Daryl has just been sent to a young offenders what he finds will destroy him forever.
Daryl was led up a cold corridor, the draft bade through and rasped his face. It
was cold and dank. A putrid smell rose and fell around them it was disgusting.
Officer Malinski took hold of the fifteen year old boys jacket and marched him
into a cell just at the end of another set of cells. He thrust him inwards and
the door was slammed shut and locked behind him.
He felt very nervous and it wasn’t until a small lamp light was switched on by
an obscured figure to the rear of the room did he realise where he was.
“Yo who you kid?” The tall broad shouldered figure said. The boy lit a cigarette
and his expression was one of contempt for Daryl.

“Er I’m Daryl I just got here today.”

The taller boy leaped forward to get a better look at Daryl. He paced around him
clockwise making the unfortunate new boy feel very nervous.

“You got any cigs?”

“No!” He responded sounding very scared.

“Food?” He asked again.

Daryl said nothing and hung his head he was shaking now and although it was cold
felt himself becoming ever more anxious as the larger boy went on.

“I asked you a question yo got any food.”

“Er sorry no I haven’t.”

The larger boy who knew he had Daryl where he wanted him sat down comfortably on
the bed and arched backwards. He stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray and
folded his arms behind his head.

“It’s yo first time right?”

“Yeah!” He answered, still with his eyes away from his new assailant and cell

“Well how long yo got?”

“Two years.”

The boy leapt up. “Two years what ya do rob a bank or some shit kid this here’s
young offenders. Wohaa you in for a long stretch for two years kid.”

He spread his legs. He was wearing a pair of shorts loose and billowy and an
orange t-shirt. Daryl noticed a scar above his left eye which ran down the
length of his cheek. He wondered whether he got that before he came to prison?

It was silent neither of them spoke, The other kid played with a pack of matches
lighting one after the other and throwing the ends onto the floor. Daryl peered
around the room. One small window which was tinted black was in the far corner
of the room. Next too the bunk beds was a small toilet with no seat. And too the
side of it was two packs of toilet roll.

Daryl needed the toilet real bad but felt too scared to use the toilet in front
of the other boy, in fact he was too scared to even move. How had it come to

“What’s your name?” He asked trying his best to become friendly with his new

“The names Jones but people call be Shifty.”

“Why’s that?”

“Cause I can shift anythin for ya?”

Daryl was somewhat dumbstruck. He was a white middle class boy thrown inwards
into the confines of a prison with a bunch of people who came from harder
backgrounds poorer lives than he did. He was unfamiliar with the slang.

“Sorry I’m not sure…….?”

Shifty butted in, “Yo means I can get ya anythin ya want. But it’ll cost ya.
Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs yo name it?”

“Ok!” He responded and put his jacket to one side. He dumped his small bag to
the left and sat down on the bunk bed beneath Jones. It was then that the tone
changed in Shifty’s voice and he leapt from his bed. Daryl darted his eyes
upwards and leant backwards moved by his cellmates sudden burst of anger.

“I didn’t say yo could sit down did kid. Get up!”

Daryl did as he was told not wanting to piss off shifty anymore than he already
had. Without warning Shifty began to pat him down and ordered him to stand
still. “Don’t move yeah. I’m just checking if yo get anythin on you.”

“I don’t trust nobody especially an new comer. How’d I know ya not workin for
someone else in here.” He proceeded to feel up Daryl first his trousers, his
ankles and then upwards to his crotch. Daryl was a little shocked when Shifty
grabbed hold of his cock and balls and gave them a tug but he stood still to
frightened to say anything.

“Oh am not fuckin gay dude. I just know a guy can keep anythin where he wants
and am not afraid to touch where I want understand?”

“Yes!” He fathomed a small mumble and gulped.

“Oh an one more thing before we get to know each other a little better. This is
my cell comprende? And you’ve been put in on my turf. So if yo think that you
gonna be doin shit ya own way then you better get one thing straight punk. You
do things my way!”

Daryl was gob smacked. His first day in this dank hell hole and already he was
being bullied by another inmate. But he was a small boy in comparison to this
shifty and could do nothing about it. After he had finished patting him down
shifty ordered him onto the bottom bunk it was late by now and he anted some
Some minutes later when all was quiet and the lamp had been turned off shifty

“Hey kid you awake?”

Daryl could have been anything further from asleep. He had been toiling around
in his own mind everything that had happened so far. He was anxious ands scared
but brought him self enough courage to answer shifty.
“Yeah I’m awake.”

