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Tender moments with my sister
I had no idea my sister liked her sex kinky. She told me all about it in one of those girlie chats where all the fruity details about your sex life get revealed. She described how she's very sexually submissive to her man, how she lets him control her and use her when and where he wants. She said he called her his "fuck toy" and that he'd spank her hard if she didn't slut herself to his satisfaction. She told me how she loved playing at being his whore, how devoted to each other they were and how they planned to marry the next year. I'd be her bridesmaid if I wanted to be - of course I said yes.

I was staying with my sister for a couple of weeks at her nice apartment. She was helping me get back on track after I'd dropped out of college due to my promiscuous reputation getting out of control. Her man was working abroad at the time and it gave us chance to get really close again. We'd drifted apart because she'd spent the last few years away at university and now had a good job that demanded most of her time. I was eighteen and she five years older and now that we were both grown up young women we looked almost identical. Except she had classy clothes and make up and well styled hair.

She took some time off work to be with me and we just lazed around her apartment and chatted. I realised how much I'd missed her these last few years, she'd been my mentor when I was growing up. It was her, not Mum, that had given me advice about my body and becoming a woman. She explained about periods and boys, she cheered me up when I was upset because all the other girls at school needed proper bras and my boobs hadn't appeared yet. I remember she'd shown me her boobs so I'd know what mine would most likely be like. She reassured me that my breasts would appear soon enough.

It was the talks about sex that drew us so close together again. I told her I still hadn't had a proper boyfriend yet and had let myself be passed around at college. I knew most of the boys there considered me an easy lay and I admitted I was and enjoyed myself being that way. She didn't judge me or look down on me or anything, so I didn't hold back when telling her about my being gangbanged at Carl's place.

I gave her all the juicy details of the sordid performance that had led to me having to pull out of college, how I'd been had from behind by Carl while I sucked on Pete's cock. How Jake had fucked me so hard and done everything he wanted with me. They were nice while I was sucking them off and letting them all screw me but as soon as they'd done with me they threw me out. Then they bragged around college how they'd all taken turns on me and now everyone there thought me a cheap easy slut.

"Oh, Steffanie," was all she said to me in sympathy. There wasn't much else she could say. I had behaved like a slut and now I was paying the price.

I asked her if she'd ever had a threesome or done a gangbang. She said no, but had got turned on listening to my account despite the sad ending. She said she wouldn't consider going with other guys but if her boyfriend told her to fuck other men then she would. It would be another way of serving him and she'd enjoy it if it pleased him. It wouldn't matter what the other men thought about her because it would all be for her and her man. The other men would just be serving a purpose.

She asked if I'd do a gangbang again after what happened the first time. I confessed that secretly I got off on being so used and still get aroused thinking about sucking and being fucked by three cocks. She just smiled when I told her that. I wanted to know more about what her and her man got up to, the different ways he takes her.

"Wait here I've something to show you," she said, "I'll be about ten minutes," and she scurried off to her bedroom and called back, "I want to know what you think."

I didn't know what to expect, just that it would be something to do with sex. Maybe a dildo or something, but that wouldn't take ten minutes to fetch. I couldn't guess so just sat and waited. I was gob smacked when she returned making a grand entrance. She came and stood posing before me.

My elder sister, what a vision she looked dressed only in patent high heels and black PVC lingerie. Very kinky, but very stunning. It was a three piece set she was wearing, a tiny thong with matching garter belt and a skimpy push up bra that left her nipples exposed. Each piece beautifully made with pretty lace trims and expensive looking metal clips holding up her sheer black silk stockings. All very slutty but very classy as well, it looked superb on her.

"I can't believe how kinky you are," I exclaimed, "my big sis dressed up like a porn star."

"He wants me to wear this under my coat and go meet him at his office, then he's going to fuck me over his desk like a whore." She waited for my reaction.

I thought she looked brilliant, and told her I loved the idea of the office fuck.

"Come see the rest of my stuff," she said, and I followed her to her bedroom to see her sexy lingerie collection.

It was amazing, not a bra and panty drawer with everything crammed in like I had. She had each set in nice little open boxes so all the pieces were neatly together. A leather basque hung in her wardrobe alongside fishnet body stockings and animal print camisoles. There was another PVC lingerie set with studs on and a rubber mini skirt only about 9 inches long.

A separate section was filled with more conventional styles from France and Italy, really, really pretty all of it, and very, very sexy. An exquisite garter belt set in a slinky sheer fabric caught my eye. Each skimpy piece felt so delicate and soft to the touch, I'd never seen lingerie so lovely.

