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When I became a bitch

To start I will tell you a little about me and what has happened so as you can best under stand.
I’ll start with my name carol but people call me Caz for short I am a thirty two year old woman whose partner has dumped her, about six month ago now in June. I never went out of the house except to go food shopping and that was about it, I am thirty two brunet with a rather large bust and small waist and bum, when my boy friend left me for some one else I just went to pieces and became a total recluse never going out of the house, I would even rush home from work so as I could be on my own, how sad is that.
It must have been about six week on when a couple of girls from work first approached me, asking if I would like to go out with them for a drink well it was pretty obvious to me what the answer was going to be.
Not tonight I am going to have an early one for a change; the truth was I was in bed every night for nine thirty.
They would ask every week and ever week I would say no. one of the girls Mel used to be on the same dinner break as me and would come over and sit with me at dinner time, we would natter and joke together, but in side I couldn’t wait for dinner to be over.
Well they kept asking and I kept refusing until one day at dinner time Mel said you no Caz if you come out for just one drink with us we will never ask again just one drink it wouldn’t kill you would it.
Ok I said one drink if it means that much to you and been it is Christmas, well I can tell you that night I was a bloody nervous wreck. I got my self ready and down to the pub I went I was really nervous about walking into the pub on my own you would of laughed if you’d of seen me, eyes forward straight to the bar ordered my drink and sat right down at the table near the door. (I don’t know fast get away I think)
Mel said they would meet me there well people came in and went out it seemed like hours had passed but it was only five minuets. Then I noticed a girl come in and stand by the bar well I say girl she was probably closer to my age, but she looked quite on edge after about a minuet she walked over to my table.
Do you mine if I sit here, she said no I replied help your self , I am supposed to be meeting my friend here only I don’t like standing alone in a pub you don’t know who might come on to you do you. No I feel the same way my self I replied. My name is Sharon Shaz for short ho call me Caz,
Anyway as the night went on we had a few more drinks and I really enjoyed my self my friends had stood me up and Sharon’s friends seem to stand her up, but none of us seemed to mind as we were having such a good time, in fact we had such a good time we arranged to meet up the following week.
Shaz was great fun to be with we must have been meeting up in the pub for about thirteen month or more when one night Sharon’s friend May turned up. Shaz introduced us and we sat there all night drinking and talking I didn’t realise we had so much in common. I really felt like I had got my life back on track in stead of running and hiding I was looking forward to going out again.
( Little did I know? )
We are now in late January early February and looking forward to summer were I get a full month of from work we were in the pub talking about the summer and the holidays, when May asked what are you doing for the summer hols Caz are you going any where nice?.
No I have nothing planned, why don’t you spend it with us then we would love to have you, where are you going I asked, I own a farm in the country May replied we can all spend the whole month there if you want that is, well if you are sure I wont be in the way, don’t be daft May replied Shaz butted in yeh it will be great. So what do you think Caz are you up for it or what, yeh why not I said?
Great that’s settled then said May. The thought of spending the whole month ridding horses and walking in the country really appealed to me a chance to get away and really sort my head out (Well so I thought) Time seemed to fly past and soon it was time to drive out to the farm May and Shaz had given me a map with directions and they are going to meet me up there.
It was a lovely warm day the sun was hot in the sky.
As I was driving out to the farm I got to thinking of how we met and what good friends we have become, ( little did I know? )
Soon I was turning up the drive to the farm I remember thinking what a massive place this is, as I drove up to the door Shaz and May were standing on the doorstep waiting.
I pulled up got out of the car May put her arms around me to welcome me did you have any problems with the directions, no I said they were spot on Shaz hugged me come on in she said we have made you some sandwiches and a drink, Ho thanks I replied I could eat an horse right now.
We sat and chatted for a while then May showed me to my room then went down stairs while I unpacked my things and freshened myself up a bit, as I went back down stairs to Shaz and May I could here them talking very low, ( If only I knew ) I thought nothing of it and trotted on down to them they were sitting in the living room drinking a glass of wine, Ha there you are said May we were beginning to think you had fell asleep, no just freshening my self up a bit here you said Shaz “ here have a glass of wine and relax”.
