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Love of Lust.
The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.
Smiling because the occupant had never ceased to amaze her and she knew he was about to do so again. He loved that little house hid away in the woodland and rarely spent a night in his luxury mansion which was the centre piece of the estate. His servants had the best jobs in the world she thought, being paid to look after their selves. They loved George like everyone who knew him did. A multi-billionaire paralysed from the waist down in a horrific accident five years ago he was still as approachable and caring as ever.

What had he planned for me this time she mused as she was now in the designated spot at the given time. Looking around there was not a soul in sight but knowing George something amazing was about to happen. The electric candle flickered three times that was the signal for the action to begin; her body shook in great expectation. Suddenly a glimmer of light began to appear a few feet away; it was coming from out of the grass. As she approached the light became stronger and the ground opened up before her very eyes. A welcome gush of warm air rushed up a carpeted stairway; her body tingled in anticipation of another amazing chapter of life with George.

She began descending the stairs as the ground which was now the ceiling began to close above her head. She smiled all the way down knowing George had cameras covering every angle; arriving at a door with a sign “Sex Shop Adults Only”. She entered finding fully stocked shelves with quite a few customers all browsing. After taking it all in she stopped at a large assortment of dildos she selected a large cock shaped one and ran her lips over it. That will have George will be smiling now she thought as he always delighted in her sexual pleasure.

She removed her long overcoat which had been needed in the chill air and asked the man at the till to look after it while she browsed. All eyes in the shop turned to admire her long sexy legs extending from one of her skimpy mini skirts which George loved so much. Her tight t-shirt complimented her deliciously shaped breasts with now hard nipples prominent. Hanging her coat up the man at the till said, “If madam would like to try anything on there is a changing room”. She thanked him with a smile adding “I must try on some of your crotchless panties they make me feel so horny”. This remark was enjoyed by all; as everyone in the shop knew what they were here for.

She was now feeling very aroused at the thought of the numerous cocks that would be soon pounding her. Before his accident she would tell George how much she loved sex and could not live without it. He would fuck her in every position and with every toy invented; although back then no other people were ever involved. She loved him so much and never ever wanted to be unfaithful. However he had remembered her words and made sure that she never went without the sex she loved so much. It was not a decision that was taken lightly; there had been much discussion and heartache. The outcome being that it would have destroyed him if she had to remain celibate by staying with him.

So a perfect solution had been reached which made both of them very happy. She would still get her sex not just any sex but sex with professional porn stars. There would be no personal attachments using all clean hired hot blooded fucking machines; experts in their jobs. Every bit would be recorded by numerous camera angles and when it was all over they could watch it together. Then as they viewed she would go about bringing her loved one to an enormous orgasm. His cock may have been destroyed in the accident but she had mastered the art of giving him anal; tonight he would be in ecstasy. Yes this was the third time that such a sex scenario had been set up; the other two were incredible could this top them?

Through past experience she knew she did not have to make any moves because the sex would come to her. By instinct she decided to take a few pair of crotchless panties and visit the changing room. The walls were decorated in erotic drawings from the Kama Sutra although one of them was covered with a large velvet curtain. She slid her hands up her mini skirt and dropped her thongs, to put on a pair of the crotchless panties. Curiosity made her feel between her legs discovering a now very wet pussy, although knowing soon it would be flooded.

She began admiring the Kama Sutra wall drawings when suddenly the velvet curtain began to open. What she saw next almost made her orgasm instantly; there were numerous large cocks sticking out the wall it was a glory hole. She and George had often talked about visiting one; he had only gone and brought one to her. She was spoilt for choice by all the cocks elevating out at various heights she opened her mouth to an uncut one at eye level. She was so excited she wanted to taste all of them as quickly as she could: praying they would not disappear.

She decided that by sucking every cock for a few seconds would also be the best way to count them as a stock check was needed. The cocks were all huge porn ones until she noticed two together at the end of the wall; they were both only of average size. What she then seen written on the two cocks both shocked and amazed her in a most fantastic way. The names Shagger and Chopper could it really be them; she kneeled down to in order to become level with the named cocks. “Shagger Chopper is it really you?” she shouted through as she squeezed both cocks. “Yes, Yes Saluta” they cried joyfully Saluta being the only name by which they knew her.

She knew instantly that George had arranged this incredible surprise. George loved taking photos of Saluta and posting them on a porn forum of which they were members; they loved reading the responses they got to the photos. Shagger and Chopper were her two biggest fans and were always commenting on her fabulous body and how they would give anything to fuck her. Unknown to her they had been in the area for a couple of days to acclimatise. George had arranged an all expense paid holiday for the pair as a reward for her loyal adoring fans.

