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The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.

She knew where he’d be, sitting at his kitchen table, with the lights out, tapping away on his lap-top. On that internet site, looking at the pictures of the women no doubt. She smiled once more, and wondered if he was looking yet again at the new pictures of herself that she’d posted on there. After the text messages she’d just been sending him, he ought to be.
She stopped, just at the edge of the trees. She pulled the phone out of the pocket of her coat, the long one. It reached halfway down her calf, and she was glad that she’d put her knee length boots on underneath. They only had a small wedge heel, so they were good to walk through the woods in, and meant that her legs weren’t bare walking through the undergrowth. It was a half mile through the woods from her house at the top of the hill down to his, and more than twice that down the winding road that led past both their houses to the town at the bottom.

She thumbed another text message. The last few should have got him turned on already, so now it was time to get what she wanted, and get him to do exactly what she wanted him to do, too.

[I want specl pic of ur cok] she pressed send.

[wot u mean] came the answer, within a few seconds,

[want pic of ur hard cok in ur hottub lol] she replied.

[but she in house :( ] he sent back.

[so? bet she wasted agin dare u dare u double dog dare u - will suk u off nex time i c u if u do]

There was no answer for a minute, as she waited silently in the woods, then she heard the kitchen door quietly unlock, open and then close. She ducked back behind a tree as he walked across the wooden decking at the back of his house, and she watched him look back, then pull the cover off the hot-tub, remove his jeans and shirt, and slip into the steaming pool. She could hardly stop herself laughing as she watched him carefully lean back out of the tub, take his phone from his trouser pocket, and take a snap of himself.
‘Men!’ she thought to herself ‘So easily manipulated, so gullible.’

As quietly as she could, she inched around to the side of the house, reached down and unzipped her boots, leaving them just by the side of the deck and noiselessly crept up behind where he was now sitting in the tub, about to send the pic to her.
She sent one last message, [dont drop ur phone!] then when she saw him look closely at his phone she knew that he’d received the message so she stepped up behind him and said quietly

“Don’t drop that now, will you!”

He swivelled around in surprise, and said “Wha....what you doing here! She’ll…”

“She’ll do nothing – I bet she’s up there in bed, full of Prozac and Gin as usual, isn’t she?”

“Yeah” he said, wistfully.

“Well then, how about this instead then?” she said as she undid the belt and pulled her coat open, to show that she was completely naked underneath!
His eyes widened, and the surprised expression on his face turned to a broad smile as she dropped the coat alongside his clothes, and hopped into the warm water of the tub alongside him.

“A promise is a promise…” she whispered to him, and took a large gulp of air, closed her eyes then plunged her head down under the bubbling water. She fumbled her way down his body and, pursing her lips, pushed her mouth down over his stiff cock. It was difficult to suck on it whilst being unable to breathe, and the taste of the chemicals in the water made it very unpleasant, but she stayed down there as long as she could, although probably only ten seconds or so. She burst back up to the surface, spitting out the water from her mouth, and taking a gasp of air.
She pushed her wet hair back out of her eyes, and saw the grin on his face. He was still sitting in the tub, so she straddled him, and guided his cock into her pussy. It was long, and thick, and she felt a glow of satisfaction as it slid into her.
She knew they’d have to be quick, just in case his wife woke up and realised he wasn’t in the house.

She rode him furiously for a minute, the sensations of the warm water bubbling around her adding to the sensuousness of it all. Her breasts dipped in and out of the water with each stroke as she bounced on him, the constant splashing around her hardened nipples adding even more to the sensations.
Although she was nearing her orgasm, she wanted to change position, and the thought of underwater doggy was too good to resist. She raised herself off his cock, climbed to one side of him and whispered “Do me from behind!”

She put her arms out over the edge of the tub, and squeezed her breasts up against the edge, kneeling on the underwater seat. She felt his cock nudge at the lips of her pussy, then slide upwards, and felt him rub his cock between the cheeks of her ass.
She reached around with one hand, and guided him back into her pussy.
He was too big for her to take up the ass.
She wouldn’t even let her regular partner do her that way. She’d done it with a couple of boyfriends in the past of course. It had been enjoyable the first time, with a guy she’d dated in college, but after that, she’d had a fling with an older guy, her boss at her first proper job, and he’d been bigger, and rougher, and she hadn’t enjoyed it.

As her lover began to thrust into her, she reached down and, with two fingers, stroked her clit. They were over a water jet now, and the pleasure for both of them was immense. As she stroked herself, the jet bubbled around her clit, increasing the sensations. She closed her eyes, almost lost in the pleasure. The flow of water stroking around his balls set him off, and he shuddered as he pumped his load into her. She rubbed her clit faster and faster, and soon she came too. She wanted to scream, scream his name out, scream out God’s name, scream out anything but she knew that she daren’t. She bit her lip as she came - her orgasm was massive, fuelled by the bubbling warm water stimulating her whole body, and the sheer audaciousness of their illicit sex.

She knew she should feel guilty about having another woman’s husband, but she didn’t. ‘If she was looking after him properly’ she thought to herself ‘then he wouldn’t be with me. If she wasn’t stoned out of her brains on medication and booze every night, she could be doing this with him, but she isn’t, the stupid bitch!”
The thought that they could be discovered added to the thrill, though.

They’d done it in his garage once before, when he’d told his wife he was ‘fixing the car’, he’d fixed her alright – she’d been sprawled across the bonnet of his car while he’d fucked her fast and furiously. They’d even done it in the woods once, back in the summer. They’d met half-way, she’d brought a blanket. He had ‘taken the dog for a walk’ and the poor thing had been tied to a tree while they fucked. Doggy fashion. They’d laughed about that afterwards, joking that the dog must’ve realised what they were up to.

She shook herself away from the memories. Back to the now.
She climbed out of the pool. He’d only brought one towel out with him, not realising of course that she was there. She grabbed it, towelled her hair back, and quickly dried herself. She threw the wet towel at him so he could dry himself as best he could, and picked up her coat. It was getting cold now, and the late autumnal air chilled her goose-bumped body. Her nipples hardened again, but from the cold this time.

