This is the next to last chapter in this Ben 10 story, I needed this chapter to explan a few things about the Omnitrix and Keesha's birthcontrol, but I promise the story will end on a hot note. After that I plan to do a new Jason story, set ten years after the original short story and then I'm thinking about returning to Ben 10 with a Ben 10 Alien Force story where his children are growing into their aien powers and he starts training them at the same time they're learning about sex. Enjoy this chapter and I hope you stick around for the next one as well as the new stories.
Chapter 14

“Gwen, Jane, Keesha,” Ben heard his mother say from the front door, “what are the three of you doing here?”

Ben didn’t hear the response because the whine of his sonic soldering gun covered the girls’ responses but when he put the gun down he heard his mother speaking again. “You can put the babies in the nursery or the playpen in the livingroom. You’ll find Ben in his room, but I’m not sure if he’ll be up to anything after the night he had.”

“Maybe the three of us can do something about that,” Jane said with a laugh that the other two girls joined in on.

Just as he put the finishing touches on Cathy’s vibrator Gwen led the other two girls into Ben’s room and called his name as they looked around the bedroom for him. “I’m on the worktable,” Ben called, waving his hand to catch their attention before he hopped down to the floor and deactivated the Omntirix.

“Hi Ben,” Gwen said as all three girls plopped down on the edge of the bed. With a sigh Gwen dropped back on the mattress and pushed her shirt up so she could rub her swollen belly. “So, what were you doing as Grey Matter?”

“Just putting the final touches on the last dildo for last night,” Ben said, picking up the bright pink vibrator and giving it a once over.

“I thought you made all the vibrators you needed before you left for the party,” Jane said. “At least you told us you had to skip our afternoon fuck session to finish them yesterday.”

“I thought I had enough when I left for the party,” Ben said, “but I didn’t expect a last minute addition.”

“Who was that?” Keesha asked with a confused frown. “Considering the girls in the sleep over I can’t think of anyone who could have joined the party at the last minute.”

“Normally you’d be right,” Ben said with a laugh, “those church kids are kind of clicky, but you forgot about Nancy’s sister.”

“Nancy’s sister Cathy?” Keesha asked with a laugh. “I wondered why she wanted to know about you the other day.”

“You know her?” Jane asked.

“You could say that,” Keesha said with a confused shake of her head. “Up until a couple days ago I knew who she was but she avoided me like the plague, that’s when she sat down next to me at lunch and started pumping me for information on Ben. I did my best to play dumb but she seemed to know more about you than I would have expected.”

“From what Cathy told me my relationship with most of the pregnant girls in the school is well known to other students even if no one official knows about it. When she heard the rumors about the sleep over she decided to join in so she waited until after I was done with the rest of the girls and then surprised us, waling in when everyone was totally exhausted after our fuck session.”

“But if you were totally exhausted,” Gwen said slowly.

“I’ve been wondering about that myself,” Ben admitted, “in fact I was wondering where I got the energy to fuck seven girls in one night when I usually get knocked out after just three girls. Then I remembered what Uncle Gary said about how the Omnitrix could be designed to improve the breeding process.”

“I remember you telling me about that,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “from what you told me he thought the Omnitrix might be sensing the fertility of the girls and that was how you knew about it.”

“That’s right,” Ben agreed, “but I was wondering if the Omnitrix might be doing more. The way it reacted just before Cathy entered the bedroom makes me wonder if it might be giving me the physical and sexual energy to keep going as long as their’s a fertile girl in the area.”

“Interesting theory if you’re right,” Gwen said with a frown, “of course you do realize that even with the Omnitrix there’s a limit to how long you can keep going.”

“I know that,” Ben said, getting up from his desk and moving over to the bed. When Ben hesitated, unsure of where to sit with three girls to choose from, Jane got up from the mattress and gestured for him to sit between Gwen and Keesha. Once Ben was settled Jane gave him a quick grin before she reached for the zipper of his pants and pulled his stiff cock into the open before she turned around and hiked her skirt up to reveal her bare cunt before she sat down on Ben’s lap, sliding his prick between her pussy lips as she leaned back against his chest. “I think the Omnitrix was close to it’s limits last night when Cathy showed up to join the show. I think that’s why it beeped and flashed for a few seconds when she came close enough to be detected.”

While Ben spoke Jane rolled her hips and let out a little groan of pleasure as she slid her pussy up and down his twelve year old cock. Ben let out a sigh of his own while he slid one under Jane’s blouse and up the slight bulge of her pregnant belly to squeeze her breast through her maternity bra. With his free hand Ben reached over to pat Gwen’s swollen belly and she giggled before she pulled her shirt up so her cousin could stroke her bare stomach.

“Don’t forget me,” Keesha said, leaning in close enough to stir Ben’s brown hair with her words. “After all, I may not be ready to have another baby, but I’m still a horny slut.”

“You sure are,” Ben moaned, “you’re also fertile, but my senses tell me that if we do fuck I won’t be able to knock you up.”

“Good, that means my birth control is working,” Keesha said as she rubbed her body against Bens. “I was afraid your powers would negate my protection, but it looks like we’re safe to fuck after all.”

“Not that I’m complaining,” Ben said, taking his hand from Jane’s tit and sliding it over to Keesha’s thighs and slid them up to her drooling slit. Just like Jane Keesha wasn’t wearing any panties under her skirt and Ben could feel her pussy trying to suck his fingers between her lips. “But I was wondering why the three of you happened to show up here at the same time.”

“It can’t be that hard to figure out,” Gwen said with a short laugh. “After all, your mom gave birth earlier this week, and you knocked up my mom and Keesha’s mom about the same time, right?”

