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It was finally Friday, and the end of a long week. Most of the people in the office were talking about going out for drinks after work. We went to the same little bar we usually go to, and I had a couple drinks, and we sat and laughed and talked about life in general. I was really feeling the alcohol, and was ready to go home, change, and go out on the town.
I went home, and immediately my dog Samson came to greet me. He was awesome, and provided alot of companionship. He's a Great Dane, and I'd had him about 2 years at that time. I called my friends, and Julie had a date, and Amber was going to the her lake house for the weekend. I was stuck. I could've called Thomas to go out, but I didn't want to deal with a man today. I wanted to hang out with the girls. I made myself a drink out of the bottle I had in the kitchen, and went through the house taking my suit and heels off as I went. By the time I made it to my bedroom, I just had my panties and stockings on. I sat down on the bed, and took them off, and just threw them to the side. It was FRIDAY finally!! Anyone who works a Monday through Friday job can appreciate Friday. It's like you can exhale, and just relax for two days.
I sipped on my drink, and made my way to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, and let the steam roll out and fill the room. It was so relaxing. My body was starting to unwind from the long week. I sat my drink down, and almost unconsciously started rubbing my tits, and pinching my nipples. I moaned, and I could feel a tingle in my pussy. I let my hand slide down my stomach, and over my neatly trimmed pussy mound. I slid my finger easily past my outer pussy lips, and I slid my finger up and down my wet slit. I was amazed at how fast my pussy got wet. I took my finger out of my wet snatch, and put it to my full lips and sucked it slowly into my mouth. I love the taste of my own pussy. It's very erotic to taste myself. I envied Samson for being able to lick his own dick. I finally snapped out of my erotic fog, and got into the shower. The hot water relaxed me even more, and I decided I would just stay in tonight. I needed to make my pussy cum anyway, why not make a night of it.
I finished showering, towel dried my hair, put on my short red silk robe (no panties of course) and made my way back toward my bedroom with my drink. I reached the doorway, and just stopped. Samson was laying on the floor, licking his big dog dick. My panties I had just taken off were laying in front of him, and it was obvious he had licked the crotch clean. His big red dick was poking out of his sheath as he just kept slurping at it with his tongue. I just stood there and admired him for a couple minutes, and I could feel the burning start deep in my pussy walls. I sipped my drink again, and sat it down on my desk. "Oh Samson, you just can't get enough of mommy's pussy, can you boy?" I said. I walked over and bent down beside him, and he finally took his attention from his dick, and looked up at me with those eager eyes. I stroked the top of is head and scratched under his neck. I let my other hand slip between my legs, and into my hot, wet slit. I stuck my middle finger all the way into my pussy and pulled it back out so it was covered with my pussy juice. "Here you go boy. Taste mommy's wet pussy." Samson licked my finger clean and sat up tall. He knew what was coming. I could hear a faint whimper come from his throat, and I just giggled. It was funny to see how patient he could be, even though he wanted it right then. It was as if I was holding a steak right in front of him, but he had to wait until I gave him permission to start devouring it. "you have to wait Samson. Mommy is going to enjoy this tonight, because my pussy is hot and I need to cum!" I gave him a big playful rub on his head, and got up. "Come on boy, mommy will give you a treat in the kitchen."
I drank the last of my drink, and headed for the kitchen, Samson right on my heels. He was my baby. Sometimes I did feel guilty about committing such crude acts with him. He really did love it though. I opened the pantry, and pulled out his milkbone treats, made him sit, and gave it to him. I made me another drink with cognac, and headed back to the bedroom and turned on my computer. I could hear Samson in the kitchen lapping at his water to rinse the milkbone down. He came trotting to the bedroom and sat at attention looking at me eagerly. "Mommy is going to play on the computer, and you can help baby boy." It is almost funny how I talk to him when I'm horny. I can get just as nasty as I want to, and he won't care. It is something I can't let myself do with men. I get nasty, but not that extreme.
I started looking at porn on the internet. Just pictures at first, then moved on to the little free video clips you're so fortunate to find. I love watching two women have sex. It is almost more appealing than watching a man and a woman have sex. I guess because I've got plenty of experience with men, but not with women. Curiosity perhaps. I got to the lesbian vid clip, and that's when I couldn't take it. Between the cognac, the porn, and Samson sitting right next to me whining about needing to lick my pussy, I was in a cloud of ecstasy. I spread my long legs, and I could feel my fat pussy rubbing on the rough fabric of my desk chair, so I started grinding it harder into the chair. I was rubbing and squeezing on my tits, and pinching my nipples.
