14 yr old and his 11 yr old find great pleasure in each other
Chapter 1

Ah summertime. Hi, I’m Joey Frazier and I’m lolling in the pool enjoying the water and the sunshine. I’m fourteen years old and will be going to high school in the fall but right now I’m luxuriating in the warm summer weather.

Or I was; my eleven year old Imp of a sister, Jamie, just cannon balled me, nearly drowning me. My mouth was open and I took the splash right in the face.

“I’ll get you Imp,” I said as I went after her.

Laughing she quickly swam to the pool steps saying, “You gotta catch me first.”

No way was that going to happen. She had a good head start and she was quick as an otter in the water. She’d already made it to the ladder, looking back over her shoulder and sticking her tongue out at me.

I gave up the chase and watched her climb out of the pool. If it had been our thirteen year old sister Marti I could better understand what happened. As I my eyes followed Jamie’s cute little behind up the ladder I started to get stiff.

Jamie and I were close, much closer than either of us was with Marti. Marti was a budding beauty with long blonde hair and breasts that were already 34B cups. She was also a self-centered bitch.

Once she was out of the pool I watched her out of the corner of my eye. Jamie was trying to inch behind me so she could try to drown me again. I let her think she had me.

When she jumped in I caught her.

“Got you Imp’” I laughed as I pulled her against me.

I had her around the waist and was pressed against her bootie as I slid a hand up to her chest giving her a squeeze.

“Come on Jamie lets get showered and dressed; the Parents will be home pretty soon.”

Pulling out of my arms she took off for the ladder calling out, “Ok, I’ll race you.”

It was a race I wanted to lose. I wanted to watch her bubble butt as she climbed out.

I caught up with her in the laundry room. She was already out of her little two piece bathing suit and wrapped in a towel.

“Go ahead and get your shower; I’m going to need it in a few minutes.”

Jamie headed upstairs as I got out of my suit. I wrapped a towel around my waist and followed.

As I reached the top of the stairs I could look into the bathroom. My cute little sister was leaning over adjusting the temperature of the water. I had a fantastic view. I could even see a little of her pussy. When she turned around I got a full frontal view.

God was I surprised. She already had downy light red fuzz between her legs and the slight swellings of budding breasts. She was just too darn cute.

Jamie was only about 4’9” and maybe 80 pounds but she was cute as a bunny with her reddish hair, pug nose and a light dusting of freckles on her face, or as I now noticed, all over.

She glanced up and saw me watching.

“Joey, you’re looking at me. Don’t look at me.”

“I want to. You’re cute,” I replied.

I walked to my bedroom. I wanted to jack off just thinking about her.

My mistake; I didn’t close the door. I was already hard from my earlier view and had taken myself in hand when I heard a gasp from the hallway.

I looked up and there was Jamie watching me. She had on a pair of panties and was carrying the rest of her clothes in her hand.

“Joey what are you doing,” Jamie asked.

Turning red with embarrassment at getting caught I answered, “Playing with myself.”

Walking into my room but never taking her eyes off my cock she asked, “Can I watch?”

What could I say?

“Sure, come in and shut the door.”

Jamie inched into the room and closed the door.

“Joey, it looks so big. Is that called a hard-on? Ginnie told me she’d seen her brother’s. She said she even got to touch it. Can I touch yours?”

Ginnie Donovan was Jamie’s best friend. Her brother, Donnie was the same age as Joey. They hung out together sometimes.

Donnie had confided to Joey that Ginnie had given him a few hand jobs and had even given him a blow job once but when he came in her mouth she didn’t like it so she wouldn’t suck him anymore.

“Yeah Imp that’s a hard-on.”

“How come you get like that?”

“Well I got this way looking at your cute little body.”

“Really, you think I’m cute?”

“Oh yes, real cute. Love your little bubble bootie.”

“Joey, can I touch it?”

“If you would like to you can.”

Jamie walked over to Joey and rubbed her fingers up and down his cock.

