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Would she actually betray her friends to save herself?
A Story of Expedience.

Page 1.

At last, with the persuasion of my hand gun, I'd forced her to take all her clothes off. Of course, she was reluctant, indignant and thought I must be kidding. It took her over an hour of wheedling and denial before she got it all out. All her natural and naked beauty, that was.
I'd taken her to a private place, not so remote she couldn't hear the traffic passing from the throughway, but isolated enough she could scream her guts out and no one would care because no one could hear.
She desperately wanted to cover herself but didn't know what to chose. She didn't have enough hands to cover her pubic triangle and her considerable breasts at the same time, breasts that would rightfully qualify as melons.
She looked like she needed reassuring, even a little comforting, so I decided to give her a compliment.
'I knew you had lovely tits, I mean I could always see them under those tight, white blouses you loved wearing so much where you worked, but they're even nicer, more spectacular, than I imagined. But then you didn't leave much to the imagination, did you? And those girlfriends of yours, the blonde and the black haired raven beauty. I mean the three of you together. Fuck were you ever a sight then. What were their names?'
'Go to Hell.'
'Not yet. So tell me, do you like your boobs? Your fucking tits. Do you think your breasts are important to you?'
'Yes, of course they are. They're one of the best parts of my body. Of course they're important.'
'To put it correctly, you mean two of the best parts. Right? You wouldn't want to have just one jug. Right? Like one had been cut off? Amputated.'
'You're sick. What are you talking about, cut off?'
'Whatever, but I have to say, yes you're right. You bet they are. They are a premiere feature of your body. Way out front, ha ha. How would you feel about me playing with them?'

Page 2.

'Do you, you... What? Do you mean like, huh? Huh, like touching them and rubbing them? That's what you want?'
'Not exactly.' I grinned. 'No, not exactly, I have other things in mind.'
'What? Like what? What is this about?'
'Let me show you something important. Something central to your safety now.'
I pulled out my leather brief case (my rape kit) and opened it slowly, like to add suspense and drama, being sure she could see the contents. I mean I was organized and quite fussy about how the contents were arranged, very specifically, and she could see it filled with needles of various lengths and shapes, even some big curved ones for sewing leather and all. There were also some BBQ metal skewers and clamps and even some firecrackers in a bag she couldn't tell what they were. Like a bang-on surprise for later.
I picked out a long needle of four inches straight and flicked its point.
'What do you think? What are these for? What do you think?'
I motioned towards her chest. She immediately got its purpose and tried to cover her nipples. Of course that left her labia exposed so she pinched her legs together really tightly at the top like a shy and modest bald-cunted little school-girl.
'What? What do you think you're going to do with those, with that? What are you going to do with those? That stuff?'
'Oh, sweetheart, oh, y'know maybe nothing. But. But maybe something. I haven't decided yet. It really all depends on how well you do what I want you to do. What I order you to do. How well you obey my commands. You're under my control now and you have to realize it. The sooner you do the better for you and your, your fucking blatant sexuality.'

Page 3.

'But.. But what do you want me to do. What do you think this is about?'
I grinned a superior, power-filled smile at her, not from the heart nor the eyes, but from my teeth and dick. Yeah, it was a cocky grin.
'Lets see. OK. I want you to be sexy. I want you to show me how hot you can be. I want you to model for me, to act like my own personal contestant on, y'know, America's Next Top Model. You think you can do that? You think you could even win it?'
'No. It's demeaning, women strutting like that to be ogled and just for fame or money. I think they're disgusting and do the cause for woman's advancement irreparable harm.'
'What? You're one of those flaming feminists, are you?'
'I have my beliefs. I have my principles. I'm strong and I'm independent. I know. I know what I know.'
'Yeah. I bet you do. That's why you went braless so often, right? And your fucking girlfriends too.'
'I had the right. We had it. We have it. It's not for you to judge. I don't have to live my life according to what creeps like you think. Little insignificant losers like you who can't get it up with a real woman.'
Arrogance traced her face like a road map.
'Ahh, maybe, but now you fucking do. Yes indeed. I have the gun and I have you, so now you most definitely do, so to start, begin by turning around and face me full on, stop being shy and coy and show off your tits and smile for me. Give me a big smile. Push them out.'
She wasn't receptive.
'Go to Hell. You sniveling little bastard, I will not. Go to Hell, you weasel.'
'I see. OK, if that's the way you wanna play it. But you better turn around and take a look where the gun is pointed.'
She was curious.
It was aimed right for where I assumed her clit was.
'No, you monster.'
'You think I won't shoot you? I won't shoot you there?'
'No. No you wouldn't.'
'Don't test me. So smile and display your tits.'

