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Uncle fucks his nephew
By Depraved Pervert


For the next week I convinced myself my son was the innocent victim of a mob
of gym perverts. I mulled over ways of getting even with my mate Laurie and
his gym buddies who'd betrayed me, all the while jerking off to the memory
of my son's gang fuck at their hands. I wondered how long it had been going
on. I had no choice but to allow Justin to keep going to the gym in the
afternoon until I could find other more suitable minding facilities.
Obviously he needed them. I couldn't afford to take time off from my jobs so
I determined to at least turn up at the gym early so nothing further could

The next afternoon I was so early it took everyone by surprise, including
Justin. He'd never given any inkling that he didn't enjoy his afternoons
there waiting for me. In fact, he seemed to love it. I kept on arriving
early all week, hopefully thwarting any pervert plans Laurie might have had
for Justin. By Friday Laurie was getting irritable. And so was Justin. And a
few of the regulars at the gym were scowling at me during my brief visits.

At home I had the chance to examine Justin more closely. Walking down the
hallway from the bathroom in his jockeys I noticed they were much too small
for him and made a mental note to check larger sizes next time I shopped for
him. These cupped his ass and clung so tightly they looked like they'd
disappear up his asshole. That little blond boy asshole that had taken cock
like a slut. And it left little to the imagination with regards to his
little cock. Wet, they must have been extremely revealing.

That weekend was miserable with Justin sulking and me trying to work out a
plan of action. Obviously turning up early was causing friction not only at
home with my son but also with my mates at the gym. So on Monday I called up
my older brother, Brett. He's a real man's man. In fact, he's a bit of a
slob. He loves his beer and his beer belly and he loves fucking cunt. I
explained my dilemma making him swear he would not tell Justin I knew until
I could work out what to do. He swore he wouldn't tell a soul. He lived with
his surfer son, Jed who was 19 and exactly the style of teenager I'd hoped
Justin would grow up to become, and his daughter, Wendy who was only 9. His
middle son, Alex, had died in a bike accident when he was 15.

Brett said Justin could stay for the week, maybe two if necessary till I got
it all sorted. And because he lived not too far from Justin's school his
education wouldn't be interrupted. Brett did say that it couldn't be a
permanent thing but he'd teach the boy a few manly pursuits and he was sure
he'd be a great role model.

I breathed easy that week although Justin was very reluctant to go and stay
with Brett and his cousins. He asked if he could pop into the gym in the
afternoons and I said no. I'd already warned Brett not to let him near the
place. Brett swore he wouldn't. The week whizzed by. I'd cut Laurie dead.
Wouldn't involve the police, too embarrassing for all concerned and I was no
saint when it came to under-age cunt. But my own son, that was a different
matter. That was the ultimate betrayal by my best mate.

Brett had gone away to his cottage at the beach. It was in secluded bushland
and was mainly used by Jed and his surfer mates but Brett took Justin and
the family. Brett said Jed would teach him to surf. Thought the fresh air
and outdoor life might help butch up Justin a bit. I was to join them on
Sunday afternoon and take Justin back home with me.

I'd determined to tell Justin it was essential I move for work: better job,
pay, that sort of shit. he'd believe it. I didn't know if Justin's big
brother and sister would swallow it or even if they'd want to leave but they
were old enough to look after themselves.

I was feeling the best I had for over a week when I drove along the bush
track to the coast. The cabin was quiet when I got there but because it was
a fine, sunny day I assumed they were all on the beach. There were empty
beer cans scattered everywhere so it looked like they were enjoying
themselves. I didn't even mind if Brett had introduced Justin to the joys of
sculling beer. At least that was more masculine than sculling cock juice. I
made my way to the track that winds down the sandy hill to the beach which
is secluded and private. Through the trees I could see the waves and two
boards stuck in the sand. Jed must have invited a mate.

As I came to the end of the track down on to the beach I was gobsmacked.
Across one of the smooth rocks near the shore was Jed, buck naked with his
cock buried up his little sister's 9 year-old cunt. Stretching her pussy
like it would snap wide open. Now Jed is a big surfer fucker. About 7" cut
cock, big muscles from surfing and his job as a delivery man. Not like his
beer gut dad. He was fucking his little sister. And his mate was fucking her
mouth. Ramming his prick, not quite as big or thick as Jed's, in and out of
her lips while he watched Jed in her cunt. They were chugging beers while
they porked Jed's sis, talking dirty about what a slut she was and how they
liked tight young pussy. Especially if they were related to it.

I wondered where the fuck Brett was when I heard him call out, "Save some of
that pussy for me."

His voice came from behind the rock and I moved back along the track and
behind some bushes to see. Fuckin' shit. He had his big beer gut hanging on
Justin's head as he slammed his purple veiny prick into his mouth. Justin
didn't seem to mind this gross fat fuck was pounding his mouth or that the
fat fuck was his uncle.

