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My sister-in-law came to live with us
I arrived home from work and found nobody in the house, so I walked through the house to the pool area and saw Brian, our 13-year old son, and Helen, our 11-year old daughter playing on rubber floats in the pool. My wife, Cathy, was lying on a recliner in a patch of shade beside the pool. The three of them were naked, as is our custom.

The kids have grown up thinking that nudity in the house is normal. This has occasionally caused minor problems, such as when they started to go on sleep-overs with their school friends, or when they invited friends home after school, but they accepted our explanation that what we were comfortable with was not acceptable to most other families.

I kissed my wife, yelled “Hi” to the kids, then walked back into the house to take off my clothes. Back beside the pool I handed Cathy a glass of chardonnay and relaxed in another recliner with a cold tinny (=beer can). I was just thinking of going back to the kitchen for another round when I heard, coming from inside the house, a female voice which I recognised as Cathy's sister, Laura.

“We're out by the pool.” called back Cathy.

Laura came out to join us. She was a frequent visitor, and so was accustomed to our nudity. On this occasion she stripped off her clothes before she came outside. I was enjoying her young, naked body and so did not notice her black mood which would have been obvious if I had looked at her face.

“Laura. Whatever is the matter?” asked Cathy.

“My fucking boyfriend has chucked me out. He's got a new girlfriend. I've got nowhere to stay. Can I move in here for a bit, please?”

“Sure, Aunty Laura, you can share my bed if you like.” Brian had climbed out of the pool and was coming towards us. He gave Laura a big hug, pressing his wet, naked body against Laura's naked body.

She responded by kissing Brian on the lips. “Why, thank you Brian.” And she giggled happily.

“Brian! Don't be naughty! Laura can sleep in the spare bedroom.” I interjected.

“Brian's got a stiffy. Brian's got a stiffy.” Helen was out of the pool too and dancing toward us, drawing attention to Brian's erection. She too gave her aunt a hug and a kiss. “You could sleep with me in my bed if you liked.” she added.

Brian disappeared into the house, his erect cock bouncing in front of him. Ten minutes later he reappeared with his cock now flaccid.

Somehow we got through the evening. At about 9pm Cathy sent the kids to bed. Soon after she turned to me and said, “Phil. I think that Laura and you should sleep together tonight.”

“How can I sleep with such a beautiful, naked woman beside me in the bed?”

“I don't expect you to sleep until you have done what you can to help Laura forget that bastard. I want you to make love to her like you normally do to me.”

“Oh! Sister! Would you really let Phil fuck me? Where will you sleep?”

“Yes. I want Phil to work his magic on you. Tomorrow I want to see my happy sister again. I'll go and wake Brian and let him fuck me.”

“But, that's incest. Wouldn't it be better if Brian fucked me and Phil fucked you?”

“No. Brian can only last about 30 seconds. He'll never satisfy you the way Phil can.”

“You've fucked him before?”

“Yes. He needs a lot of practice before he can satisfy a woman, but he's getting better. And by the way, he knows that he must never tell anyone, not even his most trusted friend, for fear of someone telling the police.”

So Laura and I got into bed together.

“Laura. I really want to fuck you, but if you are spooked by this we don't have to do anything. What do you want?”

“Phil. I've always dreamed of fucking you. I just never imagined that it could happen, since you are married to my sister. I can't believe that Cathy pushed us into this. I'll really owe her big time after tonight. Now, please fuck me.”

I started by eating her pussy. I poked my tongue into her slit, then ran it from the bottom to her clit at the top, then back down and I pushed my tongue into the entrance to her cunt. A few minutes of repeating this and Laura had had two orgasms.

“Phil. That was wonderful. Now I need to feel you inside me. Please fuck me.”

So I did. I was so excited by the unexpected pleasure of fucking my sister-in-law that I came very quickly. When I came in her I stayed inside her. My erection did not shrink. I felt her cunt muscles massaging me which helped to maintain my erection. After enjoying this strange massage for a while, I started stroking slowly in and out again.

