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sry i didnt write this but i thought it was really good. enjoy
She was nine when I moved in, a spidery little kid, all gawky and
self-conscious as only a city kid can be. And she was bright and sweet
and unaffected. She was the landlord's daughter, and the fact that such
a neat kid would be in my new apartment building was one reason I took
the place.
The trouble started three years later.

"Hi. This is Angie."
(As if I might not recognize her voice. Sure, she'd been less
likely to spend time chatting with the guy on the fourth floor in
the last year -- especially the last few months -- but that was okay.
And her voice was immediately recognizable, nonetheless.)
"I have to do this paper for school on volcanoes and I was
wondering if it would be okay if I looked at some of the books you have."
(She knew about the book collection, because she'd seen it.)
"So, like, if it's no hassle, let me know when you get a chance,
okay? The paper is due Monday. Thanks."
(I was listening to the recording on my answering machine on
Thursday night.)
On my way out the next morning, I slid a note under the door of the
owner's apartment saying Saturday, around noon, would be fine. My main
squeeze was out of the country on vacation and if Angie needed more time
or help, Saturday would be no problem.
I made a mental note to clean up the place when I got home from
work Friday night -- I like to sleep in on Saturdays -- so it would be
presentable when Angie came up to raid the books. I had several books
on volcano logy -- it fascinated me when I was in my teens -- as well
as the encyclopedia (Britannica).
In truth, I was delighted that I had stuff that could help a good,
bright kids get a solid grade. Really. That was it. I mean -- sure, the
baby fat was melting away and a very pretty girl was emerging, but she
was still very much A Kid, so nothing else occurred to me.

Saturday afternoon, 12:10 p.m., there's a knock at the door. I'm
mostly awake. I've had two cups of The Elixir of Life (a.k.a., "coffee")
and half a Black and Mild (wine flaver o' course). This is as awake as I
should ever have to be at ten after noon on a Saturday.
Angie. Telling me how much she appreciates my help and many
promises not be a problem and cute as can be in her HUGE oversized
sweatshirt and spray-on Gitanos. I note -- not being dead -- that she
has a very cute and sexy and well-formed butt inside that denim and tell
myself that somewhere out there in Shelby, Montgomery or the rest of the
south state area, there is an incredibly lucky 12- or
13-year-old boy who doesn't know that this butt has his name on it -- or
I simply smiled and told her of my genuine pleasure at her use of
the books and pointed to the living room, which is where the Library
Wall lives and lived. For myself, I planned to finish that second half of the pack,
drink more coffee. Lots of More Coffee. (This is a prescribed
response to going out for "a couple" of beers with military-friends on
Friday night.) I suggested she open the windows wide, if she liked,
since it was a typical Weird April and the temperature was already near
75 degrees, and the smell of the cigerette might bother her.
(that didn't happen)

Angie started with the Brit-3 (logical) and soon had four volumes
scattered on the floor. I went on-line and checked my e-mail. more porn spam.great -__-
Carefully deleting it, I refilled my coffee cup. Came
back in and started answering mail, then looked up to find her watching
me. Great big hazel eyes and sun-lightened hair falling in riotous curls
around her rounded, pretty face. Very pretty face.
"What's up?"
"The encyclopedia is great, but we're not supposed to just use one
book or encyclopedia."
"No problem." I stood and padded, barefoot, behind her into the
living room. Barely 12, Angie was small even for that -- maybe 4-foot-6
-- and not even the luscious twitching of her butt in the Gitanos could
dispel the awareness that she was a kid. A smart, pretty -- maybe even
sexy -- kid. But a kid. I kept telling myself that as I stood, towering
behind her, at 5'9, in front of the stacks and pulled books for her. I had
several on volcano logy, tectonic plates and morphology.
In the meantime, volumes of Brit-3 were scattered all over the
living room floor, with a liberal leavening of pages from her notebook
covered with semi-legible scrawls.
Naturally, though she was supposed to do the research and writing
on the paper, it took a good -- oh, fifteen minutes before I was
crawling around the living room floor with her, finding and marking
passages that would be useful and relevant.
Crawling around on the floor is precisely when the trouble started.
I was just riffling the pages of THE HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA
(about Project MoHo) for a useful explanatory section when I looked up
and found myself confronted with her jean-clad butt. She was crouched
over something else, reading, but as she read she was moving that cute,
round little ass in small circles.
I was wearing an old sweatshirt and a pair of nine-year-old jeans
and nothing else. Seeing her hard little ass, the way the denim of the
jeans crept between her cheek and the split of her cunt and -- oddly,
most of all -- the little line of bare flesh just above her waist, where
her shirt had crept up...well, it was instant, embarrassing boner time.
This was a KID, for cryin' out loud!
I cleared my throat and said, "Angie, please sit on the couch or
"Waving your butt in front of my face is a bit awkward for me."
(Yes, I really do talk that. Sue me.)
Now she leaned her head back and turned to look at me over her
shoulders, hazel eyes bright with mischief and mirth. "What's the matter,
Mike? Too hot for ya?" She wiggled for effect.
"That -- and too young. Stop it."
She arched her back and swiveled her butt still more. "You mean
this? Or what?"
"Or I'll take a great big bite out of your ass."
She giggled and flashed me a Dare You look and thrust her butt back
at me.
I reached out with both hands, grabbed her denim-clad hips, leaned
forward and bit lightly on her right cheek. Very lightly, since the
denim was tight and her ass flesh was tighter, leaving no excess to grip.
Angie squealed and shivered slightly, so I bit the other butt-cheek.
"Ooooh -- you'll never get me to stop that way!"
I squeezed her hips and she shivered again. "Maybe the jeans are
too tight," she said and I heard a click -- followed by a zzzzzip! The
jeans loosened. Then they began to slide down.
"What the hell -- stop it, Angie!"
"Uh-uh. I know what I'm doing and I know what I want." Jeans still
sliding -- pink rayon was coming into view -- and her voice suddenly
softer and huskier.
"What do you want?"
"What your girlfriends get that makes them moan and scream so loud
that I can hear them down in my bedroom."
Shit. I'd thought that with the window and drapes closed and the
pillow as a muffler, the cries wouldn't be audible -- certainly not all
the way down the airshaft to the second floor bedroom of an over-sexed,
barely pubescent pre-teen.
"And you think you're ready for this?"
The jeans reached the back of her thighs. There was a growing wet
spot in the tight crotch of the tight pink panties (which had a little
yellow heart on one side). She was certainly ready physically.
"You bet my ass, I'm ready," she murmured.
"Convince me." My hands trembled as I took them off her lithe,
rounded little hips.
I knelt up straight and she turned to sit on that cut butt, staring
at me as she skinned the jeans the rest of the way off.
"Go into my bedroom, take off your clothes, lay on the bed and
She frowned.
"What -- "
"I'll come in and watch you. If you're ready for this, then you
sure as hell won't mind me seeing you rub yourself."
She stood slowly, knees quivering. "Promise?"
I nodded. She nodded back, then stepped around me, shapely young
legs flashing inches from my eyes, and headed for my bedroom.
