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Yet another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...
They say that time is the great thief,
Robber of beauty and of looks,
I have heard it spoken times before,
Have read of it in books,

But as the years go by with you,
I realize more and more,
You just get that much better,
So much better than before.

For what may have caught my eye,
Was surely your pretty face,
But over the years I have come to know,
Your true beauty and inner grace,

For your true beauty is not seen,
Not what you choose to show,
It is your beauty that lies inside,
The beauty I’ve come to know,

And as the years pass on by,
You age just like fine wine,
And every year that passes by,
Makes me glad you’re mine.

Far from your beauty ever fading,
I feel that I must say,
You just keep on getting better,
And more beautiful every day.


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2013-08-14 23:00:33
Aww :) that's a really cute poem.

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2013-01-25 04:51:52
This is a very good answer, and very saiilmr to the one I gave not too long ago on my blog. Another thought relates to the husband-wife relationship being an imitation of the relationship between Christ and His Church. I've reminded men they are to submit to and obey God, and women submit to their husbands. As a woman, how much do you want your husband to submit to God? Your answer might be a good model for how you might submit to him.

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2012-10-03 03:41:41
No, I have no questions for Obama buseace I can only question myself to kill and not to be sustained over it?I have full confidence in the natural maturity of President Obama who is out to experiment with the truth as he very naturally takes himself to be with the extrovert guard that he has been bestowed upon for life overall and under that, he means business with the odds he is facing really speaking to no body’s account? And on that, he is not alone buseace he has a wonderful partner (his better half Michelle) and they both make it as a rare coin in divinity that is of the whole “if seen deeply through perceptions for the world at large”?Human nature only evolves through experience and under that, I see the past of life overall surcharged in both active and passive terms that has to gradually retire in silence to re-discover the whole element one in all not only for America; also for the inter – related world on it buseace America in the history of life has a place not on

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2012-09-11 22:44:17
Priscilla - I think this is your best shoot to date! These are amazing! I agree with Chrissi EVERY silgne picture is PERFECT. I couldn't help but laugh and smile while looking at these pictures. The emotion caught in these pictures is incredible! You just get better and better. I love you!

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2011-07-04 08:57:05
Yo, that's what's up trtuhfluly.

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