on the bed!”

She did as told; I climbed off Brad’s cock, straddled Tina’s face and lowered my butt to her awaiting tongue.

“Lick your husband's cum from my ass, you dirty filthy slut!” I told her.

Tina did as she was told. Well, she would have without me telling her anyway, but she enjoyed being told what to do and called dirty filthy slut. Once she was done cleaning my butt I climbed off the bed and sat in the chair at the foot of the bed. Tina then moved to her husband’s cock, licking the cum that had seeped from me and run down his balls.

“Do you like the taste of my ass mixed with your husband’s cum, you nasty slut?” I asked

Without taking her mouth from his cock she grunted “Mmmm hmmm!” and nodded her head. The slut was in heaven; her fantasy of me fucking her husband had finally come true. I put on a long coat I had brought, collected a few of my things in the bag I brought and slipped out of the room. I’m sure Tina begged him to give her cunt a good pounding when I left and I’m sure he was happy to do it.

Such a naughty slut.


2013-03-16 01:42:45
Eat my cum, slut. Taste your ass on my cock.

Very interestingReport

2010-05-20 07:47:11
ejls said in forum post today that she would protect her child with her life....yet she also says she condones abortion, ok...WTF do you guys see her for what she is, a waffling, say whatever she thinks you want to hear queen of the alley type a girl? Very interesting


2010-05-17 19:53:53
Not too bad. Too bad, however, that wantsomefun saw fit to dick your story in another review, the sneaky prick. He and ejls are like that, sneaky and up each other's butts, sorry.


2010-05-14 14:51:39
loved it. though when i was hired to do somr=ething similar by a wife, i was more a teacher to them. it was her way to save theyre marriage and it worked.


2010-05-14 09:47:20
Hmmm, apparently quotation marks don't turn out too well in the comments section. ;-)

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