"I'm sorry, Jon, I'm really sorry. I just don't love you anymore,” Rachel said.

“Tell me what I did wrong. How can you just stop loving me after three years? You don't mean this Rachel,” I replied.

“We're leaving for college in two months. Don't you want to explore what else is out there? Did you really think we would be together forever? I really care about you but I need to have freedom when I leave for college,” she explained.

“Are you fucking kidding me? We are both going to the same school 15 minutes away. What the fuck do you need to explore other than having a thousand different cocks shoved in you over the next four years,” I shouted.

"I'm sorry Jon, but it is over" she said sternly.

With that, Rachel hopped out of my pickup and ran towards her front door. At the time I figured we would get back together. It wasn't the first time we had broken up but I couldn't help but be upset.

I found out a few weeks later that Rachel was seeing Nate. Nate was a few years older than me but went to the same High school. He still lives in our hometown doing construction. When I found this out I gave Rachel a call and heard the same as before.

What a bitch. What a fucking bitch.

When it was time for college to start Rachel and Nate were in a full blown relationship. She even moved into his house with him and planned to commute to college from our hometown.
Nearly every day I would see Rachel on campus. We even had two classes together. We rarely spoke but it was still too much for me to handle. Within a few weeks I started skipping classes just to avoid her. Seeing her laughing and smiling all the time made me sick to my stomach.

By the end of the first semester I simply stopped going all together. A friend of mine had moved out west after graduation and asked me to come out. He said he could get me a good job where he worked and put me up until I got on my feet. I said fuck it and left a few months later.

I failed. I'm moving back home on my parents dime. After years of service to this finance company the owner decided to close shop and left us all with next to nothing. After the few weeks of traveling I arrive home and am back where I started, living with my parents. What a loser I am.

The first weekend back I headed down to the local pub with a few buddies from my past. The second we walked in the door there she was, Rachel. I could hardly take another step. Her eyes met mine instantly and a large grin grew on her gorgeous face.

She looked exactly the same, if not better. Her shoulder length dark brown hair matched her beautiful eyes with a perfect set of tits that only complemented her rock hard ass.

I haven't exactly let myself go, but I certainly don't look like I'm fresh out of high school. I put a few pounds on but still consider myself tall, dark and handsome.

She didn't hesitate to approach me, walking directly over to the front door where I was frozen like a statue.

"Hi Jon, how are you?"

"I'm great. How are you?"

"Oh, just perfect. It's so nice to see you. I ran into your mother last week and she told me you were heading back this way. That really sucks that your company shut down."

Great, she probably knows I'm gonna be living with my fucking parents too.

"Yeah, it sucked but what can you do? So what's going on around here? How's life," I muttered?

"The same old stuff, you know. Nate and I live just North of town with two beautiful twin girls. They take up most of my life but I just couldn't live without those two. They are my world."

"Ahh, good ole' Nate. Where is the sly dog?"

"Well, since I can tell you really care. He is out of town on business for about a month. He started his own contracting firm several years ago. He does pretty well but he travels all over the country to build bridges, so he's kind of gone a lot."

"Well who's watching your daughters?"

"They’re at my mom's. I actually have to get going to get them before it gets too late."

"Oh, I see. Well it was nice to see you, I'm sure I'll be seeing you again now that I'm back in town."

"Yeah, it was nice.”

She gave me a hug and ran back to the bar to pay her check. I got a good look at her ass and remembered why I fell in love with her. Rachel was always the girl in school that everyone drooled over. She was absolutely perfect in every way.

My buddies and I took a seat at a table near the front door and ordered a few cocktails. I ordered a double. I knew it was inevitable to run into Rachel at some point but I was half hoping she would've gained weight or lost some of those vibrant looks.

Again, Rachel was approaching to leave after I watched her say her goodbyes to nearly everyone in the bar. She is such a social butterfly. Everyone loves her; always have. As she passed she turned around and stopped.

"Hey Jon, are you coming to the reunion next weekend? I'm on the committee and everyone still asks about you and would love to see you.

"I didn't know about it, reunion for what?

"It's our 15 year high school reunion. I sent invitations out to everyone I had an address for. I got yours from your parents.

"Maybe it was lost or misplaced in the move."

"Yeah, probably. Well it is going to be at the Golf Course next Saturday at 7:oo. I really hope you can make it. If you have any questions about it get in touch with me."

"Ok, I might have to move some things around but I will try and make it." That was a lie. What the hell do I have to do, nothing.

