this is an update part 2
Part 2

“Dude just take a look!” Michael said with a big grin on his face.

“Nah dude you haven’t…..”

Riki thought back to the conversation he and Michael had the other night. They were both as high as a couple of coots and discussing there deepest fantasies. Never did he imagine that Michael were to go through with this!

Riki peered in front of the door and his face dropped, “NO way dude, no way! Your fucking with my head man this aint happenin bro, fuck.”

He threw his hand out and high fived his best friend, “I told you I’d make your fantasy come true and that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

Riki was astonished and horny. In fact he couldn’t believe this was all happening but he sure was getting very excited and fast.

“Either I’m smoking some dope weed here dude or this is some fucked up shit, but you know what, I like it. Dude can I use him now?”

The two boys walked up to the toilet, and peered over into the bowl. There with his head faced upwards and his mouth wide open was Paul.

“Dude how you keep his mouth open like that?” Riki asked.

“Oh yeah just got an old mouth piece my bro used to use for football an all. Kinda played with it a bit, you know made a few alterations and shoved it in the fags mouth.”

Ricky’s face lit up. He was amazed! Paul on the other hand was more frightened than he had ever been before. His heart was beating so fast he thought he was going to have a panic attack. He wasn’t the brightest boy but he knew all to well what they had planned and it made him sick to the stomach!

Michael continued, “I made a few slight alterations on the toilet as well. Just so I could fit him in perfectly. And if I want I can remove him as well easy as that.”

Instead of water in the bowl, it was just Pauls head. There was just enough space for him and it was a snug fit. The user would like any normal toilet simply plonk himself on the seat and do what he had to do. Except in this instance the waste was not to go down a set of pipes, but instead into the mouth of Paul.

“And you know the beauty of it Riki mate?”

Riki smiled, “Go on dude!” He spat just at that moment letting a big gob of saliva fall onto the forehead of Paul. It steadily ran down his face and onto his lips and then ran into his mouth.

The two of them laughed, “Well he can’t do nothing about it. Absolutely nothing. If he tries to move his head he can’t. No room! Close his mouth, he cant! And that’s due to my ingenious mouth piece of course.”

Riki interrupted, “So what your saying is he’s forced to eat whatever he’s fed?”

“Exactly and I’m sure you’ve got lots to feed him.”

The two sadistic boys laughed with one an other, whilst Paul stared up to the ceiling fearing for his life. He was going to have to eat shit! Sweat mounted and he felt a tear well up in his eye. But there was absolutely nothing he could do.

“So how long you had him like that man, Doesn’t look comfy?” Ricky asked.

“Ohh about three hours. I fucked him a couple a times before I put him there then had one of the house slaves lock him in. He can’t move, completely secure.” He said with a sickening grin.

Riki licked his lips, he was excited about this. It had been one of his fantasies for a long time now, but never had he dreamed it would come true. That was all about to change thanks to his good friend.

Riki nealt down to the bowl and stuck his finger up his nostrel. He plugged out a big glob of sticky green mucous onto the end of his fore finger.

“Here you go faggot a little starter to get them taste buds goin.”

He thrust his finger into the faggots mouth and swirled his finger around, letting the snot fall perfectly onto his tongue. Unable to move, or close his mouth paul could do nothing but let the acrid taste of snot fill his senses.

“All of it down now!” Michael said sarcastically!

“There’s a good boy! Do as your owner tells you or it won’t just be my shit you’ll be having for main course.” Said Riki. It won’t just be shit? Paul thought, what worse things could there be to force him to eat? This was a complete nightmare he wished he were some place else, how could he endure this without going insane?

It slithered down his throat and he was glad when it was over. The two boys got up and Michael turned for the light, Riki had some final words.

“Remember what I said faggot, relish that starter, cus well if you know what I ate last night well it’s gota come out some time, and you know where ha-ha.” They both laughed as they left leaving Paul to prepare for the worst.

“No way man can’t believe I’m gonna do this. Were a couple of sick mother fuckers man, what would people think eh?”

Michael had just lit his spliff and exhaled a big puff of smoke from his mouth.

