Male submissive, vomit fetish
Another of my stories around the vomit shit eating theme with a strong male submissive line. If this is not your thing please dont read it and then comment on how horrible it is! If it is your thing Enjoy!

Auntie and me!

Auntie’s not my auntie, she’s my ex wife’s sister’s friend. A filthy perverted bitch but I had always seen something I her that I found sexy. She isn’t particularly good looking, long dark hair, huge sagging tits and slightly plump, her tummy ruined from childbirth, thick set thighs and the most wonderful bum.

After my divorce I called her and asked her out, she agreed and we have been having the most wild sexual relationship ever since. She comes and uses me every few days and I like it that way. We quickly discovered that we like the same perverted things and now we play together openly exploiting each others fetishes. It’s probably fair to say we’re deeply in love but we choose to live apart and get together for playtimes when we feel the need. Sometimes we just talk and enjoy each others company, but mostly we end up having wild fetish sex.

I am very much a male sub, I delight in being used and abused, I love it when she degrades me and that fine line between excitement and fear is often broached. She on the other hand likes control and gets off on seeing me relinquish my dignity and every last bit of my self respect. This obviously works well, she is the top and I am the bottom, we compliment each other and both thoroughly enjoy our playtimes.

Often she makes me her little girl. She dresses me in a padded bra and school girl knickers, then in a nightie or clothes as the time and occasion demands. She has shaved my legs, back, chest, well all of me except my head really. I have no body hair at all. I have painted toe nails and she has given me a couple of toe rings. She makes me up to look like a teenage slut. Water based mascara that runs easily if I cry, deep red lipstick, blusher, the works! When I am auntie’s little girl I just can’t help being naughty and anything goes in this game! She called me late last night and told me she is coming to baby-sit this evening. What that means is that she expects me to masturbate but deny myself as many times as I can between now and when she arrives and that when she does arrive I will be dressed and act appropriately.

At 5.30 she rang the bell and I ran to the door to let her in, my bare feet clicking as the rings contacted the boards. She came in and kissed me hello then sat on the sofa while I fixed her drink. Then she helped me put my makeup on as she said it was going to be a special night. When we had done with the makeup she made me sit next to her and showed me pictures of naked boys and men in some magazines she had bought with her. She asked me which ones I like and showed me the ones she fancied.

Let me explain how this works. I am not gay or bi, in fact I am quite homophobic. My upbringing was so strict in matters of sexuality that I would rather be killed than ever engage in any homosexual activity. I find the whole thing deeply embarrassing and scary. The mixed emotions I feel when she makes me her girl are amazing. I truly feel that I want to please her and be loved by her. She makes me feel that if I refuse to go along with her plans for my sexual development involving other boys she will be cross and hurt. So I am forced to do what she wants, but I find it so embarrassing, especially when she tells me that I will have to suck a boy’s cock or take him inside me that I feel really excited. It’s the embarrassment and fear that turns me on, especially the fear, I love it when she scares me it hurts inside but god it makes me harder and more desperate than any regular sex!
Anyway we look at the mags for a while and she teases me, feeling between my legs to see which pictures and stories make me wet. I feel her too, in the same way when she says she likes one of them. After an hour or so of this I am desperately horny especially as she has let me feel her up and flashed me her tits a few times in some pretence.

About 7 she goes and makes dinner and I am left with instructions to go to the bathroom and bring myself as close to orgasm as I can, then to pull my knickers up and come downstairs. If I cum she will know and go home, I must be excited without relief, auntie gives relief when I am good, I must not break this simple rule!

We eat dinner then I clear away as she relaxes on the sofa. When I am done I run to sit with her and she lets me suckle her breast whilst she reads. I love her tits. They are enormous and she has such sensitive nipples with huge areole and a cute ring pierced through her right nipple. I am sitting on her left and sucking the left one. She loves this and says she can cum from having her tits played with, although I have played with them many times and never known her cum yet, she does get soaking wet though!