"I love this one," I told her.

"Try it on," she invited me.

So I did. I stripped naked and then stepped into the tiny thong that barely covered my pussy. She helped fasten the garter belt on me and then the matching bra. Together we selected a pair of seamed nylon stockings for me to wear and each leg felt caressed by the sensual fabric as I peeled them on. I'd never worn anything that made me feel so sexy in all my life. She chose a pair of stilettos that complemented my lovely lingerie so I could walk around the bedroom posing for her.

"I want to see us together" she said all excitedly.

So we strutted back to the lounge to admire ourselves in the large mirror that she has there. We made poses like we were top lingerie models, then rushed back to the bedroom to try on different outfits. There we were, two sexy sisters in two sexy outfits admiring how horny we looked. We were having so much fun, all my troubles forgotten as I laughed and giggled with my lovely sister.

After I'd tried on several sets she asked what my favourite outfit had been. It was the first one I told her and she said I could have it as a present. I wanted to wear it again, now it was mine I wanted to enjoy it once more so I went back to her bedroom and changed back into it. When I returned to the lounge my sister had poured us some wine and we rested from our private lingerie show for a while.

There I sat in just my new lingerie and stockings with my sister sitting opposite me in her tiny short rubber mini skirt. She had her legs crossed and was revealing loads of her thigh, her skirt far too short to cover her garter belt straps and stocking tops. She looked such a total slut but I loved seeing her dressed that way. She looked so comfortable and at ease with herself dressed like a whore and it felt good to know how she loves to express her sexuality.

Neither of us wanted to put our dresses back on, we were enjoying the sexy liberation we were sharing. We started chatting openly about sex again. We asked each other more about what we'd each done with guys that we'd been with.

"Have you had it up the bum?" Me no, her yes.

"Have you been caught fucking outdoors?" Me yes, her yes.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Me no, her no.

And so on and so on until it got late and she retired to her bed.

That night I woke up in the early hours. I'd been sleeping on her sofa the last few nights and now it had started to feel uncomfortable. I felt thirsty so I got up to go get a glass of water from the kitchen. My sister was in there drinking orange juice and she told me she couldn't sleep either. She was standing there naked but I didn't think anything of it and neither did she. I was wearing an old T-shirt and a crummy pair of bed shorts.

"If the sofa is uncomfortable you can come and sleep with me" she offered, "Be like when you were little and you used to come cuddle up with me when you had bad dreams."

So I accepted and went with her to her big soft bed. She got in first then asked me if I always wore "that horrible outfit to bed." I said no, but it was all I had to bring with me as I normally sleep naked as well.

"So take it off then."

I did as she said and slid naked beside her. Curled up to her with my hand across her tummy. I told her how much I'd enjoyed the day, trying on all her lingerie and being so open talking about sex with her. I told her how I felt seeing her looking so slutty and sexy in her rubber mini-skirt, how I'd like to dress like that for my ideal man when I found him.

She said that her boyfriend had ordered her to wear that skirt with stockings and heels many, many times. That about a month before he'd had her wearing it with no panties. He'd ordered her to get on her back on the kitchen floor and open her legs for him, show him her cunt, open herself for him and call herself filthy things. Then he'd dared her to go out wearing it to a sleazy nightclub with him and she'd done so to prove to him she was his whore.

At the club he paraded her around to show her off and let all the guys there leer and lust after her. He'd touched her up and fingered her in front of them and then in a dark corner fucked her up against the wall. A couple sitting nearby had watched her as she was used like a cheap tramp.

"You filthy slut," I called her and she laughed because she'd loved every minute of it.

I said it must be wonderful to have someone who loves you daring you to do such exciting things for them. I told her again how I looked forward to the time when I could have such kinky fun with someone who loved me.

"Well I love you," she said.

I knew she did. I lay there feeling so warm and safe and wanted and loved. I wanted to show her my love, to give something to her to show how much I loved her. But I had nothing to give, I had no money or anything she needed. I thought I could give her a "dare" like her boyfriend had done. I thought she'd like that, something naughty but fun. Then I thought of something to dare her with.

"I love you too," I told her. I paused, then asked, "Would you do a dare for me because I love you?"

"What take me to a club and dare me to get fucked or something?"

"No, something nicer than that."

"Go on then, dare me," she said.