“Who cares man I’m a sick bastard, you’re a sick bastard hey everyone is. You should know me by now man I got no feelings. And neither do you do ya?”

“Course I don’t not for that little faggoty bitch anyways.”

“Good cus it’s his mouth that’s gonna be takin your stinkin shit dude, how fuckin good can it get!” He nodded his head in self admiration and thought of the depraved work he had carried out on the toilet boy, and the brilliant feeling it gave him.

He had to get his camera later and film the spectacle that would be even more embarrassing for the boy. He passed the spliff to riki, who was about to speak.

“Oh yeah. It’s makin me horny man I got some big ones stored up there today, chilli burritos’ last night man, gonna be a little bit fiery!” They both laughed at Riki’s remarks and walked into the lounge.

As they pushed passed through the door one of Michaels younger house slaves was cleaning the carpet, the hovering rang out and it pissed off Michael.

“Yo turn that thing off and fix me and riki here some drinks!” He ordered.

“Yes master!” The timid boy replied. He was at the most thirteen and had cute little wisps of blonde hair which fell just below his ears. Michael’s orders were that all house slaves work naked at all times and with this kid it was no different.

“Dude watcha avin?” Michael asked Riki as he took an eye to the sweet boy on display in front of him. “Er just a coke man!” He was far to interested in the boy to warrant a decent response. This pissed off Michael, who glared at his friend.

“A coke man. Not want summit stronger? Brandy vodka? Or even a beer you know the kinda shit we have here!”

“Yeah a beer man that’ll do, cheers.” He said whilst gently prodding at the boys naked ass. It was so soft and velvety. He cupped the boys buttocks and gently massaged them with his palms. The boy knew better than to move Michael had taught him very strict rules to abide by. If any visitor wanted to touch he had to go with it whether he liked it or not. Some times if house slaves were well behaved then Michael would treat them, so he wanted to show his master he was a good slave.

“Dude your fingers just don’t stop getting busy. You can fuck the kid later man I wanna show you summit.”

“Ok dude.” Riki replied, “And I’ll be seeing you shortly. The boy froze for a moment he hated being fucked it hurt so much. He picked up his cleaning materials and headed for the door.

“And be quick!” Michael shouted, “I’m timing you! If you aint back in five minutes then I’m shovin Rikis shoe here up yout pretty little ass!” He said laughing as the terrified boy left the room.

“Nah man these are nikes man. There new I aint havin them thrust up some kids ass hole, no way!”

Michael tutted sarcastically and set his spliff to one side. “I was only jokin man shove your cock up instead then you’ll like that. Now here look at this.”
Riki turned his attention to what Michael had in his hand, it was what looked like a photo album of some sort.

Opening the album Riki was amazed. His eyes almost shot out of there sockets. Michael pointed to a photograph of him and his father on vacation in Switzerland.

“Switzerland aint just about cheese and expensive houses you know, oh no. My dad has a very close friend over there who rears the slaves that we own. That little fella is Amish a Latvian bought by my father as an early 21st birthday present cool init?

Riki was gob smacked and continued to point at the photo, “But he ain’t got legs Michael.”

“Yeah stupid! Or arms!” He replied laughing to himself.

“Whys that then? Was he deformed from birth or some thing not sure if I’m into that kinda shit bro?”

Michael turned the page which pictured a laboratory some where beneath the swiss alps. In actual fact it was and it was where slaves could be surgically altered to meet there owners specifications and needs.

“My dad said I could have any type of slave I wanted. Any shape or form and this is what I asked for. You see the reason why he has no legs or arms is because he is to fit perfectly at the sid of my bed.”

“Why though?” Riki said confused.

“You know me dude. I like a blowjob and I like a piss and not having to get outta the bed to take one or the other suites me just fine so you see……”

Riki butted in, “I see a kinda personal slave just for you?”

“You could put it that way! But to put it bluntly the only thing this slave’s gonna be doing is well suckin my dick dry of cum and swallowin my piss.”

“When’s he getting here?”

“Like I said for my 21st. Oh am havin a big party that night booze, drugs slaves the whole shabang and your invited!”