At 9 she makes my supper and I am surprised to see such a big meal. We already ate just a while ago I whine, but she insists I eat it all up like a good girl, so I force down another whole meal then auntie takes me upstairs to bed. She watches as I take off my dress and my little bra then slip on my pink nightie and get into the bed. Then she reads me the most perverted and disgusting bedtime story, letting me tease her pierced nipple as the story excites us both, when she finishes reading she slips her hand under the covers and feels between my legs. I am rock hard. You are such a naughty little girl she smiles. Leave it alone and try to sleep now! She kisses me deeply and sexily and turns out the light. Call me if you need anything in the night she says, then goes downstairs.

The game now is to masturbate to the very edge of orgasm then control myself, relax until I’m soft and wait for her to go to bed. I slide my hand down and rub myself through my silky knickers. They are already soaked with pre-cum and I slip them down as I take my desperate cock between two fingers and slide them repeatedly over the head. It feels so good like that, right on the border of excitement and pain and soon I am leaking pre-cum by the gallon. It runs down my cock as I tease myself thinking about auntie’s wonderful tits and wobbly ruined belly. Just as I am about to cum I pull up my knickers and turn over. I try to relax and eventually my lust subsides to a dull ache. My cock is almost soft and I close my eyes, thinking of anything but sex which is surprisingly easy as my tummy is so full after two meals. It feels really bloated and uncomfortable. It keeps cramping too so I guess I can soon go to the bathroom and feel a lot better!

After what feels like an eternity I hear auntie come up the stairs and she looks in on me. You ok lovely? She asks. My tummies uncomfortable I whine, and she comes in switching on the side light. She sits on the bed and strokes my head. Poor little girl she says slipping her hand under the cover at my waist. She slips it up from my thigh over my now soft cock and up to my tummy. She rubs it gently and it cramps again. I think I need the loo I say. Not now dear, it’s very late she says, then, wait while I go and put on my night clothes. She goes to her room and undresses putting on nothing but a short see through nightie. When she returns she looks so horny. Her huge tits and ruined tummy clearly visible through the clear net which ends at her waist. Her full bush inviting between her legs and as she turns round to close the door her magnificent bum in full view, her deep cleft dark and sexy. She comes and sits on the bed again. Again her hand slides under the cover and she rubs it over my now hard again cock to my tummy. As she slides over my cock she smiles, you’re such a naughty girl she smiles, letting her hand linger for a second before returning to my tummy. She rubs it gently. Does that help dear she asks. A bit I answer truthfully.

Aunties, got a pain as well she says, and with that pulls down the cover and kisses my tummy. Auntie kiss it better she coos. As she kisses it her hand slips back to my cock and she rubs me teasingly. I lay there loving the tenderness, watching her tits hanging as she bends over me. What’s wrong auntie I ask? My bottom hurts, she says, it’s very sore. O poor auntie, I say. Can I kiss it better for you? She laughs. Maybe later sweetie. Lets make you better first. She moves to kiss me and as our lips meet she slips her hand inside my knickers taking my cock and wanking it properly. As we kiss deeply and passionately she backs off a bit and dribbles in my mouth. I love it when she does this, it feels so dirty. She is expertly taking me rapidly towards my long awaited orgasm with her hand and finally she is spitting in my mouth and on my face as we kiss in wild abandon!

As she feels me nearing release she sits up again and goes back to rubbing my tummy. Auntie, I ask, can I kiss you better now. She smiles wryly. Well dear its my actual bum hole that hurts. You wouldn’t want to kiss that would you dear? I would auntie, I will kiss you anywhere to make it feel better for you. Well thing is sweetheart when I went to poo earlier I forgot to wipe it, so it’s a very dirty bum tonight, and that’s probably why it hurts. You wouldn’t want to lick poo would you dear? She slipped her hand back to my cock as she said it. She could feel how much harder her words were making me! I would auntie. If it makes you better I wouldn’t mind honest. Dirty girl she muttered quietly and rubbed my cock harder. Please auntie I said. Let me taste your poo. I want it real bad now. I want to taste you, please. Auntie rubbed my tummy with her other hand, but this time she pressed hard as she ran her hand back and forth. As I was still bloated and so full it felt uncomfortable and made me feel a bit sick.

