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Rape My horny young Wife and The Internet!

My wife Jenny's early childhood was full of interesting sexual experiences. She was a very pretty girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes, she had started to develop quite early and could remember playing with herself as a young girl, the touching, the wonderful feelings the wetness and not knowing why. The time her mother caught her doing it! and scolding her, saying nice girls don't do that, and later doing it again much slower so as to keep the bed from squeaking and make as little noise as possible. Wondering why something that felt so good could be so bad.
The time she had stumbled across some of her fathers porn magazines and with youthful excitement, was not able to put them down as she read page after page, about nude helpless women that were bound gagged and wearing blindfolds, many of them had been kidnapped their clothes ripped off and they had been brutally “raped”! The situations they found themselves in, where they had gone and what they had done that had caused them to end up in such a terrible compromising position. The arousal, wetness and feelings that followed the reading of these so delicious stories about bound helpless and abused women always seemed so right to her!!!....

When she was 15, she was dating a boy who was much older at 19, his father and her father were in business together. The circumstances of this placed them together more often than not. She learned later that her father knew they had been experimenting with sex and had practically told the boy you can do what ever you want to her, but, he said if you knock her up you have to marry her. As her father was only concerned about himself and no longer wanted the burden of raising a young daughter!.

This, had pretty much given her boyfriend the go ahead to do what ever he liked or wanted to or with her! They were in his house by themselves on numerous occasions, the results allowed them to indulge in their favorite pastime of petting, squeezing, fondling and the like, she was so young shapely and naively horny... ..

She had no idea what could really happen. Only sexual pleasure this petting thing had been going on for a while and was escalating. With thoughts and ideas quickly turning into try this or that, one time they both were really perked up and playing around. He had said to her, if you keep doing that, I am going to tie you to the bed!, and rape you! She of course did keep it up, and his response was to tie her to the bed roughly and with her arms an legs spread so wide it hurt. OMG! This treatment was wonderful, and was almost exactly what she had been fantasizing about! He then unbutton her blouse, taking a pair of scissors from the night stand next to the bed,and proceeded to first, cut the bra straps and then the thin fabric between her breasts, She had very nice 36' C sized breasts that easily popped out . She was trembling in anticipation as he, proceeded to play with and suck on them , this was quite wonderful for both!

He was very surprised when he lifted her skirt only to find, she had not worn any panties, this along with the fact that her sweet little clit was swollen and her slit was wet and partially open!. .. He was however, disappointed that he did not get a chance to cut her panties off. He took the scissors, and first pulled one of her soft pink little nipples and placed the cold steel blades on each side of it. Wanting to scare her, not realizing how sharp the scissors were, pretended to cut it off, and by accident, barely cut the edge down near her very white breast! This scared an excited her!, but she really got scared and “freaked” when it looked as if he was going to do the same thing to her clit. He of course had no intention of doing anything like that to such a wonderful piece of female flesh. At first his lips closed tightly around her erect wet clit, he then began to suck nibble and lick on her very sensitive love organ. Everything came together at the same time, she had stiffened up and had not been trying to hold back at all. The apprehension the wonderful feeling of being tied with her breasts bare and her love triangle exposed and him sucking on her most private of parts , sent several uncontrolled orgasms rushing through her young body.

She had heard about such things and had experienced orgasms by thinking about erotic thoughts and fantasy's followed by touching and playing with herself, they were good, but nothing had prepared her for such a pleasurable experience. She literally melted onto the bed gurgling and moaning softly, with her thighs trembling and her chest heaving. He was not sure what to do as her reaction at first scared him, he thought that he had somehow hurt her. But quickly realized that was not the case and thus resumed sucking on her clit more intently. She tried to protest but was so week and drained she could hardly speak, much less form any coherent words, she wanted him to stop but being tied down and with little strength left to protest drifted off into a blissful half consciousness, she did not know it could be like this , it was the most wonderful and erotic thing that had ever happened to her!.

