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A new way to go downtown
“Another day in the underground” is what Kenneth Green called the ol’ workplace. Moving from Florida two years ago, he got a job working for the Fort Andrews County Transit System as a subway station manager. Elizabeth Jones vowed never to ride the subway unless serious upgrades to safety were made. As a writer for the Fort Andrews Reflector, she insisted on FACTS getting the facts straight on riders’ dissatisfaction.

A sweltering June morning brought Elizabeth to a dilemma; her car blew its radiator the day previous and even though she resisted, she was forced to ride the floundering subway. As she descended the escalator to the station platform, her shoelace was caught in the steps, causing her to scream for help. Luckily away from his post, Kenneth sprinted to the escalator, diving for the emergency stop button. He stopped it three feet from the bottom, sparing injury for the grateful Elizabeth.
“Thank you?” she said reluctantly.
“Kenneth, the name is Kenneth.” He replied willingly.

Kenneth lifted her from the ground and cut the laces from the intact shoes. ”You’re Ms. Jones from the paper? I read your column everyday to see what I can do better for the transit system.” She was shocked anyone from the FACTS even spoke of her in good light.

“Thank you and thank you for your help” she said as she dusted herself off and went about her way.

A week went by when Elizabeth visited Kenneth at the River Lane station.
“You came back?” he said in a surprised fashion. The recently separated 34 year old writer had a different look on this visit. Dressed in a tight white blouse, knee-high dark blue skirt, and flat white shoes, she intended on making a friend out of her hero. “Of course I did; you’re bravery was second to none and I can’t thank you enough.”
I think I know a way that you can thank me” said the 31 year old former baseball player. Despite wearing the standard light blue vest with khaki pants, the tall, muscular man seemed to tower over the slender but curvy woman. They proceeded to make plans to see each other for coffee the next day. After a successful coffee date, the two planned intimate date and Kenneth had a dazzling idea on a first impression.

They planned to meet back at the River Lane station at 9pm on Friday. Kenneth had to cash in a favor with a conductor and acquired an out of service train for the night. Because River Lane was the end of the line, it was perfect place to set up the dream date. As they hit the platform, the train of destiny arrived and the doors opened to paradise. The car was ornate with lights, candles, and her favorite song “Late Night Caf? To top it off, a dinner table with fine cuisine awaited their arrival.

After a fabulous dinner and dessert, Kenneth drove the train to the rail yard about 500 feet away. The two were very comfortable with each other and didn’t want the night to end. As he parked, Elizabeth disrobed her red blouse, exposing the red velvet bra underneath. “Touch me” she proposed. Kenneth did not disappoint, placing one hand on the hook and another pulling her soft, tender body toward him. He unsnapped the bra, releasing the full breast to the open air of the train and the full attention of Kenneth. They began to kiss in a sensual fashion; Kenneth mapping his way from the silky smooth neck down to the compact, but wholesome breasts. He then shed his shirt, exposing his tight abs and buff arms to a very accepting Elizabeth. “Nice bod, Kenny.” “It’s just the beginning, Liz.”

As the two make their way from the conductor’s cabin to the cab, the two are in full fury. Kenneth disrobes Elizabeth of her sparkling crimson skirt and her midnight black panties to discover the trimmed, wet pussy. He placed her in a seat and began to unleash the relentless torrent of his tongue on her now stiffened clit. She moans in pleasure as he continues the thunderous lashing against her rose, inducing uplifting approval of her tight butt from the seat. Kenneth then stands up, drops the black slacks, and reveals 9 inches of hard, throbbing cock from the blue boxers. “My, what ‘facts’ you didn’t tell me over dinner”, she responded in excitement. “There are some things that aren’t for the main course,” he slyly replied. Elizabeth then stood up, sat Kenneth down, and grabbed a passenger pole in the train. With nothing but white socks on, she spun her tight body around and slid down the pole, parading her proud tits and wet clit. “Is the train ready for its final stop?” said Elizabeth. “It’s been waiting for the doors to open all night” said Kenneth.

Elizabeth walked over to Kenneth and mounted his big dick with her now soaking pussy. He grabbed her thick butt and began to thrust, as she moved her sexy frame up and down his cock. He started sucking on her tits, going from nipple to nipple, leaving no spot untouched. Elizabeth then released, stood spread eagle on the seat in front, awaiting another entry into her tight tunnel. Kenneth held back no energy, thrusting deep into the expanding clit as he continued to pleasure the busty breasts. Elizabeth rubbed herself as he went deeper and deeper, causing her to gush juices all over his rock solid conductor. Sensing her orgasm, he pulled out, and took the tongue express back downtown, slurping all the streaming pussy juice of the now orgasmic Elizabeth. “I hope that’s not the end of the line,” she said it a passionate plea for continuance. “Only one way to find out” he said as he placed her on the dinner table in the cab. He grasped her legs and she grasped his cock for one final erotic ride.

As his thick dick pumped through her contracting cunt, screams echoed through the train as the two lovers prepared for the final blast of pleasure. Kenneth ramped up his thrusts to full speed, leaving Elizabeth’s pussy gushing as the brim. Elizabeth vigorously rubbed her clit for maximum satisfaction. Kenneth powered his way through the fatigue and pleasure, breaking down the walls of the now trembling cunt of Elizabeth. The moment was upon them, and they could feel the final turns. “Cum, baby, cum; load me up with that hot, spicy man juice” she said as she had another wet orgasm. “Don’t worry, the Kenny express is coming into the final stop.”
“Fuck me! Fuck me!” She clenched his waist as the final thrust were pushed before the massive cock let off the final blow, exploding his hot cum through her overflowing tunnel and oozing out her sticky station.
“That was some ride, captain.”
“There’s a lot more train to explore, Ms. Jones.”
Elizabeth learned the FACTS about the subway and found a new way to go downtown.
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