Well now you naughty girl, you want to taste my poo? You filthy girl. Eating my poo is likely to make you ill. It’ll make you sick, and you hate being sick don’t you dear? Again she pushed my tummy and I suddenly saw where this was going. That’s why she gave me two meals; she wanted me to be a sick little girl. If I get sick will you take care of me and make me better auntie? I asked. She pushed my tummy again, almost punching it now. Of course darling she said. But if you get ill you’ll be sick all down your nightie and probably poo the bed and wet yourself too. You don’t want to subject yourself to all that just because my fat old bum’s sore. Let me go and wash it, that’ll likely fix it and then you won’t have to suffer too! She stood up and moved towards the door. Auntie; No. She turned surprised by my shout. What dear? I really really want to lick your poo and make it all better, please auntie, please! She sat on the bed again and reached for my cock. You want to get sick don’t you? You want an excuse to get sick? Oh auntie please, you know you want me to, admit it, you would love to see me disgrace myself, with sick all down my nightie and poo all in the bed. As I said this I caressed her nipple and look imploringly into her eyes.

You’re a funny girl she said, and rubbed my cock head driving me wild. As she did so she sipped her finger into my mouth. Kiss my finger sweetie, suck on it for me. She teased me rubbing my end, then my balls alternately. As she did she slipped her finger deeper into my mouth, relentlessly slipping it to the back of my throat. She tickled my gag reflex and I wretched as she fondled my cock. Do you really like that? She asked. It’ll feel much worse if you’re sick from eating from my bum. I bucked my hips almost going over the edge as she spoke wretching and bucking I felt like I was going to explode! Auntie giggled at my plight. Then suddenly stood up and turned round. She wiggled her bum, her filthy, sexy inviting bum and I begged. Ah auntie please. Please let me kiss it all better for you, please, please, please! She backed toward me and then put her hands behind her back and held her cheeks apart. She was only a foot from my face and I could see that she really hadn’t wiped. Even from here I could smell her dirt and her sex! As I looked I noticed rivulets of her juice running down the inside of each thigh! She was as desperate for this as I was!

Can you smell me? She asked. Yes auntie. Do you like it? Yes auntie. Do you want it? She almost whispered. Oh yes auntie, yes I do. Do you need it? O please auntie, yes, yes, I need it, I want to taste you, I want to ingest you, take you deep inside my body, deeper than any man will ever be able to penetrate me, please auntie let me taste you, now! She turned to face me. You little slut, deeper than any man can penetrate you. I would hope that no men will be penetrating your little hole for quite some time my girl. Yes, I know, but when they do it wont ever be able to go inside me the way you can go inside me tonight. Please auntie, I’m desperate now, I want to eat you! She giggled. Well alright then. She got on the bed and knelt over my face, her filthy crack just inches from my nose. I could smell her shit and her sex and I could see her dripping love juice from between her lips, she leant forward and took my cock in her mouth as she lowered her bottom to my face.

I lifted my head and gently touched my tongue to her cleft. I wiggled the end of it over a tiny mound of her mess. At first I tasted nothing, but as my wet tongue slid over it I got my first taste of her most intimate and precious offering. The smell was overpowering, but I didn’t mind it at all. It was seriously turning me on. so intimate to smell her poo and to be allowed to actually lick it from her! I was loving every second of it. I licked harder all the way from bottom to top of her soiled cleft. She sucked hard on my knob as she felt me gaining confidence and that spurred me on. I started licking hard cleaning her of her mess and as I did I ran my tongue all round my mouth feeling the softness and getting used to her taste. She moderated her sucking to keep me on the edge. She knew I needed that. If I had cum I would have suddenly have felt disgusted and embarrassed and probably have been violently sick all over her sweet sexy bottom. She knew. Somehow she knew how this worked and as she teased me I worked my tongue all over her until she was clean. But I wanted more. I licked her puckered hole and tried to push my tongue inside. She was clean now and I had swallowed all that I had taken in my mouth earlier. I could still taste her bitter, dirty mess, but there was none still in my mouth. I pushed my tongue inside her but there was no more to be had. I had eaten all she had to offer me. She realised what I was doing and sort of purred. Then she sucked me hard and fast. I was so fucking desperate for more now I licked her hole and started quietly pleading.

