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Betting the wife - Part I

I am a habitual gambler, I frequent casinos as well as seedy roadside joints where a dice is rolled. I go to grey hound races as well as the weekly horse races. I win some and lose some, well, let me rephrase, I lose most of the times . But still my hand just itches to roll the dices, to pull the jackpot lever, and few hours after I get my pay I am to be found at some den or other .

Well this one time I really went too far, too too far and after staking and loosing all my clothes save the socks and the boxer shorts, I staked my sweet , patient, ever forgiving wife of six years for the next roll of dice . I was not on the right frame of mind , with the cold wind of the alley stinging against my naked torso as the winners stripped me off my bush shirt and I failed to notice their feral grins as I mumbled in my sozzled voice-You all can take my Anna, I bet her. I rolled the dice and sure enough I lost .It was only when a couple of the men from the gambling den frog marched me to a waiting van I realized what was going to happen next, I did try to resist , but I had a knife on my side and a hoarse voice on the left ear telling - You lost scum, and a bets a bet, fair and square, your Anna now belongs to the Rivoli now.

It was a quick silent pick up, Anna hardly knew what was happening , She just opened the door to my knocks and was going to say something when a black hood was forced down her head and her hands were pinned behind her back. She was wearing a short blouse with a matching skirt with the kitchen apron tied around the waist and was barefeet. They just lifted her up on their shoulder and threw her at the back of the van . Then , with a smile they asked me - Wanna come over and see what we do to her at the club ?If you just watch , we shall let you have some more turns at the wheel , free and some beer on the house too , what say ? You hopeless gambler? I already knew the answer as I climbed back in , too far gone to realize the implications and unable to resist the tempting offer at free turns at the den , may be I also thought of winning her back perhaps. All the way I could hear her muffled screams and thumps on the wall of the van from behind , calling out to me – Jim , Jim … and her sobs .

The drive to the Rivoli was a short one with no traffic at 1 am at night . I was playing on the pavement and did not notice the den well. It kept a low profile with only a neon lit board on front . The van parked at the back alley and I was pushed down on the road from the van , the door to my side opening abruptly and me failing to keep balance. I stumbled up , with my legs and thighs messy from the leaked mobil and mud. I felt a push at the small of my back – come on gambler , in you go. I stumbled down the steps to the basement which was a well lit one , with a bar and all the necessary instruments which a gambler would love to spend his money on , it was not much crowded, only around 6 people with a big barkeeper tending the counter. I moved towards the bar and perching myself on the stool ordered a beer for myself. Sure enough cool frothy beer came in a tall glass with the barkeep grinning in front of my ear - Thanks for the entertainment Mister , I heard him mouth and could not understand at first what he meant . But I soon heard the screams and the bumping noises coming down from the stairs and turned to look beer in hand . I saw a woman being dragged down by her blonde hairs as she yelled in anger and pain as her slender body hit the stairs in a regular thump thump sound. Her legs were flailing about and both her hands were clawing into the gloved hand of the man who was yanking her hair almost off the roots as he pulled. As she was thrown on the floor a the bottom of the stairs and as she was screaming and crying at the same time I realised it was Anna, my wife . With new found strength I tried to get up and go to her rescue – Now now that’s not the way to treat a lady guys let her be , I heard my self say as I staggered to her then choked greatly. A dog collar was put on my neck from behind and was already tightening fast. I staggered a few steps and kneeled in pain . I felt a boot on my back and someone I knew by name , Dave I think, yelled – you are a loser and a sad excuse for a gambler Jim , how dare you interrupt the entertainment , you bet and lost your slut of a wife , remember ? I felt like vomiting as the collar was real tight and just nodded in surrender and crawled to a semi sitting position on the floor , with Dave attaching the other end of the chain to a table leg – Just sit their like a dog, Jim, and watch what we do to with our winnings , Dave laughed harshly.

I sat down resignedly with my back against the bar table , naked save for the boxer shorts which were black with mobil and mud as my legs and took a tired sip from the beer mug, shifting my neck to loosen the collar hold as I drank. In front of me, Anna was being sized up as she moaned from the pain of being dragged down wooden stairs. One man moved in and grabbing her top and simply yanking her slim body up with it making the top ripped away baring her cotton bra, the white stomach and neckline as her body fell back with a thump from about two feet in the air . She has by now realised what was happening and was trying to curl up in a foetal position when another man grabbed her black skirt and did the same to reveal her long legs without stockings and a matching white cotton panty. Next was a real huge guy who just scooped his fat fingers inside the bra with half his palm going in the divide between her breasts and another hand grabbing the edge of her panties , sliding his fingers under the panty making her yelp in sudden shock and just lifted her slender 50 kg body and began to shake her around . To my hazy gaze it looked like a bulldog shaking a peace of meat from its jaws. She screamed and stopped with a gasp as her now totally naked body crashed over to the bar table top , with the torn bra and panty hanging from the huge guys hands. Her face hang down from the table with her blonde hairs streaming down on my face . I looked up to see her bruised face , with a black patch slowly forming beneath her left eye. Her eyes looked back at mine and she barely whispered - Jim , why they doing this to us ? I avoided her eyes and took a sip of the beer and winced at her moan as she was suddenly dragged across the counter by her left leg and thrown on the floor again.

Dave yanked her head up and screamed at her – You are ours u slut , your limp dick husband has betted and lost you to us . We shall do whatever we like with your body , you bitch and Jim will watch and drink beer. She looked at me with shocked eyes and just slumped back on the floor , not resisting at all , with her back to the floor . One man kicked her legs apart and made her spreadeagled , with another kneeling down beside her and pinched and pulled her nipples and slapped her inner thighs . I heard a whistle and someone say she will be good fun guys , will last the night hopefully. Dave interjected , no man she is frail and slim make her snort some coke to pep her up, I aint playing with a corpse. Men laughed around as Ed produced a cattle prod – Don’t worry Dave, we will keep her awake and screaming all through it,

( Appreciate if feedbacks and comments are given for this introductory part , those will help a lot in deciding the tone and setting of the next parts . I personally think it in present form inspires pity rather than erotica but do comment and i will take them into account )

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-24 06:46:35
G3XmU4 A round of applause for your blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-22 22:49:27
think you should get her high and more willing to do things herself sucking and jerking guys off etc.


2011-03-18 16:10:29
keep going man, its ready for the good parts to show up.

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-06 08:47:18
Its a decent Idea but there are things you could do to improve it. First off your right its more pity then pleasure at the moment. Second try for shorter paragraphs to make reading easier. Third your going to need something interesting to keep the story moving and keep the readers interested like a rescue, or the boss of the gang wanting her for himself.
Pretty much anything will work at this point as an interest grabber but at the moment thats all I can think of.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-02 18:06:08
Could be a good story, but, it is so badly written.....

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