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I have always been turned on by the thought of watching someone fuck my wife .But in the same shoe I dont know if I could go threw with it. She is very sexy she has a very nice ass. She was having trouble sleeping so she started taking sleeping pills and after she takes them she is out cold.I got a idea one night .I stripped he down naked set up my cam corder and called a friend I told him I had too go on a emergency service call and didnt want to leave wife alone passed out . he said he would come over and stay untill I came back I explained it may take a couple of hours he under stood and I left.I called and confirmed it was going to be a few hours He seemed short of breath. When I came home I thanked him and he said he was glad to help and would do it any time. I could hardly wait to she what was on the tape! He entered the bed room and called her name acouple of times then he pulled down he covers very slow exposing her naked body.Then he got his cock out and jacked off a while gasing at her body . His cock was rock hard and a good nine inches .after a while he got between her legs and eat her pussy. My dick was about too explode watching him eat my wifes pussy. He got a pillow and slowly rolled her over where her ass was up and he fucked her doggee style hard and fast then he rolled her over and fucked her on her back with legs by her chest after a half hour he pulled out and brought his dick to her face and shot his load all over her mouth.He then wiped her clean covered her up and left the room. It was the hotest thing I ever seen .The next day my wife wondered if I had sex with her she said it felt like she had sex all nigt.

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2016-09-07 12:48:10
Short, sweet and to the point. HOT AS hell. Thank you!

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2011-02-23 05:58:05
nice and it was formed in a way that keeps the face of the author and he has really hit two birds with one stone. Great

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2009-04-07 08:01:03
way toooo short man......


2009-01-05 00:18:35
This was nice. Short and to the point, but hot. For me it`s hot cause i,m into 3somes with my wife, mfm. Lived the lifestyle roughly 14 years. One of these days i,ll take a little time and try telling ya,ll about some of them.


2007-10-26 14:55:32
short and sweet. should have had the wife makes some noises also, even though she was knocked out.

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