I stayed there for a long five minutes, contemplating what I was
getting into. Something too young, yet obviously mature enough to know
what she wanted. My cock, however, was contemplating only one thing and
it won the debate.
Slowly, I stood and went into the bedroom. She lay atop the covers,
naked, eyes closed, one hand moving between her rounded thighs, the
other toying with the small mounds of her breasts and the stiff little
spikes of her nipples. Her hips were rocking slightly and the aroma of
her juices was rich in the room.
She opened her eyes and slowly focused on me. "You promised..."
I shucked my clothes quickly. She watched avidly. I stretched out
next to her on the bed. "Have you done this before?"
"With a boy? No."
"It'll hurt, the first time."
"No it won't. I had an accident on a bike a long time ago." Her
eyes unfocused and she moaned. Her hand was moving faster between her
legs. "Pleease, don't make me wait..."
I leaned down and kissed her soft, sweet lips. She may not have
fucked before, but she sure as hell had done some practicing kissing.
Her lips were demanding and her tongue was expert and she savored the
kiss as much as I did. When I finally broke it off, I started kissing
the line of her jaw, then her ears and finally started working down over
her soft throat and chest.
Her hand went to the back of my head, guiding my mouth to her
little tits. They were unbelievably sweet and vulnerable, so small and
fresh. Her skin was smooth and very, very firm. Her nipples were hot and
when she felt me take one into her mouth, gently sucking and then
tonguing, she gasped and pulled my face down fiercely onto her young
At the same time, I moved one hand down over her belly, caressing
her abdomen and hips and thighs. She was short enough that I could
easily reach all the way down her constantly moving legs to her taut
calves. When my fingertips trailed up the inside of one quivering thigh,
she gasped and hunched down at my hand. I evaded.
"C'mon, c'mon, touch me..." she moaned. "Make me get over!"
My lips followed the trail blazed by my wandering hand. She had
both hands on my head, fingers twined in my hair as my lips descended
first on one hip, then the other. I trailed my tongue down to the
unlined crease of her thigh and traced it almost to her pussy. The
fragrance was incredible -- clean and rich and sweet.
She opened her thighs wider and tried to trap my head between them.
I used both hands to hold them apart as I repositioned myself between
her legs, belly down and ready for lunch.
There wasn't a hair on her mound and the tiny slit, though
glistening, was pink and swollen. Her clitoris, fully engorged, protruded
cleanly above the petite labia.
I blew softly across the tightly pressed lips and she gasped loudly
and tried to drag my mouth onto her. I let her win that one --
gradually. I licked the tip of my tongue around and around the
compressed lips of her fledgling cunt and only slowly drew the spirals
When I pressed my tongue flat against her cunt and licked slowly
up, she began to hump at me and grunt rhythmically. When the tip of my
tongue caught the underside of her swollen clit, she began to moan --
loudly. And when I finally flicked over her tiny trigger. She whined and
came. And she came hard, grinding her cunt down on my mouth so I could
feel her pulsing.
I worked my hands under butt and grabbed -- and covered -- one
perfect cheek with each hand. I held her up to my mouth and let my
tongue go nuts on her. She came again and then again, her whines getting
louder and more prolonged and sometimes almost intelligible words. I ate
her for as long as I could stand it.
There was one more step to get her completely caught up in her own
lusts, though. I withdrew my hands from under her clenching little ass
and placed one finger at the entrance of her cunt. Slowly, carefully, I
pried open her lips and found the tiny opening. She was unbelievably
wet, but also unbelievably tight. And hot.
As I kept licking at her, I rotated my hand and eased my finger
inside her, palm up. Her cunt clenched on my finger and she emitted a
soft scream of pleasure as she rammed her hips down onto the digit. She
immediately started a fucking motion, pausing ever few seconds to cum
again -- holding her self all the way down and contracting her cunt
violently on my finger.
I moved the fingertip inside her and put my other hand on her
abdomen, just above her bare little pubis. I pushed down with the hand
and felt the swollen, pulsing bundle of nerves on the upper part of her
vagina with the inserted finger -- and began massaging.
"OH SHIT!" she screamed and then she really began cumming.
Uncontrollable spasms of pleasure wracked her small body. Her scream was
suddenly muffled -- she had grabbed a pillow for the purpose -- but
intensified in strength and tone as I continued to massage her G-spot
and lick her swollen clitoris. Her belly muscles rippled and her cunt
spasmed wildly, milking the finger, as she came.
I kept it up for a few more minutes and she never so much as paused
in her orgasms. When I finally withdrew the finger and stopped the oral
ministrations, she laid tensed and still cumming on the bed. After a few
seconds, she calmed to an occasional shudder of pleasure and limply
pushed the pillow off her face. Her eyes were wet and her cheeks were
damp. There was a small spot of blood on her lower lip where she had
bitten it.
She managed to focus her open, crazed eyes on me as I knelt between
her legs. Her lips moved, but no words came out at first. She swallowed
loudly and finally whispered, "I never imagined I could get over like
that! I feel like it's still happening!" She sounded amazed. "How did
you learn to do* that?"
"Extensive research and all the practice I could get. Ready for
part two?"
I shuffled forward on my knees between her shaking thighs, old Mr.
slappy leading the way.
"I don't want to get pregnant..." she whispered.
"But I don't want to, you know, catch anything."
"Tested and cleared for all diseases. Relax, Angie; do you really
think I'd take a chance with either?"
She shook her head slightly. "No, it's just last-minute jitters."
I reached down to slide one finger over her tiny pussy and she
shook again.
"Get in me!" she whispered, eyes closing, legs opening and
raising toward me.
I leaned over her and guided my prick to the vulnerable little slit
and was suddenly beset with doubts. She was so small! Even my average-
size cock looked too big for her labia, let alone the tiny opening I
knew was inside.
But as soon as the knob was against her, she began swiveling those
narrow hips, with their meager traces of lingering baby-fat, trying to
screw her cunt onto my dick. Her legs went around my waist and she
started humping herself up at me.
I worked my glands into the grip of her tiny pussy lips, the put my
hand under tautly upturned little ass. I pressed into her gently,
rotating my hips to find the angle and the opening.
Suddenly, she groaned out an "Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" and pulled at me
fiercely. I took this as a hint and pressed harder and felt an unreal
constriction begin at the head of my cock. Bit by tortuous bit, I was
sliding into her, the tiny pussy hard and tight around me. The knob
suddenly was all the way into the miniature opening and we both groaned.
She looked up at me and asked, "Is it all the way in?" Then she
looked down and saw there was plenty more. "Oh, damn, more-more-more..."
She began bucking her hips up at me while her hands came up around my
neck. She was trying to pull me into her and pull her onto me. I did my
best to help.
Slowly, so very damned slowly, I sank into her a little more, then
pulled back and pushed again. I saw her tiny, swollen pussy lips
stretched thin around my shaft. Her cunt lips seemed to implode each
time I pressed into her. She seemed to be loosening inside, but not a
hell of a lot.
