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Sexy girl at an all girls school left alone with the teacher when her grades begin to fall.
Sorry everyone, its a bit cliche but its my first story. So go easy on me. Constructive critiques are always accepted. Chapter 2 will be coming if I get good reviews or good/helpful feedback. Thank you


Jill's new Anatomy and Physiology teacher was, in less words than does him
justice, hot. Very hot. He still had a tinge of an Irish accent in his voice as he
lectured. It was Jill's favorite class. His name was Mr. Brendan Moore. Even
though he was a teacher, he still seemed very casual. And since he taught at an
all girls school, he was popular. All the girls said that they wanted "More of
Now, Jill was also very attractive. She had very nice curves, perky breasts that
seemed determined to burst out of her blouse, nice, long legs, and she had no
problem showing off her assets. Even some of the girls in school were willing to
"cross the line" for her. But no, she only had an eye for Mr. Moore. Every day she
couldn't wait to get to sixth period and hear his dreamy voice. She got a little
excited everytime, which only got worse when it came time to study the
reproductive system. Hearing him talk about a cock stiffening due to chemicals
sent from the brain made chemicals flow within herself. There were even days where
she couldn't stand it anymore and ended up going to the bathroom and getting some
One day, however, Mr. Moore asked her to stay after class. As the other students
slowly filed out the room, he closed the door and took a deep breath. Jill sat
still, fiddling with her necklace nervously.
"Yes, Mr. Moore, what did you want to talk to me about?" Jill asked, noticing how
hard it was to look at him directly.
"It's, your grades... You're failing the class. If you did your work, you'd be
great. I know this, because you pay such close attention in class and you always
ace your tests. However, you never turn in any homework and its holding you back.
Now what are you going to do about this?" He said, sitting down next to her.
"Oh no! I didn't think it was that bad. Please Mr. Moore, it's almost the end of
the year. Is there any way I can get an extra credit assignment or something?
Please? I'm begging you." She pleaded as she looked up above her glasses and
leaned over, reaching and touching his hand. He looked down at her and couldn't
help but notice her perfect breasts...
"Those nice, c-cup breasts... Oh how he'd love to squeeze and fondle them...
Sucking on her nice young nipples." Wait... what was he thinking? She's a student
and he's a teacher. It's taboo, yet oh so exciting. The knowing it's wrong and yet
the desire to do it. The desire growing and growing ever more. This young girl,
willing to do anything to save herself, sitting in front of him. A temptress. A
"Well... umm... I have a friend..." Mr. Moore glanced around nervously. "He likes
young women, like yourself. Text this number and maybe if you please him enough I
can raise your grade up just a bit."
Jill looked down, slightly disappointed or maybe disturbed. "Your... friend, eh?
umm... I'll try. It depends on what he wants..."
"You can do it, Jill. Just text this number. It'll be ok" He looked into her eyes
When Jill got home that night, she texted the number. Their conversation was
something like this:
Jill: umm... Mr. Moore told me to text this number... so hi. what's your name?
Friend: You can call me Hunter.
Jill: wow... interesting name... where'd you pick up the name from? (I'm assuming
that's a fake name)
Hunter: Of course. From John Hunter, he is a pretty famous physician.
Jill: Oh that's cool. Anways, how's this thing going to work?
Hunter: First off, why don't you tell me what you're wearing?
Jill: umm... Just my shirt... I was getting ready for bed.
Hunter: Mmm Sounds sexy. Can you send me a pic?
Jill: umm... I don't think I should...
Hunter: Aww. C'mon, don't you want to pass?
Jill took the picture. Of course her cleavage was fully visible, but what wasn't
expected was how much she was blushing.
Hunter: Wow you're cute. I like it.
Jill: What next? I really need to pass.
Hunter: Is there anyone with you?
Jill: No, I'm alone in my room.
Hunter: Why don't you get rid of that pesky shirt? I'm sure you're body will warm
up real soon.
Hunter: Now, that bra and while you're at it how about them panties. Mmm baby,
you've got me all excited just imagining.
Jill: Hunter, I'm not sure about this...
Hunter: C'mon it's just a bit of harmless playing right? Are they off?
Jill: Yeah... I suppose you're right.
Hunter: I'm sure those nice breasts of yours would love to be played with. Squeeze
them. Tweak your nipples. Get them nice and hard.
Jill: Nnn... Who knew that nipples could be so nice?
Hunter: I'll teach you something even nicer. Slide one of your fingers to your
clit and start rubbing it in circles, first nice and slow.
Jill: No, I need it faster... Can I?
Hunter: No you can't. Keep playing with your breast and clit. God, you're so hot.
Keep doing it. I bet you're moaning by now.
Jill: Nnn... M-maybe. Please, faster. I... I want to cum.
Hunter: hmm... after you send me a sample of your moaning. I want to hear your
sexy voice...
(Jill sent him a recording of her moaning and then started rubbing her clit
Hunter: As expected. Even your moaning is amazing. Nnn, now slide your finger into

your pussy.
Jill: Aahnnn~ Good. So... good... So... very good...
Hunter: Oh yeah, sweetie. Imagine I'm fucking your nice sweet pussy. Do you want

my hard cock in you?
Jill: Yes, oh yes...
Hunter: Mmm...
Jill: OH! I'm cumming again!!!
Hunter: Me too. Mmm, Yesh come all over ur fingers.
Jill: Wow... Oh wow...
This was just one of many encounters between Jill and Hunter. Jill loved it so
much, that she didn't need the motivation of passing the class after a few more
sessions. It was just good fun. She got off better than she ever did in the
bathroom on her own.

Chapter 2 coming soon if reviews are good and helpful. Thanks again.


2017-12-04 20:32:29
you should have hunter end up being mr. moore and jill stay after and have mr moore blackmail her with the pics she sent. then on a long weekend when jill's parents are out of town have mr moore come over her house and spank her and really make her into a slut. mr moore will take jill for a ride and have her wear nothing except for a collar and a leash have them go a few towns over so no one will recognise them to an adult store where she will have to crawl on all fours as moore picks out items to use on her

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2010-04-30 00:53:04
Would love to see a second chapter :)

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