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Justin and Chris both 17year old boys
First Story Revised This is for all the people who commented the original to make it better.
My name is Chris,I was 17years old at a height of 5"3. I have Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes, with a slim girl like figure, I had a small tan. I was a in good shape because i was on the track team. I was only on the track team because my friend Justin asked me to join with him.
He was 17 at the height of 5"4. He had Brown hair and Brown eyes. Justin was a jock so he had a 6pack, He was also tanned skinned From staying at the Beach too long. He was the kind of guy who everyone want to go out with, including some boys like me.
I was gay so whenever the team was changing i would always sneak a peak at Justin, and the other boys. After track was done I asked him if he wanted to sleep over my house because it was a Friday, He said he would that he just had to go home and get a few things. I told him that i'll see him at my house and than we left. Once i got home I went straight to my bathroom and had a quick one. My mind was spinning, Justin was finally going to sleep over my house. He had come over my house before but he never asked to sleep over but this week i would be alone because my Parents were going off to Florida for vacation. As i got out of the bathroom there was a knock on the door.
When i opened the door Justin walks in. We head straight to my room where no one goes besides me. Once we were inside my room we played the plastation2. Justin and I would Always play games at my house so we were playing for a long time. I would sometimes rub up against Justin just to feel him up, He would always dismiss these actions as of nothing.
Once It got Dark we stopped playing plastation2 ans started to watch tv. After about 2:30 in the morning we both got really tired as we tried to stay up. I would rub up on Justin alot. At 2:45 Justin was laying down Head in my lap and his arms wrapped around me, but he was still awake, this got me Hard and Justin felt it through my shorts. When i looked down at him he had a smirk on his face while i was blushing. I thought i was going to explode, Than he kissed me softly at first. We were both looking at each other, I was shocked but than i kissed him again. His tongue was pressing against my lips while i opened them so we could tongue wrestle. After about 20mins of kissing he stopped and asked if i was gay, I told him i was and asked about him. He said he was bisexual So than we started to make out again.
As his hand went under my shirt and on my nipples I gasped as he started to play with them. As he took off my shirt he began to kiss his way down to my nipple. Once he was there he started to lick them, than he started to suck on them. I was moaning now, and he stopped to take off his shirt. He than kissed me again, trying to take off my shorts. As my shorts went off they revealed a black pair of boxers. He told me i looked cute in only boxers as he started to kiss me again. I started to take off his pants, Once they were off, they revealed a pair of blue boxers. We started to kiss again, His hand on my crotch and my hands around his neck. We stopped kissing again as he started to take off his boxers, revealing a uncut 6inch hard on and he was thick. I took off my Boxers Revealing a uncut 8inch hard on my cock a little thicker than his. He looked at my body and than grinned as we started to feel each others crotch. I started to kiss his body, when i reached his nipples i started to suck on one as he moaned.
As i kissed down lower his moans became more louder. When i got down to his penis I was welcomed with alot of precum dripping from his member. As i licked it all off i looked at him and we began to kiss pastionatly again. He tasted his precum on my tongue and that turned him on even more. He told me to lie down on the bed, I did. He went to his bag and once he came back he had a bottle of lube. He lubed up my ass i lubed up his penis. Once he was at the entrace i was begging him to fuck me. As he entered there was a small pop sound and I moaned as I knew he took my anal virginity.I also knew that I was his first.
He started to slowly push it in until all 6inches were in and i was begging him to fuck me hard. He started to pull out and than pushed back in faster. We both started moaning as i watched him fuck me. He leaned over and kissed me still pushing his member in me. I started to Scream "Oh Fuck Yes, Fuck Me Justin! Fuck Me!" He started to moaned even louder. He told me he was gonna cum and he pushed in one last time and i felt his body tense up as he shot about 10loads of cum in my ass. He started to pant and we kissed again, he was still in me going soft. Once he was fully soft he pulled out and i sucked the cum off of his dick.
I kissed him pushing his cum in his mouth as i swallowed half and he swallowed the rest. as he lay down i got up and lubed up his ass, I was still hard and i had not even cumed yet. Once his Ass and my dick was lubed i put my dick at his entrance and asked if he was ready. He told me he was so i started to push in slowly once we heard the pop, I started to push in slower as i notice him wincing in pain. I pushed a little more in about 4 inches were in by now and he yelped in pain. I stopped and kissed him making him calm down a little. I stayed there him getting used to my size, I was thicker and longer than he was. Once he was calm i started to pull out and push a little more in. I kept on doing this until i was fucking him in the ass we started to moan. I pulled all the way out and told him to get on his knees, doggy style. I started to push in again pulling out slowly and pushing in faster. I felt his cum dripping out of my ass and i started to scoop it up and feed it to me and him. I moaned louder and louder with each thrust in his ass. I was almost near cumming and i told him i was, He started scream ''Oh Let me have your Cum, Put it in my ass, Oh Fuck Me Chris! Fuck Me Hard!'' This pushed me off the edge and i thrust all the way in and started to cum in his ass load after load. As i pulled out cum started leaking out of his ass, I shot about 10loads in there thinking i would never stop. I started to lick his ass clean, Eating my own cum. He started to Clean off the remaining cum on my dick.
Once he was done we kissed again our tongues wrestling mixing his ass and my cum together. We swallowed and than we lied down on the bed together, ''Sweat dreams Justin,'' I whispered and He replied ''Than i would dream of you,'' Indicating i was a sweet dream we fell asleep with our legs intwined and our bodies embracing. We fell asleep at 4 in the morning only to wake up at 11:30.
Once we woke up Justin called his mom and asked if he could sleep over again because my parents were away for the weekend and he wanted to make sure I had company. His mom Agreed and He hung up with a pleasurable grin on my face, saying his mom said yes to the request.

This is going to be a fun weekend...

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2010-08-20 11:26:46
post a sequel!! luvd this story!! =) >=]

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2010-05-25 21:31:42
Good story, but please break into paragraphs to make it easier to read on the screen.

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2010-05-01 07:29:37
will you with me at home

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2010-05-01 07:28:53
this is the best storie

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2010-05-01 01:12:36
Boy / Boy when they're 17? gah, go away.

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