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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England
David Miller is fourteen, and forever getting into trouble with his
teachers at Avondale, but Lady Bennett his sponsor, enjoyed nothing more
than to watch the young Adonis as he struggled to cope with the all the
pain and humiliation of his punishments.

At the sound of the wake up bell, David made his way to the cleansing
room, never minding to put anything on. Morning ablutions at Avondale are
always assisted, and he smiled as a naked Rebecca Allcot eagerly awaited
his arrival.

"Come along David!" she told him, holding an enema nozzle in one hand and
a tube of grease in the other, watching his cock react excitedly to her

"Oh, and what's this?" she asked, noticing the feint darkening of one or
two curls around the base of his cock.

"I'm sorry, I didn't notice them," David said, licking his lips as he
readied himself for their removal.

"You know we aren't allowed any hairs," Rebecca reminded him, holding his
cock tightly in one hand, while reaching with the other to pick up a pair
of tweezers, the enema nozzle now momentarily forgotten.

"Can't you just cut them off?" he asked hopefully.

Rebecca shook her head. "No David, they would grow back too soon," she
told him.

Her nails ran along the underside of his swollen cock making him jerk and
gasp and, and as the soaring pleasure swept up through his loins, she
deftly plucked out one of the hairs.

"Please!" David gasped, the pain making him tense.

"Do try to remain still, David," she murmured, smiling and stroking his
cock to renew his stiffness before reaching for yet another hair.

Once again, the pain of the hair being plucked had out caused raging
pleasure within him.

Then she was stroking him again to take the dull after-pain away, keeping
his cock rampant until no hairs remained.

"You enjoy this, don't you?" he asked.

David stroked his tender abdomen before turning to the side, and then
obediently bent over. He prepared himself for what was to follow, and
gripped the edge of the cold enamelled bath and waited.

"And you don't?" she giggled.

Rebecca picked up the large nozzle, and with fresh lubricant on her
fingers, smeared his anus. She couldn't resist feeding a finger into his
bottom, as she watched his cock jerk with his excitement.

"It always feels so funny," he admitted, his breath now quickening as her
finger turned inside him, and then slid out again.

The nozzle now positioned, she pushed it inwards. David gasped; his head
hanging down as he felt the large object slide in, the special ridges
opening his colon even wider. The very feel of it within him made his
cock lurch and he groaned, wishing he could touch it.

"There we go," Rebecca breathed.

She turned the tap on, then slid her hand between his thighs and past his
balls to run her fingers along his cock and grip it, feeling it jerk and
pulse as the water began to fill him up.

"Nice?" she asked.

David nodded, unable to talk as the warm liquid invaded his bottom and
her hand gently squeezed and tugged his cock and balls, keeping him
painfully hard.

"Remember to tell me when you're coming David," Rebecca murmured.

Kneeling down, she expertly fondled his cock and then gently moved the
nozzle up, down and around within him, listening to his little gasps and
sobs while watching the expression on his young face.

"Now, now!" David cried, a wondrous feeling rising within him.

He cried out with delight and felt his cock shooting his seed, urged on
by her warm hand until nothing was left. Only then did she turn off the
tap and let him sit on the porcelain bowl to expel the water.


David joined the others for the deportment lesson. Grouped by ability
rather than age, he was in a class with both older and younger pupils all
reacting with the same degree of awkwardness as himself.

It was hard for him to concentrate, as Joanne had just been punished and
now stood in the corner crying, her caning clearly showing across her
lovely bottom and thighs.

David stumbled twice while glancing at her, each time earning him a scowl
from Miss Davenport, the sadistic teacher.

"You're not concentrating," she told him, the cane she carried waving in
his direction, making his mouth grow dry.

"I am sorry, Miss," he mumbled, and tried harder to follow, trying to
concentrate on that and his breathing at the same time, vainly trying to
ignore the softly weeping girl.

"You, you, and you," Miss Davenport called, her finger now pointing
towards two of the girls and David.