“Good. Then I got one more thing to tell ya kid. You know how I said I run the
racket in here anything you want I can get?”


“Well some of the guys in here like well how should I put it get real horny from
time to time with no bitches around so ya know we have to make some sacrifices.
And to put it bluntly well I can get anything anyone wants. And some of the guys
in ere like boys like ya self are made the sacrifices.”

“I don’t understand shifty?”

“Don’t worry there aint much to it kid. There’s not a lot for you too
understand. Just that I’ll be pimpin you from now on and if you don’t like it
then ill sure as hell put you in the infirmary for a week you understand?”

Daryl felt a tear build in his eyes his emotions were all over the place right
now. Shifty began to get angry and asked him once more.

“I said do you understand?”


“Well then say it. I’m Shifty’s now, and I’m his to be pimped out?” This kid was
evil how could he do this to Daryl, he felt so scared.

“I’m Shifty’s now and I’m his to be pimped out.”

He then broke into a rally of tears. Shifty smiled wickedly giving his big cock
a tug and feeling his sweaty balls, he felt the power and control come over him.

“Good. Now get some sleep. I’ll be introducing you to your first client
tomorrow. And all the other boys to. Just think of it Feltham’s got it’s very
own new little cock suckin bitch, and he’s all mine. Well now that you’ve agreed
to it.”

He laughed and turned over, Night night honey sweet dreams.”

But Daryl was to upset to respond back and just curled up into a tight ball
trying to figure out a way out of this hell that he was now apart of. How had he
agreed to this? How had he let this bigger boy abuse him like this? Was there
anyway out?

Later that night Daryl woke up. Sweat poured down his body and glistened in the
light it must have been morning now as a heavy stream of sunshine came in from
the window.
His head was disorientated and his mind had been a whirlwind of anxious thoughts
all the worries of what was going to happen to him.
He remembered at some point during the night waking up to the screams and moans
coming from other cells on the corridor. The shouts ran through his mind like a
knife impaling him, how frightening all this was to him.

He opened his eyes to see an angry shifty standing upright in front of him

“Yo did you touch my toilet paper last night bitch?”
He said pointing to the half empty toilet roll next to Daryl on the edge of the
His face dropped and he looked to Shifty for reassurance.
“It wasn’t me mate honest?”

Shifty leapt forward and grappled at the younger boys neck he took hold of him
and began thrashing him about in and aggressive manner.

“Who else done it then you fuckin faggot? How else would any con have been able
to get into our cell?” Answer me!”

Daryl thought about it fro a moment and knew he had been set up by Shifty. He
knew he had set him up just so he could punish him now.”

“I’m telling you the truth I didn’t use any of it honest.” Although he wished he
had he had awful stomach cramps and needed to take a crap real bad.

“Lets get one thing straight. You don’t touch my stuff. You never touch my
stuff! And for that you will be punished right now.” He smirked at Daryl for
full well knowing that he had planned this whole altercation.

Daryl could do nothing in this predicament. His second day now in Feltham
institution and it could not have been any worse.

“Up on your feet faggot!” Shifty bawled towards him spit running from the sides
of his mouth in anger. He sure had one stiff upper lip mentality and Daryl just
wasn’t used to any of this.

As he rose shifty slapped him in the face. He backhanded him three times and
before he knew it he was on the floor beneath Shifty’s feet. He began to
repeatedly kick the boy in his groin again ad again without mercy.

“This’ll teach ya to mess with my stuff.”

Daryl groaned as yet another blow rained down on him. He tried to bring himself
to his feet but it was no use and instead he curled into a ball defending
himself with al that was left in him.

“Now get the fuck up before I really put you somewhere you don’t wanna be.”

Daryl wearily stood up and cupped his face with his hands. He was crying pretty
hard now much to the humour of Shifty.

Suddenly Daryl heard the hustle of boys leaving there cells as one by one the
prison officers unlocked the cells.

“Now clear them tears away and stand straight when officer Malinski comes in. If
he suspects anything I’ll throw you to the biggest meanest faggot bashing con we
go in here. And believe you me you don’t wanna run into big Trayner he’s one
mean mother who’ll gladly take his pride in fuckin the shit outta yo virgin ass.

The door was unlocked and the two boys stood to attention. The burly prisoner
officer that was Officer Malinski bode forwards. He snarled and his moustached
face and fierce eyes did nothing to reassure Daryl that everything was gonna be

“New boy number!” He shouted.