"Great, well hopefully we'll all see you next weekend. Bye again," she said with a giggle and proceeded out the door.

As I sat there I killed my double vodka tonic and promptly ordered another. I couldn't stop thinking about Rachel and I just wanted to go home.

"JON" yelled my buddy Dave.


"What the hell are you doing, you haven't hardly said a word."

"You know, I'm sorry guys. I'm not feeling very well. I might head home."

"Whatever pussyhole. It was nice hanging out with you after all these years."

"I know. I'm sorry. How about tomorrow night? I'll buy."

My three friends jumped at that opportunity knowing they would get to drink for free the next night. I slammed my vodka tonic and headed straight out the door. When I arrived in my car I nearly started to cry. I didn't think after 15 years I would still have such strong feelings for my high school girlfriend. But she was mine first and we were meant to be together. I knew it.

On my way home I decided to take a quick detour and drive by Rachel’s mom’s house. I'm not sure why, I guess maybe I wanted to catch another glimpse of Rachel. I pulled up half a block from her mom's house and parked. There were two cars in the driveway and I assumed one was Rachel’s. I waited for a few minutes and suddenly the front door to her mother’s house burst open and two young girls ran out of it as if the house was on fire. I couldn't get such a good look at any of them but knew it was Rachel and her twin girls. They all loaded into the SUV and it rolled out of the driveway.

I decided to follow them; only to see where Rachel lived. I followed for a few miles trying to keep my distance. I don't think she knows what kind of car I have but I still didn't want her to know that anyone was following her. Another few miles after we exited the city limits she set her blinker and turned onto a long winding driveway. I continued on going strait thinking I would turn around to get a better look.

As I pulled to the side of the road, I saw a large brick home. It was amazing. It looked like a home strait out of the Hollywood Hills and you could tell that they had a lot of money. That bridge building business must be doing well. I sat there again in shock and couldn't help but think that it should be my life. Stirring in envy thinking of how great it would be to live there with a beautiful wife and two twin girls.

My eyes began to water and I thought I was actually going to cry. But all of a sudden my sorrow passed and my entire body was full of anger and hatred. I hated her. I hated Nate. I hated that house and those two twin girls. Without hesitation my thoughts raced through my mind of revenge and punishment. I wanted them to pay. She ruined my life and it wasn't fucking fair. My new tires squealed on the pavement as i slammed the gas pedal with authority. I sped the whole way home with cruel and evil thoughts still racing through my mind.

The following week I was like a different person. Even my parents noticed and commented on it. I disregarded it as being unemployed and depressed. They wanted me to go see the doctor but I diffused that rather quickly. My mind continued processing different torturous punishments to instill on Rachel. That’s what I wanted and all I wanted.

I decided to do the most despicable of acts. I was going to break into her house and kill her. Kill her and her daughters. If Nate happens to be there I will kill him too. He should know what it is like to have Rachel taken away from him. Everyone should. I also thought I would have some fun with her first. Rape her, fuck her in the ass (she wouldn't let me do that when we were younger). Again, my mind was racing thinking of the humiliating acts I could and would perform on her.

I figured this weekend was going to be a good time to do it. I would prefer Nate not be there and was told that he shouldn't be. Also, the house should be empty on Saturday so it would be a good time to get in and ambush her.

On Friday I went to the sex shop on the outskirt of town. It was kind of strange that our small town had one of these but it had been here for years. Small town folk must like to fuck a lot. I was in there for hours looking at nearly everything. From sex swings to dildoes. Butt plugs to handcuffs. I went a bit overboard on the items I bought. But every time I looked at something I pictured it torturing every inch of Rachel’s body.

On Saturday I tried to mentally prepare for the nights activities. My father was an avid hunter and had an arsenal of firearms. I was 33 now so the guns were no longer locked up so I had my choice of artillery. I grabbed his glock and .45 in addition to a large buck knife. He didn't have much ammunition and only one clip per weapon but it didn't matter. I didn't plan to need much. Fortunately my dad had holsters and a belt sheath for the guns and knife. I loaded my trunk with my several bags from the sex shop and the weaponry.
Returning inside I gave both my parents a loving hug goodbye, thinking I may not see them again, and if I did, it would be in prison.

