"I should just be a lesbian" said Samantha. This was something she often said, and Rich was used to hearing it. "And now I'm not gonna have a fucking prom date."

Though the thought of Samantha making love to another girl was incredibly hot, Rich knew that she was no lesbian, just a frustrated heterosexual girl in her senior year. She had been dumped in 11th grade by her long time boyfriend but never seemed to get past it. It didn't make sense. She had a pretty face, was medium height, skinny, 28c breasts, and had a nice smooth ass. She was quite perfect. She dressed in a hippy fashion. Colorful shirts and long flowing dresses.

"I'd take you to prom if I could, Sam" said Rich.

"I know...and I appreciate it," said Samantha "but you've got a girlfriend."

Rich's thoughts began to drift; I bet she hasn't gotten laid on almost 2 years...poor girl.

The bell rang and their study hall ended.

As they were walking out, "You wanna come over tonight and watch a movie or something?"

"Yeah sure," said Sam, "round 8?"

"Sounds good..."

Though Rich had a girlfriend whom he was quite happy with, he'd always had a little crush on Samantha. But their friendship was really only based on real friendship, Rich was able to put aside his feelings for the most part.

Around 8, Sam came over, they sat on the couch, relatively far apart and watched a movie. They both agreed it sucked, but didn't turn it off because there wasn't much else to do. Around 11:30, after the movie and flipping through the channels, they both fell asleep.

With the TV, Rich had a series of strange dreams before waking up. It was 1:15, his parents must have come home and gone to bed without coming in to say hello.

Rich looked over at Samantha. She was sprawled out in her usual attire. A tight fitting brown shirt that barely revealed that she was not wearing a bra (she rarely did), a long, flowing navy blue skirt that hit about her shins, and knee high lace up Eskimo boots that she wore every day to school. Fast asleep, she had a peaceful, beautiful air about her.

Rich took this opportunity to do what he wanted to do in school every day, stare at a girl for as long as he wanted and focus in on any part. His eyes traveled over her smooth round face, and over her perfectly sized tits. Soon his thoughts were beginning to wander to more sexual places.

I wonder how asleep she is...

Rich inched closer to her; she didn't budge, and then moved a little closer. Her breathing didn't even change. Then he took a big step, and moved in so close that they were nearly touching. She shifted.

Fuck, thought Rich. She's gonna wake up with me right up close to her.

But she didn't, she shifted depressing her body deeper into the couch and extending her legs out. They were spread beneath her skirt.

Rich couldn't get over how tranquil she was, and how hot she was. How was it that this girl couldn't get a date? He followed the outline of her legs under her skirt, followed it up to where her pussy was.

Her skirt was so light, I wonder if I slowly raised it, would it wake her? Don't be stupid, thought Rich, you're gonna get yourself in trouble.

But he was quite horny, and probably wasn't thinking strait and there was a beautiful girl with her legs spread asleep on his couch. He reached down to the hem of the skirt and slowly began to lift it. His heart was pounding in his ears.

He slowly laid down the hem of the skirt at her knees. Halfway there he thought. As he began to calm down he wondered, what am I going to do when I get all the way up? But it didn't matter, he was too horny to stop.

He grabbed the hem between his fingers and pushed it a little more up. He gazed up the skirt and looked between her legs.

She wasn't wearing panties.

It made sense, thought Rich. She never wore bras, she always wanted her body to be free and loose. It glistened like a hidden treasure.

Now what do I do? I can't just walk away. When she wakes up with her skirt around her thighs she'll know something has happened. He looked down, his cock was making a tent in his jeans. I want this girl so bad, he thought.

His mind began to race. If she wakes up, there'll be almost no way to talk her into fooling around, and it'd be even harder to seduce her. She'd just push him away because he had a girlfriend.

But he refused to give up.

There was only one thing to do. He leaned in gently, slowly, bracing himself on the couch. If he could wake her up slowly and gently by licking the inside of her pussy she'd be hard pressed to ask him to stop.

His body was in a very awkward and strained position by the time he was close, but he was in range. He leaned forward a little and ran his tongue over her slit. The taste was strong, but very appealing. She didn't stir though her breathing did change a little.

No stopping now he thought.

He pushed his tongue in gently. He ran it over her little hole, and then pushed in gently.

He didn't want to push to hard, that would wake her, but he was forceful enough so that it would provide some pleasure when she woke up.

Suddenly, Samantha's legs began to move. She let out a quiet moan and squeezed her legs together around Rich's head.

Rich began to probe her deeper, swirling his tongue around, lapping up her juices.

She began to get very wet.

Rich continued to swirl his tongue around inside, inching closer and closer to her clit each time he came out. He wasn't sure if she would wake up any minute and freak out, but her pussy was too good to stop eating, and hearing her little moans was amazing.

Then suddenly Rich felt her hand on her shoulder, then it slid to the back of his head and it held his head in place.

He breathed a sigh of relief...She's awake and she's happy with this. Her noises began to get more intense, but were still quite and sweet. She squeezed her thighs around his head. It felt soo good.

His tongue eventually found his way to her clit. She let out her first little squeal. It was high pitched and petite sounding. He continued to rap his tongue around her clit. She had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming and her legs got tighter around her pussy.

She began to shake and moan. Suddenly her pussy began to flood with fluid. Rich laid down his tongue so that the fluid flowed right into his mouth. He then continued to tongue fuck her until she calmed down and her orgasm subsided.

Rich sat up and or the first time looked into her eyes.

She had a small, gentle smile on her face and was a little out of breathe. He leaned in closely and kissed her deeply. Her tongue slid over his, soaking up some of her own cum.

She whispered in his ear, " have a girlfriend"

He whispered back "I don't care" and kissed her again.

He then began to lift her shirt over her head. She raised her hands, clearly not going to put up any resistance. Her breasts were soft and milky-white

As he sucked on her nipples, Rich pulled down her skirt leaving her wearing only her knee high boots. Her nipples were now hard and sensitive, ever time he swirled his tongue she moaned.

She then pushed him back and began to undo his pants. Rich got the message and quickly pulled everything off. She jumped on top of him, and without saying a word, sat down on his cock. She let out another high pitched squeal as all 8inches of his cock penetrated her.

He wasn't prepared for how tight she would be, apparently 2 years of no sex makes things tighten when you're 17.

She bounced up and down, her tits flying with each hump. She began to squeeze her own nipples and moan incoherently, but still quietly. She began to fuck harder and faster. The heels of her boots starting digging into his thighs.

As he got close, he said, "Sam...Stop I'm gonna cum."

Sam made a pouting face and slid off, she laid her head back, out of breath. Then she saw Rich's still hard, glistening penis. She leaned over, and in one swoop took the whole thing in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down, cleaning it off. Then she began to massage his balls and bob her head up and down. In a moment he came, spewing loads and loads of cum. When he looked down he was surprised to see that she hadn't lost a drop of cum, she swallowed every drop of it...quite surprising considering how sweet and innocent Sam was.

They both lay on the couch. Exhausted and satisfied.

"Do you still want to be a lesbian?" asked Rich sarcastically.

"Shut up"


2007-03-01 12:42:49
after my second look at that story, im assuming that the first comment i made stated it was fucking awesome. because it was awesome! but...a little short


2007-01-31 14:45:34


2006-02-21 01:51:00
Quite well written. Spares no details, but doesn't flood the reader with information either. Could be a bit longer. 9/10.


2006-02-04 13:29:04
i loved it!!!!!10/10!!!!!it was sooooo great!part 2?


2006-01-12 04:20:15
cool story

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