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The show gets going in real earnest with the wife being the test subject for exploring the frontiers of erotic depravity
Part 2

Right then footsteps could be heard on the stairs and I saw some dozen rough looking guys , probably interstate truckers with tattooed muscular arms troop in , all were holding yellow stubs which I later realised were something like entry tickets for the show, I could hear the bar tender call out over me “ one mugs on the house men , show ur stubs and collect them”. I could hear their cat calls and whistles as they leaned over Dave and Ed , trying to get a look at my naked wife lying on the floor . I could also hear Dave raising his voice “not now men not now , u all will have your show , please step back and take a seat”. Ed was moving the chair and tables around making a clearing at the center around Anna . The atmosphere was like that before a football game about to begin on the TV only this time it was live in the flesh entertainment.
Suddenly a cheer went around the crowd as I saw Anna being made to sit up in a doggy style. One guy knelt down to see how her boobs hang down and began to mockingly milk them “Mmmm needs working guys , a little stiff, bet the loser husband didn’t get to touch them at all” . A general laugh went around as Anna blushed trying not to look at my direction. Dave yanked her face up by her hair and made her snort some pure coke right in, and the result was there to see instantly . After coughing and spluttering a bit, her body language became a lot more excited and she seemed charged , but her whites were showing and I realised she is tripping with her first ever whiff of direct uncut coke. Her slender form soon got lost from view as men gathered and poured over her. I could only hear her grunts and gagging noises, and the occasional glimpse of her sweaty and drenched face as the men let her take a gasp of air now and then. Soon collective groans of men ejaculating filled the bar and as they withdrew to their tables and a second glass of beer I could again see Anna. She was slumped on the floor, covered with cum and sweat with small pools forming below her pussy and around her neck on the floor.

I could sense it was just the beginning, and once the mad but routine frenzy subsided they will retain the hard on for a longer time thus making the second time more detailed slow and methodical . To my mild shock, any concern for the life of my wife for six years who lay crumpled on the floor replaced itself with an academic curiosity about the extents of perversion humans were capable of inflicting on others for carnal pleasures. Anna just changed into a thing or rather a sex object. Here, I must state I am a professor of social psychology when I am not gambling at a college pretty far away from here for obvious reasons. And this the academic in me taking over the persona of the caring and concerned husband I should rightfully be . Anyway someone turned up the juke box belting out led zeppelin and aerosmith to the full and Ed grabbed hold of her left leg again and simply pulled her petite 5.2 ft body up in the air . For a moment she hung upside down , face covered by her cascading blonde hair and the sweat and cum was trickling past her neck and hanging arms and dripping on to the floor . Her right leg folded and its heels rested on her right buttcheek . Ed continued to hold her like that and slowly turned her around as if showing a prize catch around to fellow hunters . Among further cat calls and whistles Dave stepped in with a nylon cord, black and began to tie her legs , soon she was hoisted on a hook from the wall which used to hang chandeliers before . The meat hook sank into the cord between her legs , and she swung freely once Ed let her go with a not so gentle push. Her face swung about three feet from the floor . Her white body was stretched naturally and her taut breasts and asscheeks were slapped around appreciatively by men thus making her swing some more. Someone said “hey lets clean her up for the second round and bring that loser Jim to do it” There was a general laughter of approval and Ed yanked me up on my feet with the tug at the leash.”Up you go man , heres a towel and a tank of beer , go wash that bitch good.” Then he shouted “men get ready to see a bitchwash, come on gather around” I positioned myself behind her and after pouring beer over her pussy looked at the streams sliding down to her face past her belly and ass cheeks, then started rubbing it up , slowly at first then with increasing force , making her asscheeks smart under the course wipe . “ya, that’s the way to wash a bitch u dog keep at it” somebody shouted between sips and another came and pointed a spot between her breasts “you missed this spot, come make it shine” As I kept on scrubbing and applying beer periodically, I could feel he body shaking in tandem with her breasts and face rubbing against my dick . I glanced down and could she that she was still tripping , her mouth was open and the pink tip of her tongue was showing. I began to really scrub her naked body now, at times opening her pussy and pushing the edge of the towel deep in , I felt her shudder a bit and finished with a final flourish over the neck and left nipple and stepped back . I caught myself putting my hands on hips and admiring the now scrubbed clean piece of fuck meat hanging upside down and felt proud of the job. Ed didn’t let me stare more than a few minutes and yanked me back to a sitting position . he walked over and shouted at her ears “cunt , want more of the shit?” and I could see her head nod and Ed putting out some more dope for her to sniff . He looked around and shouted around “wanna see this fuck meat dance on her head guys ? like a rag doll?” “ Ya a slutty rag doll, make her dance” someone shouted and Ed grinned before pulling out the cattle prod. He looked like a over grown baby about to do a naughty thing. He mock tiptoed to her lolling head , open mouth with the tip of tongue showing , and suddenly placed the prod on her tongue. I could hear the crack and hiss as Anna jerked back violently and suddenly with her hands covering her stung face , and the wail followed a little later, it went on and then subsided into a moan , Ed waited a bit for the swinging body to slow down and then rammed the prod right in her pussy and pressed hard. This time she arched up like a U and jerked so violently that the prod got thrown to the floor. “Mmm toast pussy for dinner tonight men” I over heard someone as I watched Ed pick up the prod. This time Ed kept on prodding her lower stomach, armpit, neck and nipples in quick succession making her body jerk in fast succession punctuated by her wails of pain. I could see the effect of coke wearing off fast in the shock.

The contortions her naked form went through roused the men again. Four men stepped up , their cocks raised and stood on her four sides . Dave pulled the cord and adjusted her face height to match with the cock height of the men and then swung her . The first guy caught hold of her hair first , then pulled her face towards his cock by the hair and then began ramming it deep in . He was at it for some time when Dave shouted next and he reluctantly let go of her head. Her body swung back and the guy standing behind clutched her neck, and making her choke just slid his cock into her already open mouth . It was a competition to see who came last, and Dave timed 60 seconds to every guy. After every 60 seconds Anna was made to swing back and forthe and have four different cocks thrust down deep her throat. All the while , the kind of music that plays when kids play musical chairs came on from the jukebox, with aerosmiths taking a break. Her face was purplish red streaked with whitish cum by the time the game ended with the man on the south winning. Ed cut off the rope and let her crash from three feet on the floor. He turned her over by kicking her belly and held a finger to her nose to see if she still breathed. ‘ Tough bitch, still good to go, guys” he shouted as someone splashed ice cold water over her . She choked and gasped and sat up in shock.

Her body was bruised, even after washing and purplish red welts showed at places where she was cattle prodded real hard and bluish black patches on her shoulders and legs from the beating. Yet she looked just right for this kind of thing, fragile yet resilient enough to be erotically tortured like this . The contrast of her physic with the intensity abuse made the men lust for more, I could see it in their eyes as they readied for the next part of the entertainment . They all looked at Dave to see what he would do next.

( to be continued)


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yeah, we want more of it. Good stuff.

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2010-09-17 20:30:01
yep keep going can`t wait to read next one.

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2010-08-14 07:27:37
thanks u just gave me the encouragement i needed . shall come out with the third part soon

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2010-07-10 03:26:27
write then next 1 please your doing great

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