With her still tied to the bed he had stripped, she had felt his cock and the bulge in his pants on a number of occasions during their petting, but was unprepared at the sight and size of it especially the length! it was pointed straight up! He had walked around to the other side of the bed with it wagging back and forth! Jenny's eyes were big with excitement! As he stuck his fingers into her wet and very tight pussy wondering if it would go in having some reservations. He had kissed her softly to reassure her, and had asked if this was really what she wanted. In her youthful stupidity had at first said no and at the same time had nodded her head yes! This was all it took he was so pent up from holding back as he climbed on the bed and laid the head of his cock in her wet warm slit and pushed! He encountered some resistance at first as what little was left of her hymen was easily penetrated and the head with little more force slipped past her pelvic opening she screamed and screamed, but he was not to be denied as he pummeled her almost virgin pussy! It was only a matter of moments until both had orgasmed. He had so much stored lust and she was naked and helpless. He just kept pounding her she screamed again as continued raping her!! over and over she had been raped by him at least a half dozen times as fantasy and reality crossed and by the last several times she was begging him not to stop!!!... OMG it was just as she had imagined!!!

With some reservation she decided not to go to his house again!.
They were friends and he really liked her and this had confirmed her the desire and lustful thoughts of forceful rape!. She had decided though that he was not going to be the man of her dreams.

It was several years after this that we met. Jenny was 17, when we first met and I will save the details for another time. She had aged little from the age of 15 and stood a slim shapely 5' 6” tall young girl . I did not know it at the time but this girl, the one I married also had fantasy's and, that they were dark fantasy's about her being helplessly kidnapped and brutally raped! These were thoughts she had fantasized about since she was a young girl! After we were married about six months, and late one evening I was awaken by strange movements of the bed, and quiet moaning, after laying there awake, and listening to this, I realized she was masturbating. This had occurred not long after we had just experienced a rather lengthy and heated sexual encounter. I rolled over and grabbed her, interrupting her glassy eyed pleasurable thoughts.
She was surprised, and in tears. … With shame written all over her face, she confessed to me that although sex was great, it was never rough , scary or quite cruel enough as in her fantasy's, like she had imagined. ….

She was at first reluctant, to say anything and then proceeded to blurt out a number of stories that consisted mostly of the girls in them, being harshly used and abused sexually! My young wife then continued to explain that most of her thoughts and fantasy's ended with violent and sadistic rape and intercourse! And, that this, for her was an incredible turn on !!!... At first I just could not believe that such a seemingly innocent young girl could have such bazaar nasty and sadistic thoughts!

I listened to her stories very carefully. It then became a wonderful game we would play. I would listen and she intern would play with herself or I would suck on her through several orgasms this would of course get me quite hard and would be followed by some terrific love making. For a while this more than satisfied her, but it didn't take long before she was again craving more brutal sex! She had asked me to do all sorts of humiliating degrading and sexually sadistic things to her, but I could never quite satisfy, or come up with the things she was craving for and, I could not bring myself to hurt her or do the horrible things she had asked and had such a consuming desire to experience. One of the things she did like that I did, was to shave her pussy bare. This she said really stimulated her and left her moist almost all the time, especially the sensation when it started to grow out!!... To her the thought of this kind of sex was like a really good drug, the more you had of it the more you wanted! And she was hooked!!!......

I had come to my wits end and had done or tried to do everything that I thought was possible to satisfy her, when she finally discovered the Internet and the porn sites that offered just about any kind of sex one could imagine! But the ones she really liked were the dark and dangerous ones. The ones that did not appeal to the average swinger who was out for a little fun and kinky sex. The site that she liked and the people that posted on them were the ones that said things like, Do not tell anyone about this, and to wear as little as possible when we meet!!.... Do not bring your purse only enough money for cab or bus fare to places she was asked to go in the most awful part of the city! The area that had gangs drugs and prostitution and to places after dark were unescorted scantily clad attractive young women could easily get into trouble! These E-Mails would almost always end with, after you have read and memorized the place and address of where they were to meet she was suppose to delete it!!!....

My beautiful young and almost always horny young wife Jenny, after reading several E-mails, Just could not resist answering several of them. In only a short period of time she was telling a perfect stranger everything about her! What she looked like and , her measurements she had even sent him nude pictures along with her most intimate and sadistic sexual desires. Including the fact that she fantasized about, and wanted to be raped as harsh, brutal and sadistically as possible and did not want him, or who ever did it to hold anything back! The man or person on the other end was very clever at getting every detail out of her along with having her agree to some of the most perverted sex acts that one could imagine.

The details did not matter at all as the sinful delicious and tantalizing thought of what might happen was again like a drug induced feeling of euphoria. I kept telling her and we argued a lot about the fact that things could end badly and that she could easily get hurt, but to her, the erotic and sadistic thought of abusive sexual intercourse over came any rational or reasonable argument!