“We’d best go!” she whispered, and pulled her coat on. He nodded, and they kissed, passionately, as lovers do immediately after sex.
He replaced the tub cover and tip-toed back inside the house. She heard the door quietly click shut, and the bolt go across, as she reached the edge of the decking. She looked around for her boots, but they’d gone!
A brief bolt of terror ran through her. She searched around, in case she was mistaken in the dark, and they were nearby, but she soon realised that someone must’ve taken them.
Someone must’ve been watching them in the tub! A little scared now, she wondered who else could be up here at this time of night. Kids? It was a long way to the next house, another mile maybe down the hill?

She realised she had to get home, so she gingerly began to pick her way up through the woods. She couldn’t risk going down to the road, it was a long walk up, and she was afraid that someone driving through would see her. That would possibly give the game away, especially so a woman walking barefoot up the hill at night - that would surely attract attention.

The ground was cold and wet, and the twigs and branches hurt the soles of her feet. She hopped a couple of times as she stood on something spiky in the dark. As she made her way back up through the woods, she began to hurry. She thought she heard someone behind her. She couldn’t see anything in the darkness, but nevertheless she began to go quicker. She let out a squeal as she caught her ankle on something – probably a root - and twisted it, painfully. She limped on, becoming more and more scared. Her feet hurt quite badly now. She shivered from the cold, her wet hair clinging to her head. She felt wretched; the elation of the earlier sexual encounter in the tub had gone. Pain and fear had taken over now.

No matter, she thought to herself, she was in sight of her own house, when she saw something that made her stop short, rooted to the spot. The sight hit her like a bolt out of the blue – her own husband’s car was parked outside their house! What the hell was he doing here? His shift at the station wasn’t supposed to finish until midnight! In the still of the night she could just hear the faint ticks of the engine cooling, so she knew he had only just arrived. She felt for the keys in her pocket. Perhaps she could sneak in the back door into the kitchen, and pretend she’d been in the house all the time?

She made to move off again, when something hard and solid hit the back of her head, and she fell forward on to the ground, dazed and fighting for consciousness. A blow to her ribcage hit her with such force that it turned her over onto her back - a kick, she realised with horror.
She lay there, dazed, stars dancing before her eyes. As her vision cleared slightly she could see in the faint glow coming from the lights outside her house the face of her attacker.

Her lover’s wife!

Still too stunned to move, she knew she was no match for the much bigger and heavier woman when suddenly the Other Woman dropped violently onto her, knees landing on her chest with such force it knocked all the breath out of her. She was totally unprepared for what happened next – the Other Woman punched her smack in the middle of the face. Not a slap as you’d expect from a woman, but a punch like a man would throw, like a bare-knuckle fighter! More stars. Her head span as she felt the rush of warm wetness on her face and in her mouth and she realised that her nose was bleeding freely.

“BITCH!” the Other Woman spat. “You fucking bitch, you fucking cock-happy bitch!” the Other Woman stood up and began to speak into her phone, then broke away to shout “Over here! I got the bitch!”

She lay there terrified, wondering if she could get to her feet and make a run toward her house when she saw the Other Woman’s pistol. Pointed at her. The Other Woman said nothing now, but held her phone in the air with her free hand, the light from the screen providing a beacon to allow the mysterious other person to find them in the gloom.
Still lying on the cold ground, she heard footsteps behind her, and she twisted her head to see who this other person was. With a sudden feeling of vertigo, she felt the world slip away from her as she saw the familiar shape of her own husband approaching. He stopped alongside her, still dressed from work, and then crouched by her. Frozen with terror, she could do nothing as he delivered a swinging smack with the flat of his hand to her cheek. Her face exploded with pain, the white hot sting seemed to scream inside her mind.
He reached down and pulled the belt of her coat open, exposing her naked body underneath.

“Slut” her husband hissed at her, when he finally spoke.

He reached into the pocket of her coat and removed her phone. She could see the screen; the words ‘new picture message received’ were on the front of the screen. He pressed the buttons to open the message – the picture of her lover’s penis was there, the one he’d taken in the pool earlier, he’d sent it to her after he’d gone back inside the house, obviously. Her husband showed the picture to the Other Woman. She grimaced, tears in her eyes “Yes, that’s him alright.”
Her husband read out some of the texts from earlier – both the ones she’d sent and the ones she’d received. He shook his head, then spun and hurled the phone against a tree with such force it shattered, pieces flying everywhere.
Suddenly, with a fast movement, he stooped again, and rolled her over, so she was face down in the cold, wet, mud. He pulled her coat up, higher than her waist, and she felt his weight press down on her.
He grasped her ass cheeks hard, pulling them apart, and she suddenly realised what he was about to do. She began to squirm, to try and struggle free, when she heard her husband say “ Give me that”, and then she felt the cold metal of the end of the gun barrel press against her cheek.

“Don’t move - slut” her husband snarled.

Frozen once more with terror, she was unable to move as she felt his cock begin to push into her ass. She felt the head push in slowly, as he lined it up….then he thrust it as far in as he could, one hand roughly grasping her ass cheek, as the other continued to point the gun at her face.

The pain was almost unbearable. It felt as though she had been punched in the stomach from within, a feeling of nausea swept over her, she dry-urged, and it felt as though her insides had filled with ice-cold, but burning cement.
Her face rubbed in the dirt as he continued to fuck her ass heavily, one hand now grasping her shoulder, the other still pressing the gun against her face, which was side down in the dirt. Her tears began to flow, running down her muddied cheeks. The Other Woman watched and laughed loudly as he finally dumped his load inside her, withdrew, and then roughly pulled her over onto her back again. She could feel the warm cum inside her, a physical violation, adding to her humiliation. Her husband handed the pistol back to the Other Woman. “You know what to do with that” he said “Do what we said we would.”

“Of course.” said the Other Woman “Can’t wait.”

The gun was pointed straight at her as she lay there defencelessly, fascinated by the horror of it all. The Other Woman clicked a button on the side of the gun, the safety catch no doubt, and she squeezed the trigger slightly, so the hammer moved back, poised to spring forward and release the bullet in the chamber. The fear was too much for her now, and she felt the sudden rush of hot liquid between her legs, as a steaming jet of urine shot out. Despite her fear, she also managed to feel embarrassed at her loss of self-control.