"Remove your clothes," she told them. They obeyed, and stood naked
awaiting her next instruction.

"Now!" Miss Davenport called, clapping her hands for their attention.

They began to walk around the room carrying books balanced on their
heads, following the routine they had been taught.

David followed, but their bottoms caught his attention and as they
turned, the sight of their breasts and smooth hairless cunts caused him
to lose concentration, stubble and drop his book.

"Enough!" Miss Davenport called, clapping her hands.

David let his eyes slide down the girl's bodies, marvelling at their
smooth skin before dragging his eyes over to Miss Marshall, who was now
pointing directly at his erect cock with her cane.

"What you need David, is a lesson in self-control," she told him, a smile
on her face that all but betrayed her reasoning.

David licked his lips, feeling light-headed and a little frightened.

"Come along!" Miss Davenport said, leaving the rest of the deportment
lesson to her assistant, taking him straight to the punishment room.


Lady Bennett was already waiting in the viewing room, when David was led
into the punishment room.

Geraldine Davenport inhaled the subtle scent, remembering the pupils she
had enjoyed punishing, especially all their screams and desperate pleads
for her to stop.

"Have I punished you before, David?" she asked.

"No Miss," he murmured, licking his lips and watching enthralled as she
started to remove her clothes.

"Well David, I don't tolerate boys who can't control themselves," she
told him, smiling as she saw his cock defiantly erect again, his eyes
open wide in wonder of her lovely naked body.

"Will you ever learn, David?" she asked him sharply.

David licked his lips, his nervousness rising at the thought of Miss
Davenport's punishment lesson. Yet his worry didn't stop him admiring the
naked teacher in front of him, his young mind conjuring up how it might
feel were he ever to touch her. Knowing that Lady Bennett would be
watching David's punishment, she turned her attention to choosing an
implement from the wall.

A wooden rail had been placed parallel to the spy holes and the whole
room was covered in mirrors. The mirrors meant that everything that
happened both in front and behind the pupil could be seen, whether in the
room or through the spy holes.

Choosing a long slender and flexible cane that had been especially
imported from India, she felt its length and exquisite smoothness.

"Stand facing the rail, and watch yourself in the mirror," she told him
sternly. He took up position, his cock below the rail, just a few feet in
front of the spy holes. He stared at his reflection and felt his blood
race as he saw his mistress step up to his side.

Miss Davenport towered over him as she admired his tight bottom, and took
a fresh grip on the cane.

"Now! For your lesson, David," she breathed as she tapped his rampant
cock with her cane. Her arm rose and her wrist expertly flicked the cane

It landed with a sharp crack across his bottom, and she smiled as David
let out a cry of pain and arched, his cock jerking upwards under the rail
as if caressed.

"Nothing quite like being caned, is there?" she remarked.

"No miss," David admitted.

With a light chuckle Miss Davenport leaned against him, brushing his
shoulder with the hard stub of her dark nipples as she leant forward,
first to caress his bruised bottom, then to run her fingernails along the
underside of his cock.

She chuckled as she brought his cock to aching stiffness again, and then
stepped back to deliver another harsh stroke.

She aimed low this time, creating a line on the full underside of his
bottom, making him rise onto his toes as he cried out and shook with the

She watched, thrilled with the way his lean young muscles stood out, his
stomach drawn in and his chest thrust out. Crooning with delight, she let
her breasts brush his shoulders again as she felt the rising line of her
latest cut.

The feel of it made her sob with delight, her imagination of what it
would look like adding to the flames of her excitement as her other hand
reached down to squeeze his balls.

"That's a good boy," she told him, tempted to ease a finger or two into
his anus, just to feel how hot and moist it had become.

David sobbed, biting and chewing his lower lip while the agony and the
delight surged over and through him. Her fingers, whether on his bottom
or on his arching cock, drove him to his toes, his muscles tensing with
the sensations she caused in him.

