thanks for all your comments on the original and prequel. here is the final draft of part 2
Becky jumped through the air and landed in the water with a loud splash. It was finally summer and my parents were gone for the day, so we decided to go skinny-dipping in the lake behind our house. She surfaced, brushing aside locks of hair over her face.
“Jack?” She hollered, looking around.
I burst from the surface under her, picking her up. She laughed as I kissed her. Still kissing, I set her up on the dock. She had her arms resting on my shoulders and my hands were exploring her soft flesh. Her goddess-like body was coated in a thin film of water, giving her a beautiful shine. It augmented the sexiness of her pointing nipples, round bouncing tits, and soft smooth pussy.
She hummed as I started kissing her neck, then her collarbone, and began licking her tits. Her humming turned into a soft moan as I flitted my tongue down the middle of her chest and down her slim belly. She moved her smooth thighs up onto my shoulders as I began licking her soft clit. Her moaning became louder and louder as rubbed the luscious lips with my thumb, pushing it in and feeling her wet insides.
She let out a particularly loud moan as her cunt suddenly tightened. Pussy juice streamed onto my hand as she came, then her pussy loosened back up. She started kissing me again, tenderly brushing back my hair. The water calmly wrapped around her curves as I lowered her back down. The water might as well have been as cold as ice, because no temperature could shrink my rock-hard cock.
Under the surface of the water, I guided my dick to her soft pussy, causing her to moan as I shoved it in. The water clapped between us as she began riding my dick, holding onto the dock for leverage. I was kissing her neck and holding on her to as I thrust back and forth.
Under the water, I shifted my footing and slipped. I fell back with Becky in my arms. We landed with a splash and sank below the surface. We barely even noticed as I continued fucking her with everything I had. Damn, it was harder to fuck underwater than I thought it would be. As we surfaced for air, I heard the one thing that could make me lose my boner: a car coming up the driveway.
“Becky! Mom and dad are back!” I said.
“Shit!” She cursed. We climbed out of the water and ran back to the house, grabbing our clothes and towels. We got inside at the same time that the car doors slammed shut, and ran upstairs as our parents walked into the house. We managed to get into our rooms as our parents stepped inside.
“Jack? Becky?” Our parents hollered.
“We’re upstairs!” I hollered as Becky and I desperately tried to dry off as fast as we could and get our clothes on. We stepped out of our rooms and headed downstairs.

It was a pain in the ass to hide our relationship from our parents. Not only was I horny as hell all the time, but we also loved each other with all of our hearts, and couldn’t stand being away from each other for more than a moment. In fact, we barely did anything kinky during sex, because we both thought that it ruined the emotions of the act. We were making love, not fucking like normal horny teens do (well, horny teens that are related).

“So, what did the two of you do today?” My dad asked Becky and I as we were all eating dinner.
“I mostly just talked to my friends all day.” Becky said.
“And I was searching for colleges.” I said.
Without even making contact with her, I could feel Becky’s body become chilled with sadness. I felt the same sorrow as I considered having to be separated from her again. That was probably the hardest part of our relationship: I was five years older than her, and the differences in the stages of our lives would always be making things difficult for us. If it weren’t for the fact that our parents would literally kill us, I would give up my whole future and everything I had to be with Becky. I couldn’t live without her. Under the table, I slowly reached out and held her hand.

Once again, Becky and I were home alone while our parents were at work. The shades were drawn, and we were watching a movie after just taking a swim in the lake. We were on the couch, I was holding Becky in my arms as she sat in my lap, we were both naked, and had towels wrapped around the two of us. I can’t even put into words how much I loved just holding her with nothing between our bodies. Becky was giving a mix of a purr and a hum as I was gently massaging her tender flesh, relishing the feel of her soft skin. Being so close, all of my senses were overwhelmed by the sweet aroma of her beauty, her youth, and her innocence.
My hands moved to her breasts, and I could feel my cock begin to harden, in contrast with the unparalleled softness of her young tits. They were perfectly shaped, rounded, and firm. Becky reached behind her, and wrapped her small hand around my growing dick. She gently began massaging my cock like a master artist making a clay pot. A dribble of pre-cum slowly oozed from the slit of my dick, and she began rubbing the head with her thumb.
I moved one of my hands from her tits to her pussy, massaging the soft lips. I gently worked my fingers in and out of her pussy, causing her to moan as she became more and more wet. By now, neither of us was watching the movie. Becky had her eyes closed and her head leaning back as she moaned in ecstasy, and her blond hair was covering my eyes as I kissed her neck. Part of me actually wanted to bite her, but I would die before I ever caused her harm. I could feel my nuts begin to tighten as an orgasm was welling inside me. As my cock got ready to fire, I knew I had almost found Becky’s g-spot.
We both came at the same time. With Becky sitting on my lap, two large splatters of sperm shot onto her pussy and stomach, and pussy juice gushed onto my dick and legs.
“Jack, there is something I want to run past you.” Becky said.
“What?” I asked as I kissed her on the cheek.
“Well-” She was cut off as I heard one of the few things that could make me lose my boner: our parents coming up the driveway.
“Shit!” I cursed. Becky heard it to.
“Why can’t our parents fucking call before they come home?!” She cursed as we both ran upstairs, wiping all of the cum off of each other.