“HA HA HA HA the bitch is pissing herself!” the Other Woman gloated.

She closed her eyes as the Other Woman squeezed the trigger all the way.
She heard the shot ring out - in the still of the night it was the loudest thing she’d ever heard, the noise of the deafening report blasted through her head. She tensed, her body now rigid with abject terror. There was silence, apart from the muffled echoes of the shot ringing through the wood. She tentatively opened her eyes.
Both the Other Woman and her husband began to laugh, their mocking laughter ringing out every bit as deafeningly loud as the gunshot had been, it seemed.

“It was a blank, you bitch!” the Other Woman guffawed at her.

“Would have served you right if it had been for real though.” Her husband added. He squatted beside her, and removed the keys from her coat pocket. “If you’re anywhere near MY house when I get back, it might be!” he threatened. “Just fuck off. I don’t care where, just as long as it’s a long way from here.” He turned to the Other Woman “Shall we?” he asked her.

“Yes, let’s go sort that other fucker out” she laughed “I reckon he’ll not only piss, I reckon that bastard will shit himself too, when you point the gun at him!”
They both laughed, and made off into the woods, back down the hill towards the other house.

She picked herself up off the ground, weeping. There was blood congealing around her nose, wisps of steam still rose from her legs, and the tears from her eyes only served to streak the mud stuck to her face.
The pain inside her ached, worse than any period pain she’d ever experienced, her sore behind making it even more difficult to walk.
Her hair clung to her head, still damp, knotted and now muddied too. The soles of her feet still hurt, and she struggled to stand on her twisted ankle.
Sadly she made her way toward the road, too scared to head to the house that had been her home for the past seven years. She knew her husband had a gun of his own, and his wasn’t loaded with blanks.
It took her an age, it seemed, to limp to the road, then she turned and began to struggle down the hill towards the town….

She limped down the road, the feel of the cold wet tarmac beneath her sore feet only serving to remind her of her predicament. No phone, no money, no cards, no ID, not even any clothes apart from the long coat she wore. She shivered as she wondered what she was going to do. Find a payphone somewhere? She could call her best friend, Julia, and reverse the charges.

Ju was her best friend; she would come out and pick her up in her car. She wondered what she would tell her though. Julia disapproved of her affairs; Julia had always told her that she ought to remain faithful as she’d married a smashing man, with a good job. She’d always nodded sagely and agreed with Ju, then ignored her advice completely, immediately afterwards. The two women had been good friends since college and had been chief bridesmaid at each others weddings. She was even godmother to Julia’s daughter, Jamie.

She wondered if Ju had ever realised what went on while she, Julia, had been in hospital for a week after giving birth to Jamie. She’d gone round to look after the dogs, and also to make sure that Ju’s husband Jimmy had a hot meal inside him. Jimmy was one of those alpha-males, handsome, very macho and supremely capable around the house with DIY and suchlike, but unable to be trusted to even boil an egg in the kitchen.

She’d looked after Jimmy alright.

The first night after Jamie had been born she’d gone round to the house and was waiting, with a hot meal cooked, for Jimmy to get back from the hospital.
He’d stopped off at a bar on the way home ‘To wet the baby’s head’ he’d said.
They’d shared a bottle of wine as they ate, and then she’d poured up a whiskey for them both. They’d sat on the sofa drinking and, as Jimmy had chatted merrily away, she’d slipped her hand down his chest and had rubbed his crotch as she sat next to him. He’d stopped speaking, and offered her no resistance as she’d unzipped him and given him a blow-job there and then.
It was only after he’d shot his load into her mouth that he told her that Julia wasn’t a fan of oral sex. She very rarely performed it on Jimmy, and had never allowed him to cum in her mouth.
She’d enjoyed the feeling of one-upmanship that this gave her over her friend, and for the next week, she’d spent every night in the bed of her best friend, with the husband of her best friend.

She and Jimmy had agreed that once Julia came out of hospital, it would be over and neither of them would mention it again, and they hadn’t – apart from the New Year’s Eve party two years ago, when she’d been coming out of the toilet to find Jimmy queuing there. She’d pulled him back into the toilet with her, and they’d had hasty, rapid, hard, rough sex there and then, standing up in the small WC. She’d dressed as a gangster’s moll for the fancy dress party, and he’d simply pushed up her short little black dress and pulled her panties to one side and stuck his throbbing cock into her, and fucked her for all he was worth.
She’d pulled away from him as he’d begun to grunt his orgasm, and had swiftly knelt, ramming her lips over his cock in time to catch the semen as it pumped forth, swallowing it greedily down.
Both Julia and her own husband had looked at them a bit suspiciously as they’d rejoined the party, but nothing had ever been said.

She felt a little guilty now – but only because Julia was the only person she could turn to. She had few female friends; too many of them were suspicious of her and her reputation. Her own husband had always previously ignored the rumour-mongers, perhaps because he wanted not to believe them.

Obviously, that had changed tonight.

She continued to limp down the road, and saw the headlights of a vehicle heading up the road. She stepped off the road, as far into the bushes at the side as she could, hoping that the driver wouldn’t see her, or at least the state she was in. She wiped the now-drying blood from around her nose onto her sleeve, and pushed her coat towards her ass, to wipe the semen that was now dribbling from her anus, onto the lining. She licked her palm, and tried to rub the mud off her face.

As the vehicle approached she saw it was a large truck, chugging slowly up the hill. As it passed her she realised that the driver had plenty of time to see her, and she’d lowered her eyes in shame as she stood by the roadside for several seconds as the truck slowly passed by.

She’d previously had fun with the truckers on this road. There was a transport depot on the industrial estate on the far side of the hill, so a lot of trucks passed up and down during the course of the day and night.
During the summer she used to jog each afternoon, sometimes wearing jogging pants, sometimes (when the weather was at its warmest) wearing shorts, but with either she used to wear just a little vest, and sometimes no bra underneath.
She used to Vaseline her nipples to avoid them getting sore, and this made the material stick to them, making them very visible. She was big up top anyway, and the combination of shorts and vest showed off her 34DD-26-36 figure perfectly. She enjoyed the frequent wolf-whistles and shouted comments from the drivers as they passed. Sometimes she’d reward them by pulling her vest up at the front, and flashing her boobs at the trucks as they drove past, hoping that the drivers could see her in their mirrors.

