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Father finds not just his son is a slut
By Depraved Fucker

It was a miserable drive back to the city although Justin was back to his
usual perky self as if my fat ugly brother had filled him with joie de vivre
instead of puddles of incest cum.

I suppose I should explain at this point. Sure, I'm a pervert who loves
fucking cunt and female ass, the younger the better, and had been known on
occasion to fuck boycunt if there was none of the real thing around, but it
had always been someone's else's kid, not my own. And especialy not my own
son. Yea, I'd been envious of those guys who fucked their little girls as
they were growing up and had cunt on demand at home but Kylie, my daughter
was 16 now and I'd lost the chance. The words 'hypocrite' and 'pervert'
aren't mutually exclusive. I was confused about my own feelings of watching
my little boy getting worked over by another mob of perverts. Would it be
any better iif I'd given my permission? Or if I joined in? No, there was
something about it being my own kid that made it the ultimate act of
perversion which, of course, got my cock even harder. But my mind was
another matter.

When we got back home the place was empty as usual. Kylie was staying over
at a girl friend's place and Mike was out with his biker mates. What was
unusual though was that Laurie's car was in the driveway and Laurie was in
the front seat listening to heavy metal music and smoking. He was waiting
for us. He and Justin swapped a smirk which, if I hadn't been paranoid, I
would have shrugged off.

"Get inside and do your homework," I barked at Justin.

"But dad ..."

"No buts, do what you're told."

Laurie and Justin looked disappointed but quickly covered it.

"Gonna invite your old mate in?" Laurie said as Justin dispappeared in the
front door.

I hesitated then said: "Sure." I thought for a second he might want to make
a confession.

When we got inside he put his arm around my shoulder buddy-style and I tried
not to flinch. "Hey, mate," he said, "Loosen up. You're too fuckin' tense.
You're making the guys at the gym nervous."

"I'll bet," I said sarcastically.

"And you're making Justin nervous."

"Why, what's he said?" I asked in my calmest voice.

"Nothing much, but I can see it's affecting the kid. You should lighten up.
Cut the apron strings."

That hurt! As Laurie knew it would. But it didn't hurt as much as Laurie had
hoped because I knew his motives.

"You need to relax, You're working too hard," he smiled.

Laurie had got us both a beer from the fridge and was being super pally.

"Cheers, mate," he said as he clinked bottles.

"Listen," he said all concern. "I got a little party going at my place
tonight. If you're not too tired why don't you head over about six. I
guarantee you'll get very loose."

I knew Laurie's parties. He was famous for them. The sort of thing that was
happening at his gym with my son except they were usually at his house and
included a couple of young chicks boozed off their brains who would be a
cumdump for a group of horny guys.

As if reading my mind, he added, "Exclusive party with just a half dozen or
so plus a young cunt that's really up for it."

I guess he could see my cock was definitely interested even if the rest of
me was tired. He reached across and cupped my cock, squeezing it: "I'll take
that as a yes. Hey, bring Justin if you want, he might enjoy it."

"Yea," I added as sweetly as I could muster, "Knowing your parties he might
end up as the boycunt gangbang if the chicks don't show up."

Laurie smiled. "Tempting offer."

I spluttered on my beer. "That wasn't an offer, any sort of offer," I
yelled. "Fuck you're a sick pervert! He's my son."

"Keep your shirt on," he soothed. "At least until tonight. Anyway, they're
all someone's daughter or son. That's what makes it sexier."

He chugged his beer and left, telling me he expected me at his place on the
dot of six. I told him I'd think about it but my cock already told him (and
me) I would be there. Just before he closed the door he patted my cock
again, something so intimate he'd never done it before even in the close
proximity of group sex or a gangbang. And what's more, my cock liked it.

I cursed myself for being so weak.

Even more so when I rang the bell right on six at Laurie's place. He was
already stripped to his boxers and told me to leave my clothes in the
hallway closet. I stripped to my briefs and joined him and young guy called
Gene who was quaffing beer while he watched porn videos. Real nasty Russian
stuff of old peds and young girls and the odd boy being gangfucked and cum
covered. Some even looked like their own kids but I didn't understand
Russian so I wasn't sure.

Laurie got me a beer as I watched Gene slowly stroking his hard 7" uncut
cock that was oozing precum. "Hoy shit, eh?" he grunted nodding at the
screen. Just then this fat fuck started ramming his big hard red angry
looking cock in this little bald cunt. The girl was not enjoying it as much
as the fat fuck was and my mind went into flashback, seeing my brother
fucking my son in the ass. My cock got hard as steel.