I woke up from a pressure on my torso. It was just after one in the morning, and the moon was full. Becky was sitting on top of me, naked. She was bathed in the moonlight, which made her look even more beautiful than usual. Her eyes and hair were shining brightly, her soft skin had a silver aura, and her breath was like the summer breeze outside.
“Hey.” She whispered with a smile, gently brushing her lips against mine.
“Hi.” I replied with the same smile. I placed my hand on her cheek, gently moving my thumb against her temple. She closed her hands around mine, brushing against her face like a cat seeking affection.
“We never got to finish our conversation. And today you never told me how much you love me.” She said softly.
“I love you so much that I constantly dream of us running away to some country where two siblings can get married.” I said.
“Or we could just head to the Deep South.” She chuckled.
I tried to keep my laugh quiet. She lifted herself up and pulled away the blanket between us. She wrapped her hand around my hard cock, gently rubbing it with her soft fingers. She gently guided it back to her pussy, and moaned as it entered. Once I was all the way in, she started to rock back and forth, lifting herself up and lowering herself back down.
She started moaning as we picked up speed. I constantly looked at my door, making sure that it was closed as the air was filled with Becky’s moans and the clapping of her flesh against mine. I placed my hand on her belly, moving it up her chest and feeling her neck and tits. I could feel her pussy tighten as an orgasm was on the horizon. I could feel my nuts quivering as the same feeling was welling up inside me.
“I’m about to cum.” We both said simultaneously. I could feel all of the muscles in my pelvis jerk as a jet of cum shot up inside of her, and I felt her cunt constrict and relax over and over as pussy juice dribbled down my cock. Becky collapsed on me, with the two of us panting heavily. I kissed her neck as she gently rubbed my cock in her pussy.
“Jack, I want you deep inside me.” She panted.
“I am.” I chuckled.
“No, I mean…” She began as she placed my hand on the bouncing cheeks of her perfect ass. I could feel my boner return, ten times stronger than before, but my mind was filled with a mix of horniness and uncertainty.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Jack, I love you. And I want us to feel just as good physically, as emotionally.” She said softly.