Looking up with a confused look she asked, “Joey, it feels hard as a bone but the skin feels soft as velvet, how come?”

“Jamie, it’s gotta get hard to be able to push into a woman.”

“Push into a women, why would you do that?”

“Jamie, do you know how babies are made?”

“I think so. A man and a woman sleep together and that’s how babies are made.”

“No Imp, there’s a little more to it than that. Have you ever played with yourself, you know, in your panties?”

“A little bit. It makes me feel good.”

“Ok, down there you’ve got a hole in you. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Sure Joey, I know that.”

“Well to make a baby a man sticks his cock in that hole and cums his sperm into her. That’s how babies are made.”

“Joey, you’re lying. That hole it too little to put a big cock in.”

“Imp it stretches. It stretches so much that the baby comes out of it, I’m not lying.”

As she’d talked, Jamie had continued to hold Joey’s shaft. She took a good grip and began to stroke him.

“This is what Ginnie told me she did to Donnie. Does it feel good?”

“Oh my God yes. Can you do it a little faster.”

Joey’s breathing became ragged and his cock swelled even more.

“Imp I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, Oh God, here it comes.”

As Jamie watched in fascination as ropes of cum erupted from Joey.

“Did that feel good?” Jamie whispered.

“Yes, yes it felt fantastic.”

“Can I do it again?”

“You sure can; but we better get dressed now, the Parents will be here in a few minutes.”

Joey pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

Jamie donned a pair of shorts and fastened her bra before pulling on a light yellow top.

Joey, watching her dress asked, “When did you start wearing a bra?”

“Just last month, it’s a training bra.”

“Oh yeah, what’s it suppose to train them to do?”

“Grow I hope.”

Joey had to chuckle at that.

“Let’s go watch a little TV till the Parents get home.”

The Parents arrived at a little after 5:00. Their names were Ed and Peggy Frazier. Both worked at the local hospital so they car pooled; all three kids called them “the Parents.”

“Hey kids, what did you do today?” Peggy asked.

“Just lolled around in the pool and worked on our tans,” Joey answered.

“Do you know where Marti is,” asked Ed.

Jamie answered, “She went to the mall with a couple of her friends. She said she’d be back here by 5:30.”

By 6:30 dinner was over and the table had been cleared. Joey went out to the driveway to shoot some baskets. He had hopes of making the freshman basketball team.

As darkness fell, the family sat down to watch television together. They watched a comedy then it was bed time.

The Frazier’s had a nice home. It was 4000 square feet on two floors. The master bedroom, the Parents room, was down stairs; it was built that way because Peggy’s elderly mother had planned to move in but that never occurred. On the second floor were three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths and a game room. It was convenient, each of the kids had a room and the game room had a sound system, computers and a big screen TV.

Joey was usually a night owl but tonight he was looking forward to getting to his bedroom. During the movie he’d snuck into Jamie’s room and taken a pair of panties she’d worn. When he sniffed them there was a slight fragrance that he found arousing. He was looking forward to a real good jack off session.

He’d only just settled back to enjoy himself when he saw his door being stealthfully opened in the shadows.

Straining to hear he heard Jamie whisper, “Joey can I come in?”

Just as quietly he answered, “Sure, come on Imp.”

As Jamie walked to his bed Joey asked, “What do you need Imp?”

She climbed onto the bed saying, “Joey, Ginnie told me something else she did to Donnie. I want to do it with you.”

Joey knew what she was talking about but he nonetheless asked, “What’s that Imp.” He wanted to hear her say it.

“Ginnie told me she took Donnie in her mouth but she didn’t like it. She said it gagged her and tasted salty. I want to try that with you. Will you let me?”

She turned back the covers to get to him. As she did she saw her panties lying beside him.

“Joey why do you have my panties?” she asked.

Embarrassed from being found out, Joey shyly said, “Because I wanted to smell you.”

“You wanted to see what I smell like down there?” she asked amazedly. “Why?”