It normally took her about 20 minutes to run down to the bottom of the hill, and about 25 to jog back up. She knew it was going to take a lot longer than 20 minutes tonight, with bare, sore, feet, limping from her twisted ankle, and still aching from the cock that had been forcefully jammed into her ass. The night seemed to grow colder, too – the mist had thickened like a chilled, damp blanket. She wasn’t even sure if she could make it that far, the mile into town could have been twenty, or thirty, the way she was walking now.

Then, a truck approached from behind her. As it drew alongside her, it slowed, and stopped just a few yards in front of her. She heard the window wind down and a voice shout “Hey, Lady – you need a ride into town?”
The truck looked the same as the one that had gone up the hill a few minutes earlier, obviously from the same company, or was it the same one? She didn’t know and didn’t care.
She struggled, but gladly pulled herself up into the cab, wincing from the pain in her rear.

Thoughts raced through her mind. She wondered what cover story she could tell the driver to explain why she was wandering barefoot down the hill this late in the evening, she hoped that all the blood was off her nose, she hoped she could stop her coat falling open to expose her nakedness underneath, she hoped that the driver wouldn’t smell the urine and semen that had run down her legs, and she hoped that he wouldn’t insist on driving her straight to the police station. She didn’t know if her husband’s colleagues there knew what had happened, but he must have told them something in order to finish work early.
She knew she didn’t want to find out if they knew. For all she knew she could end up in a cell on some trumped-up charge.

She hastily pretended to be confused, and affected a stammer as she spoke. Inwardly proud, even in this horrid situation, of her ability to manipulate and dupe men, she told the driver that she didn’t really know who she was.
She said that she’d come to, lying in the woods – she must’ve fallen and hit her head and had amnesia – she couldn’t remember who she was, and could he drive her to the hospital, please?
Relived, she settled back into the passenger seat. There wouldn’t be any problem about the driver smelling her at least, his body odour seemed to fill the cab, the stale sweat made her wrinkle her nose. She thought about opening the window again, but decided not to risk offending the man who would be her saviour by getting her to the hospital, and there’d be a payphone there.

She glanced sideways at the driver. He was in his fifties, unshaven, and his greasy hair was unkempt. He wore a dirty, stained vest underneath a bright yellow Hi-Visibility waistcoat, and his beer-gut was visible over the top of a pair of filthy work-trousers.
As they reached the outskirts of town she saw the familiar outline of the local school. This was her usual turn-around point when she went out for a run, she’d jog around the perimeter of the school grounds, then head back up the hill. She’d always tried to time it so she’d be seen by the older boys when they were out on the playing fields at the rear of the school – she used to enjoy knowing that she was causing a few erections amongst the boys, and possibly she might have been the subject of a few wet dreams, too.
If any of them were close enough, she used to wink at the Games Masters as well, knowing that some of the teachers fancied her also.

Suddenly, and without warning, the truck swung off the main road, and down the side road alongside the school.
“What’s going on?” she demanded, nervously.

The driver said nothing, but gunned the engine, and drove the truck around to the side of the playing fields, well away from the road. There were no streetlights here, and in the mist only a faint glow marked where the main road was. The only light in the cab of the truck was from the dashboard.
Suddenly he jammed on the brakes. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and so she shot forward off the seat, bumping heavily on the dash. She felt a dread overcome her, and screamed “GET AWAY FROM ME!” as she fumbled at the door to try to get it open.

“Shut it, bitch!” snarled the driver as he banged his fist into the back of her head. For the second time that night her head swum and she saw stars. He shoved her back into her seat, and pulled her coat open.

“Heh-heh-heh, I thought so! No fuckin’ undies!” he grunted. “Did you think I didn’t recognise you as I drove up the hill?” she froze in terror, her insides once again knotted as she listened to the man snarl his words at her.
“Fucking little slut … all the drivers used to talk about you in the canteen, you prick-teasing little blonde whore. We’ve all seen your tits from a distance, now I can see ‘em up close. And that little cunt of yours too!”

He reached over, and roughly grabbed hold of her breast with one hand, squeezing it hard enough to make her cry out.

“SHUT UP!” he yelled, and slapped her face with his free hand.

The blow caught her across the same cheek that her husband had slapped less than an hour ago, re-doubling the stinging sensation, and bringing tears to her eyes yet again. He grasped her face with his hand, squeezing her cheeks between his thumb and fingers, forcing her jaw open and leaving her unable to speak.
He shifted himself across the seats so that he was now on top of her. She tried to shake her head, to beg and plead with the man, but his grip around her face was vice-like, the rough skin of his fingers irritating the smooth skin of her face, and she could neither speak nor move her head. She held up her hands in front of her, to try to push him away, and squirmed and struggled, trying to bring up her knee towards the man’s groin. Still grasping her face, with his other hand he punched her hard in the stomach twice, knocking all the fight out of her.

She realised that no matter what she did, he was going to have his way with her, and the more she fought back the more he would hurt her. She closed her eyes and tried to disassociate herself from her body, to detach herself from the awful thing that was about to take place, as though it was all somewhat unreal, happening to someone else.
She could smell his bad breath on her face now though; the stink brought her sharply back to reality. The bristles on his chin chafed her lips as he brushed his face against hers, and tried to kiss her on the lips. She could feel his saliva drooling and dribbling onto her face, and it turned her guts.

Once again she tried to pretend that this was happening to someone else, as the man pulled down the front of his trousers, exposing his erect penis.

He moved all his weight onto her, pushing his legs between hers, forcing her thighs apart, and tried to enter her. She was rigid with fear, and he seemed unable to penetrate her. “Let me in there, cunt!” he hissed, and both his hands grasped her round the throat, squeezing her in a stranglehold.
Now truly fearful for her life, she tried in vain to relax her abdomen.
She attempted to gasp out the words ‘No, please no’ but they only came out as muffled, guttural sounds. The only thing she could do if she wanted to live, she realised, was to get him inside her herself. She grasped his throbbing cock with one hand, and grabbed at his hip with the other. She pulled his hips up to hers, and steered the cock to the opening of her vagina, pushing the head of it between the lips. Suddenly he let go of her throat, and his hands dropped to her shoulders, holding her steady as he forced his cock into her. The pain was intense as he penetrated her, her dry pussy sending pain signals flashing in her head.