Saluta joyfully began jerking both cocks while looking round the room knowing the cameras would catch her joyful smiles of approval. “We will tell you all about it later Saluta” came a voice in an orgasmic accent. Then almost in unison both cocks began spurting out streams of warm cumm, accompanied by loud groans of pleasure beyond the thin walls. The sperm had splashed across her mini skirt and t-shirt; after sampling a taste of both with her fingers she stripped them off and was left wearing only her new crotchless panties. Now horny beyond belief she opened her mouth to entertain a huge black cock, there were lots of different shades of cock this one was the darkest. She was trying to get as much in her mouth as she could when a hand came through one of the holes and began expertly handling her pussy. Saluta literally went weak at the knees, as the fingers engaged her clit she was at the door of an orgasm.

Suddenly both the cock and hand withdrew from any contact with her body and returned inside the glory holes postponing the orgasm. Then a slight buzzing noise could be heard as amazingly the glory wall began to rise. Within seconds all the hard cocked hunks were visible to her; totally naked they pushed a circular bed to the middle of the floor. One of them picked her up like a doll and laid her upon it. The experts went to work on her body with their tongues, nipples, neck, ears, thighs, pussy, clit, ass and toes all received treatment it was like a magical swarm of licking erotica as the tongues moved in choreographic delight.

Salutas body began jerking involuntary as a surge of multi orgasms were about to explode from her arousals which were now well out of control. The men had been told this would happen and to move back a while for the camera to get every move of Salutas. Her body began acting like she was having a fit, but it was a wonderful stream of orgasms running through her body causing her to squirt liquids in every direction. Even though she was not now being touched it was all that had happened previous which caused this magical thing to happen. She did not know where this gift had come from; but hell was she was grateful she had it. The porn guys who thought they had seen everything were all truly amazed; they had just witnessed an orgasmic storm.

Saluta began to wake from her orgasmic trip with hands gently stroking her body; it took her only seconds to remember she was still surrounded by hunks with cocks. She realised that despite having the multi orgasms she had not yet had a cock up her pussy, in fact she was still wearing her panties albeit crotchless ones. The hunks then all kneeled in a circle around her on the bed; it was at this point one of them removed her panties. One of them said to her “We have been requested to do this” then all at once they began jerking their huge cocks towards her. She marvelled at the sight of these gorgeous guys as their balls shook in unison with their cocks.

She lay back in a perfect state of sexual relaxation there must be eight of them she thought; not too worried about the correct number. She happily realised she was going to be bukkaked; the guys began making warning sounds of imminent orgasms. She reached to the nearest one to feel his balls and at the same moment his huge cock began spurting out huge sprays of hot cumm in to her face. Then she felt more squirt across her breasts and soon it was coming from every direction. It was like a liquid snow storm or even a blizzard she could feel her whole body being covered in sperm. Though unlike snow this was a welcome storm so warm; she licked her lips as the cumm dripped to her mouth. Then the hunks all in turn rotated round each putting the bell end of their cocks in her mouth allowing her to lick off all the cumm stuck to them.

After she had licked the last cock dry both Shagger and Chopper appeared; she only then realised they had not been present at the tonguing or bukkake. At the same time a TV set was brought in the room by a couple of the porno guys. It was switched on and George was visible on screen, after saying how much he was enjoying the show he added “I want to show you a couple of screen shots”. They were from the forum where she uploaded her photos; the first one was a post by Shagger which said “I would love to see a pic of you covered in cumm” then a second one by Chopper which said “I would love to fuck you when you are covered in cumm”. George went on to say “Well all your needs have been catered for so make sure you have a fucking good time” then screen then went blank.

Shagger and Chopper laid either side of her on the bed thinking the impossible does happen. The hunks had gone and left them alone she was ready to be fucked by them both; she caressed their backs as each took one of her breasts. They were just ordinary looking guys; but because of the warm communication she had had with them she wanted them to use her body however they wished. Shagger loved all the cumm and began moving both his hands all over her body massaging it in. She lay back letting him enjoy what he was doing; Chopper meanwhile was enjoying the taste of her nipples moving back and forth between each of them. She moved her hand down and took a hold of his stiff cock; although it was not porn size she was becoming desperate by the hotness of the situation to have it inside her.

