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Reiko goes to a party and discovers a new game, one that she cannot resist, one that she ends up having to play.
It was a red band, simple and discreet. Her friend had the white one. All they asked was Pill or no Pill. She answered no Pill. It was an odd question to ask at a party she thought. But held out her wrist none-the-less and entered hoping to have a good time.

“No, she wants the white one.” Chelle’s voice seemed concerned.

“Sorry, rules of the game.” He wrapped it around Reiko’s wrist and sealed it.

“What?” Reiko became unsure of her decision and looked to Chelle for assurance.

“Just keep it out of sight.” Chelle tucked it under her black fitted sleeve.

It was already close to eleven when they arrived and the party was at full steam. People staggered about bumping into each other and copping feels in the process. She knew that these parties had a reputation for sexual exploits, but that was her enticement. It was novel and tickled her interest.

One dark haired boy bumped into her spilling his drink onto her skirt. “Whoa, watch it buddy.” She shoved him off, but he smiled and gave her a two finger salute to the head.

The party carried on and the drinks were plenty, everything from a self service bar to a row of kegs in the back. She was on her third cup of jungle juice, conversing in the back yard when the shouts from inside suddenly rose above the chatter. She was curious and grabbed her friend to find out what it was.

When she stepped inside she found a girl on the table with her legs folded up near her chest. At the edge of the table was a tall, shirtless boy with his jeans dropped down to his knees. The girl had a dark tan with long hair that was splayed out over the table. Her breasts, even if hidden underneath her halter top, shook in rhythm with her body.

“Chelle, check this out. Is he really fuckiing her?” Reiko moved in for a better angle. She could definitely see his cock moving in and out of the girl. “He is. Oh my god.” She stood there watching, getting slightly excited at the sight. The girl’s skirt was hiked up around her waist exposing her from the navel down. A small tattoo just below her waistline, then completely shaved and smooth down to where her slit opened up, where the boy’s cock was penetrating her.

“Okay guess.” Shouted one of the boys, the ref, or in this case the official.

“Seven!” The girl shouted.

The boy fucking her shook his head. “Nope.”

Then the crowd roared, “30 seconds!”

“What are they doing?” Reiko was curious now. It played like a game, but she did not understand the rules. She gazed upon the sight of the cock sliding in and out, feeling the wetness between her legs increase. “Chelle, I don’t get it.”

“It’s called Size Matters. The girl has to guess the size of the cock inside of her.”

“Exactly?” Reiko looked surprised.

“No, measurements are taken and rounded to the closest half inch.” Chelle had seen these games and did not seem interested in the spectacle before them.

“So what’s with the 30 seconds?”

“If she guesses wrong the boy gets to fuck her for 30 seconds more.” Chelle headed back outside.

“Guess!” Announced the official.


“Wrong again.” This time it was the same voice, the so called official.

The boy was really going at it. She couldn’t believe it. She thought to herself that there must be more to this game. She looked around to find clues.

“Oh my god!” The boy was beginning to moan.

“Uh, oh, ten, nine, eight . . . “ The crowd joined in. “One, guess!”

“Five and a half.” The girl’s voice was short of breath.

“Oh, so close . . . but wrong!”

The boy fucking her was moaning even more. He gave a hard thrust into her and froze. He jerked and sighed. He was cumming inside of her. Reiko wondered whether or not he had a condom on, by some subconscious urge she looked at the girl’s wristband. It was white.

“So close! But it looks like there will be a round two!”

The boy slowly pulled out of the girl. Reiko tried to see if there was a condom. The room was not well lit and he pulled up his jeans too quickly for her to see.

“Who gets the sloppy seconds! Do we have a taker?”

A boy sporting a Tapout shirt came forward. He pulled down his shorts and grabbed his cock. Stroked it until it was hard. Then placed it on a ruler that the official held out and took his measurement. Once they were done, he turned and positioned himself.

“Go!” The boy slid his cock into the girl. No condom. As soon as he was comfortable he sped up. Thirty seconds later. “Guess!”

“Six!” The girl stated with confidence.

“Nope.” Thirty more seconds to go before the next opportunity.

Again, she was given the chance to guess. “Six and a half.”

The official rested his hand on the boy’s chest and stopped him. “Oh no, looks like you get to use your hand to finish!” The room cheered for the girl.

Reiko was amazed. Could she really tell the size of a cock as it fucked her? She imagined the different sizes and what they would feel like sliding in and out of her. It seemed more of a guessing game, a game of luck and chance. The girl on the table got up and left.

