My second attempt. A true story from the eighties
This is my second story on xnxx. I wish I was a better writer but I do my best.
This is a true story from the eighties.

It is no secret that for many years I was employed in the sex trade (ok I was a prostitute) but when I met the supposedly man of my dreams, I gave it all up and was a faithful housewife for four or so years.
Unfortunately, someone told him about my past occupation. He challenged me about it and when I told him the truth he disappeared the same night.
I wasn't too worried because the relationship was on the downward slope but I was left with two children to support.
We rented a large house in Essex . I employed a full time child-minder and went back to being a prostitute in the Soho district in London. My work was in a Club in Brewer Street.
It was only 3 days per week, so I supplemented my income by hanging round local hotels and bars and taking men back to my house (when the children were away or at school)

My ex had re-married and agreed to take the children on a permanent basis - a move which allowed me to continue to ply my trade both in England and abroad for a number of years.(the subject of my first story)
After several years travelling the world I returned to Essex and my son came to live with me.

I tried to keep my family life and working life separate but was shocked when Kevin, who was now thirteen, told me that his friend Peter wasn't allowed to come home with him any more, because his mother said I was a prostitute.
I tried to explain that i worked in a Club and did have men friends, but I dont think he fully understood.

About a year later came another big shock, when he said to me "Mum, do men pay money to fuck you?"
"Please dont use that word" I said and tried to explain in the best way I could, that men paid for my company and that sex was sometimes involved, but was left speechless when he said "If I pay you. Can I fuck you - and my friends as well"?
Somewhat taken aback I screamed at him "No you can't. Neither you or your filthy little friends. Get out. You are only 14 and shouldn't be thinking things like that at your age"

It was not mentioned again but I knew he hadn't forgotten. Sometimes his eyes seemed to follow my movements round the room and I often tried to imagine his thoughts.

April 11th - It was Kevins birthday. He was fifteen. He went out with his friends in the evening with my usual warning ringing in his ears "No drinking and behave yourself"
April 11th - It was my birthday also. I was 38. He had been born two minutes after midnight on my 23rd birthday.
I had arranged my celebrations with three friends and we went out early in the evening, visiting local pubs and drinking wine as if it was going out of fashion. Bottle after bottle.
The taxi dropped me off at home and after several attempts at finding the keyhole, I managed to enter and stumble up the stairs.

I remember checking Kevins room. He was home - thank goodness. I usually took time to remove all traces of make-up, but not tonight. I went to my bedroom. I fell during the process of throwing off my clothes, crawling round the bedroom floor before getting my bearings and climbing naked into bed. It was one o'clock and I lapsed into a deep drunken sleep the moment my head touched the pillow.

At first, I thought it was a dream but as I slowly emerged from my wine induced sleep, I could feel a hand on my breast and the unmistakable pressure of an erect penis hard up against the back of my legs.
My head cleared quickly as I realised who it was.
I honestly didn't know what to do. What should I say to my own son, who was attempting to enter the place from where he had emerged fifteen years earlier. I had my back
towards him and I just lay there hoping he might see sense and return to his own bed His hand went from my breast to my pussy, gently opening my cheeks, his finger probing up and down as if he wasn't sure what he would find.

Three months earlier, my doctor had taken me off the pill due to hormonal inbalance and since that day I had relied on condoms for birth control. I believed I was going to need one now.
Luckily they were in the bedside locker and as I reached forward to open the drawer, he began a low pitched moan and I felt the tension rise in his body. He came between my thighs four or five short thrusts and I felt his hot spurts of cum running down my leg and on to the bed.
I had had sex with my fifteen year old son or as I prefer "He had satisfied himself on me"
I turned over, put my arm around him, cuddled up close, and still under the influence of the previous nights wine, fell asleep.