I was not surprised at all when I came home that Friday night after work to find a short note that said, I love you and not to worry, as she would be back either Sunday morning or some time the following day! I of course was worried but knew that there was nothing I could have done to stop her. I checked her computer and found that she had not deleted the message.

She had, as instructed taken little money and had worn one of her attractive red and rather tight fitting short dress's it showed a lot of cleavage along with a bare back. She had sent him a picture of her all painted up in the dress wearing red 4” heels along with a matching garter belt and stockings . She had taken pictures of herself holding the short dress up so that her bare and well shaved little pussy could easily be seen! I had to admit she really looked good, but not so innocent!. She had put on the brightest red lipstick I ad ever seen her ware and looked just like a cheap little hi school whore! When I picked her up at the hospital early Saturday morning she told me all, of the sorted details. As to what had actually happened. She had sent him several E-Mail telling him that she would probably chicken out, and if she did, not under any circumstances ! And no matter how much she begged for him to let her go, and be sent home . Was not to do so, and was to make her to go through with their agreement! And what she had promised. She wanted to make this perfectly clear thus sealing her fate !

He then told her she was take a certain bus to a place in the old part of town...
Following his instructions to the letter she changed buses several times in route. This part of the city where they were to meet was a place where the local news channels had reported a number of attractive young women had gone missing, and after several days they were finally found nude, bound, gagged and blindfolded , they had also been forcefully beaten and raped numerous times! Most of the women could not remember a thing or chose not to say anything about what had happened to them, which left the local police totally baffled.

The thought of this fact alone added immensely to my wife's erotic thoughts. He further stated that she was to be there at 8:00 pm the following Friday evening at the appointed place.
She had worn a thin coat so as not to attract much attention. On the bus trip, she began to have second thoughts and after changing buses several times, got on the last bus, as the driver looked her over he made the comment that few women ventured into this part of old town after dark, especially pretty ones! She almost did not get on the bus after hearing this, but her body and dirty little fantasy was now in control!!!.... She was glad to have worn the coat. When on this last bus the streets were darker and she had seen few people . She had gotten so uncontrollably wet as her mind raced, she had to unbutton the coat and move it up and out of the way, and had worked the tight fitting dress up to her waist so that they would not get wet and soiled!....

The problem was ,that her bare wet little cunt lips and the pubic area matched perfectly with the material the seat was made of, so that when the bus finally arrived at the end of the line she was at first unable to get up! The problem being it was a low seat and left her in an awkward setting position. Her pussy was stuck to the seat like a powerful suction cup, this was caused by the wetness and the fact that she was setting right over the rear axle of the bus, this had made the jostling ever so more effective each time the bus hit a bump! She was the only one left on the bus, the driver sensed she was having some sort of difficulty and in curiosity? walked back to where she was setting.
He offered to help her, and had not noticed her subtle curves when she had gotten on the bus due to the coat. But now with it fully unbuttoned, up out of the way and her dress pulled up she was bare from the waist down wearing only stockings and garter belt, this left little to his imagination! He stared at her naked helplessness for several minutes in awe and then tried pulling her up by the hands. This had not worked at all....
He finally had to reach under her arms and around her back, clasping his hands, as she leaned forward, followed by him giving her several healthy jerks which finally pulled her cunt lips loose, as he did so there was a very loud and audible sucking along with a very unladylike noise followed by a definite smacking pop as her wet little cunt lips were finally ripped loose! He had been holding her so tight that as he pulled, her beautiful little 36” titties were squeezed up and completely out of her dress!... They stood there locked together for the moment, he not knowing quite what to do, never having hugged such a beautiful young woman so tight and up so close, especially one who's breasts were bare!

My wife felt herself turning red in embarrassment, as he finally let go . Giving her a quick leer up and down as he walked back to his seat with his pants bulging, he did not know exactly what had happened. But was quite certain it had something to do with her bare female posterior!
My wife still red and embarrassed pushed her bare breasts back into her dress, straightened herself up as best she could, buttoned her coat and hurried to get off the bus. The driver at first thought about following her, but quickly changed his mind when he realized where they were. She felt the wetness and the stimulation of being stuck to the seat, this had left her wet, and trembling with anticipation as to what was going to happen next!... As the bus drove off the driver hollered out to her, good luck lady your going to need it.....