"Cool, man," Gene said as he fingered my cock now rock hard in my briefs.
"Has the same effect on me. You suck cock," he said looking at me.

"No!" I said a little too explosively.

"Pity," was all he said and went back to stroking his prick. I looked at his
body. Well defined but obviosuly not someone who used the gym a lot. About
5'9" with thick black hair and a body that was kept in trim by manual labor.

"So, you didn't bring Justin," Laurie said as he brought us both another

"Nah, he's fucked. Heavy weekend," I said.

Gene and Laurie both laughed.

I was thinking maybe this was not a good idea when the doorbell rang again.
Laurie got it and two guys bundled a girl into the room. One of the rules at
Laurie's parties was that the girls always be hooded in a sort of makeshift
balaclava with no slits for the eyes but a slit for the mouth. That way we
guys could remain anonymous. Not that we raped the girls exactly. They
weren't virgins but mainly sluts one or two of us would pick up at a bar and
bring back for the group. Okay, some of them might have wanted to take on
the group but most didn't. This way they had no choice. Plus they didn't
know where trhey were and who was fucking them. And most of them put up a
bit of resistance, just enough to make it interesting.

I was surprised to see it was Laurie's son, Eden, and my own son, Mike who'd
brought in the victim tonight. Not that I hadn't seen my son in action
before. I'd occasionally turned up at sex paerties where Mike had been but
we usually avoided each other in the crowd, but tonight was different,. This
was a small gathering.

Eden sripped her clothes off. Her body was youngish, about 17 or 18, nice
ripe tits and a little trimmed pussy. Blonde, pink pussy lips.

"Shit, man" Gene complained, "She's too fucking old."

"Best we could do!" Eden scowled. "But look at this soft pussy man." He
pushed two fingers into her cunt and jiggled them about. He withdrew his
fingers and sniffed them. "Choice," he declared and brought his fingers
round for all of us to sniff.

He was right. It was choice cunt and my cock twitched bad.

Gene sniffed Eden's fingers then sucked them while he jerked his cock. Eden
laughed and forced his cunt soaked fingers down Gene's throat.

"Suck it baby," Eden cooed.

"Too fucking old," Gene moaned. "I want young chick cunt or boy cunt," and
he rammed his oozing cock against the TV screen pretending to fuck the ped
cunt on the video. Eden dipped his fingers in the young victim's cunt again
and fingered her. She moaned a bit but didnt try to stop him. Then Eden gave
Gene his fingers to suck again.

"Cunt smell, cunt taste," Gene moaned as he humped the TV making it wobble.

"Sick fuck," I thought but my cock admitted it was quite a show.

"Gotta have young cunt," Gene panted as his cock began squirting his juice
across the screen. He moaned and groaned like he was in pain and left a
snail trail of his spooge across the TV.

Laurie already had his mouth clamped on the chick's cunthole and was lapping
her out loudly. She wasn't as drunk as some of the chicks we've done at
parties but she was unsteady on her feet. Laurie laid her down on the lounge
and got his tongue way up inside her juicy pussy. Mike and Eden were
fighting for pole positiion in her mouth. No one was winning so they took it
in turns. Feeding their hard boy-man cocks into her hidden mouth. She was
gagging, almost vomiting as they rammed hard.

The doorebell rang and as Laurie was too busy eating pussy I answered for
him. It was Will and Rocky. Both guys in the 40s who occasionally attended
Laurie's fuckfests.

"Looks like the fun's already started," Rocky said stripping out of his
shorts and t-shirt. He was always ready.

"Who's the chick?" Will asked.

"Don't know," I said. "Nice tits, nice cunt but older than usual. Gene's

"He's always disappointed," Will laughed.

There was always a certain amount fo social chitchat at these sex parties
while you stood about waiting your turn unless there were a lot of chicks or
boy cunts or one of the other guys took a turn at cocksucking in a dark
corner. We all turned a blind eye to that and never mentioned it because at
one time or another sheer frustration and a short orgasm fuse meant we used
the closest hole to hand.

Rocky wasn't standing on ceremony. He pushed Laurie's head aside and buried
his cock right up her little blonde pussy. He was banging hard and knocking
the breath out of the chick. She was taking it as best she could but her
head was also being pounded by first Eden's fuckpole and then Mike's. She
was struggling to breathe and struggling against all the pricks lining up to
fuck her.

"You guys would fuck anything," Gene said in disgust and headed to the
kitchen to get another beer, his cum smearing down the TV screen like it was
oozing over the faces and bodies of the participants in the video gangbang.
"Anyone know where I can get a cute young cocksucker?"