"Here swap for a minute," Brett called. Jed did as he was told and pulled
out of Wendy's cunt. His dad held his flabby prick at the entrance to her
pussy and pushed. Wendy groaned as he knocked the wind out of her with his
fat body. Jed played with his slimy cunt-juiced cock and looked at Justin.
"Want it, boy?" he asked. "Covered in pussy slime?" You want to lick my cock

Justin smiled and licked his lips. Jed didn't need any more invitation. He
held the back of Justin's head as he slid his hard juicy prick in to his
balls. "Taste good?" Jed asked. Justin tried to shake his head. Meanwhile
Jed's mate, a dark surfer who looked Italian or Greek, was watching Jed when
he wasn't watching Brett fucking his own little daughter. "Hey, throats are
okay but I need me some cunt or ass real bad," he said.

"You can fuckin' wait your turn," Brett grunted as he rammed Wendy's little

"Might have to fuck some ass while I wait," he smiled.

He pulled his prick out of Wendy's mouth. She seemed relieved and gasped for
breath. He spat in his hand and rubbed it on his cock as he approached
Justin. Jed pulled Justin forward and pulled his ass cheeks apart. Jed's
mate aimed his cock at Justin's little pink asshole and he pushed hard. His
cock sank right in. "Oh fuck," Jed's mate said. Justin moved his ass against
the cock that was inside him. Squeezing his ass cunt muscles. Jed's mate
just kept saying "Fuck, this is the best!"

Jed was starting to puff and I could see he wasn't going to last much

"Here boy," Brett called out. "You want to drop a load in your sister or
your asscunt cousin?"

As an answer, Jed pulled his prick out of Justin's mouth and shot a snotty
string of spunk all over Justin's face and in his hair. Globs of it hit
Jed's mate on the chest. He just kept fucking Justin's asshole harder while
he scooped it up in his fingers and pushed them in Justin's mouth.

Brett told the boys that Wendy needed their attention. Jed's mate hadn't cum
as yet and his balls were turning blue. He needed to dump a load bad.

Brett pulled out and played with his pudgy dick. He told the boys that Wendy
was in need of a double fuck. She just whimpered as they manhandled her into
position. Jed's mate lay on the sand and Brett and Jed lowered her cunt down
on to his cock. They bent her forward so Jed's mate could suck on her little
budding nipples. Then Jed kneeled behind her and started to push into her
asshole. She cried out in pain but that spurred them on.

"Shut up cunt," Brett said. "You'll learn to love it." And as he watched his
own son double fucking his own little girl with his son's best mate he said:
"Now I'll mark out this bitch so he's our property for always."

With that he aimed his spongy prick toward Justin and started marking out my
son as if he was his private property like a dog does. Piss blasted out of
Brett's cock and all over Justin who rolled around so it covered all his
body, his face and in his mouth. When the stream started to dry up Justin
got on his hands and knees and pulled his asscheeks apart showing his
well-fucked hole.

"Yea, boy, that's what I'm after. Pity I didn't know about your asshole when
you were younger. We would have had you visit every weekend. In fact, I'm
gonna ask your dad if we can borrow you for a lot of weekends in future,
boy. You think you might like that?"

"Hell, yea, Uncle Brett." Justin smiled.

Wendy was whimpering as the two teenagers belted her cunt and asshole with
their hard pricks and Justin oomphed every time Brett pushed his stomach
against his ass, burying his cock further up his asshole.

My cock was rock hard watching Jed and his mate working over Wendy, wishing
it was me in her little cunt. And for what my brother was doing to my son I
was going to get that cunt as my revenge. Get it and fuck it good. I got my
cock out and milked it pretending it was Wendy's little mouth stretching it
take it all, or her little cunt and asshole swallowing my prick. And then my
mind would play tricks and it was my son's lips or asshole wrapped round my
prick. I blew a load into the bushes not knowing who in my imagination I was
fucking and had to use all my self-control from screaming out the orgasm was
so intense.

I heard Brett say: "Better dump your loads boys, Justin's dad will be here
shortly and we don't want him to catch us doing what what he sent Justin
here to be saved from."

"Stupid fucker!" Jed's mate said.

I zipped up and turned away. I was flushed from coming and in anger at what
was going on. I heard them huffing as they got got close to coming. I heard
Wendy whimper as she took two big cocks in her holes and I heard Justin
begging for cock as I made my way back up the path. I'd wait for them in the

And if I didn't kill them, then Justin and me would move to another city,
another state, another country.

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2014-05-03 11:55:18
If this is true, the parts about justin are hot. But the part about wendy? You shouldve helped her dude.
Nine years old is too young. She didnt want it. If she gad, fair enough its her life. But it was true story rape. Thats not right.

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2013-08-13 05:48:49
sexy c; made me cummmm

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2011-12-21 20:52:47
More about justin its good but no female thou. Thanks

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2010-06-07 08:13:23

LyerLyerUr PantsReport

2010-04-29 14:44:32
Yes this is a true story & the moon is made of green cheese too.

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