As she stood on the corner where the bus had let her off, it first seemed to be deserted, but as her eyes became accustomed to the darkness , the very dim street light began to reveal a number of men in the alley across the street from where she was standing. OMG! She had taken a shower before she left and had use some rather strong feminine body wash that made her smell very appealing! Jenny tried to remember the address , and where she was to meet this stranger, her mind was racing again and could not remember where she was suppose to go, as she walked along the sidewalk! At first they paid little attention and then she heard one of them say to his buddies, I smell pussy, and she's alone! She heard them starting across the street . Her heart was now pounding as she walked a little faster, but the heels and tight dress was slowing her down !....She just could not imagine how sexually attractive she looked from behind, as her bottom and ass cheeks wiggled so inviting, the heels she was wearing easily made her legs and bottom so sinfully desirable !

She looked back as several more men crossed the street , with at least a dozen following! She had come to an alley, there was trash and an old car that had been stripped and abandoned , along with a number of dumpsters behind several of the buildings. The alley was dark and dirty, except for one dim light half way, she could see graffiti painted all over the walls as if gangs had marked their territory, but it looked like her only chance!.... Down at the end , she could see lights and a fairly busy street with cars passing . It appeared that if, she could beat them to the street she could be free of these men and could then resume her search for the address she was looking for.
This was not exactly what she had imagined as it was suppose to be just one man! The thought of more than one man and a gang of them had really excited her! Now as it appeared her fantasy might be better than she could ever have imagined! She was about half way down the alley and had unbuttoned her coat and had reached down to pull her tight dress up even farther so she could walk faster. The closest man had reached out and tried to grab her, but was just barely able to catch part of her coat! She had let him pull it off, as it looked as though she might make it to the street, when suddenly she tripped over something!!!...OMG!!!....Wham!

She hit the pavement hard as she tried to stop her fall but her hands had been clutching her dress. She was stunned for a moment and that was all it took! She was on all fours and trying to get up. The man was on her in a second, she tried to scream as the terrifying reality sank in! But he put his big hand around her throat and squeezed ! her ability to breath,was suddenly gone choking her, and with his other hand grabbed a fist full of beautiful brown hair! Pulling her head back violently, he screamed at her to shut the fuck up! She tried to scream again as his grip tightened. Bitch, he said be quiet and we won't hurt you! He then turned her around and slapped her face really hard several times while still holding onto her hair, and again said to shut up, and do exactly as I say! The stinging blows had left her dazed, with her eyes watering ! He then pulled her up by her hair and eased his grip on her neck, as the other men had now gathered around they were part of a gang , as all were wearing the same jackets many were as young as she !. The man holding her was older and she could see he was big!.. The heels of her hands were sore scratched and bruised, her knees had fared better as her stockings were of some protection. She was able to breath again, as he let loose of her throat, but the stinging slaps to her face had left her cheeks burning and her ears ringing!

He had lifted her straight up to where her toes were just barely touching the pavement, by her hair and did so using only one hand. She had started to plead with him to let her go, Several of the men were now laughing at her as they started pulling at her thin dress . She could hear the fabric as it was torn away! She, even under the circumstances was an incredibly attractive young woman, as she stood in front of all these men in only heels stockings and garter belt! The feeling was still terrifying but the other feeling of being naked in front of this gang of mean looking and very lustful men was more exciting than she could ever have imagined! The thought alone was making her sloppy wet her breathing became heavier and her heart was pounding, as she heard these men talking about what they were going to do to her! He told her to put her hands behind her back, and to keep them there, she felt someone tie them tight! He pushed her in front of a dark weasel looking man and asked him what did he ? want to do to her!

Rough hands squeezed her soft bare breasts and cruelly pulled on her on her pink nipples, her bare bottom was brutally spanked, and when someone viciously pinched her wet little clit to her it felt like a burning jolt of electricity had shot between her legs as her knees collapsed leaving her held up by only her hair! The strong sadistic fingers then easily slip into her wet trembling and tight little cunt!!! …. as she had an uncontrolled orgasm!!!....