He fucked her roughly for a minute or so, then suddenly pulled out of her. His hand went to the top of her head, and forced it down towards the twitching penis. Powerless to resist, she pursed her lips as he forced himself into her mouth. The taste of him was vile; his unwashed cock filled her senses with a sickening taste and smell, like a mixture of rancid yogurt and parmesan. The last of the cum from her lover’s load from the pool earlier still lingered too, now presented into her mouth by the penis of this stranger. He grasped her hair now, and forced her head roughly up and down as he pushed his hips forward and back, fucking her face until his cum began to spurt into her mouth. He rammed her head down hard, the end of his cock pressing towards the back of her mouth, and she began to choke as the hot semen pumped down her throat. Too afraid to do anything else, she swallowed hard, gulping the cum down.

As he pulled out of her mouth, the knot of fear in her stomach began to expand and contract, and she began to retch and urge. She could not only feel, but even hear, her stomach liquids begin to gurgle. She instinctively put her hand over her mouth, fearing that she would be sick.
The driver noticed, and suddenly, with panic in his voice, shouted “OH NO YOU FUCKING DON’T, not in my cab you bitch!” he lunged across her, and opened the door with one hand, and shoved her roughly through it. Unable to stop herself, she fell heavily onto the ground by the side of the truck. The driver started the engine, and she crawled onto the verge, clear of the wheels, just in time as he drove off. She raised herself up onto all fours and her body convulsed as she finally vomited, again and again and again.

She slumped back onto the ground, next to the pool of sick that she had just created, curled up into the foetal position and began to cry again. Her nose was assaulted by a myriad of scents – the damp grass on which she was lying, the vomit next to her, the sweat of the man who had just violated her, her own fearful sweat, the taste of the cum in her mouth, the urine, the cum dribbling out of her, it all threatened to overcome her completely. Once again, she struggled to remain conscious. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as she wept, becoming more and more hysterical. She sobbed and sobbed in the cold darkness, until finally she was aware of a vehicle approaching. She looked up, her vision blurred with tears, to see the flashing lights of a police car drawing towards her……….

Yet again, fear gripped her. She tried to get up onto her feet, a feeling inside her told her to run but she found she couldn’t even stand properly. She only made it up onto all fours again, when the car pulled up alongside her.

The Policeman climbed out, and grabbed her by the coat, dragging her to her feet. He pushed her up against the car, and said, in a mocking tone, “Well, well, what do we have here? You look in a pretty bad way, lady. Have you been drinking?” she shook her head and tried to speak, but the words stuck in her throat.
He spoke again, in the same mocking tone “Or is it something else? What do we have here, then?” he reached into her coat pocket, and then held up a small plastic bag. “Oh-ho!” he exclaimed. “Dope, huh?”

She shook her head again, and managed to stammer “N-no…that’s not…”

He interrupted her “Shut it! You know where you’re going.” He spun her around, forcing her against the side of the car and grabbed her wrists, then handcuffed her hands behind her back.

He ran his hands over her body, ostensibly to check for weapons, but simply used it as an excuse to feel her body over, grabbing big handfuls of her breasts and her behind. He bent slightly, and began to run his hand up between her legs, stroking the inside of her thighs, but suddenly stopped and hastily pulled his hand away “Yeee-uck!” he exclaimed, wiping the sticky mess on his hand onto her coat “Dirty bitch! Get in the fucking car.” He pushed her into the car, and she was sprawled across the back seat. He jumped into the driver’s seat, fired up the engine and drove off. With a feeling of increasing dread, she knew he was taking her to the Police Station.

When they arrived, she was manhandled out of the car, through the doors and past the reception desk. The Duty Sergeant said nothing, but shook his head and tut-tutted as she was marched past his desk, straight into a cell. Still cuffed, the door slammed behind her, and she was left there, alone. Time dragged slowly by, the silence broken only once by muffled noises – someone was being put in the cell next to her. She couldn’t see or hear exactly who or what but for some reason the thought that there was someone else there was strangely reassuring – she felt less alone, isolated. The thought occurred to her that it was less likely that anything bad could happen to her if there was someone next door.

She waited nervously to find out what was going to happen next. How long she couldn’t tell, but it seemed an eternity before the Sergeant returned, accompanied by a different officer, and unlocked the cell door.
She knew them all, of course, seven years as a policeman’s wife had meant that she’d been to all the barbeques, all the Christmas parties, all the weddings, all the christenings. She’d chatted to them all, to their wives, their relations. She’d bounced their kids on her knee; she’d been part of the little station ‘family’. The Sergeant was carrying a clipboard, and a hands free phone. “I suppose you’d better be allowed one phone call” he said as the other officer undid the cuffs “What number do you want?”

Her head swam as she struggled to remember Julia’s number. Falteringly she managed to stammer out the number. The Sergeant laughed grimly as he looked at his clipboard “Yes, he said that would be the number you’d want” he punched the number into the phone, and handed it to her.
As the ringing tone beeped in her ear she prayed that Julia would pick it up.

There was a click as the phone was answered, and her heart leapt with joy as Jimmy’s voice said “Hello?”
She spoke rapidly, the words jabbering forth, “Jimmy, Jimmy ohmygod is Julia there? I HAVE to speak to her right away I’ve been arrested I’m at the station you have to get her to come down bail me out please Jimmy I’m so scared”
Jimmy’s voice was filled with confusion as he replied “What? That’s crazy! Babe - Julia’s not here, she got a call about twenty minutes ago and went out. Weird, she just grabbed her coat and went out without a word and she’s not answering her phone. Jamie’s in bed so I can’t come down. I’ll try her again, hon, and get her to come down. You hang in there kiddo” as he hung up she despaired, her heart pounded in her chest.