I left and headed for the Country Club where the reunion was taking place. I felt a rush of happiness and joy while walking in. I hadn't felt this way in many years and it is all thanks to my disturbed mind. I finally found something to make me happy. Unfortunately for Rachel it was coming at the expense of her and her family. I walked into the reunion hall and a blast from the past was all it was. I wasn't very interested in sticking around very long so I ordered my standard vodka tonic gave a few hellos and goodbyes. I had better things to do anyway.

As I left I swung by Rachel’s moms to try and make sure her daughters were there. Luckily, I noticed two girls sitting on the porch. It was daylight this time so I got a much better look at them. I was absolutely blown away by their beauty. Two identical slender blondes laughed and talked on their grandmother’s porch. Nasty thoughts entered my mind as I continued on down the road. I was never into pedophilia but I all of a sudden knew my night was going to be even better than predicted.

When I got out to Rachel’s house I did a few pass byes in my car. I decided to park my car down the road. I couldn't very well have it sitting in her driveway when she arrived home. I gathered everything from the car and headed towards the house. Just in case, I went to the front door and rang the bell several times. Nobody came to greet me after a few minutes so I thought I would see if the door was unlocked. No such luck. I ran around to the back of the house and started searching for the homes weak entry point. The second floor had a balcony which I imagined lead to a bedroom. It was rather difficult but I managed to climb up to the landing. I crossed my fingers and turned the knob. Bingo! I was in.

As I took my first step into the house I became very anxious. My heart was racing and I considered leaving. After all, there were only three outcomes after this; prison, life on the run or suicide. A quick minute later though and I was back into the game plan.

I had entered through the master bedroom. It was a rather large room with a massive 4 post bed. Around the room there wasn't much else. A large flat screen television on the opposite wall. Two armchairs and matching padded ottoman were in a corner also leading to the master bath.

Inspecting the remainder of the home I kept very quiet in the event there was somebody there. Wandering from bedroom after bedroom I finally came to what must have been one of the twin girl’s rooms. I snooped around in there trying to locate anything of interest. The large walk in closet had rows and rows of hardwood built in drawers against its back wall. The first one I opened blasted me with a rainbow of colored young girl’s panties. I picked a few out from the top and noticed this girl was far from innocent. My cock began to swell as I inspected the drawer of delicates. Again, I realized that tonight was going to be very entertaining.

I peeked around the rest of the house for the next hour and decided Rachel could be arriving within the next hour. I decided to hide in her closet and await her arrival. Hoping she would not enter in to it prior to laying down to rest. As the hours passed I grew quite restless. I occupied my time thinking of the heinous acts I would perform on these women tonight. As I mentioned before, I was never into pedophilia but it was as if I was now more interested in the young vixens rather than their mother. Fantasizing for hours held my cock at a consistent rock hard state. I considered jacking off to release the pressure but thought of it as to much of a waste.

I didn't hear a thing until I heard the bedroom door close. My heart raced instantly and my dick shriveled into my stomach. Here we go I thought; absolutely no turning back now. I heard what had to be Rachel rummaging around the room for a minute or so and heard the television roar to life. Nearly leaning on the door I could hear Rachel talking on the phone. I listened to the conversation and could confirm she was speaking with her husband.

She briefly mentioned the reunion and that she had had a good time. The conversation ended that she missed and loved him and would see him in a couple weeks. The thought of staying here for a few weeks entered my mind but exited just as quickly. The T.V. was powered down and again I became nervous. I thought I would wait until she fell asleep to make my approach.

I waited for about a half an hour without any noise coming from Rachel when I decided it was time. I every so gently turned the knob on the closet door sliding it open just a few inches. Again, I heard nothing from Rachel and sensed no reaction. I continued prying the door wider to poke my head out. I could see Rachel lying in her oversized bed with her head sticking slightly out from underneath the comforter.
Inching out of the closet, I crept closer to the bed. Standing over Rachel sleeping, anger drove through my body again. With a quick and forceful movement I forced my left hand onto Rachel’s throat and the other a crossed her mouth to keep her quiet. She struggled violently trying to release her restraints but with no avail. It was very dark in the bedroom so I assumed she couldn't see who I was. I leaned in close to her as she began to calm down.

"Rachel, it is very important that you listen to me. I know your daughters are right down the hall and I swear to you. If you don't stay quiet and do everything I say. I will kill them. I'm not going to express the seriousness of your obedience."

I pulled the glock from its holster and cocked the gun as I pressed it to her temple. She whimpered and I released my hands from her.

"W-w-what do-do-do you want," she stuttered.