And somehow out of somewhere after the beating he had just endured he managed to
say his prison number. “467856!” Sir.


“678943!” Sir. And with that he left the two boys.

Shifty turned towards Daryl. “Now listen it’s your first day, so I’m gonna show
ya the ropes and introduce you to a few of the boys who’ll you’ll get to know a
whole lot better come the end of your time in ere.”

“Understand?” He screamed.

Daryl nodded and shifty took hold of the boys wrist. “Come on then, it’s shower
time.” He smiled wickedly and his big yellow stained teeth showed. Daryl felt
his heart race and followed his new man out of the cell and into his new world.

It was sometime afterwards as the big burly shifty led Daryl down the isle to
the shower rooms that the realisation really began to set in.
Here he was a young and innocent teenage boy succumbing to the wrath of an older
prison inmate. Here he was locked up In prison for two years and if it couldn’t
have been any worse he had just been made Shifty’s prison bitch.

His stomach ached and the cramps grew stronger. He darted his eyes from right to
left trying his best not to look into the mean eyes of the snarling boys which
passed him. Some where smaller than he others bigger, but one thing they all had
in common was that they were all cons.

He noticed one boy who passed, shaved head, stiff upper lip and eyes that said
I’m in charge here not you. He also noticed the swinging dicks and balls in the
pants of some of them. They looked huge to him much bigger than his own pathetic
penis. And here he was for the first time in his life having to get naked in the
showers with them all.

His nave lookout on all this really did give him the belief that somewhere and
somehow the prison guards would put a stop to all this? But as Shifty led him
into the shower rooms that was not to be the case.

There must have been around ten to fifteen boys at that given time using the
showers. One boy passed Shifty and high fived him, with his own big swinging
cock pulsing outwards, protruding from his crotch.

“How’s it hangin dude?” Shifty said ironically to his friend Nelson Bridges.

He pointed downwards and grinned. Daryl noticed how huge his muscles were how
had he got them so big like that? In comparison to his own they were like
muscles of a wrestler or comic book hero.

“Very hard man. Very hard. Yo seen the new bitch they just brought in. Oh fuck
the big niggers havin his way with him right now!”

Daryl’s mouth just gaped open wide. Was he hearing this boy straight?

Shifty continued, “Nah not seen him yet he cute Nels?”

“Sure thing he got me hard eh. Just look at my fucker am ready to spurt right
now. Old Delroy sayin I can have a go on the new bitch afterwards. But say whats
this cute lilt hang ere Shifts?”

Nelson pushed passed his friend to take a better look at Daryl. He took a light
hold of his chin and flicked his face upwards. “He sure be cute when he come

“Just last night and hands off he’s mine!” Said Shifty glaring at Nelson.

“No worries dude I dun want ya merchandise well not yet anyway ha-ha!”

Without warning shifty clicked his fingers in the direction of Daryl who stood
there dumb struck like it was his first day of school or something.

“Clothes off now.” He ordered.

“And you my friend” he said ignoring Daryl and turning to Nels,

“Shut the fuck up and move ya big swinging dick onwards to some other bitch.”

The two boys laughed obviously old acquaintances who had a certain way to go
around each other. For Daryl he was just beginning to learn the horrors that
awaited him. And with his thoughts turning around like a screw he had forgotten
to strip down.

“Mother fucker. I wont ask you twice.” Shifty said removing his own pants and

Daryl was nervous real nervous and as the hustle of boys rallied round him with
the majority getting a good old glimpse of the new meat that had just come in
his heart well and truly sank.
And before he could even begin to think clearly his eyesight was drawn to the
massive impending penis which shot outwards as Shifty stepped out of his boxers.
It swung from side to side in all it’s glory. Shifty smiled nastily at Daryl as
he pulled off his own boxers to reveal a rather smaller penis beneath.

“And that’s why you’re the bitch Daryl. Just look at that thing it’s like a
fuckin clit or something.”

Daryl felt ready to cry but before he could Shifty slapped his ass a few times
and ordered him into the confines of the showers. Where could he run to now?

Shifty grabbed Daryl’s arm and thrust him forward butt naked as he was into the
shower block. A few of the boys stood round washing and cleaning themselves but
a few stopped to take a look a Daryl as his small frame and cute little face
came into view.
He was thrust under the shower head by Shifty and he felt the warm water trickle
over his body. He gazed downwards not daring to look upwards at any of the boys.
“You’ll get to know this patch real well sweetie.” Laughed Shifty whilst he
washed his big meaty cock head with a flannel. “Oh yeah all to well!”