“Any girls out there game? Who thinks they can guess in less than one round?”

Another girl stepped forward and whispered into the ear of the official.

“Bring out the wedge!” Within seconds a boy came running into the room holding a triangular shaped cushion and placed it on the floor. The girl pulled off her jeans and situated herself on the wedge. Same as the girl on the table, but with her ass on the top edge of the cushion, raising it off the floor and into the air. Immediately a black boy kicked off his pants and got on his knees.

“Easy cowboy, let’s get you measured first.” He stood up and placed it on the ruler. Then went back to his kneeling position. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. He held out his hand to the side as if to signal something. One of the guys by the official squirted some substance into his hand. He rubbed it between his fingers before using it on his cock. Must have been lube.

“Ready? What am I thinking? Of course he is, look at him rubbing that thing on her pussy. Go!”

The boy pressed the tip in with his hand before letting go. Interesting enough, he took his time, sliding it in, pulling it out, sliding it in some more. Back and forth her went, getting deeper as he went.

“Looks like we have a tease! Will he get it in before the 30 second mark?” Reiko counted in her head and tried to figure out the progression. She didn’t think it would be all the way in by the time 30 hit.


“Seven!” She was already moaning.

“Nope, and this guy has confidence. He still isn’t all the way in her.”

The cock slid out effortlessly, but its intrusion seemed to be met with resistance as he had to push with some effort. A few more thrusts and he finally bottomed out. The girl squealed. He just let it sit inside of her until time was up.


“Seven and a half?” She had no confidence in her answer.

“Wrong! Thirty more please.”

It was like the gun fired at the beginning of a race. The cock pumped and slammed into her. He was really going at it. Mercilessly.

“Oh my god. Oh shit, I’m cumming.” The girl tensed up and then started to twitch. Reiko had not seen a girl in the midst of an orgasm and watching her made her want to finger her own pussy. She resisted for the moment. All of her attention was on the point of entry where the massive black cock stretched and pulled at the rosy pink pussy lips.

“Guess!” Time had expired but the girl was not answering. “You can guess now.”


“Nope, keep going stud!” The cock was rooted deep in her and to Reiko’s amazement, seemed to drive deeper into the girl the more it pounded her.

“Guess!” The time was flying by and this stud was starting to break a sweat.

“Oh, c’mon. Eight and a half?” Her voice stuttered as her breath was forcibly pushed out of her with each thrust.

“Wrong again, and it looks like this guy is a marathon man.” The veins on the cock were straining. A sixth sense in Reiko knew that he would not make the next marker. Fifteen seconds in, he let out a low groan and grabbed onto her thighs pulling her pelvis into his. He thrust one last time before giving up his heated cum. It unloaded deep inside of her, sending her over the edge, bringing on yet another orgasm. “Oh god, oh god.”

The boy slowly pulled out of her and let his massiveness hang, glistening in the faded light of the room. It was at least mid thigh and leaving its mark each time it hit his leg. The boy smiled and pulled his pants on.

“How big!” Shouted a voice.

“Nope, that is a violation. What if he wants another shot!”

Then the boy held up his hands and spread his fingers. That was all he did. Ten? Reiko, couldn’t imagine something that big inside of her. But she tried to imagine it and just as she closed her eyes, she could feel pressure on her panties. Someone was fingering her.

She opened her eyes. “Chelle?”

“Geesh, Reiko, didn’t think it would turn you on that much. Want to play?” Chelle teased and pushed her slightly forward.

“No way.” She held up her arm displaying the red wristband.

“They do play a condom version.” Chelle continued to push her forward.

“Really?” Reiko actually paused to think about it.

“No, well, they do, but . . . never mind. Just don’t do it. And seriously, not on the pill? Are you crazy?”

But Reiko was engrossed in her own fantasy. She was imagining whether or not she could guess the size, condom or not.

The next boy was already on his knees thrusting his cock in and out of her. He must have been Indian or middle eastern. His skin was dark and his hair long and curly. His face was darkened by the stubble outlining his chin and defining his cheeks. His arms were flexed, covered in a nice layer thick black hair. Rieko tried to guess his size.

“Five!” It was not Reiko’s voice.

“Nope. And looks like this guy is a sprinter.” His fingers clenched her hips as he climaxed inside of her.

“Round three!”

Reiko began to wonder how many rounds this could go. She looked around the room and there were plenty of guys. Even if all of them did not drop their drawers for a shot, there was plenty to go around.