Page 4.

She indeed did, thrusting out her chest in defiance. If she was going to comply, she was going to do it aggressively and not show any shame. She was better than me and her tits more significant than mine, like my man boobs which were just what a regular guy would have but I often had sore nipples since I pinched them so much for the quick jolt to the crotch.
'Very nice. That's very nice. Indeed. Fuck are you built.'
'Go to Hell.'
'That all you can say to me? Come on, you can do better than that. Show some originality.'
'You little scumbag weasel, you're right. I could do better than that. I could put you in your place, you're so pathetic but you're not worth the effort. You're worthless. You loser.'
'You don't think so? You think so? Whatever, so how about you pinch your nipples? Give yourself a nipple pinch. A really hard one. Use your finger nails. I wanna see some nipple blood.'
'But I can't. No, I can't. See blood, that would hurt.'
'I see. I understand. You don't want me to make you do anything bad like that.'
'Of course I don't and you can't make me anyway.'
'Well I guess I won't make you do anything bad, just like that then since you're so sure of yourself.'
'Oh. Oh I guess. I guess I should thank you then, Mr. Craven.'
(I'd chosen that name -not my real one- after Wes Craven who'd produced some pretty weird and wonderful, wacko stuff for the movies.)
The sarcasm and superiority verily dripped from her lips. Yeah, I'd get it dripping from her roasted labia lips and see how she liked that. How advanced she was then.
'Thank me? Thank me for what?' I asked.
'For what you said about not making me.'
'Not so fast, I just meant I'm going to have to hurt your nipples myself.'
'Like Hell you will.'
'Well I will. You can be sure of that, eventually. So take another look in my brief case. Y'know what I call it? My rape kit.'

Page 5.

'Rape. Rape? You think you're gonna get away with raping me?'
'We'll deal with that later. Right now it's your nipples. See in the case, what else do you see?'
She looked but tried to pretend she didn't.
'You're disgusting. You're evil. Why are you doing this to me?'
'I suppose because I can but there's other reasons too but we'll get to them later. See the metal clamps, the strong ones? They're for nipples too.'
'You're crazy, they look like they'd do damage.'
'So that's what I'm telling you, to chose. Should it be needles or clamps?'
Like the stupid, uncooperative cunt I knew she was, she couldn't answer.
'Come on bitch. Come on cunt, you gotta know if you don't chose, if you don't answer, it's both.'
'Please. Please, don't hurt my nipples. They're so sensitive. They're too sensitive to be tortured. I love my nipples and they're not strong enough to be hurt.'
Was she crazy? That's all nipples were for. To be tortured and mutilated and ultimately cut off, that according to my bible on sexual etiquette and organization. The pursuit of orgasmic Nirvana.
'Of course, good. Good, great, you recognize that. That makes it even better, so choose now.'
'Oh, God. I hate the thought of needles, of having my nipples pierced. God it would be too horrible, so I guess the clamps, use the clamps please if you must do something so horrible and disgusting.'
I showed her the selection of clamps in the case.
'You chose. You chose the clamps. Chose at least two of them.'
I knew she'd go for the smallest. I mean the biggest ones looked so evil and strong. What she didn't know was I had ground and filed away the edges of the smaller clamps to resemble three teeth and bent them inwards. (One in the middle and on the other side, one on each side of it.) I mean there was real evil and genius in how I'd crafted them. She just didn't notice the alterations I had made which tickled my pride and sense of accomplishment.