“Come on, you’re embarrassing me. I just wanted to, Ok?”

“Joey, if you’d like to smell me I’ll let you. Maybe tomorrow but tonight I want to try you in my mouth. Is that ok?”

“Yeah Imp I’d like you to do that and after the Parents leave for work, if Marti goes out we can play around all day.”

Jamie smiled’ “Wonderful,” as she began to stroke him.

In just moments Joey was harder than he’d ever been. His sister’s gentle hand and the knowledge that she was about to take him in her mouth had him at a state of arousal he’d never reached before.

Jamie lowered her head and took Joey into her mouth. He felt even larger there than he did in her hand. She could only get in about half of his length before she felt like she was going to gag.

She fell into a rhythm as she softly fellated him. After several minutes she let him slip from her mouth. She started using her lips and tongue as she licked his shaft.

Taking him back into her mouth she looked up into his eyes.

“That’s perfect,” he moaned.

She increased the speed of her bobbing on him and let him slid deeper into her throat.

She felt him begin to swell as he groaned, “I’m cumming, Imp, I’m cumming” as he held the back of her head and emptied himself into her.

Jamie couldn’t hold it all. She felt his juice flowing from the corners of her mouth and run down her chin. She swallowed all she could and continued to suck him until he was dry and beginning to shrink.

“Joey was it good for you? I liked it. I liked the taste and feel of it.”

“Imp it couldn’t have been better.”

“Joey, I need to get to bed now. Tomorrow it’s your turn, though.”

Jamie slid from the bed and snuck back to her room.

Morning came, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and best of all the Parents were gone and Marti had left early, headed to the beach with friends. Joey was in second heaven.

He stuck his head into Jamie’s room; she was just beginning to stir.

“Get up sleepyhead, I’ll fix some breakfast then we can jump in the pool.”

When Jamie came down, Joey had orange juice and toasted bagels ready.

“Jamie, do you really want to get in the pool? I’d rather go back upstairs.”

Feeling himself rise in his shorts he answered, “Well if that’s what you want to do then so do I.”

Jamie just smiled at him.

Jesus he thought, my little eleven year old sister is turning out to be a real vixen.

After breakfast Joey followed Jamie back up the stairs, admiring her cute bottom and how it swished back and forth under her nightie.

She led him to her bedroom and closed the door.

“Joey, I’m a little nervous. You know I’ve never done anything like this before. Help me will you?”

Joey instinctively led her to her bed and hugged her. She turned to him and he kissed her, not like a brother, but with passion as he gently lowered her to the bed.

Climbing in beside her he continued to kiss her lips, her eyes and her neck. Then slowly lifting her nightie he caressed her budding breasts.

Jamie’s breathing became ragged.

“Joey, what are you doing to me? You’re making me feel funny but it’s a nice funny. My tummy feels all quivery.”

“I’m making you feel good like you did for me. Lift your hips a little; I want to take off your panties.”

“Are you going to sniff them? That’s what you said you wanted to do.”

“Yes, I’ll sniff them but then I want to smell and taste you, too.”

Lowering her panties, Joey brought them to his face. The aroma was stronger, still light and mellow but these were fresh. He was surprised to see that there was a little dampness in the crotch.

“You smell sweet Imp,” he breathed into her ear as he resumed kissing her and massaging her small breasts.

He allowed his hand to slip downward over her flat stomach, down to her vagina. His head followed, first kissing her tummy, rimming her belly button with his tongue and down to her small pink lower lips. Inhaling deeply to enjoy the redolence of her virginal pussy; he parted her lips and feasted on the sight. Her lips and folds were a bright pink. As he opened her further he could see her small hole.

With the tip of his tongue he probed into her, flicking his tongue in and out of her. Then he licked between her lips tasting her heavenly flavor. He found her small clitoris and began to nibble.

“God Joey what are you doing to me? Oh, Joey yes, do that some more.”