Then she had stepped back and he had managed to catch his breath and
relax his knotted muscles, just in time to hear her tell him to lean
forward again, and present his bottom ready for the next stroke.

The third and fourth strokes were delivered quickly and both landed high,
driving him against the rail. He let out a sobbing scream, and arched in
pain, his cock bouncing up and down whilst he reached back to rub his
burning bottom, only to have his hands smacked away.

"Only two more," she told him softly, grinning as her words made his cock
jerk. "Boy's being taught self-control, get at least six," she crooned,
stepping back to deliver the next.

It crossed the earlier lines, running diagonally down across both his
bottom cheeks and brought a wail from the boy. He danced against the rail
clutching his burning bottom, only this time after smacking his hands
away; she caned both the front and the back of his thighs.

"There, there," Miss Davenport said, her heart pounding as she felt the
welts on his bottom and thighs.

He watched her in the mirror and sighed with his relief as she leant down
to caress his bottom and thighs, then stroked his tender cock.

"There, wasn't that nice?" she crooned.

David was breathless. The way that she ran her nails along his shaft
verged on agony but fell short of it, short enough to call it intense

His bottom and thighs were also in agony, and yet, when she stroked them,
trailing the ridged flesh she'd created, the sensations were like nothing
he had ever felt before. Panting for some air he nodded, every nerve,
every muscle, crying out for release.

"One more! This time a very special one," she murmured excitedly as she
retrieved a thin strap from the wall, reluctantly releasing him so she
could step back and measure her distance.

"Bend over the rail," she breathed. He tried not to whimper as he forced
his shaking body to obey. "Now part your thighs," she ordered.

David looked in the mirror, concentrating on doing as he had been told,
refusing to look towards her as she coiled the thin strap around her

Miss Davenport's eyes never left his bottom as a keen escaped his lips as
he waited for the strap to descend, some morbid part of him refusing to
let him close his eyes or look away.

Her expression tensed as she swung the strap between his thighs to land
directly on his balls.

The result made her stagger and clutch at her cunt, her eyes wide as he
jerked, howling his misery and clutched desperately at his balls.

"Please, please Miss, not there!" he pleaded.

"Let me see!" she cried, pushing him harshly back over the rail in her
eagerness to witness the way they swelled.

Still squirming and weeping, David bent over the rail again and was half
conscious of her kneeling behind him, her breath held as she caressed his

David continued to cry, but her caresses were having their affect on him,
lifting and lengthening his cock and stretching the skin tightly over the
core of hardness.

"You're such a naughty boy, David," she murmured, as she spread her
thighs and let her fingers pull at her cunt while leaning in to kiss and
lick his abused bottom, thighs and genitals.

His young scent intoxicated her, along with the warm flesh under her
tongue. Crooning, she nestled her mouth in between his bottom cheeks and
let her tongue wriggle against his anus before moving up to his cock and

Hardly able to breathe, she kissed, licked and sucked his anus, using one
hand to masturbate his cock and the other to masturbate her cunt.

David's eyes rolled up into their sockets as pure bliss overtook him, and
with a strangled cry that took all his remaining breath, he shot his seed
all over her the mirror, spurting even more forcefully than he had ever
experienced before.


By early afternoon, when the call came for him to go to Miss Ashton's
office, the pain in his bottom had calmed down a little.

However, the pain in his balls from which there had been no escape had
died to a dull ache and, as long as he didn't squeeze his thighs
together, he could ignore it most of the time.

At the door he took a deep breath and knocked, his heart hammering at the
thought of meeting the Headmistress again.

He could still vividly recall the moment at his interview when Miss
Ashton examined him, her caressing fingers causing his inexperienced cock
to erect painfully and his balls to tighten.

Lady Bennett had watched with delight as Miss Ashton slowly caressed his
bottom and thighs and then masturbated him, only stopping at the
conclusion of his interview.

"Come in," a voice said, and he put aside his memories to step in, his
heart in his mouth.

Miss Ashton was sitting at her desk, reviewing his report.

