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Seems her drunken boyfriend likes it rough and was waiting for her at the door yesterday when I dropped her off. When she got inside, he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder and carried her off to
their bedroom. There, he tossed her onto the bed and began stripping her down. When he had her naked, he pinned her to the sheets and began eating at her pussy, roughly, his broken teeth scraping her tender
labia and chewing till she cried out in pain. He'd never done that before, she told me later, and she tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn't relent.

When he'd chewed her beautiful crotch to a bloody mess, he rolled her over on her tummy and began eating her ass, driving his tongue into her hole as he chewed her pucker like it was a steak done just the way he liked it.
"David, stop! You're hurting me," she told me she'd cried out, but he kept at it. He had her tiny, 108 pound frame pinned down with his 220 plus pounds of fat, drunken weight and she couldn't move to save
herself from this attack. She was at his total mercy; he was in complete control. His hardened cock was rubbing the skin on her back and growing slicker with his pre-cum. Suddenly she felt a load spurt
onto her back, but he kept chewing on her butt cheeks and running his mouth and tongue up and down the crack of her ass like a man possessed,slobbering and mumbling about his "dirty little whore" finally coming home from her "old" friend's house!

She says that she'd hoped his orgasm would make him pause so she could crawl away but it was like he never felt it. His fat legs had her arms pinned down and his hands and arms were pressing her legs into the sheets. The pain was unbearable for her, rolling up and down her body like waves on an ocean, but still he kept on. She could feel warm, slimy moisture dripping down her crack and puddling under her pussy. But he wasn't done with her yet. Suddenly, he reversed his body and dropped back down on her, yanking her legs apart and piercing her anal opening with his huge cock. He pounded her as she nearly passed out from the pain of this newest violation, then he grunted like the pig that he is and poured a second load into her burning asshole.Somewhere in there, he'd grabbed her throat and started choking her like he sometimes does to heighten her orgasm. She'd passed out and not long after, he must have, too. When she awoke, he had collapsed on top of her and lay there, limp, snoring loudly. She crawled out from under his massive bulk and made it to the bathroom and surveyed the carnage to her body. Blood ran in a tiny stream down the insides of her legs. Her vulva and anus felt like they'd been through a grinder and were raw and scraped.Later she would see that it was her own blood mixed with his inebriated drool that stained the sheets of their bed where they'd laid thoughout the ordeal. Enduring the pain, she dabbed at herself with tissue in an attempt to clean herself. The stench of his sweat and cum hung in the air around
her. She finally gave up trying to clean herself and ran a warm bath and soaked in it. After she'd dried herself, she donned a cotton night shirt and covered herself with a blanket, took a pain pill from the
medicine cabinet and collapsed on the couch.

That was last night, and I awoke this morning to the phone. It was her, and she whispered that I had to come and get her as soon as I could. I did just that, and she told me the whole story on the way
back to my place, assuring me that everything would be alright and that he'd never done anything like that to her before. But, I had to wonder.......

When I got her to my place, she stripped her clothes off and made me look at her all over. She was a mess, and I spread a towel on my bed so she could lay down. You could see his hand prints on the skin of
her neck. There were red welts where he'd pressed his fingernails too deeply into the skin.
"Why don't we take you to the hospital?" I asked her as I surveyed her body.
"Cause they'll ask questions and I don't want to get him in trouble," she told me.
"I'd like to get him "in trouble," I thought. "I'd like to put two behind his ear. He could have killed you," I said.
I got salve and some gauze and went to work on her wounds. The lips of her pussy looked like they'd been scraped with a potato peeler. She jerked in pain. I tried to comfort her as I spread the Neosporin on
the raw skin of her labia. Once I had it slathered with the soothing unguent, I had her roll over on her belly and told her to spread her cheeks open with her hands. Her little bumhole looked like he'd worked
over with one of those old-fashioned can openers. It was torn both above and below her spincter from the sheer size of his cock-shaft and all the violent thrusting he'd done as he sodomized her. I felt my
blood beginning to boil, but I kept my mouth shut. You can't say anything about her man, you see. And here, in this back country region, a woman is expected to take that kind of abuse from her man and not complain about it.
"Babygirl, you'll be shitting blood for a month," I told her.
"No, I'll be Ok. He was just whiskey-drunk. He gets real mean on brown liquor," She whispered weakly.
"So this has happened before?" I asked. But she didn't reply. I was starting to wish this was deer season and David was really a ten-point buck.

I worked on her, as gently as I could, and there were moments I'd hear her whimper in pain, but she bravely insisted that I finish with my ministrations. I did so, as I comforted her as best I could. It took a
great amount of self-restraint not to drive back to their house and take a hammer to his fat face.

I made her rest and soon she was asleep. Now, I'm at a loss; should I take her back home? Or keep her here where she is safe?

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2012-12-24 01:15:23
I wondere wehy in hell she doesn't want tro get her bvully asshole bouyfriend in trouble........... she must be some kind of a mashokist to keep going back to him............ I think if I were her savior I'd tell hedr she would either have to leave hin or stay away from me........... it's one thing to be a nice guy, but, she sounds like she is taking advantage of him

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