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This is the first rape story I've written I hope it's any good.
This is something I did way back in high school. I think I was 16 or 17 at the time and like most teenagers I was, basically, permanently horny. I was at lunch with my friends; there was Dan, Katharine, Tyler, myself, and the designated bitch of our group, Robyn. On this particular day Dan was talking about something, I forget what exactly it was he was talking about, but Robyn kept interrupting him. This was the day of a football game and Robyn was a cheerleader so she was wearing her uniform that every time I saw her wear it I just wanted to bend her over whatever surface was near by, lift up the skirt and fuck her brains out. As I was saying Dan was talking and Robyn kept interrupting, like I said designated group bitch. During one of the times she was interrupting Dan looked at me and half jokingly said “can you make her shut her mouth for me?”

I put one hand on the back of her head and the other over her mouth. I’ve had rape fantasies about her before so actually covering her mouth kind of got me hard. With my hand over her mouth she let out a muffled scream. I laughed, it was all in good fun, and took my hands off her. When she was free of my grasp she looked genuinely frightened. “Dan don’t ask him to do anything like that again it was like he was going to rape me!”

I laughed at this, “Ha! I was just kidding around, and besides I wouldn’t rape you… in public.”

“Please don’t even joke about that.” She said to me. Luckily she knew not to take me too seriously. After that the bell rang and it was time to go to class. All of us were in the same class after lunch and on the way to class Dan and I walked a couple steps behind the girls, Dan was still talking about whatever he had been ranting about. The entire time I was just staring at Robyn’s perfect heart shaped ass.

During class Robyn and I sat next to each other. It was geometry so we didn’t normally talk much because our teacher was a bit of a dick about that useless bullshit that I’ve still never used outside his class. This day went a little differently. Robyn passed me a not that said “hypothetically if you were going to rape me, where would it be?”

This confused me so I looked at her. She looked back at me with a little wink. I put on the note “wherever is most convenient,” and passed it back to her. She didn’t write anything back to me, the topic never came up again for the rest of the day.

Later that night was the big football game; I was in the marching band. Now I know it may sound a little weird that a cheerleader was friends with some one in the marching band, but that’s how it was at my high school. The band, football team, and cheerleaders all got along well and most of us were good friends. After the game I stayed behind to help clean the band room and I was the last to leave.

I went out to the school parking lot to find it was completely empty, except for two cars’ my car and Robyn’s car. The hood of Robyn’s car was open and she was just standing next to it, still in her uniform. When I got to the cars she said to me “about time you got out! My batteries dead and I need a jump.” This was when I realized this was a very convenient place for what we had been joking about earlier.

“Okay I’ll give you a jump but first you have to do something for me.” I said smiling at her.

“What is it, and why are you looking at me like that?” She asked.

“Just get in the back seat and I’ll tell you.” I told her.

“Okay, fine.” She reluctantly said and got in the back seat of her car. I went in after her.

“Good, now remember what we were joking about before? And where I said it would be?” I said as I put my hand on her inner thigh.

“No! Get off me you pig!” She screamed and tried to get away. But I grabbed her by the arms and pinned her down.

“Oh, come on now, don’t be like that. This will be so much easier if you just do what I want.” I said as I kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She tried to fight it, but I think she knew this was happening weather she wanted it or not. Once she finally submitted to me I let my hand go under her skirt in between her legs. I felt her panties were already nice and wet. This was about the time I knew for sure she had a rape fetish as well, or maybe she was just a submissive little bitch that liked to be forced. Either way it doesn’t matter because I slid her panties off of her.

Once her panties were off she started to cry a little. “Please don’t do this to me, I really don’t want to.”

“Oh really, if you don’t want to then why are these so wet?” I asked as I forced her panties into her mouth before she could answer. I kissed her neck and massaged her plump C cup breasts. She resisted my hand a little at first but eventually let me have my way. I broke away from her neck only to take the shirt of her uniform off. When it was off I pulled her bra down to expose her juicy tits.

She was still crying and her make up was starting to run down her face, but that just made it hotter. I immediately started sucking on one breast while continuing to massage the other. I switched the boob I was sucking and the boob I was massaging to make sure they both got fair treatment. When both her nipples were good and hard I whispered in her ear “if you didn’t want this I don’t think theses would be like this either.”

Now I moved her body so her pussy was facing me. I then took off my pants, I wasn’t wearing any underpants. Once she saw my hard boner she started to struggle to get away again, but I had her, I kept her down and forced my cock under her skirt and into her wet pussy. I actually slid in very easily.

“Oh, yeah I always knew you were a dirty whore” I said as I fucked her. “You wanna cum, don’t you, you bitch.” I said. She shook her head. “You’re gonna cum; I know you’re gonna cum because you’re a filthy slut.” She may have tired her hardest not to cum, and she may not have. I don’t care because either way I got her to cum, and much to my surprise, she was a squirter. She squirted all over her back seat. “That’s a good girl” I said as I continued fucking her until I came.

When I was done with her I took the panties out of her mouth and kept them for myself. “Well now that you’ve given me what I want I’ll give you what you want.” I got out of the car as she put the rest of her uniform on. I gave her car the jump she needed so she could get home. Just before we parted ways I said to her; “I hope you know you are my personal slut now.”

She just nodded and drove away. After this night we were still friends, she never told any one. The only change in our relationship was that I did whatever I wanted to with her, whenever I wanted to do anything with her.

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