I forced the gun harder against her head and whispered, "I talk you listen, got it?"

With that I pulled the chain on the antique table lamp resting on the nightstand. Her eyes widened as she got a glimpse of me. I didn't see any fear in her and knew I must inflict some.

"Rachel, I'm going to remind you again, not to say anything. Now this is what is going to happen. I'm going to kill you.

Sobbing, "why?"

Pulling the gun over my head I crashed it into the side of her temple with a calm demeanor telling her again to be quiet. I now saw the fear in her that was needed and I proceeded.

"Now, I'm going to kill you before I leave here. Your only option is to earn your life back, because right now you are a dead woman. I'm also going to kill your daughters. You are going to have to do everything I say to save them. You may ask one question, I recommend that you ask how to save your lives. But you can ask anything you want."


"Well I'm glad you asked, Rachel. I want some sexual pleasure; from you and your twin girls. You had better figure out a way for them to play along. Or you are all going to die.”

Rachel’s eyes burst like a dam and the tears began to flow onto the bedspread.

"Rachel, I suggest you pull yourself together. You can talk now but you should choose your words wisely," I warned.

"Jon, I can't do that to my girls. I won't do it. Please don't make me do this."

"Rachel, like I said. You don't have to do this. But, if you don’t, you will fucking die and don't think I won't be raping each of you before I kill you. So either way your all gonna get fucked. If you go about this the wrong way I'm going to kill you all anyway. So, how should we proceed?"

"Ok, I'll do whatever you say. Please don't hurt us. Please."

"First, I want you to stop fucking crying. It is really getting on my last nerve. So get up, and let’s see that body. Strip," I said with enjoyment.

Rachel had been under the covers this whole time and when she pulled them back I found her lying there completely in the nude.

"C'mon, get the fuck up."

I sat on the bed as she reluctantly got up and stood in front of me. She covered her breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other.

"Rachel, I'm not going to keep spelling everything out for you. YOU NEED to EARN YOUR LIVES. Standing there naked is going to be the least of your worries. Believe me. If I have to keep instructing you on this shit it's going to be a quick night."

Rachel must have really believed me. She immediately dropped her hands to her sides and I got a good look at her nearly perfect body.

"What’s with the giant bush Rach? We need to get rid of that. Go into the closet and grab the two bags on the floor."

She did so promptly and returned with one in each hand.

"Dump them out onto that ottoman over there. Now its time to get your daughters. Take those bags with you and have them get all of their underwear from their closets and then all of you come back in here."

The only way out of the house would be for them to pass back by this bedroom so I wasn't worried about that. Rachel walked over to the bed where I was sitting and grabbed a shirt off the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing, bitch?"

She knew she fucked up and immediately dropped it back to the floor.

"You know what, this isn't going to work. Get on your knees. It's all over."

"No, I'm sorry. I can do this. Please don't kill me. Give me another chance."

"I promise you this is your last fucking chance you cunt. You really need to start putting in some effort. Once those girls are in here I can't keep spelling this out for you. I'm going to give you some pointers on what I want. First, anytime I cum, I want one of those little sluts to eat it. If I cum in your ass, you tell them to come suck it out. I also want my cock to be the center of the fucking universe. It needs to be inside of one of you almost at all times. Unless I say otherwise. Also, you should be working your own clit all the time keeping it wet for me, same for your daughters.”

"Ok, I will do it."

"Good, now go get them."

After Rachel left the room I stood near the door leading to the hallway. Just in case she decided to escape. From down the hall I could hear Rachel yelling at one of the girls. Telling her to get her underwear and not to talk back or ask questions. A few moments later I heard the same routine from her and the other young girl. This one ended with the girl screaming and yelling at her mother. She must have done a good job because with a couple more minutes the two girls were being pushed into the bedroom where I stood, each with a bag in hand. Rachel followed behind them.

"Hello girls. Why don’t you all hop on the bed real quick? What are your names?"

Neither girl responded. Rachel quickly motivated them to answer by explaining that everything would be ok but to do everything I said.

"I'm Jocelyn" said the first twin.

"I'm Krystina" said the second.

"Well, girls. My name is Jon and your mom and me used to date in High School. She broke up with me and now I’m back to get a little revenge. Now, I’m not sure if your mother told you yet but we are all going to be having sex. Have either of you ever had sex before?”

Krystina immediately answered no while Jocelyn remained silent.

I slapped Jocelyn acrossed the face forcing her to answer the question.