Joey continued to stimulate her clit as he began to squeeze her bottom. She started pumping against his face and he could feel her getting wetter. Moistening a finger with her juices he started rubbing her rose bud.

Jamie’s cheeks clenched around his finger and her thighs gripped his head holding him in place. He could feel her tummy muscles rippling spasmodically and then she exploded.

“Joeeey she screamed. Oh, Joeey, oh Joeey,” No more, no more.”

“Am I hurting you?”

Coming down from her orgasm Jamie answered, “No you didn’t hurt me, but the pleasure was just too intense. I thought I peed in your mouth. It felt like pee was squirting out of me.”

“Cute little sister of mine, that wasn’t pee. You just had your first orgasm. Was it good for you?”

“Oh Joey, it was unbelievable. My tummy muscles are sore from gripping so tight. That was the most fantastic thing I’ve ever felt.”

“I liked doing it for you. My God you taste exquisite.”

As they lay in the bed, Jamie asked, “When you pt your thing inside a woman, you know like you were telling me about yesterday does it feel that good?”

“Jamie, I’ve only done it once but it was great.”

“Who did you do it with?”

“Imp, I can’t tell you that, I can’t kiss and tell.”

“Boy that’s a lot more than just kissing. Come on tell me who it was. If you’ll tell me your secret I’ll tell you one.”

“Imp you’re a persistent little devil. Ok, I’ll tell you but your secret better be good.”

“It is, now tell.”

“It was with Ginnie’s older sister, Linda; now what do you have to tell?”

“Marti and Bobby, her boyfriend are doing things.”

“You’re kidding, our tight assed, stuck up sister is doing what?”

“I saw them in her bedroom. All Marti had on was a pair of panties. Bobby didn’t have anything on. She was sucking him while he played with her titties. He tried to talk her into taking her panties off and doing, you know, but she wouldn’t. She said she’s a virgin and intends to stay that way but that she’d do other things.”

“Joey is a virgin someone who hasn’t done it.”

“Yeah, that’s what a virgin is.”

“So, I’m a virgin, it that right?”


“Joey, I don’t want to be a virgin if that’s what Marti is. Will you help me?”

“Imp you may be a little too small for that but we can try if you want to; but tell me more about Marti.”

“Well she sucked him ‘til he came, she swallowed it all, that’s how I knew what to do. Then they lay down on the bed and he sucked on her titties and played with her through her panties. Marti got pretty excited but when he tried to take her panties off she stopped him.”

“So, she didn’t have sex with him?”

“Well, after she stopped him from pulling her panties off he started rubbing her bottom. I heard him say if you won’t give me some pussy how about this?”

“So did he or didn’t he?”

“I don’t know. I heard her say she’d think about it then I ran back to my room because I thought she’d heard me.”

“They came out just a few minutes later so I don’t think they did anything then.”

“Wow Imp, I wish I’d seen that.”

“You want to? I filmed it with my cell phone. It’s on my flash drive.”

“Jesus Imp, let me watch.”

As they watch the video Jamie commented, “She really does have a hot body doesn’t she?”

“Yeah she does but I like yours better.”


“I guess because I like you better. There’s more to a person than just a body. She’s a bitch and you’re an angel.”

“Keep watching her though, I’d like to see what she does. But enough about her now, let’s get in the pool.”

Joey was amazed that he could take so much pleasure from spending time with his little sister, but they’d always been the best of friends. They splashed each other, she, of course tried to get him with her cannon ball and they dunked one another, both grabbing a handful when they could.

Finally they got Cokes and sprawled on the lounge chairs, rubbing tanning lotion on and relaxing.

As they lay side by side Jamie looked over to Joey.

“Will you try to get inside my, Joey?”

“I’d like to do that with you, so, well try, maybe tomorrow?”


After the Parents got home and dinner was done, Bobby came over and he and Marti went to the upstairs game room to watch a movie.

Jamie asked, “What are you going to do this evening Joey?”

“I thought I’d go over to Donnie’s and shoot a few baskets, how about you?”