Just as Michael was about to show riki another interesting photograph, the little blonde boy came in holding a tray with two drinks on it.

“About time faggot!” He came over and served them both the drinks. Riki couldn’t tke his eyes off the kids sweet face and innocent looks, he wanted to fuck him and now!

“Not bad faggot, not bad at all. Now show me pink I wanna see that pussy of yours. I wanna see that you’ve been workin on it good and proper.”

In an instance the cute boy placed down the tray and turned around. Steadily he knealt downwards and assumed doggystyle position on the floor. His beautiful bum spread open and in full view came his lucious puckered ass hole.

“Now pucker that rose bud, show me some wink!” Michael commanded and gave the boy a few kicks to get him going. The boy began to clench and uncleanch his hole and it moved in and outwards in a nice slow rhythm.

“Wow man! Let me feel dude!”

Riki rushed downwards and placed his fingers on the boys ass hole. He prodded and toyed with the puckering hole. All whilst the boy strained to do a good job and please his master.
First he inserted one finger, and then two and he began to fuck in and out.

“So you like my boy Riki?”

“He sure feels tight man, he ever been fucked before?”

“Are you jokin this bitch has been done each and every way possible. Black men, dogs you name it he’s had it?”

Riki looked confused whilst he worked his fingers into the orifice of the boys abused hole, “But I don’t get it he’d be like well loose by now. I mean nigger dick and dog dick the boy should be bucketed by now!”

“Ahh well!” Michael replied with a smug grin on his face, “There’s a reason for that, but I’ll let you in on that another time.”

“Oh well I’m gonna fuck him anyways am horny man. And then perhaps I’ll take my big shit in that faggots mouth, oh yeah forgot about that.”

Michael picked himself up from the chair and headed out of the door, “Cool man. I’m takin a shower give us a shout when you fucked this bitch and I’l get my cam ready don’t wanna miss our little toilet fun for the world.”

“Of course can’t wait either.” Riki said whilst he unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. His big fat cock sprung out almost nine inches, the boy gulped at the prospect of having to take it all I nbut he would!

The boy squealed as Riki pushed him forwards to the couch. “You heard what was said bitch! I’m gonna fuck ya good and hard and then you can fix me summit to eat!”

“Yes Sir!” He said as he felt Riki prize apart his legs. His little cock and balls dangled freely from behind, he looked so cute and fuckable. Riki licked his lips in ore at the prospect of fucking him.

“Sir, can I ask you a question?” The terrified boy asked. He bit his lower lip knowing for full well that he was never to speak out of terms.

“Yeah what is it?” Riki said as he toyed with the boys ass hole. It felt so good to run the length of his cock up and down the slit. His asshole was hairless and the pink hole was as tight as could be.

“Is it true that the boy in there…well I’ve heard…….”

Riki stopped him and pushed the tip of his dripping cock into the boys hole, he yelped at the pain it stung but he held still, “Yeah heard what?”

“Well some of the other boys have been askin? Is it true that my owners made him into a toilet, a human toilet?”

“Yeah and….you want in on it too?” He joked, “Cus if you want I’ll arrange it for you just one word and Michael will do it for me one word.

“Oh no please no not that, anything but that…….”

“Well you shut your fuckin mouth whislt I give you a good fuckin and perhaps I wont mention it!”

“Yes sir?” the boy feared the worst, he had to please Riki now to his fullest capabilities. So he rocked back on the cock, and settled himself on the massive organ.

“Ohhhh yeah there’s a good bitch, that’s it!” Were Riki’s words as he smiled in lust for this thirteen year old boys tight ass. He gradually picked up pace and began fucking him wildly. He loved the feel of a tight ass hole, gripped around his huge cock, it gave him the feeling of power.

The boy rocked backwards onto it riding it like a whore. He felt his own cock grow as Riki’s bashed against his prostate in a fast rhythm.

“Ohh yeah take it you bitch, take it you fukin fag!” He gripped the boys neck and thrust it backwards. The boy moaned as Riki began to roughly fuck him. He shoved his fingers in the kids mouth and mounted him like an animal. All thre sounds that could be heard in the room were that of Ricky’s giant, egg sized balls slapping the boys ass again and again as he fucked mercilessly into him.