"Ah! Come in and remove your clothes, there's a good boy," she called
out, returning to give Miss Davenport's report a final glance.

He obeyed, and waited wondering nervously if he would have to undergo
some test that might see him expelled if he didn't co-operate. Slowly
rising from her desk, Miss Ashton walked over to stand right in front of
him and then looked him over.

"Turn around," she ordered.

David turned, his heart in his mouth as he leant forward, the better to
show off the welts that criss-crossed his bottom and thighs.

"Miss Davenport really knows how to cane, doesn't she?" Miss Ashton asked
him with a smile.

"Yes Miss," David murmured, gasping as her hand roughly pinched his
bottom and thighs, then began tracing the welts with her fingers.

Despite his nervousness, David felt his cock give a twinge, then rise
painfully from his balls, the foreskin unfolding as he hardened from

"I have just been reading Miss Davenport's report David," she told him,
removing her hand and then turning him around to better admire his
rampant cock, its foreskin now drawn back from the tender crown and
throbbing uncontrollably.

David blushed, his eyes fluttering as he thought of them talking to each
other, his teacher telling her how he had reacted to the things she had
done to him.

His cock jumped at the thought of her tongue licking his bottom, and
jumped again as he remembered her nails running along the taut flesh of
his manhood.

"It says here, that you are often distracted and find it difficult to
concentrate on your lessons," Miss Ashton explained, reading him an
extract from the teacher's report.

"Not concentrating on your lessons is a serious matter, and one that
usually gets a pupil expelled," she told him sternly.

"Oh, please don't expel me!" David cried, tears springing into his eyes
at the thought of having to leave the Academy.

Miss Ashton held up her hand for silence and smiled when he caught his
breath and became silent.

"However, you are obedient, show a willingness to please, and have
accepted the Academy's harsh discipline very well," she admitted.

"But you must continue to develop your abilities in other areas too," she
told him, laughing when David looked perplexed and confused.

"I will, Miss!" he agreed, not quite knowing what he had agreed too.

"Not many boys can take a punishment from Miss Davenport, and still
remain erect," she admitted. "I understand that you came strongly at the
end, did you not?" she asked.

David blushed hotly, as he remembered the powerful stream of seed that he
had shot from his tortured balls.

His cock was giving him away again; standing erect at just the memory of
all the things she had done to him. The cane had hurt him yes, but his
cock had strained for release from the punishment.

"Yes Miss," he admitted.

"You're not going to punish me again, are you?" he asked nervously,
suddenly thinking that was about to happen.

Miss Ashton smiled and shook her head.

"No David! But you will still receive punishments, and they may be more
severe than the other pupils, simply because we know now that you enjoy
them, and you will also be taught how to give pleasure to others," she

"Pleasure?" he asked, wondering what she meant.

"Yes, and your lessons start now," Miss Ashton told him.

She turned and showed him the mask she had picked up; a black leather
mask shaped to cover the whole head with fastenings up the back, the
front cut with eyeholes and a large gap for the mouth.

The nose shape though, had been extended and it took a moment before he
realised he was looking at the shape of a man's penis, thick black and
ugly, with a large mushroom head and a grizzled shaft, not at all
anything like his own little cock.

"What do you do with that, Miss?" he asked, wondering how a cock on a
mask was going to give any pleasure.

Miss Ashton smiled. She enjoyed initiating the innocent in her games, and
David looked so sweet, the young boy standing naked before her, his
bottom and thighs so beautifully lined with welts.

Going up to him she slid the full facemask over his head and slowly
fastened it, enclosing him in it.

"Can you see?" she asked, peering into the little eyeholes.

"Only just Miss," he told her with difficulty, lifting his hands to try
and adjust it.

Smacking his hands away she smiled. "That is how it should be," she told

"Now, get on your knees and follow me," she instructed.

David obeyed and shuffled round on his knees as his mistress moved back
to the sofa. Once there and still standing, she faced him and smiled then
worked at the small buttons that held her flowing dress together.