“I think I’ll go up to my room and read, but you stay away from Linda while you’re over there, you’re mine now,” she grinned at him.

“Wow aren’t you the possessive little Imp.”

Joey got in late so he went upstairs, showered and hit the bed. He’d gotten a good workout playing one on one against Donnie and he was beat.

The next morning Jamie came in and bounced on his bed wakening him.

“What’s up Imp?”

“You better be, it’s my big day. The Parents have already left and Bobby came by about an hour ago and picked up Marti, they’re going back to the beach. Come on down, I’ve already poured the juice.”

As she flounced out of his room Joey noted that Jamie only had on a skimpy pair of bikini cut panties and a light top. Cute, he thought.

When he got to the kitchen Jamie was bouncing around like she had ants in her pants.

“Settle down Imp, what’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing yet but that’s what’s got me going; what’s going to get into me.

“Joey, I’m so nervous. My pussy is tingling but my tummy is turning flip flops. I feel so anxious I’m about to pee my panties.”

“Imp, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want.”

“Joey, I want it but I’m still nervous. Are you going to hurt me?”

“Honestly, if I can even get into you, probably yes. The first time can be painful. It’s like nature put a seal on girls. They have this membrane called a hymen. It gets broken, torn the first time. And I know yours is there, I could feel it yesterday.”

“Joey, I’ve been so anxious and excited about us doing it that I forgot my other news.”

“What’s that?”

“You know Bobby came over last night? Well I saw them going at pretty hot and heavy in the game room and I thought maybe I could get some more video. I hid in her closet with the video camera and even got audio. You won’t believe it. Do you want to watch it first? It’s pretty darn hot.”

“Ok let’s take a look.”

Jamie loaded up the video and started the film. Bobby and Marti came into the room and immediately went to the bed and started making out. In less than five minutes Marti was down to just her panties and Bobby was completely stripped.

Marti was bobbing up and down on Bobby as fast as she could. It wasn’t long before he filled her mouth with his cum. She was swallowing as quickly as possible, still some dribbled out the sides of her lips.

Bobby moved up the bed and took one of Marti’s nipples between his lips. He began to nibble on it as Marti moaned in pleasure. Bobby slipped his hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy though her panties. Marti moaned louder and started wiggling under Bobby’s touch. You could hear her and see the gusset of her panties getting wet on the film. When Bobby tried to slide his hand down inside her panties Marti stopped him.

“Bobby, I’ve told you, not that. I’m a virgin and intend to stay that way. I make you feel good and your hands and mouth feel good to me. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Bobby pulled him close to her, kissed her and massaged her bottom. He slipped
his hand down the back of her panties and, you could hear him whisper. How about here?”

“Bobby, you’ll hurt me.”

“Marti baby, I’ll be as gentle as I can, but I need to get into you. Give this to me.”

Marti knew she needed to give Bobby some satisfaction. She didn’t want to lose him as a boyfriend but she might if she didn’t do something. She decided to let him have her bottom. That wasn’t really sex now was it?

“Bobby if we’re going to try that you need some lubricant. There’s a jar of Vaseline in my medicine cabinet. Go get it.”

Bobby literally leaped from the bed. He was back in a trice with the lube.

Climbing back in bed he hugged and kissed Marti. Then he lowered the back of her panties and spread lube on her.

“How do you want to do this Bobby,” she asked.

“I want you on your back so I can see your beautiful face,” he answered as he rolled her onto her back

He pulled her so that her bottom was at the edge of the bed with her legs hanging over. As he started to take off her panties, Marti again stopped him.

“Leave my panties on.”

He lifted her legs exposing her bottom to himself and to the camera. You could see Marti’s crinkled rose bud, pink and glistening from the Vaseline.

“What do you think of my photographic skills,” Jamie asked.

“Unbelievable pictures and sound, you should be a pro.”

“Just wait, here comes the best part.”

As they watched as Bobby positioned himself at her entrance and pushed in.