Page 6.

I took hold of her considerable areola and pinched her nipple bud out.
Her face was defiant but resigned.
She wanted to spit in mine but didn't.
'Hold on. Hold on, I want this to be perfect. Be back in a second.'
There was a fridge where I was and in it ice cubes. I cracked a couple out and went back to really harden her nipple. To drive it to it's greatest lever of erection.
'What are you going to do with those?'
'What do you think? Make your nipple really hard. As hard as it can possibly be.'
'No you're not.'
'Oh yes I am. How you gonna stop me? You wanna get shot? Or I'll tell you what, if you don't want them applied to your nipple how about I stuff them in your vagina? See if I can freeze your cervix. Like that better?'
'Go.. Go.. Go straight to Hell.'
'So I assume it's your nipple then?'
'Do whatever you have to do. Just do it. You're..I hate you.'
'Oh you will. I can assure you of that. More than you ever thought possible, you'll hate me.'
'Just do it and get it over with.'
I circled it around her areola crinkling it up and finally got her nipple bud hard like a dried pea. I gave her a soft look in the eye and kissed her mouth softly.
'I gotta tell you, you're life's gonna change now. You ready?'
She was nervous and didn't comprehend and tried to whimper but more wanted to show bravado.
'You're.. You're.. Bastard.. God..'
I snapped the pointed teeth into the sides of her bud and her breast blood squirted out. She shrieked and wailed and acted like a deeply surprised and injured woman. She was breast offended.
'It hurts. Stop it, God it hurts too much. Take it off. God, I'm bleeding. Stop it hurting me.'

Page 7.

I got the other one ready and snapped it to her softer nipple. It dug in pretty well just as effectively but there was less blood squirting and more oozing.
'Stop hurting me. You're inhuman. Stop hurting me.'
'Stop hurting you? Are you crazy? Are you nuts? What on earth do you mean? I've only just started. You poor fucking, deluded bitch, you have no idea. You have no idea what your body's in for. If you did, you'd beg me to kill you now.'
Her eyes were wide and uncomprehending.
What was that about me killing her?
But with the clamps dug in deep, her eyes became filled with impossible tears. She had never imagined such a thing as possible, that her nipples could hurt so much being punctured from the sides.
I was in the mood to escalate.
'OK. OK, now there's something else you gotta do. I want you to put your panties back on. Your powder-blue, satin-silk panties, I fucking love them. I love the smell of them. The smell of your vagina on them. Your cunt juice. Your cunt stuff.'
I wiped them across my nose and licked the crotch and tossed them to her.
'OK, sweet thing, this is where it gets interesting. If you want to protect that pussy of yours, you're going to have to make another choice only a much more difficult one. I know you chose the clamps because you thought they were going to be the easy one, right?'
She just mumbled as she wriggled into her undies.
'Right? Fucking answer me, right?'
'Yes, but I didn't see what you'd done to them to make them cut into me like they are. You're so evil. I never thought of that.'
'Of course you didn't, but because you chose what you thought was going to be the easiest, like the lesser of two evils, ha ha, because of that and even though you were mistaken it was the intent that counts so you're gonna have to be punished, like really punished brutally. Sadistically. You now have to chose between these two things. No, I think I'll make it three, best two out of three.'
I held up the first two things in front of her wide, horrified eyes.

Page 8.