“C’mon, lets get another drink.” Chelle pulled at Reiko and slowly eased her out of the crowd and into the backyard. “Here, drink this and relax. You’re going to start dripping if you get any more excited.”

“Huh, yeah, sure.” Reiko’s mind was on the game.

“Snap out of it girl, that game will get you into trouble.”

“How do you know? Have you done it before?” Reiko’s curiosity shifted from the unknown girl on the floor to Chelle.

“Well.” Chelle took long drink.

“You have! Oh my god!”

“Stop. Not so loud.” Chelle pulled her away from the group that was close to them.

“Newcomers have to play. I forgot about the game until they asked the question at the door. Sorry.”

“Sorry? Let me guess, red band means newcomer.” Reiko’s wetness began to increase.

“Keep your panties on newbie, that isn’t a good thing. Trust me.” Chelle went to grab more drinks. “Here, just keep drinking and stay clear of that room.”

Reiko heard the official. “Round Five!” She couldn’t believe that the girl was on her fifth boy. Fifth cock. Her panties were soaked. The night air kept her cool, but the heat inside of her continued to build.

“Chelle? How many rounds did you go?”

“No way.”

“C’mon Chelle, just tell me. Not like I would know if you were lying or not.”

“Six.” Reiko and Chelle turned towards the voice. “She went six rounds.” Chelle recognized the boy. He was number six. “You don’t forget when you lose the round.”

“Really? Six?” Reiko glanced at Chelle.

“Hey, look, no big deal. Nothing personal you know. Just a lucky guess.” Chelle quickly replied.

“Yeah, no biggie. Played enough to have my good days.” He tried to enter the conversation.

“Look, thanks for the walk down memory lane, but my friend and I were getting into a serious discussion.” With that Chelle pulled Reiko away and to another spot.

“How big was he?” Reiko was curious.

“Five. Now let’s change the topic.” The crowd suddenly cheered. The official announced that the girl had finally won. Seven rounds. Reiko couldn’t imagine having that many cocks inside of her.

“Hey, its past midnight! Guess what that means?”

“Newcummers!” The group shouted.

“I know we have at least one new cummer girl out there. And to make it interesting, the guy that finds her gets to go first!”

“I know who it is!” Shouted number six and pointed at Reiko.

“Well, bring her inside.” The official waved him in.

Number six grabbed at Reiko’s arm. “Dude, she’s not a newcummer.” Chelle batted his arm away.

“Prove it. Show me the wristband.” He reached for her arm and pulled up her sleeve. Her red band was exposed.

“They gave her the wrong one.” Chelle protested.

“Chelle, it’s okay. I will just choose the condom version.” With that she followed number six into the room. Only Chelle knew what the condom version meant and if Reiko was truly not on the pill, that could only mean trouble. But it was too late, Reiko disappeared into the crowd. Chelle desperately tried to penetrate the wall of people, but the alcohol interfered; she lacked the strength and coordination to make a path.

“New cummer!” The official announced. “So, do you understand the game?”

“I think so.” Reiko replied.

“Good, so since you bear the red band, you get to choose, bareback or condom.” The crowd chimed in. Reiko could her the chants. “Condom, condom, condom.”

“Condom.” She had already made up her mind and the crowd was pleased.

“Okay, we have our first condom game of the night. Now the rules are a bit different for this one. Let me explain. You get to pick a number. That number will be how many guys get to play. If you guess his size right, the next guy gets his turn. It will keep going until the last guy. But the last guy gets to continue until he cums. No guessing. Understand?”

Reiko’s buzz was strong, but the rules made sense to her. It made her wet and her heart race. The idea of multiple guys was almost too much for her, the mere idea was bringing her close to her first orgasm of the night. “Sure.”

“Okay, you get to pick the number. To be fair, we say at least five. But you can pick any number above that.

“Ten!” She blurted before he could even finish. The party goers yelled. Chelle heard the number and shook her head.

“Okay, now the crowd gets to pick the last guy.”

“Rocky, Rocky, Rocky.” It was like the movie as the voices began to sync together.

“So it is. Ten guys and Rocky is the last!” Again the crowd cheered. Reiko felt the twitch of her orgasm. She shivered in place as the sound of the room faded for a moment.

“If you wouldn’t mind taking your place.” He pointed to the wedge on the floor. Reiko stumbled our of her skirt and panties then sat on the floor and situated herself. She scooted up on the wedge until she could feel the edge under her ass. She felt exposed, slightly embarrassed. Even if she had just shaved, the public display of it all began to sink in.