Downfallen, she handed the phone back to the sergeant, as the second policeman replaced the cuffs. Both officers left, the clanging of the door reverberating in her ears as she slumped onto the narrow, hard, bed that was across the back of the otherwise bare cell and shivered, feeling cold now in the unheated stone-walled room. Her body ached from the blows and assaults it had suffered during the course of the events that had just happened.
More time passed but how long she had no idea – ten minutes? Twenty? It seemed an age, until she heard the cell door unlock.

Her heart skipped several beats as she saw her husband walk into the cell, holding a small set of keys. He was still in his uniform from earlier, and as she looked him up and down she saw the traces of mud on his shoes from his walk in the woods. His face showed no expression, no emotion at all. Without saying a word he pulled her to her feet, turned her around and began to unlock the cuffs. A wave of relief swept over her, she suddenly thought that perhaps he thought he’d punished her enough, and now he’d come to release her, to take her home.

She wanted to be with him, to be comforted in her own home, in her own bed. She began to speak, she’d talk him round she knew, she always did, he always believed her “Darling, oh darling, I’m so, so, so very sorry. I’ll make it up to you, I swear, I’ll do anything, anything you want. I’ll never do it again, it was all such a mistake, and I’ll never look at another man again” she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist the next bit. At their wedding breakfast she’d been called on to make a speech and, unprepared for it, she’d just risen to her feet, turned to him, looked him directly in the eyes and said “I…Love You, I love you, I love you, I love you.” He’d had tears of joy in his eyes then, and she hoped he’d melt in the same way this time. She spoke the words, and repeated them twice more.

She looked back over her shoulder, but his face still betrayed no emotion. She wanted him to sweep her up in his arms, carry her home and make love to her. He’d unlocked one wrist, but instead of unlocking the other he roughly pulled the coat back over her shoulders and down her arms, then he threw it into the corner of the room. He swiftly snapped the cuff back onto her free wrist, so she was now naked, her hands cuffed behind her back once more. Her hopes dashed, she sank into deeper despair. He grabbed her arm, and roughly pulled her out of the cell and along the corridor towards the officers’ changing rooms.

She’d been in there once before, a couple of years ago; there’d been a barbeque on the lawn at the back of the station as a fund raiser for a local charity, all the officers and their families had been there. She’d gotten herself all turned on somehow by throwing wet sponges at the husband of one of the female officers, who was a teacher at the local school, and had been placed in the stocks as a target.
Dressed in just a vest and short shorts she’d been flirting with him whilst he’d been helpless and they’d both giggled as she’d thrown the sponges at him, making more and more obvious puns, telling him that he wasn’t the only one who was wet. After he’d been released from the stocks he’d come inside to dry off and change, she’d followed him in and she’d gotten what she wanted, with a quick standing-up job. She’d just ripped her shorts down and stepped out of them, and he’d fucked her up against the wall by the showers. The memory held no fondness for her now, as her husband pushed her through the half-open door into the room beyond.

Her jaw dropped with surprise as she realised that there were already several people in the room she had just been pushed into. As her eyes stretched wide in horror her brain took in the identities of the six other people who were grim-facedly staring at her and her nakedness.

The Sergeant and the other officer who’d accompanied him in the cell earlier.

The officer who’d arrested her and planted the drugs on her.

The wife of her next door neighbour, still carrying the gun which had been pointed at her head earlier that evening when her own husband had forced himself into her backside, except it was now tucked into the belt of her trousers.

A uniformed female police officer (with a sickening realisation she recognised her as Angie, the wife of the schoolteacher she’d had at the barbeque party), and her best friend, Julia.

Julia! My god what was she doing here?

Then the awful realisation dawned on her, that all her carefully spun webs of deceit had gone, her lies now as exposed as her own naked body. She knew then that her husband must’ve cracked the password to the personal diary she kept on her computer of her exploits. She struggled for air as she began to panic, her mouth bone-dry, the fear making a hard knot inside her stomach.

Her husband still stood behind her, and he pushed her forward, into the communal shower area. The others filed in behind them, and fanned out behind her husband, who shoved her from behind. She stumbled a few steps forward, unable to balance properly with her hands behind her back, and lightly bumped against the back wall of the shower area. Shaking with fear she turned around so that her shoulder blades were resting against the cold tiles at the back, and she stared, wide-eyed with terror at the group of people facing her.

Still no-one spoke, until the arresting officer passed something to her husband and said “There you go, Chief! I’ll go get the tap on.” With horror she realised it was the fire hose, which he must’ve unravelled from its coil out in the hallway. She watched, transfixed with fear, as the officer went back out into the corridor and then she saw the flat hosepipe suddenly jerk and widen, and first one squirt, then a steady stream of water shot forth from it. She cowered back against the wall, as her husband began to speak, raising his voice to be heard over the splashing of the water “Well, Rambo, looks like we gotta clean this one up, don’t forget to get her behind the ears!” she knew he was acting out a scene from that awful Stallone movie he liked to watch, and she knew what was coming next.

He turned the hose on her, the cold water shocking her body, and the force of the jet sharply reminding her of all the bumps and bruises she had from the various knocks and blows she’d already suffered tonight. She pushed herself back against the wall, and tried to move to one side to get away from the icy stream of water battering her. The force of the jet unbalanced her, and she lost her footing on the wet surface beneath her. Her feet scrambled momentarily, then she fell to the floor, the water still hammering across her body. She hit the floor hard, unable to put out her hands to save herself, and the wind was knocked out of her. She curled up into a ball against the wall, as her husband began to laugh loudly, still spraying the hose over her. The icy water boomed in her ears and she struggled to catch her breath until, eventually, she heard her husband shout “Ok, turn it off now!” and the water finally stopped. She slumped across the floor, lying on her side, looking up at the circle of people standing around her. She heard her husband’s voice again - “Ok then, she’s all yours.” With horror, she saw the three other women in the room step towards her.

“How could you?” Julia shouted at her, with tears in her eyes “And to keep a diary of it on your computer? You cow, you stupid cow!” Julia reached down and grabbed a handful of her wet hair, pulling it hard. The sudden pain made her squeal, and she felt her head lash from side to side as Julia shook her by the hair. She let out a cry of pain as a handful of hair came away in Julia’s hand, then she felt her legs being pulled apart. Through the tears that now streamed from her eyes, she looked down and saw the Other Woman, her neighbour, kneeling between her thighs. Fearful of what was about to happen, she squirmed and tried to kick the woman away.