He didn’t even have the head it before Marti began to wail, “Take it out Bobby it hurts, take it out.”

Bobby had waited too long and begged to hard to stop now. He continued to push into her. On the video we could see inch by painful inch of Bobby’s cock penetrating her beautiful ass.

Marti was at full wail now, pleading, “Bobby stop oh please stop. You’re tearing me up.”

Tears were flowing from Marti’s mournful eyes and the sounds she was making were unbelievable, wailing, crying moaning and grunting as he continued to force his way in.

“God Marti you’re so tight, this is fantastic.”

“Bobby quit, I can’t take anymore,” she screamed.

Then, as they watched, Bobby grabbed her hips and pumped into her quick and deep. You could tell he was about to cum. He thrust into her as hard as he could and held her to him, filling her with his hot cum.

As he pulled out the film showed his cum dripping from Marti’s distended anus.

“Oh Baby, that was sweet,” he crooned to her.

“You bastard get out, just get out, I never want to see you again,” she raged at him.

Bobby quickly dressed and was gone.

Marti lay on the bed sobbing; she was in so much pain.

After about five minutes she got up and went the bathroom to clean up.

The film stopped.

“That’s when I got out of there, with as much noise as Marti was making I’m surprised the Parents didn’t hear,” Jamie said.

“Jamie, that was exquisite. Transfer that to a flash drive and hide it. Who knows, we may want to use it against her sometime.”

“Are you ready for me now Joey?”

“More than ready, your room or mine?”

“I think mine.”

“Ok get a towel. I want to put it under you. There will be bleeding if I can get into you.”

Jamie got a heavy towel and spread it on the bed.

When Joey came into the room Jamie asked, “Joey do you want to that the with me?”

“What do you mean, Imp.”

“Joey, you know, would you want to do my bottom like Bobby did Marti?”

“Imp you’re crazy. You’re still a virgin and you’re talking about me doing your bottom. No I don’t want to do that to you. I don’t want to hurt you. You saw how bad Marti was hurting and she’s bigger and older than you.”

“Well I think I want you to.”

“Imp I’m not going to do that.”

“Oh yes you will Joey, I promise you.”

“You are one persistent Imp.”

“Jamie walked to him, embraced him and kissed him saying, “Come on, let’s get in bed. Joey maybe you should use some Vaseline like Bobby did.”

Joey got the Vaseline and put it on Jamie’s night stand then walked her to the bed. Lying down he pulled her in beside him and kissed her. He could feel her body tremble.

“Imp are you ok?

“Yeah, I’m ok it’s just that I’m real nervous.”

Joey hugged her tightly and continued to kiss her. Lifting her nightie he caressed her small breasts then took her nipple into his mouth and sucked.

Jamie groaned softly.

Joey massaged her tummy and slid down to kiss her there. He rolled her panties down and began to gently finger her tiny slit. As Jamie began to moan from the intensity of her feelings, Joey opened her pink lips and tickled her little hole with his tongue. Taking her clit lightly between his teeth he gently nibbled. Jamie came more intensely than even the day before.

“Oh Joey, oh, oh, oh she moaned, yes, Joey, yes, Oh God yes.”

Joey continued to lick her. He wanted her at peak excitement when he tried to enter her. As she began to descend from her climactic high Joey reached for the Vaseline.

Jamie took the jar from him saying, “Let me do it.”

Taking a glob of the jelly she stroked it onto Joey’s cock.

“Imp maybe you should put a little in yourself, it will make it easier.”

s she smeared a bit on herself, Jamie’s finger slipped into her hole. As was startled by how really small it was.

“Joey, I’m smaller than a dime and you’re bigger than a half a dollar. I don’t think you’ll fit.”

“Imp I told you before, if you don’t want to do this I won’t be mad at you.”

In a low, tremulous voice, Jamie breathed, “Joey take me now.”