I made myself stop right then. I wanted this to last all night long, so I didn't want to cum too fast. I turned on my web cam, and went to a chat room. Almost immediately, there were several people sending me instant messages asking to view my camera. I always let them. It doesn't matter who asks, I just let them. I love to let people watch me masturbate. I have the camera tilted at an angle to where you can only see my body, not my face. I feel like it would be unlikely you would run into anyone you know in the real world on there anyway. So I parted my thighs so everyone would get a nice shot of my fat pussy. It was just glistening with cum juice. I leaned back in my chair, and started rubbing my pussy. Just lightly, imagining they were all stroking their dicks, and rubbing their pussies. Samson was whining, and drooling, and barely could set still. I just smiled at him "mama's baby boy wants to lick my pussy? Hmmm? Oh, you big nasty boy, licking all of mommy's pussy juice down your throat. I want you to suck my asshole out tonight boy. I want you to lap at my fat pretty pussy until I cum." Samson still sat patiently; he knew better than to come lick me if I didn't tell him to. It is amazing how much constraint he has. I could see his big red dick just bulging out of it's sheath. "Stand Samson", I said. Samson immediately stood up, and I started rubbing his chest and moving down to his slimy dick. My other hand was still gently rubbing my whole pussy mound. I started stroking Samson's dick and rubbing his balls. It's great how tight they get. I took my fingers off Samson's dick, and started pinching my nipples hard and kneading my tits like I was in some kind of trance. I was so horny by this time, I probably looked crazed to the people watching on the web cam.
I granted about 22 more viewers access to see what was going on in my bedroom. By this time, there were 53 people watching me. It was so erotic to think all those people were getting off watching me get off. I swiveled my desk chair around to where I was facing Samson, and readjusted my camera slightly to make sure everyone had a good view. "Samson, come," I said as I pointed to the floor between my legs. "Sit." Samson done exactly as he was told, in loyal fashion. I situated my round, full ass on the edge of my chair, and pulled my knees up, propping my right foot on the edge of the desk. This gave all my "fans" a very good view of my pussy and my asshole. I spread my pussy lips wide, and my big clit was standing straight up, peeking from under the hood. I started rubbing it slowly with my middle finger on my right hand. Samson's nose was only about 2 inches away from my pussy. I could feel his hot panting all over it. It was such a turn on. "Samson, here, lick mommy's pussy", I said as I tapped my finger on my hard clit. That was all he was waiting on. Samson started licking my wet dripping slit from my asshole to my clit in one big slurp, then quickly concentrated on my gaping pussy hole. He knows exactly where the thick pussy juice comes from. I could feel his long tongue deep in my pussy. I was rubbing my clit frantically by this time, and my breathing was heavy. "Suck mommy's pussy you little fuck! Oh yes! Mommy's baby boy wants to taste my pussy juice! Mmmmmm! Oh yes! Lick my pussy you naughty boy!" It seemed like the more I talked to him, the deeper his tongue got. I started humping his tongue, and I could feel his wet nose rubbing against my clit. "Fuck yes! You lick that pussy you nasty fucking dog! Rape my pussy hole!" I could feel my pussy getting ready to explode. I was in a complete state of ecstasy. My body was over taken by the heavy warm feeling of orgasm. Samson could hardly take all the pussy juice that was flowing over his tongue.
My breathing was heavy and deep as I pulled Samsons head out of my crotch. I turned off my webcam, and started getting instant messages immediately. 'that was hot baby, let me see you again sometime'. I just laughed, and turned my computer off, lit a cigarette, and took a sip of my drink. Samson was sitting there looking at me with his dick so far out of the sheath, it looked like it could explode any second. "Don't worry boy, mommy's not gonna leave you with blue balls." I giggled. I took a long drag off my cigarette, and stretched my legs on either side of Samson's big furry body. I made sure my hot cunt was only inches from his face. I reached down and started stroking my swollen clit and pussy lips. "Come Samson", I said as I tapped on my pussy. He started licking my cunt hole again and sinking it deep in my love canal. "ohhhhh yes!! Suck mommy's pussy you nasty little dog! Take mommys wet cunt and use it. Rape mommy's pussy with your tongue!" Samson started licking furiously, and I covered up my cunt hole, and spread my ass cheeks. He didn't need a formal invitation. His tongue started lapping at my puckered little asshole. I started fucking my wet, sloshy cunt with 3 fingers, and the pussy juice was spilling out and running down my ass crack. I got onto the floor on my hands and knees, and stuck my ass in the air. I could feel Samson mounting me, and his furry legs were wrapping around my mid section. His slimy dog dick was poking my ass cheeks trying to find my hole. The first hole he found was my asshole. He plunged it inside. I let out a loud, deep moan, sounding almost animalistic myself. He had licked my asshole enough that it was relaxed, and his dick felt good fucking it. I could feel his furry body humping my ass, and his dick plunging all the way up my ass. "oh, fuck mommy's asshole Samson! Fuck my shit hole good!" I shoved my fingers up my pussy, and imagined I was getting raped in both holes by two perfect strangers. Using me like a slut. My whole body tensed, and I could feel my pussy clamping my fingers, and my asshole clamping Samson's dick. The cum started oozing down my wrist. At the same time, I felt Samson starting to pump faster, and he started grunting and drooling all over my back. I felt his hot jizz squirt deep in my asshole. It almost felt like he was pissing inside me.
I collapsed in a heap on the floor. Samson stayed there with me for about 5 minutes, then he got up and went to the corner and started licking his cock clean. I lay there and watched him for a few minutes, still full of envy.
I showered, put back on my robe, grabbed my drink and cigarettes, and headed to the living room to watch a movie. Samson soon trotted in behind me, and took his spot by the main entry door, doing what he does best. Making sure mommy is taken care of.
This was far better than going out on the town. It was the best Happy Hour I could have asked for on this particular day.

The End

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