We shifted into doggy-style position, because cowgirl and missionary wouldn’t work with anal. It was actually the first the time we were doing doggy-style, because we wanted to be able to look at each other and kiss when we made love. I had a bottle of moisturizer in my hand, because I didn’t have any real lubricant, but I knew I would need some.
“Becky, the instant you feel uncomfortable, tell me to stop and I will.” I said with my voice filled with compassion. I would rather die than cause her any pain.
“Thank you Jack.” She whispered. I took the moisturizer and coated one finger with it. As gently as possible I inserted my finger into her tight asshole. She whimpered as I pushed it in up to the knuckle.
“Are you ok?” I asked as I rubbed her shoulders.
“Yes, please keep going.” She said. I smiled as I watched her starting to rub her pussy in arousal. I started moving my finger back and forth, stretching it until I could put more fingers in. Damn, her asshole felt even better than her pussy. The tight softness was pure ecstasy on my hand, and the taboo affect was giving me a boner so large it almost hurt.
I kept on massaging her anus, causing her to moan softly as I loosened her up. Once I was sure it was loose enough, I coated my dick in moisturizer, and pressed the head against her asshole. I took a deep breath, and pushed it all the way in. Becky let out a sound like a cat with its tail stepped on.
“Are you ok?” I asked again.
“Yes, oh my god, yes.” She moaned as she started rubbing her pussy again. With that reassurance, I smiled and began fucking her. As I picked up speed, her moaning became louder and higher. I had to constantly remind her that our parents could hear us. Oh my god, fucking her in the ass felt better than I could even comprehend. It was like the night when we took each other’s virginity. Her soft insides gripped my cock with a sexy tightness, making me want to fuck her even harder.
It became harder as I felt the moisturizer being absorbed into her asshole and my cock. I pulled my cock out, and gave it another coat. I filled my hand with moisturizer and lathered her asshole, sending four fingers in, coating her insides and the ring, and then rubbing her ass cheeks.
I pressed my cock against her ass and shoved it back in. With her ass fully stretched out and filled with the lube, I fucked her as fast as I could, Her moaning became like a series of high-pitched beeps, as she would whine with every shove. At last, we both had another simultaneous orgasm. I shot a load of cum up into her ass, and a mixture of pussy juice and sperm sprayed from her sopping wet cunt.
We both collapsed onto the bed, and I quickly rolled to the side so as not to fall on top of her. We tried to catch our breath as I massaged her asshole with my fingers. After a few minutes, she got up and stretched.
“I’m going to take a shower. Care to join me?” She asked with a smile. I got up and kissed her.
“Of course.” I replied.
We both walked out of my room and into the bathroom. After checking to make sure that it wouldn’t be heard, we closed the door and turned on the shower. Becky stepped in first, shivering as the water went from cold to hot. My boner returned at full strength as I watched the water run down her smooth body. It rolled down her tits, between the cheeks of her perfect ass, and across her smooth thighs.
I got in the shower and stood behind her. She looked up me with a smile on her lips and love in her eyes. I kissed her, and we held that loving embrace. I began to rub her body with my hands, admiring her naked beauty. As I gently messaged her, we were both massaged by the hot water pouring on us. As we kissed and I explored her body with my hands, she closed her fingers around my dick and began rubbing it, giving me one of her master hand jobs.
She turned around and faced me, pressing her naked body against mine as we kissed. I was so large that I had to crouch to kiss her. I placed my hand on her ass, moving it to her thigh. As my hand moved to her knee, she lifted her leg as if we were dancing the tango. I picked her up, wrapping my arms around her waist and she wrapping her legs around mine. I guided my dick into her soft pussy, and slowly entered her. She let out a soft whimper as I began to move in rhythm, lifting her up and lowering her back down onto my cock, holding her in my arms while she had her hands on my chest and her face buried in the side of my neck, giving gentle chiming moans.
There was a strange feeling in my mind, a sort of heightened perception, but also distorted. I remembered a friend of mine at military school had described what it was like to get high. With Becky in my arms, my dick inside her, the gentle whimpers of bliss from my sister, my lungs full of steam, and hot water pouring on us both as if we were in a waterfall, I felt like I was actually losing the ability to feel anything but happiness, horniness, and sexual bliss.
Feeling brave, I moved one of my hands from under me knee and onto her ass. Very gently, I worked my middle finger into her asshole. Becky pulled her face from my neck, and looked at me with a smile of wild horniness. Wow, my sister was a serious nymphomaniac. As I worked my finger in and out of her ass, I picked up speed with my thrusts. Becky wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing me.
She began kissing me with more passion as I worked more and more fingers into her ass and picked up speed as I fucked her pussy. By the time I had worked all my fingers except my thumb into her anus, I was fucking her soft cunt as fast as I could. Then she did something that defied all laws of nature: she somehow managed to stick her tongue into my mouth while gently biting down on my lower lip.
Without warning, I shot a massive load of cum up into her pussy. I had to keep my boner going; there was no way in hell I wanted this to end. In desperation, I lifted Becky off my cock, and turned her around so that her back was to me. I shoved my dick up into her anus, while simultaneously forcing my hand up into her pussy. Becky hollered in surprise, but I knew she loved it. She was leaning against the wall of the shower with one hand, and using her other hand to try and push my hand deeper into her pussy.
I was thrusting my cock up into her asshole and glad I had stretched it out with my hand first. Becky had her eyes closed, her mouth open, and was letting the water pour on her face. She looked like she was practicing for a job in a porno. Within several minutes, I could feel my last orgasm taking form. Becky was about the same, as I could feel her pussy becoming tighter and tighter. We both came at the same time. I sent a huge load of cum up her ass, and a river of pussy juice flowed over my hand.
That last orgasm took more out of me than I thought. I became dizzy and lost my sense of balance. My foot slipped out from under me, and as Becky and I fell through the shower curtain, my foot hit the handle of the shower, turning it off. Becky and I fell to the floor, wrapped in the shower curtain, soaking wet, and breathing heavy. Like when we were watching our movie, Becky was sitting in my lap and I had my arms around her.
“So, how was the sex?” I asked with a proud smile on my face.
“Phenomenal. But I don’t care about sex…” The last sentence was said with deep sadness. I looked at her and saw that she was crying. I placed my hand on her cheek.
“Becky, what’s wrong?” I asked. My blood was cold as I watched tears roll down her face.
“I know how selfish this sounds, but please don’t go to college. I love you so much that I can’t live without you. I’ll die if we are separated again.” She sobbed. I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.
“Becky, what was the promise I made to you after we first made love?” I asked with a warm smile.
“You promised that you would never leave me.” She said.
“And I will never break that promise. I would give you my life in a heartbeat. I love you.” I said.
“I love you too Jack.” She said.
Then she gently kissed me, before falling asleep in my arms. I sighed and gave her one last kiss on the forehead. Then I put the shower curtain back up, dried Becky and I off with a towel, put one arm under her knees and the other behind her back and picked her up. I opened the door, turned off the light, and carried Becky back to her room. I placed Becky in her bed and wrapped her in blankets. Then for a few minutes, I just sat next to her, admiring the beauty of her moonlit face, and stroking her hair.
Finally, I crouched down and kissed her on the forehead.
“Goodnight my love.” I said before getting up and leaving.


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The passion and love they share great story


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I enjoyed the story, but the repititions (Words, and even the character dialouge) were a bit annoying. In all it's a entertaining and erotic read. Good work.


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I liked how he loves her. It was much kinder and so much more passion then most stories. I liked the story, great job!

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