What I held up?
First, the long needles and two meat skewers she had been so horrified to see and then, then out of my mind, out of my tree, out of my case, a shiny new scalpel.
'What? What? God, who are you? What are you? What are you going to do with that? What do you think you're going to try to do?'
'Can't you guess, honey? Sweet thing. I mean your nipples really gotta be hurting you now. Those sharp teeth I made by using the grinder and metal file, I mean they're biting right into your erection muscles and milk ducts, like the little tubes. Fuck, they might even ruin your nipples. The ability for them to lactate or harden up. What do you think about that?'
'You are a monster. It's monstrous and I hate you so much.'
'Yeah, I bet you do, but so like I said, that your tits are going to please me in a way they've never pleased another man before and probably in a way that will never be possible again.'
'A man. Please a man? You're not a man. You're not even a human being. You're a misfit, a freak of nature and you don't deserve to live.'
'Not my biggest fan, are you?'
'You're stupid too. You're a goof and a moron. An idiot.'
'You're pretty good with the names but right now this is a one time deal. So the needles or scalpel?'
'You horrible creep. You shit. You piece of crap. Go.. Go fuck yourself.'
'But I'd much rather fuck you. Be fucking you. How does in the ass sound? Or across your tits, huh? Maybe I should hang you by your tits too. Rip them right off. How's that sound?'
'You are evil. You are cruel, so cruel. I don't want to hear you talking to me like that anymore. You're scaring me and I don't like it one bit so stop. And just stop it now.'
'Let me tell you something, something I'm sure you don't wanna hear. Your tits are gonna look far less lovely in awhile, maybe hours, honey, and it's going to be so much fun to make them like that. You'll be the walking freak show..'

Page 9.

'What? What do you mean? What are you talking about? You have no right. Who do you think you are making such threats and suggestions?'
'It's more than a suggestion and even more than a threat, it's a fact and a promise what I'm gonna do to you to make you suffer.'
'I.. OK, I.. Please. I told myself I'd never do this. I'd never do it with any man, nor with you, but I'm begging, please, I'm begging. Just stop now. Don't do anymore and take the clamps off my breasts.'
'Stop now? For the best part? And miss the best part?'
'What part? What best?'
'Of course you know what a mastectomy is? I know you know that.'
'Yes, I do. Every woman does. Like for cancer.'
'So consider me the cancer of your nipple, nipples, and I'm gonna perform nipple-ectomies on you.'
'What? What you think? What you say?'
'I can tell by your reaction that you get it.'
'No, but yes. No. No. You think you're gonna cut my nipples off.'
'That's what I was saying, you'll be the walking freak show, the nippleless woman. Not really a woman anymore. Huh? No breast feeding. No man suckling on you. No rubbing them to get yourself to orgasm when you're all alone and horny.'
'You're so crazy.'
'Indeed I am, and proud of it. So what'll it be, the needles or the scalpel?'
'You know I don't want you to cut them off. You know that so it'll have to be the needles.'
'Yeah, just as I thought. There you go again making the obvious, easiest choice but you can only have the needles if this, these, the third option.'
'What? What are you talking about now?'
I took out the bag hiding them inside.
'These.' I showed her.
'What? What are they? What do you have there? - Oh God. God, no God, they look like firecrackers.'

Page 10.

'Bang bang, you're bang on. Forth of July salutes they are.'
'You're crazy.'
'The you're bang on was meant to be funny. It was meant to be humorous. You didn't even laugh.'
'Go to Hell. Go straight to Hell.'
'That's your answer to everything you don't like the sound of, telling me to go to Hell. Like I said before, not very original. Why don't you give it a better try and, oh by the way, before you do, the crackers go off in your vagina and your rectum.'
'No. No. You're crazy. No. No. God no.'
'You got it. You heard me, so will it still be the needles?'
'I.. Oh, how? How can I, how could I possibly chose about that? No, you know, you know they're impossible choices and I can see now that's why you're suggesting them to me. You love it. You get off on the power and the control. You think it makes you a man. Well it doesn't. It just makes you a freak and pathetic. A loser.'
'So look, I get it. I've heard it all before and from better cunts than you. Like your two girlfriends. I bet they're better cunts than you. Right?'
'You're sick. No they're just like me. Strong and resolute and way better people than you could ever hope to be. Independent and accomplished they are.'
'I'm sure. I guess. I suppose you think that's true but it doesn't help you. You see it's too late now. It's all too late for you. I'm gonna do it all. I'm gonna pierce your tits and your nipples. Torture. Torture. Tit torture. I'm gonna drive the big meat skewers into the sides of your tits and make them come out your nipples from the inside and then I'm gonna scalpel them off and keep them as souvenirs. And burn the wounds, the gaps, to cauterize them. And then your vagina. Your fucking cunt. I'm gonna remove it from you, that is what's left of it after I set the big firecrackers off inside of it. See. See, big ones like these.'
I held three right in front of her face and she finally spat, - on them.
'That doesn't do any good. That won't ruin them. And, oh by the way, just for special effects, I'm gonna blind you too. I'm gonna mush your eyeballs in.'