One said, she feels like a virgin! But her pussy is dripping like an over sexed little whore! ... Jenny was starting to plead for them not the hurt her when she heard someone say! I think she likes this, and wants to be raped! She was trying to act the part of a scared and helpless young woman saying in her most convincing voice No! When one of them said, She needs to have her shit packed! and her cunt filled with loads of cum! Another said I wonder how many blow jobs she can give!... Her cheeks were now as red as her breasts and bottom. The big man still holding her hair and with one hand now forced her down to her knees , and with the other placed his thumb and fore finger in to the corners of her mouth opening it as he tilted her head back! The weasel then unzipped his pants and has produced a big hard slimy cock and started to furiously beat off!.. In a matter of moments he ejaculates an incredible amount of cum that hits her first in the face as his aim then shoots the rest of it into her open mouth! It is a big load of semen ! The big man holding her mouth has now closed it as he pinched off her nose, and tells her to swallow, she is gagging as she tries to gulp down swallow and breath all at the same time !!!...

In a matter of moments several more men have done the same, but one of them has grabbed the back of her head and shoved his big cock into her mouth and has demanded she suck him clean as he slaps her face again! OMG ! Jenny now feels hands on her bottom at first pinching squeezing and the pulling her ass cheeks apart followed by first one finger and then two and finally three as they forcefully stretch and find there way past her sphincter and into her virgin ass hole, The pain of the rough fingers was horrible! She screams, as no one has ever fucked her in the ass!!!..., but this is exactly what she wants! Several more men beat off and squirt more cum into her open mouth as she is made to swallow more and more the pace quickens, one after the other. She can't see as her face is now covered with cum it is in her hair and is running down her chest and dripping off her breasts and nipples ! She is so full of cum she can swallow no more, and is burping up mouthful's of cum choking as she is trying to catch her breath! Occasionally through the cum in her eyes she sees a flash!

She is jerked up on to her feet and is lead down the alley under the only light by her hair! Her head hurts from her hair being pulled the red heels barely touch the pavement ! Her hands are still tied tightly behind her back her wrists are sore and raw, she is covered with cum Her head is forced down and back as she is bent over. Her hair is being tied to another piece of rope and it is then thrown up to an overhead pipe that leaves her neck bent up!... She feels her legs being spread wider and wider until she is so precarious she can hardly stand. Someone is starting to probe her wet little cunt, at first she has no idea what it is? The object is a long necked wine bottle that is forcefully pushed into her tight little cunt stretching it! The bottle is then pushed harder and harder yet again until it can go no more, the pain of the neck hitting her cervical membrane along with the incredible stretching has left her cum filled eyes wide with terror, just before it is jerked out!

The first of several enormous cocks now start probing her juicy and well dilated cunt as another mans large half limp cock slowly starts to force its way into her sweet pink little mouth past the gaudy red lipstick! She could feel it come to life and start to harden almost chocking her as he grabs her head and holds her forcefully down onto his dick!
They both in unison penetrate her as she is impaled at either end, the man behind her is tall and once impaled her toes are just barely touching the ground! They are not gentle or caring , as brutal animal desire takes over, they are both trying to use her as a back stop of sadistic lust she is forced between them like an accordion as they pound her ! The pounding has become more painful and intense. This is, what she wants, has longed for and fantasized about! It is though no longer fantasy as the both pummel her more brutal and harder than ever !!!... not holding anything back, they explode in her at the same time!!!.... As she too experiences an incredible painful and trembling orgasm!!!!...

For Jenny it is a sea of big hard cocks with semen squirting and dripping from them along with sweaty men groaning time after time as they release there loads of cum on in and all over her !!!.. Someone is again pulling on her nipples and has tied some fine line tightly around her nipples and are first pulling them tight in opposite directions !!!... The pain is awful and sadistic! She is now very worried that her pink little nipples might be severed as the pulling continues, her soft tender almost virgin 36” breasts are pulled out even farther to each sides by this fine line! She has little time to think as another hard cock easily slips into and down her throat, big strong hands grab her ears and pull her down! With her hair still tied to the overhead rope all the pulling does is to tilt her head back and open her mouth even more!!!.. OMG for a moment her bottom and pussy are unattended as she feels her very swollen and very sensitive clitoris being lassoed with a loop of the same thin line it is pulled hard and as the knot tightens it has pooched her clit up into a flower like rose but she sensation is sinfully perverse with so sadistic painful and stimulating abuse!!!... It is pulled back and down so hard that she is again worried it might be actually severed , The thought and torturous feeling only produces another orgasm!!!..