I took the wine and sat down, we must have been talking for about ten minuets when all of a sudden I felt dizzy and all light headed, are you all right May said as I went to answer I remember falling forward on to the settee and I could here May very faintly call to Shaz great lets get her ready then I seem to pass out.
The next thing I knew I woke up on a mattress, and as I came to and looked around I was slowly realising where I was, I was in a cage with bars at the front but it was only about fore foot high with a mattress in what seemed to look like a big dog basket at the back and two big dog bowls one seemed to have water in and the other looked like a kind of porridge in it, I couldn’t make a sound as I tried to call out there seemed to be something over my mouth as I crawled out of the basket I noticed a mirror on the wall inside the cage and to my dismay what I saw scared the hell out of me.
I couldn’t believe my eyes I was dressed up like a big dog in a very tight fitting doggy suit there were cushioned pads on my hands and knees and on my head was kind of a half mask covering the top of my head eyes and nose, leaving my mouth free I suppose to eat and drink with, just then I herd a noise out side the cage and tried to shout out but the black tape over my mouth under this suit was stopping me from making a noise.
Then I herd Shaz shout May over “hey May are bitch is awake” May walked over hi there awake are we, come here she said as she put her hand inside the cage bars, care full May she might bite you, Ho I think ill be alright, “I said come her”, in a firmer voice so I went to her on all fours as I couldn’t stand up, that’s a good dog now she said as she patted me on the head.
Ok let me tell you how it is going to be, one you are, are dog, two when we take the gag of you the only sound you are allowed to make is a yelp or a bark do you understand, I nodded my head if however you make any other sound you will be punished and the gag will be replaced do you under stand, I nodded again, three we will take you out twice a day on a lead so you can go toilet if you play up or try to stand you will be punished do you understand I nodded my head again.
Make no mistake when I say punished I will take a ridding crop to your backside do you under stand I nodded my head again.
Good May said I am going to remove the tape now I suggest you think before you try to speak remember any sound other then a yelp or bark and you will get it ok, I nodded again I wanted to ask what the hell was going on but I was to scared, she said something for you to think about you play the game and you wont be harmed she pulled the tape of and got up to walk away, just then Shaz said Ho and if you need to go to the toilet before we come for you just bark, they both laughed as they walked away.
As I was laying on my so called bed trying to work out just how the hell I got myself in this situation I remember thinking about what May said to me play the game and I would be ok I decided to look at myself in the mirror again this suit was tight fitting it really hugged my body showing my breasts of and my small bum, and I have got a thin black collar around my neck, I thought to my self when they take me to the house to go toilet I will spot my chance,
(Ha little did I know) I remember when I was with my boyfriend we used to play sex games and I was always the one that wanted to be tied up or restrained it used to turn me on, but this was different now I am a fucking prisoner and I don’t really like it.
And really these two women are virtually strangers that I met in a fucking pub what a fool I have been how could I have been so naive as to end up here.
I was feeling thirsty and had a drink of water,” Actually it tasted very nice and before I knew it I had drank the whole bowl”.
May and Shaz came walking up to the cage time for your walkies Shaz opened the door and May attached a lead to my collar come on then, (my first mistake came fast as I tried to stand) “What the hell” Shaz said as she pushed me to the floor with her foot you’re a fucking dog get used to it you walk on all fours, we stand on two feet and with that May took the horse crop to my bum, I can tell you now yelp I did.
That is one hit for your first mistake your second will be two hits and so on, so think before you act.
They walked up the yard and through a gate leading into a field, when we got in the field May gave a little tug on my collar for me to stop, so I did just that as I didn’t want to feel the crop again.
She bent down and pulled a big patch of my suit exposing my bum and pussy, “there you go she said as she slapped my bum “you can do your business now without getting dirty, it felt strange been on all fours with my ass and pussy on show for the world to see and the cool breeze made me tingle inside, I was dying to go for a pee but I didn’t want them to watch me, but I couldn’t hold it any longer I spread my legs as far as I could as not to pee on my self and kind of squatted as low as I could, May and Shaz just stood there talking and when I had finished one of them wiped my pussy and put the patch back on saying” there you go wasn’t that bad was it”.
They walked me to my cage put me in and filled my water bowl up and put some fresh food down for me there you go good night and with that they walked of up to the house.