When three-quarters of my dick was buried in her, I pulled back
almost all the way -- and pounded into her as hard as I could. Once. It
must have taken fifteen seconds, but I finally got all the way into her.
I felt something inside her lurch against the end of my constricted cock
and she gasped as her pussy was pushed deep enough to take all of me. I
felt her petite pubis against the bony ring at the base of my cock and I
ground against her -- and then felt her cunt begin spasming.
It was like rings of muscle rippling the length of my dick. It felt
like her cunt was sucking at me. I knew I wasn't going to last long in
this little twat's grip. I began working my dick back and forth in her
taking it out halfway, then pressing back in and tightening my muscles
to make my dick twitch inside her at its deepest.
Slowly, she began rocking in motion with me and then she started
rocking and rolling, her hips pumping demandingly. The moans began again
and quickly became soft screams. I handed her the pillow and she
clutched it to her face and started wailing again.
I paused and untangled her legs. With my dick still locked halfway
into her, I shifted her legs and repositioned her on her side, with me
straddling one small thigh. I pulled her other, upper knee up till her
thighs was against her abdomen. I could feel her tighten and shorten on
my cock. I reached between her legs with one hand and put my palm over
that magic spot just above her pubis. With the other hand, I pressed her
cheeks, right over her tiny anus. Then I picked her up in my hands and
began ramming.
Her screams this time were purely animal as she came and came. I
was holding her off the bed and fucking her up and down on my cock as I
jack-hammered my hips at her. Her legs and arms were completely limp and
whenever she paused for breath in her screaming, I could hear her tiny
pussy sucking at my pistoning cock. She was cumming non-stop, now,
completely possessed by orgasm, and when I finally slipped the tip of my
index finger into her little asshole, she lost it. Her limp arms and
legs quivered uncontrollably and her cunt seemed to be in one, long
spasm. I could feel the contractions through her belly, as well as on my
cock and the butt-reaming finger.
My balls tightened and the buzz spread through my crotch. My dick
swelled in her and I jammed it to the limits and held it there. Her
tightness squeezed me so much that I came in one prolonged, almost
agonizingly restricted blast,causeing the condom to swell. She screamed
all the louder and tried to hunch herself harder against me, as if to seal me
inside her frantic pussy. It felt like she was siphoning the cum out of me, and the
admixture of her juices and my hot semen was bathing my cock in
sensations I'd never known before.
When the last of it was out of my cock, she was still grinding
against me, getting the last pleasures as my dick very, very slowly
receded inside her. I lowered her hips gently to the now-rumpled
bedcovers and slowly withdrew my finger from her newly violated back
door. I removed the pillow and carefully shifted until she was stretched
out on her side, in the cradle of my arms. We nestled like spoons, my
cock still trapped in her twitching little pussy. I leaned over and
kissed her ear and the side of her face. Her cheeks were wet and she was
sobbing. With each sob, her cunt contracted on me and her belly rippled
under the hand cradling it; I knew they were sobs of pleasure.
"You are so beautiful and sexy," I murmured. "And you made me feel
fantastic. That was so beautiful, seeing and feeling you cumming like
that. I love it."
"I never knew..." she began. "I feel totally wasted, yet, still
like, buzzed, you know? Is it -- do you always make it feel so good all
those ways?"
"I try, girl, I try. And there are a lot more ways."
"Yeah, and I want 'em all."
"With you on top of me and sucking each other at the same time --"
"I want to learn how to do that with my mouth, make you feel that
"Sounds good to me. And there's other openings, too."
"I never knew it could feel so good to have something in my ass!
Wouldn't it hurt to have a dick up there?"
"It shouldn't, if we do it slowly, and carefully, and gently --
would you like that?"
"I want to try it. Would you like it?"
My cock lurched inside her at the thought. She clenched down on me
and giggled softly. "Yeah, I guess you would..."
"But right now, we lay here. And then we finish your paper."
"Oh, I finished it Tuesday -- when I knew my folks would be away
this weekend and your girlfriend would still be out of town."
"You planned this? Like that?"
She turned her bright, womanly, lovely 12-year-old face to me and
smiled hazily. "What do you think, Michael?"
I kissed her and we softly dozed off together, wrapped up in each
other's arms and closeness.

When I woke, the light was already softening; evening was hurrying.
I knew exactly where I was and who I was holding and I was starting to
have second thoughts about this whole situation. I was, after all,
laying in my bed with my (re-stiffening) cock buried in a 12-year-old.
She was still nestled, spoon-style in my arms and one horny hand was
cupping her small, left tit. The other arm held her from beneath.
I looked at her face in profile and realized just how beautiful
she really was -- and how young. Not a young woman, not kid-young --
somehow, child-like. Her face was so innocent in repose! Yet I couldn't
feel like a defiler. She'd enjoyed -- no, she'd craved and enjoyed --
what she'd done with me, and she slept the sleep of satiation.
Something in the way her incredibly long, thick lashes slumbered
against the lingering baby-fat of her cheek made her seem more
vulnerable than any human could possibly be.
Twelve. I remember when. Innocent. Whacking off in the bathroom to Miss November.
Drooling over half naked women. (hell, I still do.) Copping a
feel on the back of the arm by brushing against a girl's boob -- that
was our idea of sexuality at twelve.
I looked at that vulnerable, sleeping, trusting and lusting young
woman-child-girl making a sound that might have qualified as a snore if
"snore" weren't such a loud, harsh word compared with her soft, sweet
sound, and I suddenly understood what had provided the mysterious super-
vitamins or hormones that had enabled our -- hers, mine, your --
ancestors to render extinct the auroch -- the 14-foot-tall saber-toothed
cave bear -- 50,000 years before the invention of the Winchester: I
would never let anyone, anything, anywhere harm her. In any way. Even if
the offender killed me, I would come back from the pit of Hell to go
after the mofo again. And again. As necessary. The auroch had threatened
such as her; the auroch is no more.
Now I understood.

chapter 2-Afternoon exercize
As I stared at her, she stirred, lusciously, in my arms. Her eyes
were briefly unfocused, then her gaze betrayed uncertainty -- but never
fear. Here I was, almost three decades older than her, my history-
ignorant cock locked inside her, and she was still trusting.
Bring on them aurochs -- and light a candle for the suckers.
"Hi," she whispered.
The eyelashes brushed the cheeks again, then fluttered butterfly-
lovely up. "Exhausted, wonderful, happy, safe...loved?"
I kissed the nearest eyelid. "In a very real way, but not in the
She laughed lightly, more than a giggle and less than a guffaw. "No
kidding." The eyes de-focused for a moment, then: "It feels good having
you still inside me." She pulled the boob-cupping hand close, then
ducked her young, innocent face down and kissed it. "I used to...
masturbate imagining what it would be like. You know what my favorite
part of the fantasy was?"
"Waking up, cuddled."
"Cuddled," she confirmed, snuggling herself deeper into the cradle
of my arms. "Is it always like this?"
"It should be."
She hugged me inside her. "I want to do this again -- lots!"
"But it will never be the same as the first time."