With tears forming in her eyes she answered, "no, I haven't, God."

"Ok, well that is what we are going to be doing. And alot of it. Isn't that right Rach?"

"Yes, do everything he says to do girls."

Both girls sat on the bed cross legged in their pajamas.

"Rachel, why don't all three of you go take a shower. Make sure you shave that hot little pussy for me too.

Do you girls have any hair on your pussies?"

Both replied no so I asked them to show me. Again, neither moved; without hesitation I reached forward grabbing hold of Krystina’s long blonde hair. She fell to the ground as I pulled her towards me. I forced my hand down the front of her pajama bottoms rubbing a hand over a very smooth and hairless mound. I forced a quick slap a crossed her face and reached to grab the other twin. She hopped to the other side of her bed to escape my grasp. Reluctantly she put her thumb in the waistline of her skimpy shorts showing a bald pussy.

"All of you better start listening the first time. I’ve been nice until now. Is that understood?”

All three nodded in agreement and took off towards the master bath.

"Rachel, come here."

"You girls hop in the shower. I will be in in a minute," she instructed.

“I bought some douches at the sex store. I want you all to douche your assholes while you are in the shower. All of you better do it twice because if any shit comes out of any one of you it will not be pretty."

Rachel grabbed them from the assortment of sex toys and headed into the master bath.
I chuckled to myself and hopped on the bed. I grabbed the bag that Jocelyn had brought with her and dumped it in front of me. I recognized some of the panties and realized it must have been Jocelyn’s drawer I had inspected earlier. I picked a hot pink bikini panty for her. From what I had noticed the girls didn't have any developed breasts so I chose to pick out only a pair of panty's for them. Krystina’s bag had very few risqu?ieces compared to her sisters. For her I picked out a skimpy white cotton pair.

Nearly 20 minutes later the three girls emerged from the bathroom each wrapped in a towel. I handed the twins their small panties instructing them to return to the bathroom put them on and return with nothing else. The girl’s dispanded giving an impression of delight that they were going to be wearing some clothing. I also told Rachel to put something sexy on. I thought I would let her choose what looked best on her. I warned her not to disappoint me however.

Again, a few minutes later all three of them were ready and I saw a sight that was going to make life in prison almost worth it. The twins approached shakily as I admired them.

Krystina was a tall blonde with very tanned skin. The white panties complemented her almost too well and clinged tightly to her body. Jocelyn was identical to her sister but without the tanned skin. Not pale, but much lighter than her sister. Both girls looked at the floor as I asked them to come closer. Each girl stood in front of me as I sat on the bed. Running a hand over each girl’s flat chest I could sense them shiver. Rachel looked on a few feet out of the closet and approached the girls from behind. The twins looked as if they were small versions of sexy adult women (without the breasts that is).

Rachel had on knee high black stockings, a skin tight tiny thong with matching bra. My heart skipped a beat when I got my first full view of her. I again was upset knowing Nate has had this at his disposal for the last 15 years.

“Rachel, why don’t you teach your daughters to masturbate so we can get their pussies nice and wet?”

I asked her to do it on the ottoman so we could all get a better view. I instructed the girls to sit in one of the chairs together facing the ottoman while I sat in the other. Rachel placed the various sex toys that covered it onto the floor and lay on her back facing us.

“Have you girls ever played with your pussies before,” I inquired?

Both shook their heads no. With that Rachel reached her right hand into her black thong and began moving her fingertips over her clit. Within a few seconds Rachel had released a moan of pleasure and quickened her pace on her clit.

“Slide your panties over so we can see your hot snatch, Rach.”

Rachel moved her left hand down to the side of her panties and ripped them to the side. Jocelyn let out a small gasp when the full view of her mom’s wet pussy reached her eyes. Rachel was very skilled at rubbing her very beautiful pussy. After a minute or so she released the violent working of her clit and buried a finger strait into her tunnel. Then, added a second and furiously began to fuck herself with her two fingers all the time holding her thong to the side.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I ordered.

Rachel did as told while keeping two fingers buried in her slit and once in position stuck her ass out and viciously continued banging her two fingers in and out.

“Add another.”

She slid a third finger in which made her slow her pace as it was stretching the walls of her cunt. She was now releasing a moan of pain and pleasure. I stood from my chair and approached her from behind. As I slid her thong down to her knees it stretched and ripped. I decided to just rip it off of her and in one tug it was in my hand. I leaned forward and put it to her mouth.