“In fact for your knowledge I don’t think there has been a day since I’ve been
locked up that some faggot hasn’t been getting his ass fucked in here in the

“Where are the prison guards?”

Shifty glared and ran the flannel beneath his big hairy armpits. “You don’t need
to worry about that. All you worry about is how ya gonna serve the boys in ere

Before he cold reply he heard inevitable screams coming from the section just
left of him. A number of the boys gathered round to see what all the commotion
was. Shifty grabbed Daryl and brought him to the front of the line knocking a
few guys as he went.
“Watch the fuck where you goin boy?” Glared a tall white boy with a mean haircut
towards Shifty.

“Shut the fuck up Dozer.” Was his reply and the taller boy backed off to let
them through. And sure enough as Shifty had said to Daryl just moments prior was
a big bulking black boy on the shower room tiles doggy fucking some blonde white
boy in his pussy.

“Whoaa that’s the new kid Nelson was talking about. Damn no wonder Delroy picked
him up first.”

He grinned at Daryl. “That’ll be you in not so long so take a good hard look at
your future. Get it hard? Cus that’s the big fucker that’ll be fuckin your sweet
pussy come lunch time eh boy!”
He laughed sadistically, and Daryl could do nothing else but stare on in
amazement at the spectacle in front of him.

“Yo Akende.” Shifty said to one of the other African black boys next to him who
had been watching before they came.

“yeah dude?”

“How longs Delroy been workin on him?”

“Bout ten minutes. Just started the fuckin now. You missed it before was fuckin
the kids mouth so hard into the wall I thought he was gonna die or some shit.”

For once Shifty himself became a little jealous. Most of the cons in here knew
how respected Delroy was in fact he was probably the biggest meat head in there.
And shifty felt a little jealous because of this.

“Well you know Delroy I’m surprised he didn’t put the kid in the infirmary he’s
done it before.”

The tall kid Akende who was blacker than black took a glance at Daryl. He licked
his lips and motioned for him to go over to him. His big black fucker swung and
the bulbous purple head glistened with pre cum.

“Don’t talk back to Akende!” Ordered Shifty who shoved Daryl forwards to the big

Akende took him in his arms and gripped his shoulder blades with his coarse
hands. Daryl was really frightened now but could not take his eyes off the
fucking before his eyes.

About ten boys had gathered round to watch now. And Delroy sank his big fucker
again and again into the blonde boys ass. “Take it like the bitch you are.” He
wailed thrusting in balls deep.
His egg sized nuts slapped against the kids ass time and time again. Delroy was
loving it, the power and sexual gratification he reaping from the abuse of the
boy below him.

Just then he turned him around. He knelt down and bent his legs so everyone
could see. He cupped the boy above him and because he was so strong the blonde
boy whose face was a mess now with saliva just sat like a baby above Delroy’s
knees to fucked to try and move.

“Watch this.” Akende whispered into Daryl’s ear. And with that Delroy positioned
his cock right at the entrance of the blonde boys hole. A moment later he let go
of the kids arms and start to pummel balls deep into his pussy. It was some
position one that Daryl had never seen before. Delroy fucked his black rod in
and out like a piston. The kid was well and truly fucked.

Some of the boys began shouting and hooting and Delroy’s face was a wash with
one big smile. The blonde boy on the other hand looked ready to pass out. But at
that moment one of the other cons who dick was dripping hard bode forward and
thrust his own eight inch fucker into his mouth.

Five minutes later Delroy erupted in moans as he emptied his big swinging nuts
full of stinking cum into the boys now abused pussy hole. He let out a big sigh
and pulled his now semi erect cock from his hole. The boy just fell to the floor
crumpled up and fucked up. And before he could move he was dragged by his legs
naked into the next shower room for round two with one of the other niggers that
was in Delroy’s clan.

Daryl’s heart raced. His own cock had shrivelled up in the midst of what he had
just witnessed. And before he could even move Akende took him by the wrist into
one of the private shower booths at the end of the row.

Daryl yelped but he got no reassurance or help from Shifty who just carried on
washing himself beneath the shower. As Akende passed him he thanked shifty.

“No worries dude I owe you one from last week. Just bring him back in one piece

“Ha-ha I’ll try.” He responded pulling on his big erect penis. Daryl feared the
worst and he knew what he had just seen was about to happen to him. Little did
he know that The big African Akende had other ideas!!!!

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