She pondered that, "After waiting and dreaming and thinking about
it for so long... No. Never the same. Wanna hear something funny?"
"You're hungry?"
"How'd you guess?"
"Ummm...I am, too?" I nibbled lightly on her shoulder. Her nipple,
already hardening, was suddenly rigid in my palm and her cunt squeezed
"You feel so big and hard inside me...and getting bigger and
harder." Her breathing was becoming very shallow and her eyes half-
I moved my hips a little, pushing my dick deeper into her tight
little pussy. She sighed deeply and shivered slightly in my arms. When I
slowly pulled back, the tight fit created a suction. I slid my hand down
lower and lightly rubbed her clit and she began grunting and shaking and
rolling her lithe, young hips around.
I rolled her onto her stomach. She arched her taut, round young ass
up at me, maintaining her pussy-lock on me. I was on all four's above
her, my thighs outside hers, my elbows outside her shoulders -- keeping
my weight completely off her. I began pumping slowly in and out of her
-- and then suddenly drove into her as deeply as I could. With her legs
together as they were, her narrow cunt was even tighter. When she came,
it tightened still more and seemed bent on milking my cock. She was
tossing her head from side to side on her neck, her hair flying as she
sobbed into the pillow and pushed her little ass up all the more
urgently at my cock.
Suddenly, I pulled out of her. She was still cumming as I rolled
her onto her back. I took her ankles in my hands and raised and parted
her legs. Her eyes were crazed and her lovely face, half-covered by her
totally disheveled hair, was contorted with pleasure. Her nipples looked
ready to burst, they were so swollen. I shifted my grip lower and rolled
her back onto her shoulders, then jacked both hands under her. I dropped
flat on the bed with my face between her upturned legs and fastened my
mouth on her still-quivering pussy.
The effect was cataclysmic. As soon as my tongue hit her hugely
engorged clitoris, she let loose a shrill whine so high-pitched I feared
for the glassware in the house. Her juicy pussy clenched so tightly that
she began to expel the brew of our mutual sauces right into my mouth --
not exactly spurts, but a steady oozing. I didn't mind the taste of
semen (my own, fresh, that is) but her cunt wine was so delicious that I
just wanted to drink her dry. If she could ever run dry.
Her climax was so strong that I didn't even mind the interruption
of her velvet-vice little cunt on my achingly hard dick. This was just
too tasty to pass up -- not to mention that she was cumming so hard, it
was very possible I was going to shoot off out of sympathy, sort of a
"contact cum," I guess.
After a few minutes of this, I could tell from her movements that
it was becoming a bit uncomfortable to be rolled into a 12-year-old ball
of orgasm. I lowered her tiny ass to the bed and crawled up to hold her
again. She shivered as if she were cold and kept jerking against me,
abrupt half-doubling-up movements. One of these brought her thighs
against my cock and her eyes widened slightly.
"You didn't cum!," she breathed. Her voice was raspy.
"Not yet. There's time for that. I just wanted to enjoy making you
cum like that -- "
"I want to make you cum, too, with my mouth," she clutched me and
began kissing my chest and shoulders.
"You might not like the taste of your juices mixed with mine."
"You didn't mind -- "
I was about to tell her how much I enjoyed it but she was too quick
for me. She reached down, sank a finger into her cunt -- hissing softly
at the penetration -- and then put the sticky, slippery finger into her
mouth. I almost came at the sight of this lovely eighth-grader sucking a
finger covered with my cum and her pussy sauce into those soft, full
"Tastes...kind of sharp and sweet." She smiled at me seductively
and did a decent job of it, too. "I could get to like it."
She pushed at my shoulder till I got the message and rolled onto my
back. The dick stuck almost straight up, throbbing in time with my
pulse. And anticipation, no doubt.
She slithered down over me. We were both pretty well coated with
perspiration and other Slippery Excretions. The sensation of her lithe,
tautly curved, fresh young body sliding over me was exquisite. So were
the little kisses and the way she swiped with her tongue.
She positioned herself straddling my right leg with her face at
dick level. I suggested she turn around so we could do each other.
"Another time." She kissed my thigh, right near the crease. "I want
to concentrate my first time doing this. What should I do?" She gripped
the base of my dick with her small hand and squeezed. I groaned. She
knew it was pleasure. She smiled and tossed her hair back with a
rambunctious move of her head.
"Kiss and lick it," I managed to breath. "And whenever you're
ready, just kind of slip it into you mouth -- suck it in the way you
would suck in a piece of spaghetti."
She tinkled at that. "Some piece of spaghetti!" she intoned in a
false-basso voice.
Then she turned her head at an angle, leaned forward and kissed the
side of my cock. She did it again and then again, moving up and down the
length. She tried variations, letting the tip of her tongue part her
lips and twirl lightly against my dick, and or doing little lip-nibbles
along the underside.
I could feel her juice running out of her pussy, onto my leg. I
could feel one nipple spiking into my thigh. I knew she was as excited
by this as I was. Well, maybe not as excited as I was, but it was
certainly turning her on.
I asked anyhow.
"I like how hard and hot it feels and I really like the way it kind
of jumps and jerks when I make it feel good."
Then she raised her head and kissed my glands. Her lips opened
slightly and her tongue began moving slowly on the sensitive flesh. Her
eyelids were slowly closing and her little ass moved as she shifted her
hips, restless. She very, very slowly pushed more of it into her mouth,
sucking very hard all the way. I felt like my balls were going to melt
or explode or shatter. She took about three inches before she reached
her limit, then slowly sucked her way back off. She let the knob come
out of her mouth with an audible *pop* before looking up at me.
Her face was a study in lust.
"Am I doing good?"
I reached down and caressed her face. She turned her mouth to kiss
my palm, then looked back into my eyes.
"Angie," I said, and was surprised at how rusty my voice sounded.
"Angie, take this as it is meant -- you may be the best, sweetest,
natural-born cocksucker in history. I'm not a teenager anymore -- hell, I'll be
twenty one this year --- just came very hard in you less than an hour
ago and you damn near made me cum in your mouth the first time you
sucked me. Are you sure you never did this before?"
She smiled. "I'd probably have noticed."
"Enjoying it?"
Her eyes slowly closed and then reopened, halfway. "I love it. I
wish I could swallow it all."
My dick throbbed at that.
"Don't even try it yet. You'll gag."
"I know." She seemed to resent it. She leaned forward and I watched
her lick the tip of my dick. I almost screamed at the sensation.
She said, "When you get ov-- when you cum, what should I do? I
mean, I hear it's better if I keep it in my mouth, but should I just
suck, or suck up and down or jerk on you or what?"
"Anything, everything. Whatever you like. It'll feel great to me."
She smiled again, a cat-ate-the-canary smile. "I wanna suck you
dry," she murmured and returned her mouth to my cock. She did what she'd
done before, but this time she didn't release my dick on the upstroke.
Instead, she suddenly began bobbing her head, sucking furiously and
noisily. Then she slowed the movements. Then she lip-nibbled my glands. Then
she returned to the rapid bobbing-suck, this time moving her head around
into different angles.