Actually the food didn’t taste that bad but the water I must of drank bowls of it was really nice I don’t know how long I had been in there it felt like three week or more, but it could have only been a week at most I noticed a funny feeling in my breasts they were getting tender and they seemed to be getting larger my nipples were also getting very sensitive, I thought it was with having to walk on all fours all the time (again little did I know).
I don’t know how long I had been caged up for May and Shaz never spoke to me they only ever spoke to each other, I tell you now I would of done anything to of been spoken to or for any kind of attention I don’t think at this point I would even of minded the crop.
That morning Shaz walked up to my cage “if you’re a good bitch we might let you up to the house for a couple of hours” but only if you are good.
I got so excited I nearly wet my self you have to be in thins predicament to under stand it,
That night true enough May came down to my cage with my lead in her hands, I couldn’t believe it she was actually going to let me in the house she opened the cage door and put me on my lead and led me up to the house, when we got in the house she took in to the living room where shaz put the gag on me they sat me down on the floor.
May said we have something to say to you and we don’t need a reply, you might of noticed a difference with your breast, don’t be alarmed its nothing to worry about you see we have been giving you something in your water to make you produce milk, just then Shaz walked in with a big German Shepard on a lead, You see Billy here well his partner has been hit by a car the only problem is she has left us with these, May put a card board box on the floor it had got five puppies in it and they wont take milk out of a bottle so we thought you could mother them for us.
May leaned over and pulled two patches of the suit that were covering my breasts held on with Velcro you wont be needing these for a while she said with a bit of a laugh.
And with that they walked me back to my cage they put the puppies in my bed and locked the door, Shaz said now what ever you do make sure they live or else and with that they both walked away.
I crawled over to my bed and snuggled up to the pups to keep them warm, well I can tell you they didn’t waist any time in getting there milk before I new it I got one hanging on each tit and the others trying to get them of so they could get some, I didn’t really get any sleep that night or for about there nights after,
By the forth day my nipples were that sore I didn’t no what to do with my self I think all my milk had just about gone when May came to the cage my they look well you have done a good job with them, she placed the patches back on my suit and then she took the pups away with her and I found myself all alone again.
That night May came to my cage put me on my lead and led me up to the house again, she took me into the living room were Shaz was sitting, they sat there talking and every now and then they would throw me a treat, just then May got up and went out of the room Shaz seemed to have a strange look on her face one I have never seen before, May walked in with Billy he was a big boarder collie “by the way Billy would like to thank you for looking after his pups” Shaz leaned over and said don’t forget not a fucking word or you get the fucking crop and with that she pulled the patch of that was covering my bum.
Ho my god May hold it just look at that, May leaned over and took a look at my behind shit she said that wont fucking do go get the Razor Shaz.
Shaz left the room to get a razor and when she got back May put Billy in the other room. They held me down and rubbed soap all over my pussy, to be absolutely honest with you it felt quite erotic to be held down while they shaved my pussy, I felt my self getting wet when they finished they cleaned me of, that’s better said Shaz now he can see what he is doing and with that May bought Billy back in the room.
They began laughing go on Billy give her all your thanks, well he didn’t need no encouragement he jumped straight up on me and found my pussy with great ease, it was still very wet from been shaved I felt his cock go straight up me and the speed in which fucked me was incredible I must of come two or three times.
I felt really dirty I can tell you, I can’t believe I let a dog fuck me Ho my god what was I doing here.
Billy was raping me and there was nothing I could do if I said anything or tried to stop him they would give me the crop.
All I could do was stand here on all fours and let this dog take me, just then he seemed to stop and I felt his cock growing inside me, Ho my god I thought he was going to split me in two then I felt him shooting his hot sperm deep inside me Ho god it felt good he filled me up and I could feel it running down the inside of my legs, look at that Shaz, May said with a laugh in her voice I think she’s as full as she is going to get what do you think.yeh but we might as well let him finish her of no point in up setting him now while he’s having so much fun.
Billy stayed knotted with me for about twenty minuets then he finally went soft and fell out of me followed by a load of come, he didn’t waste any time in getting his big tong around my pussy Wow look at him lap that up Shaz and May were laughing go on Billy go for it boy.