“Take it bitch, come on fuckin take it. Ride my big cock!” He screamed in ecstasy! This carried on for a further ten minutes until he felt Ricky’s cock stiffen. He unloaded copious amounts of cum into his as hole making sure he bunged him up with it good and proper.

As Riki dismounted him the boy crumpled on the sofa with Riki slapping hi sass a few time for good measures. “adda boy, good fuck you were, I’m pleased!”

The boy regained his breath and quickly assumed an upright standing position, it was his duty as slave to meet the requirements of guests, and that meant as soon as they were done with him he was ready to offer them any other requests.

“Thank you sir, could I offer you anything now, you said you would like something to eat?”

Riki slumped in one of the chairs still half naked. “Yeah but first come and suck my cock clean. I don’t want your dirty ass slime on my cock.”

“Yes sir.” He said and scrambled on his feet between Ricky’s legs and began working on his cock.

Meanwhile Michael was upstairs and had just finished his shower. He had donned his comfy dressing gown and was currently making a call to his father. Underneath him crouched down was one of his personal slaves whose name was Marcus.

“Make sure you get the cream right between the toes boy!” Michael barked to the boy in a rough tone.

“Yes sir.”

He expertly applied the cream and massaged and worked it into Michael’s toes and within the grooves of his feet. Michael enjoyed nothing more than to have a slave massage his feet, it wasn’t all sex for him but sometimes a little bit of tender care.

Marcus had been promoted just recently to his personal slave and he was glad of it too. Before hand he was just one of the stable boys and that meant he had to sleep outside in the barn where it was cold. Now he slept in the house and got a decent meal each night, if he performed his duties correctly.

“Do you know Marcus….”

“Yes Sir?”

“I didn’t tell you to stop!” His eyes lit up and the worried boy quickly resumed his work, he thought it strange how his master was asking him a question. Normally he’d just get ignored.

“I guess you and the rest of the slaves have been asking questions eh?”

He pretended not to know what his master was talking about, and bowed his head from view. “Look at me when I’m talking too you!” Michael flicked up the boys cute chin and gazed directly into his eyes.

“I asked you a question and I expect an answer.”

“But sir…I’m not sure what your talking about, really?”

Michael slapped the boy twice with his back hand, sending him off balance and a little shocked. “Don’t play dumb with me Marcus or it will be you in that toilet!”

“I’m sorry sir I just…I was afraid I would say the wrong thing…… and you would be cross with me that’s all.”

Michael huffed bringing his toes away from the boy. “Always say the first thing that comes to mind boy, speak your mind in future.”

“Yes sir.” He said softly thankful that his master was not to punish him.

“And now you can continue……….”

He steadied himself and bowed down to the feet of his master before beginning.

“Well the others have just wondered who that boy in the toilet is? We have never seen him before and don’t want to end up like him Sir. In fact everyone is real scared you’ll do the same to us.”

Michael smiled wickedly, he loved the power he had over his slaves and the torment that they were going through. “I’ve just had a thought hey Marcus.” He decided to be very cruel and had come up with a little game for the young boy to participate in……..

Paul felt cramped in his little toilet hole. His jaw ached from the pressure of the mouth gag and he yearned for some water. He was so thirsty. He thought things through again and again in his mind. How was this all happening to him? Were they really to go through with this? He knew a lot of sick shit happened in the world but this? It was beyond comprehension.

He could barely move his head from left to right and just stared upwards at the vacant ceiling and the grey tiles in front of him. He had no notion of the time and had built up a steady sweat which soaked his body. He was naked and the toilet was cold but all his anxieties had made him hot and bothered. He began to cry tears falling down his cheek.

It was then that he heard noises from outside and the door slowly creaking open. The light was switched on and Michael peered his face around the door.

“You still awake fag not dozed off dreaming of your dinner have you?” Riki laughed at Michael’s joke and the two teenage boys made there way over to the toilet basin. Paul was livid how could they joke like this? Asleep that would have been a miracle, what person thinks of sleep when they are about to be forced to eat human shit.