When she reached up with one hand to lightly cup my balls, it was
Game Time.
"Oh, geez, yeah, I'm --- AAAAAhhhhhh!" Or something intelligent
like that.
As soon as she heard me and felt my cock swelling, Angie took me to
her limit again. Her lips tightened and I could see her baby-fat cheeks
concave as she sucked, literally sucked, the cum out of my cock.
I thought my entire genital area had melted. I felt an incredibly
wonderful numbness spreading in my balls as the first long spurt surged
into her mouth. I was totally limp otherwise, incapable of movement.
Then she swallowed noisily and sucked for more. She got it. The
second shot was even stronger than the first and the pleasure was more
intense. I swear, my balls were jerking so tightly I thought they were
going to burrow back into my abdomen. Then she swallowed again and
sucked for still more.
There was more. I fired again and thought I could hear her making
an "Mmmmm" noise as I flooded her little mouth. With the hand on my dick
she jerked down toward my abdomen, hard and demanding. She swallowed and
kept sucking and jerking. I must have shot off four or five more times,
with diminishing quantity, before she finally got the last of it. My
cock was softening in her mouth and she used it as an opportunity to get
more cock in her mouth. She used her tongue to dandle it, flipping my
dick back and around -- and still sucking.
I felt as if I had never cum before in my life. It was like that
first great orgasm, totally overwhelming. I was still buzzing from the
pleasure when I managed to mumble, "C'mere."
She slithered quickly back up to me. She looked a little unsure at
first, but then pressed her spermy lips to mine. I pulled her tighter to
me and we kissed wetly and passionately. I could feel her torso
undulating against me and ran my hand down her slim back, over the
precious narrowness of her hips, across the impossibly hard, tiny mounds
of her ass and let Badfinger rest on her cunt. I reached a little
farther and found her clit and Bang! -- just like that, she came,
writhing as she kissed me.
When she finally relented and nuzzled into my neck, she whispered,
"I did pretty good, huh?"
"Honey, I don't think I've ever been sucked better. That was one of
the best orgasms of my life. And you know what made it even better?"
"Um-um," she um-umed into my neck.
"I could tell you were enjoying it."
She pulled her head back and looked at me. "I really did. I liked
feeling you move, so hard and thick and all in my mouth and the way you
swelled up even more and then I could tell how good it felt for you when
I was sucking you down and the way your stuff just fired into my mouth
-- oooo!"
I wondered if she was going to cum again.
"How'd you like the taste?"
She made a face. "That, I'm not crazy about. Or really, the..."
She brightened. "Yeah! If it was thicker or thinner, but just in
between..." Then she looked worried. "I don't mean to hurt your
"Don't worry about it."
"Really, the taste wasn't bad, just the consistency. Kind of salty,
"When a guy cums a couple of times in a row, the first one is going
to be thicker."
"Oh, yeah?" And I could almost hear her turning that one over in
her head: So, the next time, suck him off first, and then fuck him.
She snuggled down against me again, then suddenly bobbed up. "And
it made me so hot! I almost wish we could do it again right away, you
know, you inside me."
"I need a little recovery time."
"Me, too." She snuggled down again, then the head came right back
up. "You know Leslie, my friend, the really pretty blonde?"
"Just to say hello; I know who she is." And who she was. Leslie was
this cute, slender 13-year-old who, in the last six months, had either
been taking Huge Tit pills or who had divided a melon and had the halves
grafted to her chest.
"Well, Leslie, you know, does it with her boyfriend and the way she
talks, it's like this chore you have to do to get a boyfriend who has a
car. Hell, this is fun!"
"I like to hope so."
"I should tell her what it's like to make it with a man, not some
kid and she'd -- "
"Cripes, Angie, don't even think about it. Do you have any idea
what would happen to me?"
"You'd get in trouble, right?"
"I'd be killed."
She frowned.
"You are twelve years old. I would go to jail for statutory rape,
at best. I'd be known as a baby-raper -- inside, they call it 'short
eyes.' I would be killed by the other convicts. Killed ugly. Very ugly.
Angie, you can kill me -- if you tell anyone."
She looked truly concerned. "You mean it, don't you? It really scares
I nodded.
"Even though I wanted you to do it? You'd still -- "
I nodded again.
"That's nuts."
I kissed her forehead. "You are a very, very rare young woman. You
are smart, poised, wise and mature beyond your years. Way beyond. And I
know you're a loving and trustworthy person. And I still hesitated
before coming in here to make love with you, even though I was so hot for
your sexy body so much that my balls hurt. If you were Leslie -- "
"With her big tits."
"Yours are perfect. If you were Leslie with her big tits, I
wouldn't have let her in the door. I might have loaned her the books,
but I wouldn't so much as shaken her hand. You're very different and very
She made a face. "Yeah, like if Leslie came up here and said she
wanted you to, uh, fuck her brains out, you'd turn her down."
"I'd slam the door in her face."
She stared at me. Then: "You really mean it."
"I'm trusting you, which I don't do much, and I'm trusting you with
my life, which I pretty much never do. Yes, I damn well mean it."
She kissed my face, all over, dozens of times, and whispered, "I
would never, ever, do anything that would even take the littlest chance
of hurting you in the smallest way. Never."
I hugged her to me, because she'd just said what I already knew. We
lay like that, all entangled, for a long time. After a little of it,
I felt her breath slow and her little body relax and fit itself to mine.
I was lightly caressing her and marveling at her loveliness and tiny
perfection, when I dozed off, too.
But not for long.
She shifted carefully but it was enough to wake me from my light
doze. "I'm kind of hungry...still."
"Oh...sure." I took a deep breath and disentangled myself from her.
I sat up and she climbed to her knees and hugged me from behind. I could
feel her small, hard breasts against my back. When she released me, I
turned and gave her little kiss and slipped my arm around her for a
light hug. "I've got to get you something to wear," I told her. I opened
a dresser drawer and handed her a long, tank-top tee-shirt. It was a bit
large on me; I figured it would be adequate for her.
"I'm all gooey and sticky," she said. "Can I take a shower?"
She scampered off the bed, gave me a peck on the lips and half-
skipped out of the bedroom, leaving me with just an impression of hard,
dimpled little butt-cheeks and bounce less young tits. Seconds later, I
heard the shower running.
I pulled on my jeans and sweatshirt and padded into the kitchen.
While she showered, I took out the salad-keeper and some cold cuts and
bread, then took down a couple of plates and bowls. I set everything
out, buffet style, on the butcher-block countertop I'd put in, then
added some flatware, a jar of pickles and set out the mustard.
The shower stopped and I heard a toothbrush in use, followed by
gargling. She appeared just as I laid out the paper napkins.
I'd been right about the tank-top. The tee-shirt fell below her
knees and the neckline was so low on her that I could almost see her
nipples. The rest of her torso was completely hidden in the voluminous
folds. With her freshly scrubbed face glowing and her hair pulled back
into a cascading semi-ponytail, she managed to look about nine years
Had I really just fucked, licked and been sucked by this kid? I
began to doubt my own sanity.