At the point I really didn’t care it felt so good he could of fucking licked me all fucking night and I would of let him I must of come three or for times I really cant remember.
Shaz and May decided it was bed time for me and I couldn’t argue with them or I would get the crop, as they walked me back to my cage May said tomorrow we have a surprise for you, I was dying to ask but was to scared in fear of getting the crop Once was enough.
I woke up in the morning and as usual May put my food and water down and walked away I ate it up and drank it as fast as I could, you see I thought I was getting out for some reason, what a fool.
The next thing I no I am passing out again ho no not again.
When I came to I was strapped in this metal frame on wheels with my hands fastened over my head and my knees strapped to my elbows the dog suit was gone and I was totally naked with a gag in my mouth and as much as I tried I couldn’t make a sound, ho god what was going to happen to me now, I remember what May said at the very beginning if I play the game I wont be harmed and up until now she as been right, I must admit there was something about been tied up in this manner that turned me on like the cool air blowing across my clean shaven pussy, and my legs spread wide open for the world to see.
Shaz walked up behind and began pushing me down the yard, I have never been this way before wonder what’s down here, I was soon to find out, here is your surprise Shaz said and as I looked down the yard I could see May in one of the stables, and she was stroking the biggest horse cock I had ever seen,
Is she ready Shaz she shouted, I think so she replied with a laugh?
Well I hope so because this fucking thing will spread her wide open,
Push her under here I think he’s ready for her now, Shaz pushed me under the horse and then began pumping the frame up so I was in line with his cock, ho god I thought I hope he don’t hurt me to much I had never seen anything that big before.
They lined me up and Shaz got hold of my pussy lips and spread them apart May guided the big hard cock in me ho my god it was big then I felt the horse jerk once twice tree times then I lost count.
I couldn’t grasp what was happening to me strapped in this frame and a fucking big horse pounding away at my cunt as if it was his fucking birthday or something, just then I herd him baying loud and felt him filling me full of his hot come there was so much it spurted out all over me, when he finished they pushed me further down the yard, they parked me up against a wall and got the hose pipe out and washed me of fucking hell it was cold, Ho look at those May said pointing at my nipples, yeh She must be cold or turned on Shaz replied.
When they finished washing me of they pushed me up the yard and unfastened me they tied my hands behind my back and frog marched me to the house holding my hair in one hand and what felt like a big stick pushed up between my legs in the other, I was nearly walking on tip toes.
They got me in the house when I herd Shaz say I am first ok then but be quick, May threw me on my knees with my face in the chair don’t fucking move bitch.
I herd Shaz come back in the room here we go she said laughing, I felt her spread my ass cheeks then I felt something entering my pussy very slow at first then she got faster and faster, I wanted to fuck you from the first day I saw you how do you like that bitch.
I was still a bit saw after horse finished with me and now it looks like I am going to even more saw.
After what felt like an hour she pulled out then I herd May, my fucking turn come here bitch, she weren’t so gentle she just got down and rammed the fucking thing straight up me Aaargg as I tried to cry out there was slobber running down my mouth where it was held open, Ho god that hurt she was banging me twice as hard as Shaz did, just then she said to Shaz how do you fancy DP, what a bit of double? Yeh come on lets both fuck the ass of the bitch ok.
Shaz sat on the chair sit on this bitch and they made me sit on her big strap on dildo, Aaah Aaaahh as they forced this fucking big dick up me, I had never had anal before and to be honest once it was in me it felt quite nice and then when May pushed hers in me I thought Ho my god it was an experience and a half.
Before I new it I was coming one after another, God it was good.
After they finished with me they took me up stairs took the straps of me and the gag May said there you go have a nice bath your clothes are the in the bed room, come down when you are ready and with that they went down stairs.
I finished my bath got dressed it felt nice to have clothes on again then I went down stairs to May and Shaz, here you are Shaz said as she offered me a glass of wine, I looked at her its ok she said your one of us now, yeh May said the game is over.
I took the wine and we sat there quite when May said any way what did you think of are little game, to be absolutely honest with you when I think back Wow.
After that night I must have fucked every dog and horse they got I even fucked them pair what a fucking holiday I cant wait until next year.
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