Zack and Sam Part 3
The following Saturday came and I was at the boys’ house at the time advised. All week long I had thought about the remark made as I left that I needed to be early so I could be prepared for the night ahead. How was I going to be prepared and prepared for what? I had also received a call from Zack telling me that I was staying the night
When Sam answered the door he was only wearing a towel. As I walked in Zack was in the kitchen also in a towel but only a very short one that just covered his ass.He was preparing food. There were pots on the stove and lots of plats and food in the kitchen. When I arrived he checked his pots turned them down and led me to the bathroom. Sam was there getting things out of the cabinet I was ordered to strip and took my clothes off. I had remembered not to wear my undies. I stood there naked as Sam and Zack inspected my body.
“You see Mr M”Sam said “We are giving a dinner party tonight for six of our friends and we have decided that you will be the waiter. A nude waiter!”
I gulped as Sam said that and Zack continued.”And we don’t want any hair in my fine meal so we are preparing you by shaving all the hair off your body” as he was saying his Sam had started running the shower and told me to get in. The water was lovely and warm and he and Zack took off their towels and joined me. Sam was holding a tin of shaving cream and two razors. We all stood there naked and once I was soaked Zack turned the water off and Sam started putting shaving cream all over my body and the two began shaving me. I just stood there and let them do it. My arms my chest stomach. I am a very smooth person. Sam did my back and I have very fine hairs. He started shaving my ass cheeks as Zack worked on my legs .Zack stopped on my legs and Sam ordered me to bend forward and Zack spread my ass cheek apart and Sam shaved around my hole. They had shaved everywhere including my feet and hands. There was only one area left and so they both worked on my pubic hair and scrotum although there wasn’t much there after the waxing .Zack lifted my sack and Sam shaved underneath.Zack turned the shower on and I rinsed. I was hairless and was inspected again .Satisfied I was told dry off. I never felt so naked I was also talced lightly and given some cologne then I was taken to the bedroom.Zack dressed quickly and went back to his cooking.Sam had a black bowtie and he tied it around my neck. He was still naked and laid on the bed
“Give me a head job before the party starts” He said. I also lay on the bed and took his cock in my hand and kissed the top and then licked the piss slit. I started to suck and he started to harden. He looked at me and said “You’re going to get plenty of cock tonight “That fired me up and I started sucking harder. He cock was wet from my mouth and I used my tongue on his slit and shaft.”You’re getting to be quite the cock sucking little slut aren’t you Mr M?”I found myself nodding I loved the taste of cock and I stroked his balls and he started to shoot down my throat. The cum tasted good and I kept sucking to get it all. I knew that a cock was very sensitive after a guy had cum and it made Sam grunt a bit. Finally Zack came in and said ‘Come on they will here soon”.
I was given last minute instructions regarding calling everyone sir. How I would first server champagne and canopies and to serve the three course meal and wine throughout as well as do anything that the guests tell me. That included oral sex.The evening would be evaluated in the dungeon after the party and I would be punished for any mistakes. I would not be required to suck off Zack or Sam just satisfy the guests
The doorbell rang and I answered it. It was two brothers Mark and Steven Mark the younger just laughed at me when I said good evening. Steven just smiled. I ushered them into the lounge room and served them Champagne. The bell rang again and I opened the door to a very handsome young man named Werner. As he came in he actually reached down and gave my balls a gentle squeeze. A minute late I opened the door and invited three guys Carl, Jarrod and Richard to come in. They all smiled and Carl gave me a gentle pat on the ass.Let me point out now all the young men at the party were extremely handsome and also possessed figures that indicated fitness and health For the next 25 minutes I served champagne and finger food. Everyone was fairly pleasant except for this Mark. He liked to put me down making constant remarks about my cock.But I had known to expect some humiliation. At 7pm I invited everyone to sit down at the large glass topped dining table. When they had I served the main course which was prawn cocktail. As I served each They all said thank you except Mark who said ‘I thought you were serving cocktail frankfurts “and gave my dick a rough tug.