Then she came over, wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed
herself against me. All those tight little curves moved against me and I
felt my cock hardening. So did she. She tilted her head back and I
looked down into that lovely young face and saw an ad for Lust, Inc.
"Still hungry?" I asked.
The eyes opened. The smile came on. "Yeah!"
I turned her away from my, to face the buffet. "Help yourself."
She surprised me with her efficiency. She managed to assemble a
ham-and-Swiss-and-salami on rye with lots of mustard in a little less
than a minute. She took a bite and scooped out some salad. She took
another bite and a pair of pickles appeared on the sandwich plate.
"Soda and milk and juice in the refrigerator."
"Um-hm." Another bite; the sandwich was half-gone. While she
brought out the mountain dew, I quickly made a ham-and-Swiss for myself
and took some salad. By the time she'd poured the dew into a
glass, her sandwich was history. I scooted out of the way while she
assembled a second one. We loaded up a serving tray and I was surprised
that her sandwich survived the trip to the book-strewn living room. I
was also surprised that my self-control survived the trip. She was still
damp from the shower and the tee-shirt was clinging to her ripe little
peach of an ass as she preceded me through the apartment.
She chattered as she devoured the rest of her sandwich. About
school, her friends, a Menudo tour. About the two dance classes she was
taking -- three times a week at an aerobic dance studio and once a week
at a ballet school. She was on her school's gymnastics team. She wanted
to try out for cheerleading. And during all this, she was wiping out her
salad and her pickles.
I'd almost forgotten how much energy a healthy twelve-year-old can
have. Frightening.
She shifted on the couch so her legs were curled and hidden inside
the tank-top. Then she shifted and sat sideways, legs stretched out on
the cushions. Two minutes later, she was sitting forward on the edge of
the couch. Another two minutes and she was sprawled face-down on the
Which again revealed the now-damp tee-shirt clinging to her
upthrust little buns. I had just finished my salad and was leaning
forward from my reading chair, which is at a right angle to the couch,
to put the plate on the cocktail table.
"Is that all you're going to eat?"
I leaned back in my chair. "Angie, tell me a secret."
She shrugged. "Sure."
"Where did you put all that food? I could barely finish mine and I
weigh almost 180 pounds. You went through twice as much food -- in half
the time, I would note -- and you weigh...What?"
"Seventy-one pounds." She grinned. "I guess I just burn up the
calories!" Her eyes went to my crotch, where the sight of her sprawled
on the couch had caused an outstanding reaction. "Hmmmm -- and I'm still
a little hungry." She licked her lips for effect.
It was effective.
"Wanna go back in the bedroom?"
"C'mon." She started to get up off the couch. The neck of the tank-
top dipped and her nipples, hard and inviting, came into view. "C'mon,
I'm already getting wet again."
"I want to rinse off in the shower, first."
She was pulling the tee-shirt over her head while she still sat on
the couch. Of course, the shutters were wide open.
"Angie! People will see you from across the street."
"Guess you better hurry with that shower," she said, pinching one
fine little nipple and rubbing her thighs together.
"Watch this." She rolled sideways, lay back full-length on the
couch and then did a slow-motion sit-up. When she stopped, her forehead
was on her knees. She parted her legs, reached between with both arms
and grabbed her calves. Then she rolled onto her back, hooked her elbows
behind her knees and balanced on her butt, rocking. Right below her
pretty face was her lovely, hairless pussy, all glistening and pink.
Below that was her tightly stretched ass cheeks and between them, the
tiny pink pin-hole of her anus.
"Give you any ideas?" Then she giggled.
I was across the three feet to the couch in about three-fifths of a
second. I bent and planted a kiss on her mouth, then a long slow lick on
her nearby lower lips and then lightly tongued her asshole.
"Oh, yeahhhhh...."
"Shower." I hurried out of the room as I heard her groan. I was in
and out of that shower in less than five minutes. I ran to the bedroom.
"Oh, shit," I said to my own clever self. I grabbed my bathrobe and
pulled it on as I hurried to the living room.
Sure enough -- Angie was still in her contortionist's position, and
her fingers were dancing all over her cunt and clit. Her eyes were
closed and her mouth was open as she worked at her slick, shiny little
I stepped to the windows and closed the shutters as fast as I could
"C'mon, c'mon, do me," she was breathing, softly panting the words,
as she did herself. I worked my hands under her back, grabbed her little
ass and lifted her into my arms, with her head against my shoulder.
Cradling her against me that way, I carried her lusty, curled-up,
seventy-pound frame to the bedroom and lowered her to the bed. Then I
lowered my lips to her pussy.
"Yes! YES!" she yelped as my tongue hit her clit. She unfolded and
shook as she came. I was still standing at the foot of the bed, bent
over her with my cock waving above her face as I bent to her savory
pussy. The backs of her thighs were resting against the backs of my
arms. I shifted to let her flop her lovely legs on the bed, spread. With
one hand under her and bracing myself on the other, I pulled her ass up
off the bed, keeping my mouth on her delicious little quim. She reached
up to grab my dick and squeeze it, then arched her head back. She
couldn't quite reach it.
Shrugging off the robe, I crawled up on the bed. I took her narrow
little hips in my hands and rolled onto my back, bringing her with me.
The scream-muffling pillow from our earlier sport was against my
shoulder. I wedged it beneath my shoulders so I could rest comfortably,
my head partially raised. I pulled her cunt back down onto my mouth and
resumed my dessert. I slid my hands up to her waist -- which I could
very nearly encircle -- and then to her breasts. Firm and smooth, they
barely filled my palms. I caught her nipples lightly in my fingers as I
continued licking her cunt and clit and she groaned like she was
possessed and mashed her cunt down on me. Her juices were flowing
abundantly, again.
I let her lower her upper body on trembling arms and felt her hair
touch my thigh. Then I felt her gobble my cock. She had her head turned
to one side, laying on my abdomen, and she was just sucking away like a
nursing baby.
I did the same to her little clit, occasionally pausing to push my
tongue as far as I could into the tiny opening of her cunt. She was so
hot by this point that she just lay there, sucking me at one end, and
pulsing into an orgasm every half-minute or so at the other end.
The flow of her juices never slowed and it gave me an idea.
Reaching around the outsides of her thighs with both hands, I let my
fingers do the walking over her taut, tiny ass. My fingertips lightly
grazed in the crevice of those hard little cheeks, then continued
farther, between her thighs. I slowly sank my right index finger into
her cunt. She gripped it inside fiercely, then stiffened and shook
through another orgasm, pausing in her sucking only long enough to try
to scream around my cock.
I withdrew the invader and then sent the index finger of my left hand
inside her -- with the same reaction. But I kept it there, moving it in
and out in time to my licking and lip-nibbling on her cunt and her
prodigiously swollen clitoris. Then I moved my well-slicked right index
finger back up to her asshole.