She has little time to worry about this as cum is used as a lubricant and another big hard cum covered cock has found her unblemished virgin ass hole and is rammed in! The pain along with the pain of her nipples and clit are unbearable she tries to scream out but with a mouthful hard dick she can only groan!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! it is now after midnight! When the last of the more than dozen or so men have satisfied themselves by using her naked helpless young body! Her hair is cut loose and she is finally shoved to the ground for the ultimate degradation!

She is laying in the alley nude her hands are tied behind her back she is still wearing her red stockings garter belt and heels they are soaked with cum and she has loads of semen leaking from her well used cunt and asshole! She has sucked more men off than she could ever Imagine. Her burping of cum is almost continuous and keeps swelling back up her throat and into her mouth. She hears them discussing what they are going to do with her next! She knows that they are done with her at least for the moment her heart sinks with mixed emotion as she hears she is going to be traded to a rival gang for a big bag of cocaine! She has been well used and has orgasmed more time than she could ever imagine!

Jenny has resigned herself to being used a lot more before ever getting home she is so sore used and stretched. The fine line tied to her nipples was pulled back and tied together and with the one around her clit so tight that it is burning and cutting into her soft tender flesh! She was just laying there as those that had not gotten their fill are again jacking off in an attempt to cover her helpless body with even more cum, they are aiming at her pretty young face and there is nothing she can do to stop them or to move out of the way, one of them reaches down to grab her. They are going to take this filthy cum soaked wretched piece of well used and now slutty female to be traded for drugs! Jenny is covered and laying in a pool of cum when she hears sirens ! Several of them, followed by police cars! The gang members start running in all directions as the first police car screeches to a stop! There is quite a commotion yelling running and cussing!!!.. Then in a matter of minutes all is quiet.......

The first police officers to attend to her are kind and caring, all are gingerly helping her up as the paramedics also arrive the cords that have been tightly fastened around her wrists are cut as she is placed on a gurney and carefully lifted into the back of the ambulance. It is only then that they realize the thin fine line that has been sadistically tied around her nipples and clit!pulling them tightly together! Her nipples have been pulled down and her clit up!!!...The female paramedic has sprayed antiseptic on the tender sensitive places where the line has been expertly tied! She is having a hard time getting it loose as she is afraid she might cut my wife's nipples and is even more concerned about her clitoris! She is working very carefully and cannot seem to loosen or cut the fine line off Jenny's nipples it is some sort of strong fishing line and is very difficult to cut or work loose as my young wife's clitoris has swollen up to a size that makes release even more difficult and it has turned a grotesque dark bluish purple! Jenny is now so sensitive as every attempt to remove it has failed and each time the paramedic tries Jenny has jerked in erotic pain as it is pulled or touched!

The ambulance is now en route to the hospital the female paramedic has decided to leave the line attached to her nipples and clit and let the emergency room doctors deal with it! The arrival is uneventful as she is wheeled into a secure area of ER and the curtains are drawn. She is in remarkably good shape for what has happened , and it takes them some time to wash off all the cum, numerous samples are taken! Some of her bruise's have become quite black and blue, her wrists and the heels of her hands are the worst! The young female paramedic has finally told the ER Doctor who is also a young intern of my wife's predicament and is now showing him her swollen clit as she carefully pulls on the fine fishing line that connects her most sensitive female sex organs!!!..... Jenny cannot help but react as pain and pleasure conspire! He immediately calls for a specialist. Soon there are at least five doctors and a discussion ensues as to how best to remove this sadistic use of this line! They also have enjoyed the view as each has lifted the white sheet to get a closer look!

She is embarrassed and is blushing, but the blushing has covered a lot of the abuse she has received . She is still naked and a very attractive young woman the Doctors male interest is tempered by the professionalism........As long as they do little, she is handling the pain. It is finally decided as to how they are to proceed , ice is brought in and a small amount is wrapped in a cloth, and held on her nipples and clit! It is removed from time to time to insure the swelling is receding, finally they are able to release the line around her nipples. First one and then the other, but every time they attempt to remove or cut the line on my wife's clit screams out it pain! Now they are using just ice to get her formerly small little clit back to its original size.