“Lucky number one, get your condom on and let’s start this thing. And because condoms are said to dull the sensation, let’s make it a full minute to start with. Remember we keep score and the winner of this game is first to five!”

“Winner?” Reiko wondered what that meant. Could she actually win something? The boy was in place. Reiko could see his smile as he looked down at his own cock, positioned, ready to enter her.


The boy pushed it in. Reiko was already wet and welcomed the first cock with a low moan. It slid in and then out. Faster and faster. She had watched it from a distance and movements from outside looked a lot slower than it felt inside of her. She really couldn’t gage the size of the cock. It was in and then gone before she could adapt to the length. She now understood the difficulty of the game. Not to mention the pure pleasure it brought to her. Her focus blurred as another orgasm came.


Reiko was not ready. She was not concentrating on the game, she was lost in the feeling. “Six.” Her voice ended with a groan. She was not even sure what six felt like. Then it hit her, Chelle told her how big he was, but the memory would not come into focus.

“Wrong, thirty more!”

Reiko concentrated. She slowed the penetration down in her mind, measured the texture of the shaft and added an inch for the head.


“Six and a half.”

“Thanks, but wrong.” It was the boy that replied. He was near the end. His thrusts became erratic and suddenly he thrust his hips in and held it there.

“Oh, looks like its guys 1 and girl 0. And we know what happens if the guys win right?”

“The cup, the cup!” Shouted the group. Reiko had no idea what that meant. But a glass cup was placed next to her. The boy pulled out of her, carefully removed the condom and then drained it into the cup. Reiko was beginning to understand that there was still reason to be right even if she did enjoy the feeling of having a cock pulsing inside of her.

“Round two.”

The next guy was a short haired Asian. He looked nervous as he took his place. He massaged her clit before entering. He wasn’t fully erect, but as he fucked her, his shaft grew harder. It puzzled Reiko, did she have to guess his length before entering her? The question resounded inside of her head. No, guess its full length.

“Guess.” The familiar voice asked.

“Five.” The crowd snickered. Reiko was just being honest.

“Ooh, sorry but that isn’t correct.” The boy continued to move his hips and thrust his cock into her. Reiko’s orgasm came again.


She knew she wasn’t far off. “Five and a half.”

“Wrong again! Keep going.”

A second later she felt the cock jerk and fill the condom with its cum.

“Oh, so close. But that makes it guys 2 and girl 0.”

The next boy felt bigger and started as soon as he knelt down. She guessed six and a half, but had to continue. She guessed six. Still wrong. Seven. She was right. The boy slid out of her but continued by jerking himself off. Then he slid the condom off and emptied it into the cup. Reiko couldn’t believe it. Even if she won, the cup was filled.

The next boy was inside of her before the official said go. He sported sunglasses, a hat, and ear phones that connected to an iPod. He was grooving to his own music. She guessed wrong three times, but this jock kept going and she won on the fourth.

Boy five was tall and slender. A cautious one that started slow and stayed slow. Reiko was amazed at the various sizes. This one was skinny and long and got lucky on the first guess. Boy six meant business and came inside of her after one round. Boy seven was built, well cut with a six pack that he flaunted before entering her. He was bigger and she got caught up in the moment and couldn’t guess his size. Boy eight was black and slapped her pussy before entering. His confidence grew as she guessed wrong twice. She thought for sure he would cum inside of her, but number three proved lucky for her.

The score was now even; guys 4 and girl 4. “Because of the even number, this is the last round. But don’t worry, Rocky will still get his turn.” Reiko looked at the cup; eight loads of cum settled at the bottom. The creamy swirls remained motionless in the liquid. “Let’s kick this one up a notch. Never before has a girl been in a position to win. Let’s pass the cup around.” The crowd gasped.

She scanned between her legs to see number nine. He had dark hair and tanned skin. He looked like an island boy with a clean shaven appearance. She looked back at the cup. It was gone. She looked around above her and noticed that several guys were wanking off. One had his cock pointing towards the cup. A few moments later, he spilled his cum into it and handed it to the next guy. Just then number nine slid his cock into her.

It was a long slow slide and she figured he was easily seven inches. He hit her cervix and started to pound it into her. Her pussy was going numb. The sheer number of orgasms blurred her judgment and when asked to guess she barely mumbled seven.

“Oh, no, not right.”

The island boy was bucking hard trying to beat the clock and there was nothing Reiko could do. She resisted clenching down on his cock buried inside of her, but when another orgasm came, she couldn’t help it and knew that it was bringing him closer.


“Six and a half.”