Joey placed his hands under her thighs and lifted her legs, exposing her precious pink slit. Pushing her legs toward her chest, Joey placed the head of his cock and gently pushed forward. He was pleasantly surprised to see Jamie’s vagina stretching to accommodate him. He continued to ease forward until he made contact with her cherry.

Jamie was moaning softly as Joey entered her. As he pressed against her hymen she gasped, “Joey you’re hurting me, please go easy.”

“I’m sorry but remember I told you there would be pain; do you want me to stop?”

“Joey just fuck me.”

He knew he was going to hurt her but if she wanted to go on with it he was going to have to push through her. Pushing her legs still higher he thrust forward. He could feel her tear.

Jamie felt a searing pain in her vagina, she screamed in agony, raising her hips clear above the bed as she felt herself being ripped open. When her hips came off the bed, she was thrusting herself toward Joey just as he was thrusting into her. The consequence being that Joey buried his cock clear to the hilt in Jamie’s pussy.

Realizing what had happened, Joey stopped and looked at Jamie’s tear stained face and reddened eyes.

“Jamie, are you ok,” he asked.

“Oh Joey, I hurt. Just hold me for a minute.”

Joey embraced his baby sister and kissed her face, eyes and neck willing her to relax.

After several minutes Jamie began to grind her hips letting Joey know it was ok to continue.

Slowly and gently Joey began pumping Jamie. He could feel her opening up. She was still tight as a latex glove but his cock was sliding in and out without further hurting her.

“That’s it Joey, it’s starting to feel good. Do me harder, I want to feel it good.”

Joey pushed hard and harder into her as Jamie began to loudly moan and thrust her hips back at him.

Thrashing her head wildly back and forth on the pillow Jamie wrapped her legs around Joey’s waist and squeezed him in their embrace. Now that he was in her she wanted him to pound into her hard. She could feel her climax rising, taking control of her body.

Joey was now thrusting into Jamie as hard and deep as he could. He could feel his balls beginning to contract and his penis swell. He was ready to cum.

He felt contractions in Jamie’s tight cunt, almost like it was milking his cock. As she reached her climax he exploded too, filling her sweet pussy with his creamy, salty juices.

He continued to stroke into Jamie as the both began to recover from their orgasms. Slowly he began to soften then he slid out.

Jamie hugged him tightly to her small breasts and whispered in his ear, “Joey that was wonderful. After it quit hurting it was the most fantastic thing I’ve ever felt. Can we do it again?”

“God Imp, you’re great and yes we can do it again but not right now. Let’s get cleaned up and take a nap, you exhausted me, maybe when we wake up.”

Jamie got a wash cloth and wiped Joey then herself, she noticed the blood on the rag and looked at the towel on the bed. It was blood stained.

“Joey, I need to put that towel in the washer.”

Taking the towel she went downstairs and started the machine.

While Jamie was downstairs Joey went to his room and put on a clean pair of boxer shorts. He was waiting on the bed when Jamie returned.

She put on a fresh pair of panties and climbed into bed. Joey held her from behind, spooning with her and kissing her neck. Jamie just cooed as they dropped off to sleep.

In her haste to get back to Joey she had neglected to close and lock the bedroom door.

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I was a H.S. senior and sis was an eight grader. I was in the shower and came out naked to find sis and her girl friend sniffing my cum filled Jockeys. I was standing there with a hard-on, when the other girl said that her brother was bigger and only liked boys.
My dirty Jockeys were cum filled because I had beaten off thinking of him.
The next day we were all naked and I lost my virginity, not to the girl but her brother. It seem that he wanted to get into my pants too. I really knowing my sister was watching. We continued until we were caught by mom. She wanted to know why we were not banging each other's sisters instead of fucking each other.

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2010-05-13 15:26:02
I'm right in line with Bulksfpmuks. I think you did a good job of writing a story for your audience and it does seem that your skill would be capable of a much more intricate story.

Also, I had no issue with the use of the pet name, it didn't feel redundant or unnecessary. Good job, overall.

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