Please auntie, please. She wiggled her bum at me as I licked desperately at her hole. She sat up slightly, releasing my cock from her mouth and sitting on my face a little. Really? Yes auntie, oh please, please, please. No, you can’t, really. Yes, auntie. I need it please, oh god I need it so very badly auntie, please. As I spoke I felt her tense and her beautiful puckered hole grew bigger. It stretched to twice it’s normal size, and then I saw it. My first sight of her fresh virgin, filthy, stinking poo. Light brown and just peeping through her distended little hole. All for me, just for me. She held it there, not pushing any harder, not forcing me, but just holding it there for me to use if
And how I wanted. I put my nose on her hole and breathed in her filthy scent. Then as she moved her mouth back to my cock I went wild. I dove my tongue as far up her hole as it would go, I licked for all I was worth, her taste filling my mouth again, slightly different than before, but it was all I wanted. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put it over her hole. It just fitted as she was about an inch and a half across now. I sucked at her and forced my tongue in at the same time. She felt me sucking and groaned apprecively. A deep contented animal growl. She wiggled her bum again and I growled back. Then I felt her gently push and slowly, beautifully, it slipped from her into my desperate mouth. I felt so horny and excited I wanted her to fill me. I wanted her to push so much out it would slide right down my throat, but she knew. She knew how to satisfy me and she just pushed an inch out and squeezed her hole shut, cutting it off and leaving me with a single manageable mouthful. She lifted her bottom a little and toyed with my cock as I ran her mess round my mouth and squashed it with my tongue. It was dissolving into a sticky filthy goo and I swallowed it down then went back to licking her clean again. Good girl she cooed. As I finished licking her. She got off the bed and sat next to me on the edge of it. She smiled at me, her eyes full of adoration and lust. I lay there rolling my tongue around my mouth, licking myself clean. As she watched me she peeled off her nightie and started toying with her nipples. I had never seen her do that before. She never touched herself. I was fascinated and acutely aroused.

Well, baby. Did you like the way I taste? It was the sexiest thing I have ever known in my life. I said truthfully. Although as my arousal was beginning to die down I realised that the taste did not seem to want to go away and it was starting to become unpleasant. Auntie to the rescue. She turned and rubbed my tummy. Carefully avoiding my sex this time. Do you feel alright sweetie, how’s your little tum doing now. As she asked she pushed hard near the top of my tummy and I wretched. Oh sweetie, are you going to be sick darling? She removed her hands from my tummy and laid one on my cock. It was soft now, and I have to admit I didn’t feel at all good!

Its alright baby, let it all come up, it won’t hurt. I wretched again and auntie rubbed me gently between my legs. It felt interesting, but was overpowered by the nausea and the taste in my mouth. Auntie threw the cover off and sat cross-legged between my legs. I wretched again and watched as she slipped a hand between her legs and the other to rub my flaccid cock. I had never seen her touch herself and it was an incredibly horny sight! As she teased us with her hands she spoke quietly. Auntie wants to watch you empty your tummy baby! A revelation I wasn’t expecting. My cock was half hard when suddenly I felt it coming up into my throat. I opened my mouth and bowed my head. As the bile taste reached my mouth I wretched again and this time I was sick all down the front of my nightie. Auntie was rubbing her clit wildly and staring at me with a look of pure lust. I was sick again and this time it came out of my nose as well. I kept my head down so as to get as much as possible down my nightie as I could see that it was this that turned auntie on most! Finally I wretched for the last time and sat there, covered in my sick. As I looked up suntie was just about on the edge of orgasm. Her eyes fixed on my sicky nightie. I smiled at her and whispered for you auntie. All for you auntie. She squealed and was racked by a massive orgasm. She actually squirted. I had never seen her squirt before! She convulsed as her hands skilfully played her sex to its limit and then she sighed heavily and relaxed.