She tensed slightly when she felt it pressing there, but when her
next orgasm struck and then passed, I pushed it slowly inside, to the
first knuckle. I could feel my other finger working in her tight cunt --
barely. Her ass was so tight that the circulation in my finger was being
I pushed it in a little more and she seemed to loosen up a bit --
and then she was rotating her youthful hips. I began working both
fingers in and out of her twin openings, syncopated so that as one went
in, the other came out. Each time, she took more and more of my finger
into her small asshole.
When it was in all the way to the palm, she suddenly tensed all
over. I could feel her yowling on my cock as she came. Her asshole
clenched spastically, in time with her cunt. I pushed the cunt reaming
finger in all the way, too -- but without withdrawing my other finger
from her ass.
She came like a woman having a fit, writhing and humping and
bucking and growling. She abruptly redoubled her sucking on my cock,
vacuuming it as if to vent all the sensations she was feeling. Despite
my two earlier cums, the combination of her flavors, the feeling of her
now nearly constant orgasms on my finger and the feel of her mouth
around my dick were threatening to set me off again.
I pulled my fingers slowly out of her and leaned up to lick first
her cunt, then her asshole. She shook all over. I pulled her off me and
quickly turned her to straddle me. Her expression was crazed as I
lowered her trembling hips over my cock. She could barely hold herself
upright. For what I had in mind, that was okay.
She managed to wedge her tiny, flowing cunt open against the tip of
my cock and held my dick in place until it was lodged there. Then her
arms hung limp as I lowered her onto my dick.
At first I didn't think it was going to fit. She was still spasming
and the fearsome constrictions seemed incessant. Finally I pulled her
hips down a little and my cockhead was going back into that velvet vise
of hers. She groaned, a low sound from deep in her throat, and sank
slowly onto my prick. I let her fall gently forward onto me.
She seemed to have no strength anywhere but inside. Her hips barely
moved, but her cunt muscles kept fluttering on me as her head came to
rest on my chest. I manipulated her legs till she was crouched on her
knees on top of me. Then I grabbed her little hips and began pumping her
up and down on my cock, using just the strength of my arms.
She made hardly any sound at all now -- if you didn't count the
rasp of her breath through her nose and the little grunts of pleasure
each time she did a round-trip on my dick. But I knew she was cumming
all the time because of the way her pussy was clenching on me.
My arms gave out pretty quickly, but the effort had brought me back
from the brink of ejaculation, as I'd hoped, despite the sensation of
her pre-teen quim sucking hotly on my cock. I rolled her onto her back,
turning with her to keep my rigid prick inside her. Her arms, limp, fell
wide apart to either side of her.
I looked down as I began slowly pumping her again. Her face was
slack, except for occasional tightenings that matched the movements of
her pussy on me. Her nipples were swollen like the tips of Hershey's
Chocolate Kisses -- dark and sharp-pointed and perfectly defined. I
looked lower, to where her up-tilted hips were caught in my grip. When I
pressed into her, I could see her abdomen bulge, and watched the
rippling of her firm muscles as she clenched down on me and came.
My dick was soaking wet and looked monstrous sliding in and out of
those hairless, pubescent pubes. Her cunt lips were stretched around my
shaft and seemed to be coating my cock. Her clit was clearly visible,
protruding above her stretched-thin cunt lips like a little beacon.
I lifted her right leg high and turned her as if she were spitted
on my cock. She lay limp, hips rolling gracefully, as I turned her over
the rest of the way onto her belly. Lifting her hips with one hand, I
stuffed the pillow under her. I lowered myself slowly, nearly covering
her, letting my weight drive my cock into her upturned pussy until I
felt her hard little ass against my abdomen and my knees outside of
Moving only my hips, I began thrusting in and out of her, long,
slow, loving strokes that changed in angle and speed just enough to keep
hitting her from new directions. She began to moan again, loudly, with
each push, but she seemed only to have enough strength to press her hips
up at me to meet me. I bent as much as I could to kiss her under her
right ear.
"Feel good?"
Her eyes opened just a slit. I don't think she could see me. "I
just can't stop cumming," she whispered, barely audible. "It just
doesn't stop..." She sounded as if she were a long way off.
Without interrupting my rhythm, I reached to the dresser and found
the tube of lubricant. I levered my upper body upright, pulling my knees
up alongside and outside of her hips. I kept pumping her, slowly, as I
broke the seal on the tube and squirted some of the gel onto my fingers.
I reached down and pushed the tip of one finger into her ass and felt
her cunt get crazy on my now-motionless cock.
I worked the finger farther into her. She pushed her ass up, taking
it slowly -- but without pause. The pressure on my cock was becoming
unbearable. I began moving the finger in and out of her ass as I slowly
withdrew my prick from her cunt. It came out with a loud smacking sound
and bobbed angrily above her butt. She was still rolling her ass up and
around on the invading finger while I squirted a big doze of the
lubricant all over my dick. Even the coolness of the gel couldn't chill
my lust as I took my finger from her butt.
I looked down at her ass. It could have been an apple with a narrow
cleft, it was so small and round and hard. I put the head of my cock
against her tiny asshole and began pushing. Angie moaned loudly and
pulled her arms in under her chest, her hands on her shoulders. She
waggled her little ass slowly from side to side, arching in all
different angles and pushing up at me.
I watched her asshole give grudging way, expanding little by little
as my fat cock pried at her little bud. The sensation was like nothing
I'd ever dealt with before. I could tell she was trying to relax her
sphincter, because it would seem to give way, stretching -- and then
suddenly it would flutter on my glands, which didn't seem to be more than
a third of the way in her.
I pulled back, grabbed the tube of lubricant and put it against her
ass and squeezed about half the gel on, in and around her asshole.
"It's cold," she mumbled.
I put my cock against her asshole again and pushed. She moaned
again and began moving her little ass around and hunching it up at me. I
felt the stricture moving back on my knob and rolled my hips at
different angles until, suddenly, her ass just seemed to suck the glands
into her.
"AAuuuuuuuugghhhh..." Her cry started out loud and high and trailed
down soft and low, almost a continuous grunt. She lay there shivering
beneath me, ass taut with the strain of holding perfectly still. Big,
bright beads of sweat appeared all over her back and shoulders.
I put my face close to hers and whispered, "Honey, we can stop this
if it's hurting you too much -- "
She managed to shake her head against the pillow. She was deeply
flushed and her nostrils were flaring with her breathing. "Doesn't
hurt ... Just feels -- scary? Yeah, something so big in there, pushing
in, stretching so much. Go slow?"
I kissed the side of her mouth. "Say the word and we stop."
"Do me. Starting to feel kind of okay."
I pushed slowly down into her, by cautious fractions of an inch.
Her rectum was gripping my cock like some kind of very hot vise. Her
sphincters continued fluttering, but less frequently as she got the hang
of relaxing. When I was about a third of the way into her, she gave a
little yelp and I froze.
"E-e-easy," she half-sobbed.
I almost pulled out right then and there. This was obviously a
strain for her. While I thought it over, she got impatient and moaned,
"C'mon, fuck my ass!"