I turned back to Will. He was stroking his meat while he stared at Rocky's
cock disappearing in the blonde young cunt tunnel.

"Cunt," he whispered. "There's nothing like a good juicy cunt." And sniffing
the air, he said, "This is one of the ripest, juiciest young cunts in ages.
There's something epic about this cunt. Look at the way it rises to meet
Rocky's cock. Stretching it's little cunt tunnel to take him all. Wanting to
suck his balls in too."

I watched and for a moment I could see what Will meant. This was a beautiful
cunt. It was made the be fucked. Like my son's asshole was made to be
fucked. I walked out to the kitchen to tell gene what he was missing but he
was gone. I heard his car start up. That really was an early night for him.
He usually came at least three times.

Rocky was huffing and puffing as if he was about to come. He yelled to clear
her face and pulled his bubbling prick from her cunt and aimed it at her
open mouth. He erupted in a string of cum shots, across her balaclava and in
her mouth, on her tongue. He wiped his prick in her mouth and told her to
suck it clean.

Laurie and Eden decided that as it was their party they should be next. They
forced the bitch down on her hands and knees. She looked like she was
frightened, her body was shaking. Maybe because Laurie was telling her that
two of the biggest cocks there were gonna fuck her at once. Eden lay down on
his back and pulled her asshole onto his cock. She screamed in pain and
surprise. Eden pulled her upright so her pink cunt was showing. Laurie
slowly pushed his way inside her, stretching her cuntlips wide until his
balls banged against her clit.

Laurie and his son had obviously worked together before because they knew
each other's rhythms and could adapt to get the deepest penetration. I knew
how hard it was because I'd been involved in a few double penetrations

Mike straddled them and rammed his cock in her mouth. It stopped her soft
moans. Now she was slurping on his hard sharp prick as it stabbed her lips.

"This is the best fuckin' cunt I've had in ages," Laurie grunted as he
thrust between her legs. "She lives for cock. A real cock whore. Well, we'll
give it to her till she can't stand up."

He thrust a few more times and cursed. He was blowing his hot load in her
steamy pussy.

Laurie pulled out and his oozing cock dribbled on the carpet. He slapped
Mike on the ass and said: "Your turn. I know you've been looking forward to

Mike smiled and took his cock out of the hungry cock bitch's mouth. He was
iron hard and precum and spit slicked his cock. It was shiny and angry. He
kneeled between her legs and rammed hard. This set Eden off: "Fuck her, fuck
the cock hungry cunt. Give it all you got while I fuck her tight little

Mike was fucking like crazy. Not caring if he hurt her or not. She was
moaning half in pain half in pleasure. Mike was maukling her tits and
sucking them. Kissing her cum-filled mouth. Spitting at her tits. He was
wild. Calling her all the cunt names he could think of.

Laurie and Eden were encouraging him. Even I was getting in on the act. Only
Will was standing back watching muttering "Cunt" to himself.

The atmosphere was so charged here was no way Mike would last long. With one
huge grunt he slammed his cock inside the bitch and screamed about fucking
her pussy forever. And he dumped his load right inside her.

"Fuck, dad," Mike said. "That was the best fuckin root I ever had. You'll
like her too."

I looked at her moist cunt and saw pearls of cum dribbling out. There's
nothing more that I like than pre-fucked cunt lubed with mancum. Fuck it,
lined with dogcum even.

I rammed my prick in. Her warm moist pussy tunnel slipped round my cock like
they were made for each other. This was Grade A pussy, no denying it.

"Give it to her, dad," Mike encouraged. "She's been beggin' for it."

I rammed and could feel Eden's prick rising in her shit tunnel to meet my
cock, while he whispered softly about how good it felt in her asshole. She
must have been sore by now cause Eden had been porking away at her asshole
for at least 20 minutes. I admired her tits and pinched the nipples while I
felt my cock slide into her wetness, her tightpink cunt milking my cock.
Pulling my cock out till my knob just scrapped her pussy lips then rasmming
home the advantage. Two cocks buried inside her at the same time.

This was a great cunt. Most, hot, wet, sloppy. I wished I could fuck this
cunt forever. But the club had a rule. No older cunts twice. Pity. I was
gonna enjoy squirting a couple of loads in this bitch.

"Come on, Will," Laurie shouted. "You're the only one not joining in. Her
mouth's free,"

"Nah," Will said. "I'm waiting for cunt as soon as her daddy's finished."

Everyone froze. I was in mid-fuck and held back. I reached up and ripped the
hood off her head. Kylie smiled and said: "Hello, daddy" just as I shot my
load inside her cunt and Eden dumped in her asshole.

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Great writing, I really liked the gangbang!


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