“Yes! Harder, please!”

So I fucked her more energetically. I lasted longer this second time. When I was just building to my second cum I realised that Laura's moaning had changed to a shriek as she came again. I could not hold back any longer; I pumped my second load into her cunt.

I don't remember anything after that until I woke next morning. I slowly realised that I was sharing my bed with two other bodies. I was on my side spooned against Laura's back. My hand was resting lightly on her breast. There was someone else behind me. His or her arm was resting on my hip and a hand was holding my semi-hard cock.

Once I was fully awake I turned my head to see who else was in bed with Laura and me; it was Helen, my 11-year old daughter.

“Good morning Helen. How come you're in my bed?”

“I had a nightmare in the night and came to you for comfort. You pulled me into bed and held me, but I'm not sure that you even woke up. Anyway I went to sleep again and did not have anymore nightmares. Did you really fuck Laura last night? What will mummy say? Where is mummy?”

“Wow! One question at a time! Yes, I fucked Laura last night. Your mum will be OK with us fucking because she suggested it. Mummy went to sleep with Brian last night so that we could be alone together.”

“Did mummy let Brian fuck her? Is your cock stiff because you are going to fuck Laura again this morning? Can I watch?”

“Wow! One question at a time! Yes, mummy said that she and Brian would fuck. My cock is always stiff when I wake up. I'll fuck Laura again if that is what she wants, but I don't think that Laura would want you to watch us.”

“Watch us do what?” came from a half-awake Laura.

“Helen wants to know if I'm going to fuck you again this morning, and if we do she wants to watch us.”

“Yes and yes. I want you to fuck me again, and I'd love it if Helen watches us. Oooh! Someone's got her hand wrapped around your cock.”

Helen let go of my cock and moved back to the edge of the bed, then Laura pushed me onto my back, and swung her leg over my lower body, and without any foreplay swallowed my cock into her cunt. As she lifted herself up and lowered herself down my pole, over and over again I held her breasts and massaged her nipples.

“Oh! I love that feeling. Helen, rub my clit, would you please?”

I was shocked by this request, but Helen didn't hesitate to reach in between us, locate Laura's clit and diddle it. Thinking back I now think that, this was no worse than allowing Helen to watch us fuck. Well, I'm proud to say that I managed to hold off my orgasm until Laura woke the whole house as hers hit her, then I moaned and deposited my load of cum deep inside her.

“Awesome! I want to experience that!” said Helen.

“Awesome! I need to experience that soon!” said Cathy from the open door to the bedroom.

“How long have you been watching us?” I asked my wife.

“Since Laura climbed on top of you. Helen, what are you doing here?”

“I had a nightmare. I came looking for you but you weren't here so I cuddled up to daddy and fell asleep.”

“When I woke up she was holding my erect cock and wanted to watch me fuck Laura again.”

“Well, young miss, you know not to talk about any of this to anyone outside this house.”

“Yes, mummy. You're always telling me that.”

“Well, it's important.”

“Mummy? How come every one gets to fuck except me? I want to know what it feels like.”

“Well, honey, you and I will talk about it later. I think that I'll have to take you to the doctor to get you on the pill. It would not be very good for you to get pregnant, so young.”

I was amazed by my wife's attitude. We had often talked about swinging while we fucked, but that was just fantasy, wasn't it? Yet here she was, quite happy to watch me fuck her sister after she had fucked our son, and now she was talking about putting Helen on the pill so that someone (me? Brian?) could fuck her without getting her pregnant. Well I was not about to complain.

So that was the first night of Laura's stay with us, and the start of a very busy sex life for me.

To be continued.

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Jacquie - This location brgnis back so many fond memories of growing up, spending summers at my Aunt Lilly and Uncle Gordon's place. Beautiful wish I had a little piece of Lake Lillian to call my own.

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not lame but needsmore her pussy shaved?does she have stiff nips?give us more details.

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