I resumed the reaming and when I had almost five inches of cock
throbbing in her tight anal grip, she began a low growling noise that
rose in pitch and volume as I sank the last inch or so into her against
a strange, increasing resistance that was like an elastic pressure. When
my abdomen was pressed tight against her hard little ass and my pubic
hair was flattened into the shallow crevice of her butt she started
panting, harder and louder -- and then tensed up and came! Her asshole
closed around the base of my cock so tightly that I thought she was
going to pinch it off right there. She shook beneath me.
"Ooooohhh fuuuuuu--ck!" she howled into the pillow, hips jerking.
I tried pulling back just a little and pressing into her again. Her
ass had loosened just enough for me to stroke -- with effort -- and that
odd last inch of resistance was still there against my knob. She grunted
when I twitched still deeper in her, I stroked again, a little longer
movement -- maybe two inches -- and she was pushing her baby butt up to
meet my plunge. I increased the length of the next stroke and slowed the
insertion and she jerked her ass up at me to take me in faster -- and
held her ass back against me, grinding for more.
"Put your hands on your little puss, baby. I want you to do that
while I do you!"
She worked her hands down between her cunt and the pillow under the
slender hips I was gripping and pulling a little higher. I looked down
at her tiny butt pressed against me. I could see where my thick, rude
dick disappeared into her fearsomely stretched little asshole and spread
her cheeks for a better look. My hands almost covered her round young
ass. I squeezed that sweet flesh and pulled out till only my glands was
still trapped by her spasming sphincters, then slid slowly all the
way back into her steamy depths. I hit bottom just as her fingers got
working on her clit and she came.
She thrashed and groaned and bucked and moaned. I pulled all the
way back again and thrust down into her hard enough to trap her hands
under her, against the pillow.
"I -- I can't take much more!" she wailed. "I can't stop cumming --
It's scaring me to cum like this! Please, cum -- please!"
I held my hips down and flailed at her nymphet ass with short,
quick strokes. Her asshole was gripping the full length of my cock,
spasms running up and down over my dick and ripping away the last of my
"Cum -- in -- my -- ass! Cum -- in -- my -- ass!" she chant-grunted
with each reaming, ass-boring thrust. "Now! NOW!" she demanded, and her
orgasm became frightening in its totality. She contracted on me, all of
her, every muscle taut and every part of her shaking. She was sucking in
a long breath with a sound like heavy wool slowly tearing while her
little asshole spasmed and milked at my cock.
"Damn!" I breathed and began pouring my jism into her. Her asshole
was so tight about my cock that again, my spurts were restricted and
turned into one, long gusher of cum that drained ever-so-slowly into her
hot, receptive little ass.
And she could feel it, too, because she shrieked: "It's so fucking
hot! More!"
It felt like I was cumming in her for hours, and then it stopped --
and my dick began a series of wrenching, staccato spurts into her
rectum. I pulled back and drove into her again, sliding in my own cum,
as well as the lubricating gel and she screamed unintelligibly and came
all the harder. Her scream went higher and softer into the pillow and
then she turned all sinuous and rippling beneath me. Huge, racking
heaves of her small form, driving her hips back and up at me so hard
that she nearly threw me off her. Her legs began to stiffen and then
this seventy-pound twelve-year-old began lifting me off the bed as she
drove her ass up at my erupting cock. I slammed into her as hard as I
could, driving her prone -- back down to the bed -- and loosed the last
semen in my balls in her. My nuts kept jerking as if trying to force-
produce more cum for my still-jerking cock.
She suddenly went limp and I felt awareness drifting while my cock
finally stuttered and stopped trying to do the impossible. I had enough
presence of mind -- and barely enough strength -- to wrap an arm around
her and roll her onto her side with me, cradling her spoon-style against
My cock was still stuffed into her little ass and hadn't lost all
its stiffness, by a long shot; she was so tight that her asshole wasn't
letting all the erection-producing blood escape. And it was still
clenching occasionally. Then I realized that even unconscious, her
fingers still moved between her legs.
We lay like that for a long time. When my dick had finally
shriveled enough, I began pulling it out of her. The movement
reactivated something her and she jerked within my arms, her sphincters
squeezing down on my limp prick. When the gland was almost out, she
squeezed again. My dick stretched out between us like we were having a
tug-of-war. I pushed back toward her a little. Her ass relaxed and I
pulled my cock completely out of her.
My prick was a mess; it looked like it had just been in a small,
virgin asshole. I rolled carefully off the bed and staggered softly into
the shower to clean myself up. I came back with a warm washcloth and a
soft towel. She murmured wordlessly at my ministrations and sighed with
soft, sleepy pleasure, then rolled herself contentedly into my arms,
with her head on my shoulder, and promptly did a great imitation of a
wet washrag, draping herself limply over me.
I lay motionless for a long time, savoring the feel of her against
me, the wonderful warmth and closeness. My cock was a little sore, my
balls ached and I'd rediscovered muscles during our fucking that I'd
long since forgotten I'd had. There wee potential complications that
terrified me about this whole episode -- and I felt good about it. For
sheer, hedonistic pleasure, this was superb. For feeling close and warm
and loving, this was great. For taking responsibility...
Now, there was a question.
I ran my hands over the short length of her, from her tender
shoulders to the back of her knees, savoring every square inch in
between. I let my fingers linger, splayed, on her little ass, covering
both cheeks. I let my hands lightly gauge her waist -- could it be so
tiny? I concentrated on the feel of her quickening breasts pressed
against me -- could they really be so small and firm?
I wrapped my arms around my tiny lover and held her close. She
murmured wordlessly against the side of my neck and shifted, legs
parting, to straddle my thigh. She sighed softly in her sleep,
contented. I had made love to her and her to me. Whatever might come of
it, we would deal with well and honestly and -- I trusted -- with
I was worried more about my maturity than hers. I knew it was a
once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, or should be no more than that. But I
wanted it to happen again. I wondered if she wanted it to happen again.
I wondered if it should happen again. Or if she thought it should ever
happen again. Or if anyone else thought it should happen again.

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2010-05-07 18:45:01
If you're really 21, perhaps you are in college. If so, take English Comp 101.


2010-05-03 18:34:14
thanks everyone ill try to post another here soon

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-02 21:46:39
Gawd. That was a GREAT story; I had so much fun portraying myself as the girl. Totally amazing. Came like... twice at least, and hard. Fuck, that was REALLY good for me. And compared to some other stories around here, it was very, very well written, no matter what the other people say. And I'm an English teacher, if that provides any extra credibility :).


2010-04-30 17:03:26
Good story, needs grammatical assistance though. A bit long and little far-fetched inthe timing of the sex sequences.

But, nonetheless, it gave me quite a thrill to read.


2010-04-30 10:53:31
I know men are easy, but dude. I probably would have loved her also, but I like to think I'd make her work a little harder for it. Probably not, I'da done what you did, only faster.
Damn good story, well written, horny as hell, and made me want to jack it. A couple of misspells or wrongly written words, volcano ology is vulcanology, and one other I can't find. too much grey in front of my eyes.

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