It didnt take him long. Young men have a quick recovery rate. He had thrown the bedclothes on the floor and I was awakened again when my legs were spread and raised up high. He was between them and his young masculine member was firmly embedded deep in his mothers pussy, high in his mothers vagina and I am not ashamed to say "I was enjoying every moment"
"Condom" I said to him "They are in the drawer, we need to use protection".
"OK" he said, but carried on faster and faster. I heard the familiar low pitched moan and felt him tense as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum high into his mothers cunt.
He let me straighten my legs but he didnt withdraw. His head was on the pillow next to mine and his breath ruffled my hair. Short sharp breaths that smelled of toothpaste.
He made no attempt to pull out of me. My legs were now closed. I was holding him tight, holding his fifteen year old penis in my wet slippery pussy.
He began slow thrusting movements again. It felt as if he was growing inside me and I wrapped my legs around his back to pull him in as far as I could.

I had been a full time prostitute for many years and experienced thousands of men.
Some of the sex was bad and some of the sex was good. The good times I enjoyed but it was very rare for me to have any form of orgasmic relief.
But here I was, with my son's cock buried up to the hilt inside me, and I began to feel the unmistakable build up of a massive orgasm.
When it came, I writhed around, shouted out and screamed with such ferocity that he stopped what he was doing and asked if I was Ok.
It was the first orgasm he had seen and thought he was hurting me.
"Yes I am fine. Keep going please" I replied.
I dont know how many times he came inside me, I think it was four, but it was well over an hour before he slid gently out, lying on his back breathing gently, lying naked beside his well satisfied and well-fucked naked mother.
I reached down and took his now soft penis in my hand. It was still wet with our mixed juices.
I moved my head on to his chest and kissed my way down to his boyish pubic hair, finally taking his now dormant penis between my lips, tonguing the end and sucking the juices, our juices.
He lay still, enjoying my attention, I wanted to see him erect, but no erection came. Maybe he was satisfied, at last.

I was continuing to amuse myself kissing and sucking on his limp cock when I felt his hand on my pussy again, fingers exploring up and down between my legs, finally pressing quite hard on the tight entrance to my ass. One finger actually entering for a brief moment.

My God I thought. This boy is not a beginner. He knew more than I had given him credit for.
"Have you done this before?" I asked him
His answer was very brief. "Yes", he replied and pushed a finger further up my ass.
His once limp pleasure rod was beginning to rise again and as two fingers continued the assault on my ass, I was able to see the tool that had delivered my earlier fullfillment as it rose proudly.
It was now fully erect. It was very very thin which probably made it look longer than it actually was. It was 6 to 7 inches long and I knew where it would be going next.
I turned over and went up on my knees, pushing my ass up high, inviting entry. Semen began to run from my pussy and down the inside of my thighs.
He entered, yes he went in my ass. I pushed backwards and he went all the way. I could feel his balls against my pussy lips. Two minutes was all he lasted, before my body was treated to its sixth load of Kevin's hot cum.

"Do I have to pay?" he jokingly asked, as I made my way to the shower.
"No" I replied, "I will let you off, but would like to know where you learned your sex knowledge"
"You are quite experienced",
His answer shocked me.
"But I did ask you last year" he said, "I asked you for a fuck and you said no"
"So I have been seeing Anne that friend of yours." " I have been paying her for sex"
I sometimes worked with Anne and she hadn't said a word about Kevin.

A few days later, he went to stay permanently with his father and I only saw him briefly at weekends.
Our night of passion was over. I knew it was wrong and hoped it would be a one off occurrence.

My monthly periods were always very light, but when they failed to appear at all in May and June I paid a visit to my doctors.
He confirmed that I was pregnant, "Probably about three months", he said.

There was never a doubt in my mind about the outcome of me being pregnant.
I would keep the baby, raise it as my third child and not tell Kevin that his brother was really his son.
During my fourth month of pregnancy. I collapsed on a train with severe stomach pains and ended up in hospital. A few hours later I had a miscarriage.
Maybe it was the correct outcome. Maybe someone up there was looking after me. I will never know.
Kevin doesn't know to this day that he made me pregnant, unless of course he is a member of xnxx and maybe reading my story at the very moment.

Kevin returned to live with me, exactly one year later, on his sixteenth birthday April 11th.
I was 39
But that's another story.

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hey u know brother and sister fucking is ok adam and eve first people on earth when u date u are daiting ur sister and u fuck ur sister aswell in know right


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your tight pussy might be down to pelvic floor exercises.

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