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I had been working for a law firm about seven years ago. My position had been stable, but that was always subject to change. Pretty much everyone in the office was on edge all the time because the president was under evaluation and investigation by the FBI, which wasn't too uncommon. The only relief we had from this torture on our disposition was Berlin.

Berlin was a hot Asian firecracker that every guy drooled over, knowing they couldn't have her. She was the kind of girl you see on the streets and the only thoughts passing through your head are "Man, I want to fuck her" because there is no other thoughts that could possible keep that one company. She was always hanging around the office, mainly because she was the boss's daughter. She was also the Boss's only daughter, causing him to be unnaturally protective of her. In fact, word was that even though she was almost 25, she had never been screwed, giving anyone with enough balls the right to her virginity. I was destined to be that man.

The first encounter with Berlin occurred in the copy room. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no part in it. I was walking by, about to copy some memos that some jackass had neglected to copy the day before. As I passed by, I heard moaning coming from the copy room. Quickly, I ducked behind the doorway and tried to sneak a peak at some office action. What I saw amazed me. There sat Berlin, the office fantasy, rubbing her crotch against the copy machine. She was trying to get off from the warmth. It was a wonderful sight and I soon felt the eight-incher in my pants growing.

She picked up the pace and soon worked her hand down to her crotch. She started going even faster, making her long, black hair fly every which way. She continued to work her hand over her crotch, which was still covered by her silk panties. I could clearly see that the sexual tension just continued to build up inside her. Then Berlin finally pushed her underwear aside, revealing her soft mound to the world. Immediately, she thrust two small fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out at a tremendous speed. She worked it and worked ,obviously having done this before. At this point, I was at a sexual peak, but didn't dare whip it out and start jacking right there. After about ten more minutes, she came violently, almost slipping off the copy machine. Luckily she was a screamer, but she probably had still attracted some attention.

That theory was soon proven when my next door neighbor cubicle-wise, Mark Spoils, started to waltz right up to me, trying to strike up a conversation.

"Hey, Kyle," he started, "come here, I got a wicked joke to tell you."

Quickly, I diverted his attention and screamed, "Boss wants to see you, he mentioned Berlin." I heard a small yelp behind me and hoped Mark hadn't heard it. He didn't because he soon was walking towards Mr. Polster's office. Thank God. I wiped the sweat off my face and turned around. There was Berlin, completely red, knowing that I had watched her. What she said though, shocked me.

"Thanks," she muttered, "that's the closest I have ever come to being caught." Than, with what I though was a slight sexual, sparkle said, "I owe you one" and winked.

I watched her, mainly actually watching her, but saying that I was guarding her afterwards, for months afterwards. Soon, she even got a job on the same floor as me and she delighted in that, mainly for the copy machine. Eventually, yet another encounter would bring me closer.

It was several weeks after she had come to the office permanently. Her dad felt comfortable moving her to Mark's spot and Mark, still in hot water for busting in on the boss doing it doggie style with his secretary, was shifted to the mailroom. He received a quarter million to keep his mouth shut, so he didn't complain. He had always been an ass anyway. It had been a long night and Mr. Polster wanted me to work overtime, only adding to the misery. Berlin changed my thoughts quickly.

It was nine o'clock and everyone else had gone home three hours ago, even Polster, the bastard. Then Berlin marched in, wearing a sexy, yet sophisticated dress. It had a huge slit up the side and flowers all across the chest, respecting her Asian ancestry. She apologized for her dad's scheduling me until ten. Berlin then leapt upon the small desk in my cubicle, unknowingly exposing her thong under the tight dress. She realized it too late and turned beet-red. In her scramble, she knocked over my pen-cup and turned an even brighter shade of red. She bent over to pick them up, exposing the cleavage of her c-cup breasts, uncommon for an Asian, but still welcomed. She caught me doing that and turned redder still. By now, there was a nice bulge developing in the crotch of my pants.

She started talking about the finance department to take the focus off her body, but soon noticed the bulge in my pants. It was my turned to shift to red as she simply stared at it for almost a minute before talking. She got this cute little mischievous smile on her face and turned straight up towards me. Her face was inches from mine and she said, simply and clean, "Can I touch it?" My heart leapt into my throat at the words. All I did was sheepishly nod. She slid my pants off and saw my prick closer through my boxers, which she also hastily removed. She stared at it for a few minutes, looking in awe. She really had been holed up by father. Then the placed her hand around it and looked up at me from her position on her knees. I nodded and she started to stroke up and down. She was really good and I was surprised she had never done this before. Within minutes, I was about to come. She was able to realize this and to avoid a mess, she stuck it in her mouth.

I shot a hot load down her throat and she swallowed it all, every last bit. I soon realized that she had been fingering herself the whole time and soon was about to climax. She screamed in pleasure, with nobody around to hear it but me. I enjoyed the show as she kneaded her now-exposed breasts with her free hand and I was soon hard again. Soon she came and spilled her juices on the floor of my cubicle. She collapsed for a few minutes, but was soon her vibrant self again.