All at once, he understood the purpose of the mask and he gasped, his
cock rising with the sight of her nakedness.

Miss Ashton had undone her dress and now watched the kneeling boy as she
lifted a leg to reach into the gusset to undo the buttons. Damp with her
hunger and crushed against her skin, her touch excited her along with the
thought of what was to come.

David was watching, his sight half obscured by the eyeholes, but his
rampant cock told her he could see. She drew her dress up baring her
loins to the boy and smiled, her fingers rubbing her flesh, tingling with
the release of the tight gusset.

"Do you know what to do with the mask, David?" she asked softly, her
fingers parting the folds of her cunt which was now visible, lined with
deep pink, gleaming and tender flesh.

David nodded and the leather penis on his mask swayed up and down.

"You will drive it in, then hold it for four seconds, using your tongue
to probe at anything it can reach, then draw it out slowly before
plunging it back in again," she asked.

"Do you understand, David?" Miss Ashton enquired.

She sat down on the sofa with her bottom over the edge, and leant back
lifting and then opening her legs so her cunt was perfectly placed for
the pleasure she was expecting.

"Yes Miss," David breathed, his breath coming short and fast as his
mistress spread her raised legs and offered up her crimson gash to him.

He shuffled forward and felt his head guided downwards by a hand on the
penis stemming from his mask. It forced his head down, until his vision
was filled with the trim rounded lips of the woman's cunt and the thick
hood that rose from between them.

"Now!" she told him firmly, if a little breathlessly.

David held his breath and pushed his head down and forward, pushing the
penis into her cunt until he felt warm feminine flesh up against his lips
and his eyes crossed in an effort to focus on the flesh in front of him.

He remembered his orders and pushed his tongue out, licking and probing
without initial thought, then gasping hotly as he realised his tongue was
delving within the base of her bottom, licking the clenched knot of her

"Again!" she cried, reminding him of the four-second requirement.

David jerked and panted, trying to remember all he had to do while also
battling with his excitement. He drove his head forward once again, the
penis on his nose sliding inwards more easily, driving into the moist
clinging flesh in front of him.

He felt again the warm flesh of his mistress's bottom and struck his
tongue out, forcing it between her cheeks to flutter against her anal

Counting in his head he bathed it in saliva and probed it for entry
before the magical number four erupted in his mind and he drew slowly

Miss Ashton panted, her eyes glazed as the sensations shot inwards,
rippled, sparkled and then flowed. From the impalement to marvellous
stretch, from such an innocent tongue wriggling, to the slow outward pull
of the penis, she was in heaven.

The penis rammed back into her, the boy's face pressing up against her
crotch and she cried out and arched, a little part of her mind fighting
the urge to reach down and hold him to her.

Her cunt gripped the thick truncheon, stretched by it, and was sent into
rippling pleasure by the wriggling tongue at her anus. Shaking and on the
verge of spending, she whimpered as the fullness of her cunt eased with
the slow withdrawal of the penis.

"Stop," she panted.

David's head rose, the long and thick leather penis gleaming with the
thick wetness Hilda had deposited. The scent of her sex surrounded him,
drenched in excitement.

She recovered her breath and turned over, lifting her haunches on her
spread knees and dropping her bust to the back of the sofa, her lower
back dipped to present him with her gleaming pink cunt.

"Again!" she cried avidly, a hand between her open thighs held ready to
guide him into her eager cunt.

David shuffled forward, his eyes filled by the sight of her parted
bottom. Then he plunged the penis inwards, listening for her abrupt cry
of pleasure before angling his head so he could lick at whatever was in
front of his mouth at the time.

The penis angled deep within her, she screamed as David licked at her
clitoris without seeming to care about its tenderness.

Four seconds passed in a fraction, then the penis was slipping from her,
sliding back leaving her tender clitoris coated with his saliva and
throbbing with the aftermath of his tonguing.

She whimpered, trying to prepare herself for the next thrust, and yet it
still caught her unprepared.