“Open up; put this in your mouth.”

Rachel again did as instructed and the tiny black thong soaked in her own pussy juice filled her mouth.

Placing my hand on her back I slowly slid it along her spine until it reached the top of her ass. With three of her own fingers still deep in her pussy I slowly began to circle her ass hole with my index finger. Rachel shifted downward to escape the assault; following her body downward I forced my finger into her ass to teach her a lesson. I wiggled it with no remorse as muffled screams of pain escaped her full mouth.

“Stupid bitch. I would’ve been more gentle.”

Rachel returned to her doggystyle position as I removed my finger.

“Jocelyn, come here. I want you to lick your mommy’s pussy.”

Jocelyn didn’t move an inch and looked at me in complete horror. Frustrated, I stood and grabbed the little bitch by her long hair and pulled her towards her mother.

“Lick it, you little slut.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Fine, I guess we’ll need a lesson in that as well. Rachel, come suck my cock while Jocelyn and Krystina give us a little show. You two girls get on your hands and knees on the ottoman and do what your mom just did.”

Rachel, pulled her fingers out of her now dripping pussy and in turn removed the panties from her mouth.

“C’mon girls, you heard what he said. Get up here,” Rachel ordered in a stern tone.

“Lick those fingers clean bitch and tell me how that pussy tastes.”

Rachel moved her hand to her mouth and licked the outside of each finger.

“Mmmmm, it tastes so good and sweet. I love tasting my own pussy. I wish I could eat myself out.”

Rachel had never been so adventurous when we were younger so I wasn’t sure if she had changed or was just putting on a show like I asked. Either way, I didn’t care, as my cock was now sticking out of my boxers as hard as can be.

Clumsily the beautiful sisters reached their fingers into their panties and began to work their own clits.

Their mom sank to her knees and with purpose began to suck on my cock. Her mouth instantly wrapped around the head of my 8” tool and began to flick her tongue a crossed the tip. I sat there in pure bliss watching the young pre-teens rub at their pussies. Rachel was now bobbing up and down faster on my cock but was only taking a couple inches in then instantly jerking back to the tip.

“That pussy better not be getting dry, Rach. You can multitask can’t you?”

I watched as Rachel reached down to massage her clit again without taking my dick out of her mouth. She moaned like a whore when she finally reached her fingers to the love button. Nearly at the same time I heard two small squeals from the ottoman where the young girls were still masturbating.

“Does that feel good Krystina? Why don’t you lick that finger you’re using and then keep going?”

Watching the young girl lick her own pussy juice off of her finger forced a strong deviant sexual desire in me. Not being able to handle the soft mediocre blowjob I was receiving I grabbed two fistfuls of Rachel’s hair and forced my cock all the way down her throat. She instantly gagged removing her hand from her clit and trying to push her head away from my cock. Her body convulsed as she attempted to free my throbbing cock from her throat.

“I told you to rub that pussy. Now put a finger in your ass and I will let you up.”
Rachel tried to gain composure and do what was asked of her but continued to fight the raping of her mouth.

“Alright, bitch. You better make it two fingers for not listening to me.”

The two girls stopped their solo act to watch their mother be tortured. I laughed as I watched tears form in their eyes. Rachel, now turning a slight shade of purple reached behind her back and shoved two fingers into her asshole. I pulled her head up to allow her to take a gasp of air momentarily and then shoved it back down, holding it in position.

“Finger that fucking ass bitch. Do you want to suffocate?

Rachel moved her two fingers in and out as fast as she could hoping to catch another breath of air.

“Alright, I’ll let you up but keep those fingers working. Actually, go even faster.”

I released my hold on Rachel allowing her to take large gasps of air and regain her composure. She continued to work her fingers in her ass as the two girls gazed in horror.

“Rachel, these girls have decided to stop what was asked of them. Punish them. Don’t disappoint me.”

She rose to her feet as the two girls immediately turned and shoved their hands back into their panties. She approached Jocelyn from behind pulling her panties down to her knees and then sliding them under and off of her. Rachel reared back and landed a very hard direct slap on the young girl’s small ass cheek.

“Owwwww, mommmmmyyyyyyy.”

SSSSSSSSsssllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppp, came another beating onto the girl.

“Please stop, owwww,” Jocelyn screeched.