She was a beautiful woman yet she now wanted these two very average looking guys more than she wanted the hunky porn guys. “Double penetrate me guys please” she said casually; all three smiled at once. Chopper pulled her to face him he wanted her pussy so badly; Shagger got to the back of her. Lying on her side she raised her top leg and pulled Choppers cock to her pussy, then feeling behind held Shaggers cock to her ass hole. “Ready boys push now” she said; both cocks sailed up perfectly.
She was in a state of pure bliss two guys who adored her body were fucking her; George who she loved more than anyone had arranged it; and would be loving it no one was hurt by it there was no cheating. Such was the ecstasy of it all Shagger only lasted a few strokes before his cumm shot up her ass letting out a huge orgasmic groan. Chopper seized the chance and turned her on her back getting between her legs. “Can I really go to town on your pussy now?” he asked. She smiled adding “It’s all yours do your damdest” With Shaggers cock out of her ass she was really thrusting up to Choppers cock which was fucking her like a jack hammer. Shagger soon become hard again and started fondling her bouncing breasts. “I’m Cumming” shouted Chopper without warning as he shot all his cumm as deep into her as he could.

She had been on the verge of cumming herself; but with the earlier multi she had stopped just short of an orgasm. “Oh fuck I am sorry” said Chopper; she just smiled and said “You fucked me good”. --------- “You must cumm, will you Frigg yourself off for us we would love to see you do it” said Shagger. “Of course I will if that is what you want, why don’t you get your tongues down to my pussy to catch my love juices and get a birds eye view at the same time”. It only took a little play on her clit and she exploded in to another huge orgasm; not as powerful as the earlier one although it was still accompanied by a deluge of squirt much to the delight of Shagger and Chopper.

The orgasm fest had taken a wonderful relaxing toll on the three of them as they lay naked on the bed together. Saluta on her back with her sex partners either side staring at her face in total admiration. The silence was broken when the man serving in the sex shop came in and handed a bag to Saluta. “George requested it” he said before leaving. She smiled as she removed the contents; it was a strap on cock. The three of them smiled together each with a look of satisfaction. Saluta shouted out “I will be coming over very soon George” knowing he was watching every move.

Saluta decided to tell her friends about her love for George. “He had a terrible accident while I was giving him a blow job” she said reticently. Shagger and Chopper produced puzzled looks simultaneously. Saluta went on “A circus was in town and George knew the owner well, it had always been a crazy dream of his to have a blow job on a tightrope”. She hesitated for a while-----------“Tell them the rest” called George half laughing through a speaker. Saluta carried on with a smile “I was hanging from the ceiling in a safety harness and George walked to the middle of the tightrope naked”. ----“The circus was closed boys by the way” shouted George interrupting. ------“I was lowered down and gave George the perfect blow job; but an orgasm is not something you should have on a tightrope” smiled Saluta. He landed hitting the safety net in such a freaky way that it left him paralysed; it was a billion to one chance.

Quickly stopping any tinges of sadness George shouted through “I always told you I was one in a billion”. “You don’t have to tell me” replied Saluta with just the slightest of teardrops in her eye. “We can not thank you and George enough” “Hush” said Saluta interrupting their show of gratitude “It has been our pleasure. I will now go to George and we will watch the tapes together; his cock can no longer function but with a strap on he can still achieve a fantastic orgasm. “ Shagger and Chopper both hugged her affectionately telling her to enjoy the present with George. Before rising from the bed Saluta took hold of each of their cocks and said “Don’t forget to think of me next time you jerk off”. With that she raised the bag containing the strap on and shouted “I am coming to fuck you George”.

Footnote.----------------Saluta and George kept in touch with Shagger and Chopper through the sex forum for about nine month until one day George declared “This is silly they are both single and doing jobs they hate.--- Why not let them come here to live and work; there was plenty of room at the mansion last time I was there”. -----It was two very happy guys who arrived at the estate soon after George’s speech: both in their fifties they were set for life. Saluta and George settled for less complicated sex lives though still very active. Shagger and Chopper would join in a couple of times a week which kept everyone happy. They would enjoy fucking Saluta and both were taught how to fuck George with the strap on; they took great delight from their mini orgies. And of course Shagger always insisted on finishing the sessions by licking the cumm from Salutas pussy. ----Saluta stopped posting pics on the forum and all the members were curious as to where she had gone.---- Chopper and Shagger carried on posting however--------declaring they were living with Saluta and fucking her regularly. They soon become known as the biggest liars on the forum: -----------but did they care?

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A Negative vote for your bullshit joke..... js-hellman posts much better and much more funny jokes. people go checkout his jokes you will laugh like hell.


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A Negative vote for your bullshit joke..... js-hellman posts much better and much more funny jokes. people go checkout his jokes you will laugh like hell.


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A Negative vote for your bullshit joke..... js-hellman posts much better and much more funny jokes. people go checkout his jokes you will laugh like hell.


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