As they ate I served some wine and as I poured for Carl he put his hand on my ass.He just left it there didn’t move it. It felt nice. I moved on and Zack said he had to finish the main and in the meantime I would be giving out head jobs till the main was ready. Mark called me over first and told me to get under the table. I unzipped him and began to suck him while he called me names He was the only person at the party I didn’t like. He came down my throat and I licked him clean wiped him with a napkin and zipped him up. I really wanted to suck Carl off so I crawled under the table to him. I looked up at him and he smiled and nodded. I unzipped him and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. Werner said “Wow “I kissed it and let my tongue swirl around the head it was growing bigger and bigger. I finally put it in my mouth. Slowly I sucked enjoy the taste of his manmeat.I tried to fit as much as I could but it had grown to about 10 inches long I sucked and licked and licked his balls which I had not done before and got hair on my tounge.I looked up and he and Richard were kissing. He started to moan and shot a huge wad into me. I cleaned him up and crawled out from under the table But in doing so I knocked over a glass onto Jarrod’s lap and was made to suck the wine out of his trousers. I looked at Sam and he said “That’s one punishment tonight”
Zack told me to serve the dinner and he sat down. I handled the plates fairly well. The main was Beef stir fry with rice and vegetables and when I had finished serving Mark whispered to Sam and Sam nodded. Mark stood up and announced that his bitch brother Steven would now suck the nude waiter. Mark obviously had some control over his elder brother because red faced Steven stood and walked to where I was and knelt in front of me. He took my little cock in his hand and started to suck me. I grew to my full hardness straight away. I moaned as he was so good at this and it as not long before I came. Steven was ordered to leave me dripping and come back to the table. I asked seeing how Steven had sucked me could I now suck him. Mark shook his head and told Steven to show me why. Steven went to protest and Mark shot him the angriest glance and Steven dropped his pants to reveal that he was wearing a chastity device I was shocked and felt sorry for Steven. Mark ordered him to sit at the table with no pants till dinner was over I served more wine and then serviced Werner. His cock was a bit smaller than Carl’s but the thickest on the night. His cum was really sweet and he asked me did I like the taste and I nodded.
“Pineapple juice” he said and Jarrod motioned for me to service him As I crawled under the table I deliberately rubbed against Carl and Mark made sure he kicked me (not hard) in the ribs. By the time I got the Jarrod already had his dick out and was stroking it. He fed it to me and took it out and slapped me in the face with it. Eventually he let me suck it and also instructed me to put his balls in my mouth. That was a new experience. He had very smooth balls and they tasted nice. He put his hands on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth and finally exploded. The only guy left was the really cute guy at the other end of the table called Richard but Zack sat down and told me to serve the cheesecake
I served the cheesecake and coffee and after dinner mints and liquors and then I went to tend to Richard He had shaved all his pubic hair and his cock was about seven inches I toyed with it running my tongue along the shaft before finally putting in my mouth. Richard reached down and twisted my nipples and shot another load into me.
I was just about to crawl out when Mark said that he needed to take a piss.Sam ordered me to put Mark’s cock in my mouth which I did very nervously. I wrapped my lips around his cock and he started to piss into me. Slowly at first and then faster. It was too fast and I spilled some but kept swallowing. It tasted foul and when it finally stopped Zack ordered me to lick up the bit I’d spilled. I could tell he was not pleased.
The Dinner party finished and the guest began to leave. I had been asked to go use a mouth rinse. It turned out that Carl wanted to kiss me goodbye. He took me in his arms and nearly stuck his tongue down my throat. He and Richard, Carl and Jarrod left but Mark and Steven were staying for a while.Zack explained that Mark wanted to watch my punishment and then he and Steven were going to use the dungeon. So saying Zack took hold of my cock and led me to the dungeon

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