First story, be civil, but also critical.
I wake up and realize I can't see anything. I'm blindfolded and gagged. I quickly realize I'm also tied up. My arms are directly to my sides like a crucifix, and I'm on my knees. I can feel grass, and a breeze is gently blowing. The sun feels warm on my body. I know I'm naked and it gets me aroused.

I suddenly realize a guy might have done this. That's a disturbing thought. Then I hear a voice. The southern accent and feminine quality are unmistakable. "I see you're up. Good, now we can start on your training" you say. I hear your footsteps as you take a position directly in front of me. "If you promise not to scream, I'll remove your gag. Nod if you understand." I nod. After you remove the gag, I hear you doing something. A zipper is pulled, and I can hear snaps. You walk over to me again and place one foot on each side of me.

I smell your sex and know that you are dripping with anticipation. My tongue reaches out for you, and you back away. I can smell you, and I can almost taste you.

No" you say in a commanding voice, "not until I tell you to. You are my slave and you will do what I tell you to do. You will do no more and you will do no less. When I feel you are properly trained, then you will do what I want before I say it. Right now you will smell me, but do not taste". I can smell your pussy once more as you rub it against my nose. It smells so good and I want so badly to taste it, but it's also fun to listen to you moan as you rub your pussy against my nose. Finally you say "Now lick me".

My tongue darts out to caress your folds. It swirls around them and darts between to find your little clit. It reaches and tries to surround your nub. You moan and rut back and forth. You grab my ears and pull me hard into your pussy. My long tongue reaches deep into you and I start to tongue-fuck your snatch. You say "yes, good slave. Now you'll suck my clit". I do, and you moan in pleasure. Your breathing gets ragged. I suck on your clit while my tongue flicks it. I get into my rhythm and hear you start to moan and tell me you're going to come. Faster and faster, my tongue forces a screaming orgasm out of you. Your juices gush into my mouth and down my chest.

"good slave. you may now call me mistress." you say and walk away. A minute later I can hear a funny noise. I have absolutely no idea what it could be, but after a moment, I feel pressure on my wrists as I am raised to a standing position. My arms are sore from being held out to the sides, and I pull against my bonds. Nothing, not even the slightest give.

I hear you walk up behind me. Your breath is on my neck and you whisper. Poor boy, it looks like your cock is all hard and nobody's giving it any attention. you wrap a velvet-covered glove around my dick and start stroking it. You nibble my ear and kiss my neck. You duck under my arms and kiss my lips. Your mouth explores my boy with kisses licks and bites. You bit my nipple hard causing me to gasp in surprise. All the while your hand has been rubbing my hard dick. Your tongue goes down my belly as you lick your way to the base of my shaft.

You lick your way around my cock and balls. You take one of my balls into your mouth and I moan with the pleasure. one of your hands is on my ass and I realize that your finger is pressing against my anus. Your other hand moves off of my penis and you free my balls from your mouth. You lick the the length of my shaft slowly and you slowly insert your finger up my ass. Although I've never had anything shoved up ther before, I am unready for the feeling. It is exquisite. You swallow as much of my cock as you can while slowly fingering my ass. A moan escapes my lips and I utter a single word. "More" I say. Uncertain as to what I want more of, you start deepthroating me while you jam a second finger into my asshole. You go faster and my hips buck hard as I want more of your fingers up my ass and more of my cock down your throat.

"I'm coming" I whisper. You stop. you place a strange device around my cock and balls. "No, you won't come in my mouth. You will come in my pussy, and you will do so only after I have been satisfied several times. This device will make certain of such things."

I you hold onto my cock, and I can feel the warm wetness of your pussy as you back your self onto me. I can't stand it and thrust forward as hard as I can, eliciting a gasp and sigh from you. I can feel your ass against my pelvis. It turns me on to know that you want it from behind. My hips seem to be moving, thrusting, of their own accord. My balls are aching for release. You are panting, grunting, moaning "fuck me, slave. Fuck me hard. Fuck me faster. Fuck me, you piece of shit. Fuck me as hard as you can."

I jack-hammer into you as fast and hard as I can manage. My dick pistons away like a machine. the sensations are too much for me and I early pass out as you scream as waves of orgasms rip through your body. You fall off of my cock and I can hear you slump to the ground.

I hear another voice, also female saying "now that was one hell of a show".

To be continued.....


2014-06-16 08:00:57
I think vocabulary and grammer wonks should be whipped...

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-10 13:38:40
It's easy to follow. I really enjoyed it.

liz 22 ndReport

2011-10-26 03:11:22
i got a little lost.. and quit part way thru.. sorry.

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-08 01:13:17
Ok, this isn't first-person. It's second, not used often. First uses I and Me, but not you. Second uses You, i, me, her, him etc. Third uses her and him mainly.


2010-08-08 15:14:32
I thought it was a good story, and I followed it without any difficulty. Sometimes it's a refreshing change to read a story in the first person.
You need to proof-read more, Ceardan, there were several errors in punctuation (sentences not beginning with capitals, quotation marks missing etc) but if this is, as you say in your introduction, your first story it is a very good attempt.

And I came here intending to be critical, following your negative vote on one of my stories, but your writing deserves the positive rating I have given it.

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