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A Father discovers his young son is a cum dump
By Depraved Fucker

MMM+/b Gangbang Cum Voyeurism

This is a story in multiple chapters I first posted on Nifty a little while ago but could not finish because of their rules so I'm transferring it over here and generally cleaning up any errors, etc. It's all true, believe it or not I don't care, and can now get round to completing it. Enjoy, but if you're not into incest or any of the other things this story is about then don't read it and post a complaint, save your time and mine and just fuck off now.

I love sloppy cunt and sloppy ass, Can't get enough to poke my 8" cock into. That's one of the reasons my wife left me. Not that it was a great loss. She never had time for sex apart from just enough to give me three kids: Kylie, Justin and Mike. Then she ran off with a guy from down the street. As I said: no big loss.

Kylie and Mike were old enough to look after themselves most of the time as I was doing two full-time jobs to make ends meet and give the kids a good education and all that crap. But Justin was a young sensitive kid. Blond, beautiful blue eyes, naturally tanned skin. People, both male and female, would stop to look at him in the street. And that cute cocksucking, cuntlicking smile of his. His brother and sister never had time to look after him and I didn't like him being at home on his own after school so I arranged from the time he was ten years old that he'd call into the local gym and they'd let him sit in the office and do his homework until I could call by and pick him up later. The gym was run by my best mate, Laurie, and we went way back so I knew Justin was in safe hands.

It was when he was 13 going on 14 that it first happened. I was 38, still in good nick - I was a regular at Laurie's gym, or as regular as I could be with my work schedule. Justin didn't mind being offloaded to the gym every afternoon and, in fact, seemed to revel in it. He started working out and was a right sexy little fucker. Loads of girlfriends eager to bang his brains out and that included quite a few older women and, I suspected, quite a few men.

I was running early from work for a change. It didn't happen often but it meant I could spend some quality time with my son. I bounded up the fire stairs at the gym because they closed in the late afternoon for a few hours to get the place in order after the lunch-time hordes and just prior to those coming home from work and the night crowd.

As I got to the top of the stairs and along the corridor to the room where Justin normally spent his time I could see he wasn't there. Nothing unusual as sometimes he would still be in the showers after working out when I arrived. I heard noises coming from the gymnastics room where there were a lot of mirrors and mats and shit for a few of the guys who were professional gymnasts. From the grunting sounds coming from the area it sounded like someone was putting it to good use.

The door was ajar and I peeked in because I know some guys don't like to be interrupted in training.

I was totally gobsmacked. There in front of me were five guys going to town on my son. My first reaction was that these sick bastards were raping my little boy. Jim, one of the regulars I was on nodding terms with, had his cock buried up to his balls in Justin's mouth. He was holding the back of Justin's head fucking his face hard. I could hear Justin choking and gagging while Jim called out: "Suck it bitch, swallow my cock like a good slut does."

I was even more shocked when I saw that it was Laurie who had his cock buried up Justin's ass, slamming into him like he was in a hurry to catch a train. Ramming his little blond boy ass like the kid would enjoy it.

I was about to burst into the room and slam the bastards against the wall when I noticed that Justin wasn't struggling or trying to get away. In fact, in between gagging, he was mumbling something about "loving cock" and "Feed it to me. Rape my mouth like a cunt."

I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. I'd gone all breathless and red in the face and not from climbing the stairs. As I watched, Jim dumped a load in Justin's mouth and made way for Corey who slammed his cock in just as hard. I watched, not knowing what to do and thinking how tight Justin's asshole looked as Laurie sank his huge fuckpole in stretching it wide. I noticed that Justin's little cocksucking mouth really was a terrific little cocksucking mouth and that his body was a credit to my genes and his time at the gym. Justin was obviously insatiable, again like his old man, he didn't get that from his mom.