On his knees but his back straight, he took a deep breath and pushed his
head downwards, his eyes on her anal ring until he was too close to focus
and he felt his nose buried in his mistress's bottom.

Then he dipped his back and pushed his jaw forward so he could push his
tongue out and swirl it over her genitals that now tasted of her sweet
nectar. Her cries told him how well he was doing, and he would push
harder and lick faster in an effort to hear her cry that much louder.

Until it was more than a cry, but a jerking of her body, first back
against his head, then jumping away, as if needing to escape his avidly
swirling tongue.

Finally, her hand pulled him away and she slumped sideways, panting for
breath while glowing beautifully.


Miss Davenport waited patiently for David, but when he didn't arrive she
took out her frustration out on little Wilma who was naked, her wrists
tied to a rope attached to the ceiling by a pulley, and her ankles
attached to brackets placed wide apart in the floor.

Wilma Brown was being punished for insolence, but Miss Davenport knew
that her father was watching and that he enjoyed seeing his daughter
being humiliated and punished, so she was whipping her with a birch rod
that had been soaked in brine.

Also in the room was Susan Wilkins, who watched Wilma's ordeal with
breathless excitement, her thighs now bent outward as she squatted on a
low stool, her muscles flexing as she lifted and then lowered her cunt on
the large wooden dildo that stood slightly angled from its base.

Miss Davenport normally used this stool as an anal punishment, but it was
now proving to be a source of pleasure for Susan who delighted in having
her wanton cunt stretched and pulled by the large unforgiving wooden

"Oh where is he!" his teacher demanded, flicking the birch once more
across Wilma's bottom and inhaling through her nose as the little girl
screamed and squirmed, a look of real anguish on her face now.

There was a knock on the punishment room door and little Wilma wept with
relief as David entered, his eyes large and round as he saw the two naked

Despite the nagging feeling he had about being there to be punished,
himself, the sight of the two naked girls made him excited, and his cock
now stood painfully erect.

"Undress, David!" she told him sternly.

Miss Davenport's excitement started to really show now that David had
arrived, and Susan sank down on the dildo and groaned, her upper body
rocking back and forth as she roughly pinched her nipples.

David's cock jerked uncontrollably, as Miss Davenport led him to the
waiting frame. His wrists were tied to the top, which stretched him
upwards and forward, and a bar across his belly kept him still, his
bottom thrust out for whatever she had in mind.

Finally his ankles were strapped down, more to stop him kicking than to
fully restrain him, and he was ready, a nervous look on his face as he
waited to see what Miss Davenport had in store for him.

"Are you ready, Susan?" Miss Davenport asked.

Susan was panting from her masturbation and sobbing with the pleasure it
had given her.

"Yes, yes," she gasped.

Lifting herself off the dildo and leaving it gleaming with residue, she
approached Wilma and undid her bonds, before pushing the girl over to
where the nervous boy was bound.

Wilma looked timidly at her mistress, her cheeks gleaming with her tears,
and shook while she was looked over.

"Good," Miss Davenport nodded.

The birching had left marks that looked even more exciting close up, and
ridges across her bottom and thighs that begged to be licked.

Susan grinned and pushed Wilma to her knees, smacking her bottom to move
her forward, until she was in front of David, his cock staring her in the

"Suck it!" She demanded, delivering another sharp smack to the girl's
already tender bottom.

Jerking from the smacks, Wilma licked her lips and pushed her face
forward. A hot blush covered her cheeks as she took the cock into her
mouth and began to suck.

David gasped as the feelings entered him, the exquisite sensations
stiffening and lengthening him in her mouth.

Grinning and giggling, Susan tied Wilma's hair to a cross member, to stop
her from moving her head away from David's cock and fasten her hands
behind her back to make sure she didn't escape.

"Good," Miss Davenport grinned.

She watched them for a few moments, and then picked up a strange dildo
that looked more like a string of beads, each connected by a column of
leather. The beads were smaller and closer together at the end, but grew
larger and further apart further along its length.