"I dare you to kiss me," I said. "I dare you to kiss me so we both know what it's like to kiss a girl."

"Don't be silly, we're sisters that's taboo."

"So is going to a club dressed as a whore and being fucked against the wall."

I went on and on teasing her, told her that she wasn't as daring as she made out, that she was scared to kiss a girl.

"Go on then, I'll kiss you," she said.

I shuffled up and put my face close to hers. "Really? Shall we? So we know what it's like."

She put her hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me gently on the lips. An electric shock ran down my spine and I pulled back. We looked in each others eyes in the soft glow of the dimmed bedside light. She pulled me to her again and this time we both opened our mouths a little as our lips met. This time it was her that pulled back suddenly. We stared again at each other, I felt desire for her lips and her softness, I wanted that electric feeling again.

Our mouths met once more and we opened wider, we both hesitated for a moment, but then started kissing more frantically. Now our lips stayed locked together and the tips of our tongues met and danced together for a few moments. I felt hers move into my mouth and then withdraw. Our lips still together, we pressed harder to each other and I slid my tongue forward and explored her mouth. Our kissing became almost violent it was so passionate. It became too much, it was too intense.

I broke away and rolled onto my back. She moved over to me and put her mouth to mine again. Her tongue touched my lips and gently forced them apart. My mouth opened a little more and she ran her tongue all around just inside my lips. She pulled back and moved her mouth to my breast, she kissed my nipple, licked my nipple, gently sucked my nipple. Then she caressed my other breast in her hand. She stopped and lay with her open mouth on my breast, not moving. I could feel her breathing on my bosom.

"That was beautiful."

"Yes," she whispered.

I had my arms around her and she held me. The softness of our flesh together.

She started kissing my breast again, just little kisses one after the other. She started speaking in a quiet and timid voice as if I were the senior sister being addressed.

"Can I dare you now?" she asked.

I pressed her face against my breast as an answer.

"Can I kiss you there?" and she moved her hand and gently touched my vagina.

"Can I taste you, Steffanie?"

I knew I was soaking wet between my legs. I answered "yes" and pushed her head down my body a little. She slowly moved further down softly kissing and licking my body as she went. She stopped when she reached my pubis. Then she changed position, settled herself between my legs, breathed heavily once or twice, then went down on me.

I writhed in anticipation before her mouth touched my pussy. I opened my legs wider to receive her. I felt her lips on my labia and she fired off kisses in quick succession all over my sex. I felt her tongue running the full length of my slit, felt it probing my hole. She opened me with her hands and lapped inside of me.

I felt my juices running, my cunt alive with her touch. I was so wet, so very wet and she kept licking and licking. I started to cum and clenched my bum and pushed up and then with both hands held her head and pressed her face hard into my cunt. I held her there as I came and she kept her mouth open to let my juices flow in.

We froze motionless for what seemed ages. Then she started kissing my cunt again, started lapping again. She moved up my body, exploring my flesh with her mouth. Moved her mouth over my tummy, over each breast, kissed my neck, my forehead, my eyes, my nose and finally my mouth. I tasted myself as she kissed me.

She offered no resistance as I rolled her over and she parted her legs for me. I'd kissed her cunt many times before I whispered "My dare now." I gently pulled at her labia with my lips, gave the soft folds of her flesh loving little bites that made her gasp. I pressed my tongue to her clit and flicked and teased it.

I tasted her intimate flavour as I lapped at her sweet juicy hole. I felt her spasms and tensions as she flowed onto my tongue until finally she was spent and we lay there clutching each other. I had so many questions for her but I knew all the answers already. She knew my mind, my thoughts. There was nothing to say.

We made love again the next night and we took more dares from each other. She dared me to put my tongue up her asshole and I dared her to wear her tramp rubber mini skirt and slut herself on the floor for me like she had for her lover. I dared her to finger herself in front of me and she dared me to lick her wet shiny fingers. She dared me to pose with my bum in the air and take a butt plug up my back passage.

We were having such kinky fun and it wasn't long before we were back in her bed, kissing and touching and licking each other. It was all so tender and loving and so very special. It was just for the two of us and nobody else needed to know.

It's our little sexy secret and always will be.

steffanie xxx

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I love this story. Its incredibly sexy and paints such sexy details for meeeee!

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Great read! Keep 'em coming! [haha, accidental pun]


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that was super i would love 2 watch them and then get 2 eat both out and put my dick in their pussy and ass was very exciting

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Very slow intro but is was a good build for a great endding

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