"Please don't tell anyone about this," she pleaded, then realized that my cock was hard again. Getting another mischievous grin, she inched closer to me. She kissed me long and hard, and the taste of my self on her breath didn't affect my at all. Soon she put her hand on my cock and started to stroke it again, but not as hard. Then, when finally breaking our kiss, she put her oath around my shaft and starting bobbing up and down, licking it and tasting it as much has she can, almost as if it were already and addiction. Berlin was an immediate expert and I loved it. My office dream was coming true.

I was pushing the sexual limits when berlins tongue hit my sack and my cock was experiencing something new. I looked down to see Berlin take the entire shaft into her mouth, all eight inches, completely covered by her lips and tongue. That was all I needed and I shot another load down her throat, much more than the last. She couldn't take it all and soon it was dribbling down her chin. She had to take my cock out and the last few streams shot out onto her face. She didn't care. In fact, it seemed like she liked it. She smiled at me one last time before going to the washroom to clean up before some possible straggler saw her by a chance.

We went on like that for a while, never telling a soul and never actually fucking, but it was still wonderful. I would even lick her into an orgasm as returning the favor. She really loved that. Me and the boys at the office started a pot to see who could take her all the way first. The pot grew and grew without Polster catching the smallest wind of it. At its peak, there was over $4,000 in it. Some guys were so sure they would do it first and they hadn't even talked to her. I laughed inside to the extreme. I hoped so much that I would walk away soon $4,000 richer.

Another overtime, and Berlin was there, "faxing memos". It was an unusually warm day in March, and it was casual Friday. I had worn these comfortable kaki shorts and an Old Navy Flag-T, expressing my patriotism. Berlin though, had worn these hot cheerleading shorts, obviously from days past, and also this hot little tank top with a low neckline. She looked so hot and I was gestating when Polster shot another overtime at me. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something was definitely different today.

At eight (everyone left a little earlier today due to the heat) she strut into my cubicle, twirling something on her finger. A few good looks and I realized it was a camera. I immediately got a raging hard on and he noticed quick. Laughing out loud, she explained that it was a special camera. It had over 1800 exposures and it was rigged to take pictures every ten seconds. She set it on the desk and we started talking. We finally decided to do the usual. She got down on her knees in front on my cock and turned on the camera, whose wide angle would catch everything in the tiny cubicle. She started to stroke my cock gingerly, then faster and faster until I climaxed. Then she laid back in the chair and I fingered her twice, just because I could. While I was down there, I went ahead and thrust my tongue in her snatch, just the way she liked it. I got her off three times and she was almost exhausted. We turned the camera off for her to catch her breath.

After it was started back up and the shutter going every ten seconds, she got down on her knees and gave me the best one yet. She took it all in and bobbed until I swear I heard neck pop, but at that point I came in her mouth and, with training, she was able to take it all. She waltzed over to the camera, still swallowing some of my juice, and turned it off. She flipped it over and realized that there were still over a third of the exposures left. The wicked smile crossed his face once more and by now, I learned to love it.

She turned to me and dropped the tank top and unfastened her bra, letting her beautiful young breasts bounce free. Then came off the shorts, without anything underneath, as I had earlier figured out. My cock throbbed and hardened again. She realized it and laughed once more. She smiled wide and turned the camera on. We were both overflowing with passion and she stepped up to my and held in a long passionate kiss while she slid off my shorts, boxers and short rather easily. Then as I could only stare she bent over with her face right in front of the camera and wiggled her firm bottom in the air, ready for it.

I bent down and made sure this was really what she wanted to do. She seductively answer "YES." I was truly living the office, screwing the boss's virgin daughter. I positioned myself directly behind her and ran the tip of my shaft up and down across her lips. She moaned in pleasure and pleaded with me to fuck her. I complied and eased my dick into her warm snatch. She screamed in pain in pleasure as I slowly eased in all eight inches. She was astounded at how good it felt. She moaned and sighed as I gently fucked her and she started screaming, "Oh fuck me, fuck me Kyle! FUCK MEEEEEE!" She started screaming for me to go faster and faster. Soon we were we going at it harder and faster than I had ever seen. It was her first time and she was able to do it this well, I was surprised. She started humping backwards towards and a hand drifted down and started to caress her clit even more that my cock was. With the added stimulation, we both hit the climax at the same time. Her juices flowed around our legs as I launched my seed into her sweet cunt. I slipped out easy and she stayed hunched over as the camera took its last picture. She smiled and we kissed long and hard before going back to my place for an entire night of passion.

Three weeks later, Mark called us into the workroom with "proof". He slapped down a piece of notebook paper with a written confession form Berlin. We all scoffed at it and demanded real proof. He all told us to go fuck ourselves, so we turned it in to Polster. Mark was promptly fired, but the pot was never discovered. The next day, the cash was on the table and I waltzed in with an entire shoebox full of pictures. Berlin had given me the go-ahead as long as I split it 50/50. She even stood in there with me and gave the details. We walked away $4,000 dollars richer that day.


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that was great write more it was rly good for a first time


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2005-07-20 22:49:10 me horny


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gotta love thoose asians 9/10


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Great sex and the booty without th consequences... gotta love it

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