I watched and smiled forgetting that it was my son being used as a cunthole by these five perverts. In fact, I started to get turned on. His ass and mouth were so inviting my cock started to get hard and I had to take it out it was so uncomfortable. I began stroking it while Laurie screamed out what a grade A fuck Justin was and dumped a load up Justin's asshole. Then this huge fucker, huge in every way: obviously a weight trainer and on steroids, his tits were bigger than my ex-wife's picked Justin up by the scruff of his neck. The guy's cock, even with steroid use was big and hard. I had seen him around the gym but didn't know his name. He lay on the mats with his cock poiting to the ceiling and told Laurie and Jim to hold Justin. They lifted him up and positioned his asshole over this fucker's giant rod. Cum oozed out of Justin's asshole so he'd obviously taken a few loads that afternoon but I worried this giant would split him open.

Laurie and Jim lowered him onto the prick and it sank up Justin's asshole like a hot knife into butter. There was a look of immense satisfaction on Justin's face as he sank right down to the big fucker's balls.

I was pounding my meat by this time. Watching this fucker's slime pole in my little blond boy's asshole. I could see it reflected the mirrors around the room so it looked like a mob of sex giants were fucking a whole tribe of young asscunt blond kids.

While Justin straddled he giant's cock and slammed his ass down milking it, the others stood round jerking and shouting encouragement and obscenities. Occasionally one of them would push his prick into Justin's mouth. He was covered in sweat and cum and Laurie aimed his semi-hard prick at the giant
and Justin and let his piss flow.

It puddled on the giant's chest and splashed into Justin's face and hair. He started to look like a wet blond rat. He leaned forward and sucked the piss out of the chest cavity of the giant. Then he leaned further forward and kissed him. I almost popped my load watching them kiss.

Justin was riding the giant's cock and jerking his own smaller prick when the giant let out a huge bellow and pulled Justin down as if he was trying to push his whole body in Justin's tiny hole. Justin jerked harder and while the giant spewed his mansnot up Justin's asshole Justin shot his load over the giant's wet chest. The other guys gathered the cum on their fingers and gave them to Justin to lick. Laurie who had been turned on by watching the action was ready to shoot again and told Justin to open his mouth. Laurie
shot a load on Justin's tongue and sent a rope of cum across his face and into his hair. They all laughed and piled round Justin while he was still impaled on the bog fucker's cock. They aimed their cocks at him and all started pissing. Justin was screaming for piss as his tiny blond ass milked every drop out of the giant's prick. The guys all obliged and soon Justin was a mess of piss and cum. The guys helped him off the big fucker's cock but they still hadn't finished with him. They got Justin to squat and Mitch, who'd obviously fucked Justin before I got there put his mouth to Justin's asshole and told him to shit. I could see slimy cum oozing into Mitch's mouth. He licked and chewed and kissed Justin's well-fucked little asshole
until his mouth was full of cum. Then he stood up and dribbled the cum into Justin's face and mouth.

My little boy was a cum slut par excellence and I popped my load, thinking it would have looked better on Justin's little cumsnot covered blond face than on the linoleum corridor.

I didn't have time to think about it as I heard Laurie say: "Better get showered and dressed Justin, your dad will be here soon."

I quickly shoved my cock back in my trousers and fled back down the stairs. I needed time to think about this. I didn't want to lose my son or my best friend, so I had to figure out a way to tackle this problem. And I sure as hell would be back soon to see if it happened again. Maybe as early as tomorrow.

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2017-01-16 00:00:29
i can handle alot of things and even wrote some rough stuff...but i can't imagine a dad watching his under aged teen get raped. sick fantasy. not my cup of tea.

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2016-11-25 00:30:39
Why do people even bother pretending their stories are true when they are so obviously not? Just mark it as fiction, fuckwit!

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2016-11-24 18:32:51
Why do people even bother pretending their stories are true when they are so obviously not? Just mark it as fiction, fuckwit!

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2015-04-25 07:43:25
Hott as fuck bit idk if its true but id sure like to suck that cock

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I am so grateful for your post.Really thank you! Want more.

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