I felt a lot better now after having purged myself and my cock was as hard as it could ever be. Seeing auntie wanking and realising that she was so turned on at the sight of her little girl being sick in the bed all down her pink nightie had bought me back to full strength and I was rampant. How’s my babies tummy now sweetheart? She asked. Daring to give it another rub. It feels much better auntie, but I think I need the bathroom now. I felt it cramp again and I knew I had to empty my bowels. Auntie smiled. I don’t think you’ll make I darling, she said. And she rubbed my cock again. It was obvious what she wanted me to do, so I pushed and tensed my tummy trying to do it for her. As she saw me tensing she got off the bed. She took my dirty nightie off and threw it out the way, then she peeled my knickers down and looked at my naked body. My little girl seems to be a big boy now she said, looking at my hard cock desperate for it’s relief. She straddled my face again and leant forward. She kissed my end and said auntie kiss it all better for you. Then she pushed assertively on my tummy again. I lay back and pushed as she sucked hard on my cock. I wanted to cum but I couldn’t because I knew I had to shit. I lifted my hips slightly, forcing my cock further down aunties throat and with one final push I emptied myself right under her nose. She sucked I pushed and more came sliding out from between my cheeks. Auntie was loving it. She groaned her sexy needful growl again and I felt my cock nearing release. I lifted my head and started to lick between her cheeks again. She growled again, then suddenly without warning she pushed the remainder of her poo out right in my face. I was so close to cumming I dove my face in and devoured her offering instinctively.

All caution and reason had just left my mind. I pushed my whole face in between her cheeks and rubbed it in the mess. I licked and chewed and sucked until my whole world was nothing but her lovely filthy shit. I was right on the edge of my orgasm, you know the but where technically, you’ve started to cum but it just sort of flows out the first real pumping contraction hadn’t happened yet, and so I was right on that knife edge a second before the real relief came, and auntie started to wee. I heard it first, then watched as the torrent rained down hot and hard like a hosepipe all over my neck, my cock was pumping now, hours and hours of frustration leaving me squirt after squirt of cum pumping from my desperate cock. Auntie felt the first spurt on her tongue and thrust her head down forcing my cock down her throat. As she did she raised the angle of her bum so I could lick at the fountain gushing from her lips. I licked her as she forced her head further on my cock. Balls deep her forehead now in my shit she was suddenly gripped by a powerful spasm. I thought she was cumming, but as I heard her choke I realised se was being sick now. She didn’t lift her head though. She kept my cock in her throat and I felt her sick trying to force it’s way past it. Her throat was blocked by my cock and she was being sick trough her nose! Still she stayed there until she was sure I was spent then she lifted her head and as my cock fell from her mouth she finally let her tummy empty naturally through her mouth. As she did I was still licking her fanny and clit as hard as I could and as she felt the relief of finally being able to evacuate her guts her orgasm started, another set of contractions racked through her and she was done. As she lifted her filthy bum from my soiled face, I relaxed enough to become conscious of the smell and taste of her shit again. My mouth was half full of it and without warning I was sick again, all over her cheeks and her beautiful puckered hole. After a minute or so I felt better and so did she.

Auntie got off the bed and led me by the arm to the bathroom where we got in the shower together and washed our mess from each other’s bodies. I was careful to make sure that washing her big old tits involved lots of teasing, tweaking and scratching of her legendary sensitive nipples and I made an extremely thorough job of washing her fanny and bum. I fingered her bum hole with a soapy finger for nearly a minute until she was weak at the knees! Then I stopped and rinsed her down. She did the same to me and when we finally walked dripping from the shower I was hard again and she was still leaking all down her legs. We dried each other sensually and then she led me to her bedroom.

My little girls asleep now she giggled, so I’ve got a big strong man to keep me wet! Take me to my bed and fuck my desperate cunt with that big hard cock of yours. I didn’t need asking twice! I fucked her every way you can, even up the bum! I shoved it down her throat again but still I didn’t cum. In the end I laid her down and gently laid on top. Then thrusting deep inside her we kissed in our special way, spitting on each others faces and in our mouths and giggling as we did it. That was all it took and I exploded into her finally draining my balls of the last of my frustration.

We fell asleep immediately my cock still deep inside her.

I like it when auntie comes to baby sit!

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