Rachel landed one more forceful spanking onto her daughter and moved over to Krystina. She didn’t slide the panties off this time but forcefully ripped the white cotton garment off the girl. She tossed them to me and as Rachel laid her first slap onto her I put them to my face and took a large whiff catching a slight odor of the virgin pussy the girl had been rubbing. After finishing a few good slaps on Krystina Rachel looked to me for approval.

“Why don’t you eat her pussy, Rachel? Show those girls how it’s done.”

“I’ve never eatin a girl out though.”

“Well, I used to go to town on yours. Just do to Krystina what I used to do to you.”

I kept my eyes glued on Rachel as she lowered hesitantly to her knees. Her very own daughter’s bare pussy just inches from her face. She leaned forward with her tongue out and very elegantly flicked her daughter’s clit. Raising both her arms she put a hand on each ass cheek and patiently began to lick up and down the little blondes slit. Over and over she lapped at her pussy paying special attention to the girl’s clit.

I had to have my own taste of a 12 year old virgin pussy. Climbing from my chair and landing on my knees directly behind Jocelyn. I reached my right hand up placing my two fingers over the tiny clit. Working it back and forth slowly at first but increasing the vibration consistently. With my other hand I moved towards her virgin hole and inserted my middle finger to the first knuckle.

For some reason I didn’t think girls this young would get wet. I was certainly mistaken about that. My working of her clit and her masturbating for the last several minutes made this tiny young girl as wet as a whore.

Sliding in so easily only tempted me for more. Now rapidly firing at her clit with one hand I forced my finger in deeper, moving it in and out very slowly. Both girls now moaning in rhythm was a sign of pure ecstasy. As I continued to finger fuck the little virgin I peeked at Rachel eating the other twin’s pussy. I was surprised to see her tongue fucking her daughter with such enthusiasm. Having her tongue strait out and jamming it in then back out of the tiny cunt.

Just as I was preparing to stop my onslaught on the inexperienced girl her faced dropped into the ottoman and shook violently.

“Ahhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnn. Uhhhhhh.”

“Oh, you just had an orgasm you little slut.”

Jocelyn said nothing but continued to breathe heavily. I took it as if she did and rose to my feet. I didn’t even get a chance to taste the youngster’s twat so I licked my fingers and marveled in the sweet freshness of the girls cum.

“Ok, now. Rachel, you climb on up there and let Jocelyn here eat your honey hole.”

Rachel, removed her face and tongue from Krystinas tiny hole and stared at me.

“Jon, please don’t make them do that. It will scar them for life.”

“Girls, go back to the bed and put on some new panties. Then come sit in these chairs. Looks like I’m going to have to give your mom one last punishment. Do you know what I mean by LAST, Rachel?”

Nodding her head, “yes, I’m sorry. They can eat my pussy.”

“I know they can. But now I’m going to show them what happens when they don’t listen. Get on the fucking ottoman,” I screamed.

Rachel quickly jumped onto the large pad. I forcefully moved her petite body into a doggy style position as the girls returned. Both had on tight boy short panties which accentuated their tall thin frames.

“Alright, girls. Now mommy didn’t do as she was told so she is going to be punished. Let this be a lesson to you both.”

With that said I slid my hands over Rachels back and up to her bra strap. I removed it quickly and reached around to her nipples. Rachel did not have large breasts but a decent sized handful is the way I like them anyway. With no hesitation I latched onto each one with authority. Pulling strait down I squeezed as tightly as my hands would allow. If possible they would have popped from the pressure I was applying to them.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwy. I’m sorry, ppppleease stop. Please,” she screamed.
I ignored her cries and noticed it actually excited me more (not knowing that was possible) to cause her such pain. Continuing the tugging and squeezing of her nipples I looked back at the twins sitting in the chairs. They were slack jawed and nearly in tears watching their mom go through such torment.
Releasing one nipple I pulled Rachel over so she was now on her back. I kept one hand gripped very firmly on her right breast and pushed her legs far apart. Her legs were shaking from stretching so far. I reached my hand a few feet above her pussy and forced it down slapping it hard. As she cried out in pain I twisted the nipple in between my fingers which forced an even louder shriek from the tormented mom.

“Krystina, go in your mom’s closet and get a belt. “

I slapped Rachel’s pussy a few more times trying to hit directly on her clit. Her daughter returned with what must have been one of her dad’s black belts.