If she would have had larger nipples they too would have been much harder to release, but her clitoris is quite another matter as it has now swollen two almost twice its size!!!...The direct use of ice, has finally started to reduced the size and after several more agonizing minutes it is to a point where the line can with some difficulty be severed. It is apparently some sort of really strong Kevlar line! When it is finally released, Jenny's cramped and tight pussy muscles relax and the result is a violent and uncontrolled orgasm that shudders the whole table that she is laying on and her slit is instantly wet! The five doctors and one nurse along with the paramedics are shocked and amazed as my young wife lets out the most erotic female animal sound as goose bumps and sweat instantly appear all over her body her breathing is sharp and raspy and several more minutes pass before her breathing starts to return to normal!...

She is the moved into a a private room to relax and recover, within a few minutes an older female police officer is asking if she is up to talking about what had happened? A nurse sticks her head in and tells the officer that they have well over 30 separate DNA samples! The officer with wide eyes gives Jenny a look of wonder! Questions have started with why in the world had she gone to this part of the city that evening? Jenny's explanation was, that several gang members had accosted her on the bus and had forced her to go with them!... She was then asked if she could identify any of them and if she wanted to look at mug shot pictures or a line up! She was told they had later caught several gang members loitering around the same area. She was then asked why she was wearing only a garter belt and stockings they had been removed when she was washed and cleaned up. Her coat and some ruminants of her red dress had been found but no panties wallet or money. She had told the investigator and not so convincingly, that she had been on her way to a sexy modeling get together at her friends boutique ( a lie ) when she had been grabbed, and that they had slapped her so hard she couldn't remember anything until the police showed up!( also a lie ).

The police strangely enough had received a call, giving the exact location of where she was and what was happening to her! This call was from a concerned citizen?... who wished to remain anonymous!...
She was finally allowed to call me after being questioned for some time as parts of her story just did not seem to ad up, it was obvious though that she had been slapped hard bound and raped. She was sore and bruised but was feeling pretty good under the circumstances. I slipped her coat on the one that had been returned, she was wearing nothing under it as we walked to the car, The coat and her red hi heels was all that was left of her ordeal. Once in the car she relaxed tilted the seat back and unbuttoned her coat. We were parked under a light and her well abuse naked young body although quite used was still perked up as she excitedly told me the details of what had happened and how disappointed she was in not having been traded to this other gang and used again in the same or even worse way!

I was in awe and wonder as Jenny's eyes glassed over apparently thinking about what had happened, her fingers went to her clit, even as sore and so sensitive as it was she easily was able to have another very audible trembling release!!!.. At about the same time there was a hard knock on her door. Apparently a hospital security guard had heard the sound of a woman that to him seemed to be quite distressed! To him this was quickly determined not to be a problem as his flashlights beam was pointed at her crotch and clearly shown her own fingers squeezing a bare and well used clit! I quickly started the car and backed out, briskly leaving the hospital parking lot and security gaurd!.....We talked little on the way home as it was obvious her thoughts were elsewhere........

Once at home Jenny had taken a long and very hot shower, and had went to bed. Later that afternoon she had awaken and in her robe had logged on to her favorite web site. The first E-Mail she answered was from her strange male acquaintance, the one she was suppose to meet. The message started out saying he was sorry they had missed each other and that he was going to be delayed and had asked several of his friends to help rape her!!!... and that they would have to make another appointment! As soon as possible. This E-Mail also included well over a dozen pictures of my beautiful young wife in the most brutal and compromising positions. Starting with a picture from behind, just before she tripped, with her coat and dress up that clearly shown her shapely bare bottom and beautiful legs right down to her red hi heels! The next was her red painted lips around an enormous cock her eyes were big as cum drooled from the corner of her mouth. The next two had shown first a large dick just starting into her dripping pussy and the the same dick penetrating her to the hilt, a similar picture was of almost the same only it was in her now in her no longer virgin ass hole!

But the most interesting ones were of the thin Kevlar line being first expertly attached to her nipples and then as it had lassoed her swollen clit! The message ended with a new time and a different place where she was to meet him! It further stated that the next time would be even better!!!.. Jenny was trembling her breasts were firm and her nipples hard she was so wet with the thought as her slit and the robe under it were almost as wet.. She was shaking and could hardly type in the words yes OMG, yes as she orgasmed from the thought of this new sexual adventure alone!!!!.......

If those who read this story like it please let me know as it was written for another person on this board? Author Hearts & Roses

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love it
nothing is better than that feeling of utter helplessness as you are being taken by force

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a little extreme but fucking epic

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