Page 11.

Her mind and brain were reeling and she had to make one last desperate play which she hoped would just be a ploy since she figured she'd get rescued somehow. God wouldn't let her down which I couldn't figure that since He already had.
'You're going to rape me? You said you wanted to.'
'Fucking right. You bet.'
'So do it now. Do it now. Forget about all this horrid, disgusting, impossible stuff and just do it now.'
'I know you'd like that but no, first I do one of the things, like the torture things, and then you get your rape. Your own personal rape. Yeah, the rape you've earned and deserve just like your cunt girlfriends do too.'
She didn't want to, be she was desperate and had to.
She sensed a wedge issue.
'My.. My friends, my girlfriends, you seem quite taken by them. Quite interested in them.'
'Fucking right. Of course I am. I mean if I wanted you, you can be sure as fuck I'd want them too.'
'What? What? Oh God, help me. What if I could get them here for you? What then?'
She truly seized my interest, my undivided attention, as they said.
'The two of them? Are you for real? You could get the two of them here?'
'Yes. They trust me. We're best friends and have been for years, so yes, I could get them to come here to help me.'
'And for that, I'd have to leave you alone and apply my skills to them. That's the idea? The play?'
'God. God, I hate to say it but I don't want to be blind. I don't. So yes, that's how it would be.'
'OK. OK, I have to say I'm considering it. I mean it's a pretty irresistible offer but there's one thing I think you gotta know and it's important.'
'I'm listening.'
'Sure you are. Of course.'
'What? What is it?'

Page 12.

'You. You gotta help me. That's what.'
'OK, yes I already said I would.'
'No, you don't understand. You have to help me to torture them.'
'Oh, please, that's not fair. It's not right.'
'I know but you didn't let me finish. You have to help me torture them to death. With me. What's it gonna be?'
'I.. I.. I don't know. I..'
She was pretty sure if they died so would she but she needed time. She had to figure me out and that would take more time and smarts on her part. She needed to get it all right. She'd only get one chance, she thought. She had to outsmart me but then I threw her the curve.
'And oh by the way, I've got a special friend who's gonna be joining us and his name's Jim. And I gotta tell you if you think you already hate me, wait until the two of us get together and working on you. Oh yeah, he's a master too and he really loves the clit and the cervix. Something else to look forward to.'
The score had just doubled in my favor and she had to affirm the impossible choices. Did she really want to betray her friends just to save her own skin, her own sex skin? Or could she manage all the pain by her lonesome?
She thought she could.
She thought she might.
It's just she didn't want to be blind.

Which way would the cunt chose?
Integrity or expedience?
Post your vote (preference) now.

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She should hold out for her friends, because you'll fuck her up anyway. ;)

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So then should we not post a piurcte of our healthy child on facebook either because it would be a slap in the face to parents who were born with unhealthy children? Or post pics of our weight loss progress because it would be a slap in the face of the obese? Or not post pics of us on vacation on the beach because it would be a slap in the face of those who can't afford a vacation?At what point do we get to stop dancing around the overly-sensitive, easily offended people in this world? If I am joyful about something in MY life that's all it is joy in my life. It's not intended to be a slap in the face because you aren't finding joy in the same way in your life.

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