“Right,” Ben said hesitantly, his fingers stroking Keesha’s pussy lips absentmindedly. “You mean . . .”

“My mom went into labor first,” Keesha said and I decided to take Misha over to Gwen’s house and arrived just as her father was loading her mother into the car for the ride to the hospital. There was just enough room in the car for me and Misha to join the ride over to here so he could drop us off and then move on to the hospital with your aunt.”

“So,” Ben said with a low groan as Jane slid her pregnant cunt up and down his cock, “it looks like two of my babies are going to be born on the same day after all.”

“I guess so,” Keesha said, her pussy lips quivering around Ben’s fingers as he finger fucked her wet slit. “If you keep this up I may regret my decision to put off my next baby until Misha’s a year old.”

“Maybe I should try a little harder,” Ben said with a seductive grin, “after all, you’re the only hold out on another baby right now. Even our moms’ are talking about how soon they want to have their next one.”

“But they have a reason,” Keesha pointed out with a groan of pleasure, “they’re old enough that they have to have their babies as quick as they can before they’re too old to have any more babies. Gwen’s pregnant because she didn’t realize she was fertile when you fucked her just after Ken was born - she was planing to hold off before having another baby, but I don’t think she’s unhappy with the way things turned out.”

“Of course not,” Gwen said with a gasp while she bounced her pregnant belly up and down on Ben’s fingers.

“And I know that Jane wants to have as many of your babies as you’ll let her have,” Keesha continued.

“You got that right,” Jane moaned, her belly shivering with her orgasm as Ben’s cum filled her pussy.

“But I figured at least one of us had to be practical about having more babies, but only up to a point. I do plan to have more of your babies, Ben, just not right away. But now that you’ve confirmed that my birth control is going to work I would like to fuck.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ben said while Jane snuggled back against him as her body settled down after her orgasm. “Do you girls mind?”

“Not me,” Jane said, lifting her sperm filled cunt off of Ben’s shaft and making her way past Keesha to the end of the bed where she sat down with a sigh. “I already have a pussy full of cum and it’s not like you can get me any more pregnant than I already am.”

“I’m good too,” Gwen said, patting her swollen belly and scooting around to make room for Keesha to lay back on the bed. “But I’m wondering what you’re going to do about those eight girls you left back at Nancy’s.”

“They’ll be fine,” Ben assured his cousin, “they woke me up this morning ready and horny for a second round but I only managed to fuck three of them before my energy ran out. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I had six vibrators with me. While I was recovering the girls started experimenting with their dildos and they were enjoying themselves so much that I was able to talk them into letting me come home and make another one for Cathy since I didn’t make one for her. The plan is for me to come back once Cathy’s vibrator is done, by that time I should be recovered enough to fuck the other three girls before they have to go home this afternoon. After that I’ll stick around with Nancy and Cathy until their parents are due back tomorrow.”

“In that case shouldn’t you get back now that you’ve finished Cathy’s vibrator?” Keesha asked even as she settled back on the bed and spread her legs for Ben to crawl in between her thighs.

“They can wait a few more minutes,” Ben said, sliding his way up Keesha’s brown belly until the head of his cock kissed Keesha’s drooling pussy lips. “Besides, if I don’t fuck you now I don’t know when I’ll be up to fucking you after this weekend - I suspect Cathy and Nancy are going to have me fucked out for several days.”

“You could be right,” Keesha chuckled, “so I guess I better get what I can now.”

“I thought you’d see it that way,” Ben said with a grin while he eased his cock into Keesha’s tight slit with a groan of pleasure that was echoed by Keesha as well as Gwen and Jane as they watched Ben’s prick sliding into the black girl’s belly.

“Oh God, I missed this so much,” Keesha grunted, pushing her ass off the bed to meet Ben’s every stroke. “I’m almost tempted to change my mind and let you knock me up right now.”

“But you’re not going to are you?” Ben asked with a sigh.

“Like I said,” Keesha moaned as her body shivered with pleasure, “one of us has to be practical about how many babies we have, and it looks like I’m the only one left.”

“I understand,” Ben sighed, “but I wish you weren’t so practical. I’d like nothing more than to knock you up just like Gwen and Jane, but at least I can look forward to knocking up our mothers in a couple months.”

“And just think how much stamina you’re going to have since I’ll be fertile and the Omntrix will keep giving you the energy to knock me up. At least for a few days every month.”

“Actually,” Gwen said thoughtfully, “a girl has a chance to get knocked up no matter what time of the month it is. It may be harder for a girl to get knocked up when she’s having her period, but it’s still possible. So the Omnitrix should give you the extra energy as long as you’re in the area.”

“In that case,” Ben said with a chuckle while he slammed his cock in and out of Keesha’s pussy, grinding his pubic hair against the stubble that was just starting to grow back since she’d given birth to Misha.

“Interesting idea,” Keesha panted, her belly quivering with her approaching orgasm as she threw her legs around Ben’s ass and pulled him in tight against her cunt. “But a black girl in that neighborhood is going to be noticed, even if your new girlfriends keep quiet one of their neighbors will raise the alarm.”

“I guess you’re right,” Ben sighed, feeling his balls quiver against the base of cock with every stroke. “But it might be worth it to keep up with those girls.”

“Not for me,” Keesha chuckled, “and it’s my skin that would be on the line.”

“Ok,” Ben grunted, picking up the pace and giving one final thrust into Keesha’s spasming slit to shoot a full load of cum deep in her cunt.

“Thanks Ben,” Keesha said, giving her lover a quick kiss as he rolled off her limp body. “I really needed that.”

“You’re welcome,” Ben said with a dreamy smile. “I just hope I have the energy to do it again after this weekend.”

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