“Doh, going the other way. But wrong.” She new the boy was close. Would she get another guess. Thirty seconds felt like an eternity. She relaxed her muscles as best she could.


She made it, did not know which way to go. He felt big, but wasn’t sure. “Seven and a half.”

“Oh no, wrong again.”

The boy closed his eyes. She had lost. By the expression on his face he was too close. Right on cue, he pushed it into her and held it there filling the condom. She could already taste the cum inside her mouth as she prepared herself for a cocktail that would surely sober her up.

“That’s it. Guys 5 and girl 4.” The crowd cheered. Reiko tried to find the cup. There were still guys jacking off and dumping their cum into it. It was a standard glass and it looked pretty full.

“Let’s let her rest before Rocky gets here.” Reiko closed her eyes and took a breather folding her legs against her chest and wrapping her arms around them.

“Done with the cup? Look at how full it is. Must be the most we have ever seen. Let’s mix it up nice.” His conversation faded as she let the buzz take over. She wanted it to be quick, but knew that she couldn’t just down it in one gulp. The buzz felt good. She wanted to focus on that sensation.

Something was entering her. She thought it was Rocky and looked up. Sticking up from her pussy was an odd looking device, it had the shaft of a penis, but on top it looked like someone had fitted a martini glass. A girl she did not recognize pushed the device into her until most of the shaft was in her. Then she swirled the cum filled glass above it and began to pour. The glass was full and Reiko thought it would overflow. The girl kept pouring. Amazingly it didn’t seem to fill. It just stayed about half full.

The girl tipped the glass upside down and dripped the last strings of cum. The martini device slowly emptied. Reiko thought for a moment, but denied the only possibility. Slowly the girl pulled it completely out of her. At the end was a cock like head and at the tip was a hole where cum stretched and dangled. Reiko’s eyes opened wide. Flashes of her purse, the condom inside, the question at the front door about the pill, the condoms in her dresser back at her apartment, the pill.

Just then the Mr. Ten fingers stepped up. His cock looked even bigger close up. He kneeled down and began to press the tip into her. He felt bigger than he looked. He continued to push it into her. Everyone was silent, the music stopped. The cum oozing around his cock made a gushing sound as it began to leak out of her. It reminded her of when she used to go barefoot in the mud and feel the wetness between her toes. His massiveness was unending as he continued to go deeper into her, into her belly, until at last he could go no further.

The crowd was chanting Rocky and his theme song was his cue to begin. He pulled back and rammed it into her. More cum oozed out. She could feel it sliding down her crack. He had a slow retraction, but a quick and hard insert. Again and again. Her head spun with confusion. She didn’t see a condom on his cock. She wondered if it mattered with all the cum already inside of her. The feeling of being filled was intense. Another orgasm was rapidly coming.

The muscles contracted and squeezed this cock buried inside of her. The orgasm hit hard. Much more than she expected and moaned louder than the music.

“Looks like she is enjoying herself! Rocky, buddy, looks like you found a winner!”

The music changed, the thrusting cock danced in synch. Reiko was riding her second orgasm and headed towards a third. She was not in control of the ride, the reality of it had left when the buzz hit her outside in the backyard. All she could focus on were the ridges that stimulated her insides, the size that stretched her. Her entire body responded on its own, her third one was close. The cock was swelling, the end was near, as the boy drove it deep into her and held it still.

Reiko waited, the cock jerked and shot its load into her. She could feel it. It jerked again. The sensation was unreal. The cum was like lava erupting in her depths. Her third orgasm came. The cock moved again. Reiko had to scream as the cock and her orgasm joined in one final climax. The boy groaned and reluctantly pulled his massiveness from her.

“Amazing! That has to be the best New Cummer we have ever seen.” The crowd cheered. Reiko laid there motionless, letting her legs finally rest on the floor. The horror that had been waiting in the shadows of her fantasy started to reveal itself.

“Reiko, you alright?” Chelle helped her up to her feet. Fear trickled down Reiko’s leg as she stammered forward. She took the skirt from Chelle and slipped it on. Then she stepped into her panties and slid them up, smearing the sticky remnants up her leg. She could feel the many boys that were still inside of her.

“Can we go now?” Reiko trembled and rested against Chelle. The buzz was wearing thin as a tear escaped and ran down her cheek.

“Sure. Let’s go home.”

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Superb, thanks for sharing.

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That was a sick & demeaning story. Why just not gang rape her it amounts to about the same.

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This reminds me of the games I use to play back in high school. Good story!!

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