He made a few muffled sounds, prevented from speaking due to the mouth gag. “Awww baby not able to talky walky.” Said riki who admired himself in the mirror.

Michael stood legs apart in front of the toilet seat and gazed down directly into the eyes of Paul. “I know your going to enjoy this Paul so chin up eh! First I wanna offer you a little drink!”

Paul was so thirsty and was glad to here those words from Michael. But it didn’t last long. He began to squirm with a lot of wasted effort, his cute innocent face began to shake.

“Awww did baby think I was gonna give him water?”

He continued to writhe but to no avail. He couldn’t speak or move it was useless. Riki hearing Michael’s sick words came over too and patted his friend on the back.

“Your doin some mighty good work there buddy. Go on giv him a little taster. Hey he’s had my boogers for starters, your piss for mains, and then well Shit will be desserts. A strange order of things but hey I don’t think he minds.”

He knelt down to the frightened boy and flicked his ears a couple of times. “Do you faggot you don’t mind what order we feed you, just as long as you get it ha-ha!”

Michael unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor. Then he removed his boxers. All the excitement had made him hard but he needed to piss real bad. Paul gulped at the size of the big drooling cock in front of his eyes. It was so big, and the bulbous head a deep purple colour. It throbbed and Michael toyed with it in his hands for a moment.

Gradually he knelt down and rested the tip of his cock onto the lips of Paul, “Tongue out and give it a lick.” Were his words.

“Yeah right in his piss hole.” Riki added. Paul complied and stuck his tongue out and gingerly ran it up and down the slit of Michael’s cock. It tasted awful and the stench was vile.

“That’s it fag. Now you better drink all of my piss. If you drop one bit, let one drop fall out of your mouth then ill send each and every person in this house, lining up in order one by one to take a shit in your mouth. How’d you like that eh?”

Paul froze he was out of his mind with worry. So he gladly took up Michael’s warning and made sure the opening to his throat was free to take in the acrid urine he was to be given.
He made a few sounds and lightly nodded his head, with that Michael began to piss.

“Ahh that feels good real good.” Michael said in his proud stance. He stood over the toilet bowl like he was a man wedding his wife he was that proud. Instead lay a suffering fourteen year old boy beneath him. With his mouth open he was the make-shift human toilet hole!

For Paul it was dreadful, he could do nothing. He was bound and could do nothing to break free. The piss seemed never ending and he drank every drop of it as instructed by his master. Unable to open and close his throat it gushed down and at one point he thought he might splutter it upwards and vomit but he managed not to.
Perhaps it had been an idle threat he thought? No not Michael he was a sick bastard he’d do anything for sexual gain.

Michael sighed, “Arghhh it’s nearly up man. And there was me thinking I could go on for longer.” He tugged at his cock letting a few remaining drops flicker down onto Pauls face.
Paul felt his gut heave and his face stung from the acidity of the piss.

“Not to worry man.” Riki said, first removing his jeans and then his boxers. “I need to take a whizz too step aside! He can have seconds for good behaviour.”

“One sec dude I just wanna do one more thing.” With that Michael knelt downwards and wiped his big floppy cock, stinking of sweat and piss over Pauls face. The boy squirmed beneath it and for a second Michael popped it into his mouth. Riki signalled to his friend to move to one side and hopped up and down,

“Dude I’m gonna burst. Don’t wanna get it on you, move aside so I can get the fag!”

“Oh shit, yeah.” Michael moved and riki stepped up, he really was bursting. With out warning his piss shot out and he directed it right down Paul’s throat.

“I really needed that! Was saving it up!” Paul took what he could but unfortunately for him he could take no more and he spewd. A moment later he barfed up, and yellow piss mixed with other grotesque things from his stomach spewed from the side of his mouth.
But Riki continued to piss and it wasn’t until a minute later that it finally let up and the last trickle fell into a few final drops. “Fewwwwww. That was good!”