The female police officer grabbed one of her legs, and then Julia grabbed the other, pulling them wide apart. The Other Woman knelt between her thighs again, and grabbed her pussy lips roughly with both hands, pulled them apart, then released her grip, and spoke to the others ”Help me with this, will you?” Julia tucked one arm around her thigh, keeping it pulled to one side, and pulled harshly at one side of her pussy.

She was helpless, unable to move as the female officer did the same thing on the other side of her. The Other Woman roughly pushed a finger sharply into her vagina, withdrew it then shoved four fingers into her. “You deserve this, you bitch!” she hissed as she pulled the hand back and wrapped her fingers into a fist.
She looked down at the ghastly sight of the woman place a hand flat on her stomach, and moving her other hand, fist clenched, towards the exposed opening. As the fist entered her she let out a scream at the top of her voice, the unbearable pain was greater than anything she’d ever experienced. Her eyes bulged in shock as she saw the Woman’s hand disappear up past the wrist. All the horrors of what had already happened that terrible night were eclipsed by the dreadful violation of her most intimate place that was now occurring.

She screamed again, her voice wailing loudly as her head thrashed from side to side. Her husband crouched behind her and gripped the sides of her head, holding her steady. “Scream all you like, bitch!” he said “These are two foot thick stone walls and the nearest other building is fifty yards away – In here, no-one can hear you scream.” She looked down and then shut her eyes tightly as the Other Woman twisted and turned her fist inside her. She could feel the knuckles as the fist banged around inside her, and then she felt the hand begin to flex, fingers out, then she wailed louder still as she felt the fingernails scratching her insides.
She screamed and screamed and pleaded for her to stop, but the Other Woman simply grinned as she continued the torment.

Not to be outdone, the female officer leant forward and, taking one breast in her mouth, began to bite down hard on the nipple. She screamed even louder now, one long continuous wail. The cold, hard, wet floor beneath her brought a sharp focus to the terrible events unfolding. There could be no self-detachment from these horrors; the dreadful fact of it all was all too real. Eventually, she felt the fist withdraw from her, and her legs were released. She slumped on the floor, rolled to one side, pulled her knees tightly up under her chest and wept. Droplets of water on her body chilled her, but she shook from more than the cold – the harrowing experience was causing her to lose control of her body, she shuddered as if having a fit, unable to stop the juddering, unable to even speak.

The respite didn’t last long.

She heard voices, followed by laughter, then felt hands grasping her again, pawing her and pulling her legs apart once more. She opened her eyes to see the three uniformed policemen crouching around her, and she knew what was about to occur. She let her body hang limp, too weak now to fight back, too broken mentally and physically to resist.
The three men each had her, the Sergeant was first, and he pushed his cock into her pussy, roughly.
The penis entered her, and tears once again flowed from her eyes as her sore insides responded to this latest invasion by sending blind agony through her brain. She laid there like a rag doll as the Sergeant rode her for a while, her body limp, her head banging from side to side loosely on the hard floor. He pulled out of her, and masturbated briefly, just a few strokes, then his load spurt out over her, splattering on her belly.

The second officer saw her tears and, laughing, said mockingly “Awww, poor thing – don’t you think her pussy’s suffered enough?” and he rolled her over onto her front, pulled her up onto her knees then grasped her hip with one hand, and guided himself into her backside with the other. Her anus was still sore from the sodomy she’d endured earlier from her husband, and she groaned, a long low moan, as she felt the man penetrate her. The officer who’d arrested her knelt in front of her then and lifted her head by the hair. She found herself staring down the barrel of a gun again, this time it was pointed directly between her eyes. As her body jerked rhythmically with the motions of the man fucking her ass, she heard the words “If you bite me, I’ll blow your fucking head off, ok?” then felt a cock force it’s way into her mouth. She grew even more scared now, the sight of the gun made her wonder if they intended to kill her here in the shower and hide her body.

Fearing for her life once more, she began to suck, to try to appease the armed man in front of her. As her body rocked to the rhythm of the man behind her, she slid her mouth up and down over the stiff member that was in it. She felt the grip on her hips tighten, and the man behind her thrust even harder into her, as he let out a loud moan, then she felt his warm cum inside her body. Without warning the man in her mouth suddenly ejaculated too, shooting his cum into the roof of her mouth, and filling her mouth with it. Desperate to please, she slurped loudly and swallowed as much of it as she could – a few drops dribbled from her lips, but she sucked most of it down and forced herself to swallow it.

She lay there for a while as, one by one, all the people who had done these terrible things to her filed out of the room. Eventually only she and her husband remained. He helped her to her feet, and guided her back towards the cell where she had been held.
As they passed the cell where the other person had been incarcerated earlier, she heard a man’s voice coming from it, desperately pleading. “Hey, please! Please! Gimme some help in here, huh? At least some clean clothes or something. Please?” the man was almost bleating as he shouted through the spy-hole in the door.
With sudden alarm, she realised it was the voice of her next-door neighbour, her hot-tub lover! Her husband shouted back at the door “Shut up in there, shitpants! We’ll bring you a clean diaper soon enough” then she was pushed back into the cell, still naked, still handcuffed and still dripping wet.

Her husband locked her in, but returned shortly after, holding a small carrier bag and a towel. He placed both on the small bed, then released her cuffs, sat himself at the end of the bed and watched her wordlessly.

She dried herself, and looked into the bag. She saw her make-up bag, her hair-brush and a few of her clothes in there. The sight of the make-up bag, something so familiar, so normal and everyday was hugely comforting amongst this horrifyingly bizarre sequence of events that were taking place. She looked questioningly at her husband, who simply nodded towards the bag, and said “Go ahead.” She flipped open her compact and was horrified to see her eyes were beginning to go black, the bruising from the blows to her nose and cheeks earlier were all too visible.
She applied eye-shadow heavily, but her hands were trembling too much to attempt mascara. She used some concealer to try to hide the bruises, and dotted a little Touche D’Eclat around in an attempt to hide the worst of the scratches and abrasions on her face. She added some lipstick, but gave up on the idea of using her lip gloss or the pencil for the same reason as the mascara.