Hence, when Miss Davenport knelt to push them into David's bottom, she
met with little resistance until the third bead, when she had to use all
her force to get the next into him, by which time he was gasping, his
eyes looking around him wildly.

With a sadistic pleasure Miss Davenport drew the dildo back and forth in
his rectum as it clenched around the three-inch column of leather that
joined it to the next, impossibly large bead.

His reaction was that of others; stretching and gasping, wild eyed as the
sensations made his cock grow even harder.

"Now then," Geraldine grinned.

Picking up two leather straps, she passed one to Susan who grinned and
licked her lips. Placing themselves to either side of David's bottom they
admired the dildo that now protruded from his anus.

Miss Davenport was the first to bring down her strap, using it like a
hammer to bang the dildo harshly into David's bottom.

Whether from the surge of the dildo within him, or the painful strike of
the strap against his bottom, David was flung forward against his bonds,
crying out with the mix of sensations and sobbing as his cock was forced
to the back of Wilma's mouth.

David had just come down from his toes, panting with the strange feelings
still competing for his attention within him, when Susan brought her
strap down hard against the dildo.

David screamed, as once more his cock was driven into Wilma's mouth and
then gasped as he felt her throat working in an effort to expel him and
to breathe again.

Aware of Wilma's difficulty, he pulled back as soon as he could but that
meant his bottom was left vulnerable to the straps, that once again drove
the dildo inwards, bringing a heat to his already sore bottom, again
driving his throbbing cock into the weeping girl's mouth.

"Look! His cock is filling her tiny mouth!" Susan giggled, her body
flushed with excitement, every nerve screaming for release.

"Yes! And well spanked too!" Miss Davenport said; her eyes now alight
with an inner flame as she surveyed the colour the straps had brought to
his handsome bottom.

"One more each, then you can finish me off," she panted, her breath
quickening as she gripped her strap.

Miss Davenport swung her strap once more, closely followed by Susan to
bring a fiery glow to David's bottom.

Each one hammered on the exposed end of the dildo, pushing it inwards and
forcing David to thrust his cock into Wilma's tiny mouth where she
struggled to control herself, willing his cock to slide away so she could
swallow and breathe again.

Susan was already on the floor when David reluctantly drew his cock from
the girl's hot throat leaving just an inch in her mouth for her to
swallow around.

Geraldine squatted on Susan's face and gasped delightedly as the girl
began to use her mouth and teeth on her vulva, pulling, sucking and
chewing on her full-lipped sex.

In front of her, David's bottom beckoned.

Her hips jerked as she felt herself bitten and her breath shortened as
she pulled the tight bottom cheeks apart and gazed avidly at the sunken
end of the dildo.

His puckered anal ring glowed tenderly from its battering and she reached
for the dildo to drag it from him, her pleasure erupting as Susan once
again bit her cunt.

Exploding with painful delight, Miss davenport pressed her mouth to the
boy's anus and let her scream of delight vibrate up his colon.

Eyes wide, David gasped and erupted into Wilma's mouth. Spurt after spurt
left him driven on by the girl's tongue, wriggling avidly as she sucked
on his cock.

Both pain and pleasure competed within him, bringing tears to his eyes as
he watched the females who surrounded him.

Wilma looked up lovingly at him as she continued to work her throat
around his pulsating cock, and Susan worked to please her mistress, who
squatted avidly on her face, her own still pressed to David's bottom
where she fluttered her tongue in his anus.

Collapsing with exhaustion, his cock shrinking with the numbness of over-
use, David felt the mouths leave him and groaned.

Miss Davenport rose and crooned, licking her lips of his remaining anal
flavour, before she came to stand in front of him.

"Think we're done, David?" she teased, roughly slapping his flaccid cock
and bringing it back to life again.

David cried out in pain, and shook with his fatigue.

"You really are a very naughty boy, David! She said with a sly smile.
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