“I want you to grab both ends of that in one hand and slap your mommy’s pussy with it. Do it as hard as you can or I promise you I will do it to you next and I can swing that much harder than you can.”
Hesitantly, Krystina raised the belt a few feet above her mom’s twat and forced it down on to her. It was enough to make Rachel scream in pain again but not as hard as she could. I forced a very strict stare into the young girl’s eyes insinuating she did a poor job. Again she raised the belt, this time above her head and slamming it directly between Rachel’s legs. The scream that escaped her mouth was startling and followed immediately by tears. Krystina followed it with several more lashings as her mother begged and pleaded through screams and tears for it to stop.

“Now, why don’t you beg your daughter to eat your pussy? Or we can continue with the belt,” I announced gladly.

“Baby, will you lick my pussy? Please honey, I can’t take any more of that belt. It hurts. Please?”

Krystina dropped the belt and knelt to her knees in front of her moms, now bright red pussy. As she stuck her tongue out a large smile grew on my face. It was an unbelievable sight to watch a 12 year old girl (gorgeous 12 year old I might add) lick her own mom’s pussy. Sitting down in the chair with Jocelyn I placed her on my lap. I quickly placed her hand over my cock forcing her to rub it with her small hand. As she did so, I reached into her small panties and began to run my finger up and down her small wet slit. We continued watching and listening to Krystina suck on her mom’s clit and pussy lips. Sensing Jocelyn getting even wetter I forced a finger into her boiling hot hole. I thought it may be wet enough to get inside of now.

I asked her to join her sister. Leaning down next to each of them I removed the panties I insisted they put on. With two 12 year old asses staring at me it didn’t take long for my cock to reach a hole. With her face still buried in between her mom’s legs I inched forward moving my cock up and down the slit of Krystina. Reaching forward with my right hand I forced her face harder into her mom’s pussy. With my left I lined my cock up to the virgin hole finding a stiff resistance. With a quick thrust I broke through and found I was buried several inches into the girl’s ungodly tight canal. The scream that escaped her mouth transferred to her mom’s pussy releasing a groan of pleasure from Rachel.

Slowly, I pulled back and then forward again. With each slow thrust Krystina shrieked in pain. Within a minute my pace increased as I felt more lubrication in the little virgins crevice. With my hand still forcing her into her mother I began fucking in and out of her with wild abandon. My thoughts were no longer thinking of hurting her, forcing every inch of myself into the sweet child. As I continued my raping of her I remember smelling sex in the air, hearing moans of pain and pleasure and before I knew I grasped each hip. Krystina moved her head up from her mom’s snatch letting out a long scream. Deep inside of her I felt burst after burst of cum fill her hole. I nearly passed out from the pleasure. I leaned backwards falling from the girl’s hole. I could see a large amount of my cum begging to come flowing out of her.

Positioning Jocelyn on her back below and between her sisters pussy I pulled on Krystina’s hips placing her pussy over her sisters mouth. With just the slightest angle a fountain of semen ran from her pussy and over Jocelyn’s face and mouth.

The view of hot sticky cum mixed with pussy juice running all over the little whore was amazing. We all laid there momentarily without a word or movement.

“Rachel, tell your daughters what they are to do with my cum.”

Leaning forward and sitting up she instructed Jocelyn to lick it all up and to swallow all of it. With a disgusted face Jocelyn began moving her fingers around her face and into her mouth. When she finished I told her to lick it all out of her sisters pussy. I again, began to get hard as I watched the tiny girl flick her tongue into her sisters messy hole. I thought of taking Jocelyn’s virginity now but realized it was quite late and I was very tired.

After Jocelyn cleaned it all up with her tongue I asked the girls to join me in the bed and to each grab a pair of handcuffs.

“After you girls make me cum again. We can get some sleep. Teach your daughters to suck cock.”
Rachel immediately moved down towards my cock. Giving simple instructions to her daughters on how to give head. As I lay there feeling small hands and mouths covering my shaft and balls I felt complete happiness.

Ten minutes in of the three girls taking turns on me I finally exploded into Rachel’s mouth. I told her she could swallow it sparing her daughters the task if she chose. She choked it down and all three lie back. I handcuffed each of them together and we all instantly fell asleep.


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Great comment to leave whoever you are.

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Hey BlondeSlut, I want to fuck you cruelly, like the wicked bastard in the story, I'd make you lick-out my sweaty ass crack and breath my farts, then I'd fuck your ass hole inside-out and cum in your mouth, I'd finish off by pissing right up your cunt, then you could take me out and buy me dinner, somewhere fucking expensive. lots of love, Big Willy.


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