She was glad to be able to brush her hair, although she winced as she dragged the tangles out, and wondered what her husband was thinking, and what his plans were for her. The female police officer entered through the still-open cell door carrying a glass of water, and two paracetemol for her, which she gratefully accepted and thanked her for. The officer merely scowled at her, turned and walked out. Then she looked back into the bag, and took out the clothes. Her heart jumped into her mouth as she saw her tiniest black mini-skirt, and a little white vest.
She knew this was one of her husband’s favourite outfits on her; it was dressed like this that he found her sexiest of all.

Perhaps he still wanted her, she thought to herself.

Perhaps the cruel punishment meted out to her had satisfied his hurt and jealousy. Maybe he wanted to take her home now, and have her seduce him as she’d done so many times before, sometimes wearing those very same clothes? Whenever she’d upset him, or whenever he’d had suspicions in the past, she’d always dressed up like that, and had always got around him. Her hopes climbed, maybe all wasn’t lost, and maybe this night would have a happy ending after all.
She looked, and saw with some inner satisfaction that there was no underwear – just the way he liked her- but a pair of black hold-up stockings and her best high-heeled shoes. Surely this meant that he wanted her, that her looks and charm were too much for him to resist?

She saw him watching her intently as she dressed, despite the pain from the various parts of her body she tried to hold herself as sexily as she could, posing slightly for him as she sat on the bed, crossing her legs as she pulled the stockings on, pouting just a little, standing and giving a little wiggle as she pulled the skirt up over her hips, pulling it right up, so she knew the tops of her stockings would be clearly visible under the hem.
With her back to him she bent down to do up the straps on her shoes, keeping her legs together and as straight as she could so that her skirt would ride up, giving him a full view of her pussy and ass as she did so. Her battered anus and vagina hurt like hell as she bent forward, but she was determined that she was going to give her man the time of his life when they got home.

She picked up her make-up bag, and turned to face him, a hopeful smile forced onto her face, and she batted her eyelashes at him, suddenly wishing she’d added the mascara after all.
Without a word, her husband took her gently but firmly by the arm, and walked her through the doorway, along the corridor and out into the reception area. The Desk Sergeant leered at her, licking his lips as she walked past, her heels clicking on the hard floor.
She ignored his stares and allowed her husband to walk her out through the front doors towards the car park. She felt elated, he was taking her home! Her joy was short lived though, as he steered her towards Julia’s car, which she noticed was parked in the car park out at the front of the Station. He opened the passenger door for her and motioned for her to get in. Julia was already sitting in the driver’s seat, and her husband jumped into the back, and sat in the middle. “What’s going on?” she asked nervously.

“Shut up.” Her husband said to her, harshly. He then spoke more softly to Julia “Ok, drive down to the town centre, and find a place to pull in anywhere near the cinema.”

The drive only took a few minutes, and she grew nervous as to what was planned for her. Julia found a spot, and pulled in. The cinema was on the main street between the bars and clubs clustered around one end, and the restaurants and late-night takeaways at the other. The last of the bar drunks were staggering around the street now, and their numbers would soon be swelled when the clubs closed, their patrons spilling out into the night.

Although the heater was on in Julia’s car, she was shivering as she saw a scantily-clad young woman walk up to a car that had pulled in a few spaces in front of them. She watched, spellbound, as the woman held a brief conversation with the driver of the car, then got in, and they drove off. The realisation that she was dressed almost the same way as the young woman she had just seen hit her, and she wondered fearfully why they were here.
Finally her husband spoke. “Julia, you drive me around to your place, and go in. Tell Jimmy you can smell burning in the car and he has to go out and have a look right away. I’ll bust him there and then, so there’ll be no noise and Jamie won’t know what’s happened. I’ll call the guys at the station and have them send a car over to your house to pick him up, and we’ll lock him up for the night to teach the bastard a lesson. Angie’s husband should be in the cells by the time we get there too. They may all get one of those little showers!” he laughed grimly. “And as for you….” he turned to her, his voice once again becoming harsh “You can get out here.”

“B-but…b-but” she stammered, wondering what was happening.

“Just get out!” her husband said to her “You’re not qualified to actually do a job, you haven’t worked for the last seven years, but you’re gonna have to do something to earn yourself some money, aren’t you?” he smiled but there was no humour in his voice as he spoke. “It seems there’s only one thing you’re actually experienced enough to do, so you’re gonna have to do it for money from now on…” he continued “I reckon you’ll be able to turn two or three tricks tonight, and earn enough to be able to afford a ticket on the first train out of here in the morning, and believe me you’d better be on it. If you’re still in this town by nightfall tomorrow, then you’re gonna be back in the cells, and those drug charges will see you put away for quite a while. Now get out of the car you bitch, out of my life and out of my town.”
He climbed out and opened the passenger door for her from outside, then motioned for her to step out of the car. She got out, and turned to try to plead one last time, to appeal to him to spare her this, but he simply jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door.
Julia started the engine up and the car sped off, down the street.

She stood for a moment, clutching her make-up bag to her chest, too shocked and stunned to move or speak, lost in a world of her own.
She snapped out of it when she heard a whistle and realised that two young men were shouting at her as they approached. As they neared they leered at her, their eyes running up and down her legs and lingering on her erect nipples, the cold making them stick through the thin vest that she wore. They were both obviously drunk, and were munching greedily on takeaway food, spitting pieces of it as they made lewd comments about her, as though she was just a cheap piece of meat.

She felt ashamed of herself, debased and degraded. She shuddered as she walked away from them, heels clacking as she hurried back along the street. As she walked, their shouts and jeers ringing in her ears, she noticed a car rolling slowly down the street towards her, and saw the window wind down as it pulled into the kerb a few yards in front of her.

She reached the bottom of the well of despair. Her humiliation was complete. She knew she was out on the street, cold, hungry, penniless and with nowhere to go, no friends to turn to and no hope of salvation or comfort.
She walked over to the now stationary car, leaned on the roof, and began to talk to the driver through the open window…..

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