Riki came within an inch of Paul’s face, “I’d pat you on the back for that faggot but don’t fancy getting my hands covered in piss.”

Michael laughed at Ricky’s remarks whilst he opened the side cupboard and retrieved what looked like to be a camcorder. “And I bet you thought we was gonna stop there didn’t you?” He said sarcastically as Paul regained his breathing and was brought back around to his surroundings.

Next thing he knew Michael was dangling the camcorder by its strap in front of his eyes and swaying it from side to side. Michael peeked his head round!

“And you know what time it is now!”

“Time for him to taste my shit dude that’s what fuckin time it is.” They both high fived each other as teenagers do. Pauls heart raced so fast he thought he were having a heart attack. NO! They were about to shit in his mouth, first piss, and now shit? How on earth could he do this? How on earth could anybody do this?

“You got the camera ready?” Riki asked.

“Sure thing, ready now! Michael said eagerly and pressed the record button. He aimed the camera downwards to get a final look at the sufferers face before his inevitable fate.

“Any last words from the fag?” He put his hand to his ear humouring the boy, and edged closer. “I guess not then ha-ha!”

Just small yelps exited Pauls mouth. Nothing more! Riki strained and felt bowel movements from within himself. It was going to be a big one he could feel it. The time had come and all was ready, he trod over to the toilet basin and clambered up over the seat.

He plonked himself down and Paul for the first time saw the horrid, putrid smelling ass hole before him. Ricky’s ass was hairy and his rosebud hole was puckering with the need to shit. He strained once more letting a big fart out. Paul unable move could do nothing but inhale the foul stench and he coughed as it almost suffocated him.

Riki was definitely enjoying it. His big floppy cock and balls dangled beneath and Paul had a clear view of them as they swayed. “Ohh am getting hard faggot just thinkin of this. Who would have thought that all this were to come true eh?”

He let out another fart, this time wetter than the last, “And I think it’s about time to let last nights dinner go down its toilet hole.”

“What was it you ate last night dude?” Michael asked smiling the camera in his hand.

“Oh ya know, burritos, cheese and cake the hole lot really.”

The two sadistic boys found it hilarious, and not long after Paul’s heart really did begin to race faster than it ever had before. He gazed upwards as the beginning of one big shit emerged from riki’s hole. Slowly but surly he felt it touch his lips. With no movement left or right, and his mouth fully wedged open he took the tip of it into his mouth. The sloppy mess fell on his tongue and before long his mouth was engorged with the vile excrement.

He panicked realising this was it, this was the end. He had succumb to such a low that he barley felt human anymore. He bit into it and chewed the disgusting mess. It had a nutty taste and a thick gooey slime coated the outer parts of the shit as he chewed.

“Ahh there we go dude. Number one out! You hear me faggot that’s just the frist one wait until you see what else I got to giv ya.” Riki’s evil words echoed out in the bathroom whilst Michael expertly filmed the whole spectacle. His cock was now rock hard and jutted upwards from his groin. He could have cummed right now whilst shitting in Pauls mouth. The thrill it was all giving him was immense his ultimate fantasy had come true.

Paul had never tasted anything so bad in his life he felt inhumane, degraded, humiliated worthless. Like an animal pawned in a ring and tangled in a webb of two teenage boys sick and twisted fantasies. He chewed down the reminder of the first log and was horrified to se that the second one currently emitting from Ricky’s asshole was much thicker and more slimy. Gradually it fell slithering into the confines of his mouth. He began to chew!

“Dude this is so hot man. Like the best thing ever.” Riki said hooting to himself.

“And after he’s done eatin his dinner, he can lick you clean too.”

“Sure fucking thing he can.” Riki said agreeing with Michael. He stood up and turned around gazing down at Paul he was met with a horrid sight. Tears fell down Pauls face shit covered his cheeks, lips and teeth, and still he had some left to finish. Riki completely subdued in this brilliant moment, jerked his cock back and forth. His full balls ached for release and his cock throbbed with his movements.

Moments later he orgasmed and ropes upon ropes of cum flew out of the end of his cock, right onto the cute face of Paul, although all he was now was a fuck pig who had well and

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